Do you connect with Alex ? ….let join the Great Alex’s Net Hop

I am hosting a giveaway for my friends that connect with me at ALL my favorite networks……

Enter your ID’s here by August 31st 2011 in order to be eligible for the draw and be one of the 3 lucky winners








  1. this is very complicated. i don[t know your email addy for linkedin.
    i can;t be on google to sign up in youtube.
    google had complications too.

    so i won’t be joining in.

      1. Duh! I didn’t see that page, Would like to delete above comment. Your contest ideas are very unique!!

  2. I’m connected everywhere but FourSquare… I don’t have a cell phone for it, and for security reasons letting people know where I am and when makes me very uncomfortable.

  3. I agree this is all very complicated. I have enough trouble following all my blogs and groups as it is- I will just stick with FB and my blog, TY. I really don’t want a Twitter account, and agree that some of them as for “cell phone” verification- I don’t own a cell phone! I need time to quilt, people. Pick your priorities.

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