I can’t sing. But if I could, I would belt out the praises of Aurifil thread!

eclipsecolleenImagine me singing to the tune of “He’s So Fine.”  I love Aurifil Cotton Mako 50.  Why?  Because…“It’s so-oo fine!”  I started out using it for quilting in the ditch.  It hides in the ditch and you’ll never see it again!  The only problem with this?  Sometimes I’ve done the same line of quilting twice…it hides too well!

botanicaI also piece with it.  It doesn’t add any bulk to my quarter-inch seam, so my piecing is more accurate.  I thought this was crazy when I first heard it, but it’s true.  Width of the thread?  Really?  Yep–it does make a difference.

I also appreciate how strong, clean, and lint-free this thread is.  My high-tech machine is never packed with lint like it was when I was using cheap thread.


Here’s another advantage:  a bobbin holds a lot of thread.  I feel like I can sew forever without running out of bobbin thread.  No interruptions (other than three kids…)!


Wise Tip:

I usually piece with a neutral warm (dark beige #2325) or cool (medium gray #2605) Aurifil Cotton Mako 50.  Before starting any project, I wind six bobbins.  I use them as my sewing machine odometers.

  • When I run out of my second bobbin, I clean and oil my machine.
  • When I run out of my sixth bobbin, I also change the needle. 

Colleen Wise is the author of Casting Shadows: Creating Visual Dimension in Your Quilts (2005, C&T Publishing).  She lectures and teaches workshops throughout the US and abroad.  Check out her website at www.colleenwise.com.

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