Share your Love of Aurifil with your Facebook Friends – Find a treasure …100…500..1,000 friends and win, win, win …

Aurifil is giving away thread to it’s Facebook fans and you can get in on it .. if you hurry!

Three Categories, Three different thread giveaways… all for “Sharing”  your love of Aurifil thread!

  • Category 1  -You have at least 100 friends who also love Aurifil.

◦      First 100 people receive 3 large spools of thread

  • Category 2 – You have at least 500 friends who also love Aurifil.

◦      First 3 people receive a Thread Art box of 12 spools

  • Category 3 – You have at least 1,000 friends who also love Aurifil.

◦      The First will receive a box of 48 spools

What you have to do.

Step 1

Go to the Aurifil Facebook page

Step 2

Click the SHARE button and tell all your friends to join the Aurifil page

Step 3

How many of your friends ‘like’ the Aurifil Page?

Should you get more to read the next prize level?

Yes – go back to step 2

No – your ready to enter go to Step 4

Step 4

Type the message “I love Aurifil Thread”

Step 5

take a screen shot or a photo with your camera of the screen. Be sure to have both your message and the number of friends in the photo, see sample

Step 6

Email your photo to with your name and mailing address by Aug 30, 2011


  • When does the giveaway end?

◦      When all the thread is given away

  • Where is the Share Button?

◦      Lower left side bar.. way down

  • How do I know how many friends already like Aurifil?

◦      Go to the Aurifil Fan page

◦      Look on the TOP RIGHT under the photos… see the number

◦      That number tells you which category you are in for the giveaway

  • How do I know if I won?

◦      You will receive an email from Aurifil to confirm

  • Can I win more than 1 prize?

◦      No… Just one per person, we need to spread the love around.

  • How do I known when all the thread has already been given out?

◦      There will be a message on the Aurifil Page and blog that will say the giveaway is over


  1. Thanks Alex for the chances to win Aurifil thread. I was very happy to see an Aurifil Booth at the AQS Knoxville Quilt Show mid month. The colors are so vivid and beautiful. I was sorry my Credit Card Video didn’t make the finals but family and friends enjoyed it!
    My daughter has sent a copy of my 100+ friends in so glad I decided to enter at last moment.
    Patty Swatzell
    Madisonville, TN

  2. Hi Alex….
    just wondering how long it will take for my thread to arrive?
    I won the week of Aug 9th and am still watching for it!

    1. Thea
      is you one the one for GREENSBURG right ?
      let me explain …..
      those kind of gift customized parcels had been prepared in Italy
      and than shipped with he first air delivery with stock stuff to our warehouse in Illinois
      we did ship end of July and delivered around 10 August gifts for all the screenshots got till end of July

      than the second part of gifts for emails received in August left Italy last week and just now
      touched base in our warehouse in Chicago, they are arranging to reship to destination soon

      I did check and I can confirm a parcel for you is there
      so soon I will be able to let you have a fedex tracking number and I think
      you will get it during next week

      just to wait

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