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EZ25Electric Quilt turns 25 this year and to celebrate, they’ve launched a year long party! Every month, they feature a new industry partner, resulting in a list that now includes Fat Quarter Shop (February), Moda (March), Riley Blake (April) and Free Spirit (May). We particularly love June because June is all about Aurifil! We are pleased to have partnered with Electric Quilt to offer a fabulous giveaway over on their blog in addition to another one right here on Auribuzz. We hope that you’ll join us in wishing the Electric Quilt Company a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

But first, a little background…

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.53.02 PM

The Electric Quilt Company started as Dean Neumann, then a math professor at Bowling Green State University, married Penny McMorris, a corporate art curator and producer/host of several PBS series on quilting. Both loved quilts. And Dean had an idea he hoped might help quiltmakers develop their design ideas on-screen. So as Penny worked on a new television series, Dean spent spare time teaching himself programming, then developed the first Electric Quilt software program.

Dean’s program debuted on a segment of Penny’s “Great American Quilt” program (WBGU-TV) in 1991. Viewers from across the country called the television station. Penny and Dean collected their names. And The Electric Quilt Company was born.

Brochure for EQ1 which debuted in 1991.
Brochure for EQ1 which debuted in 1991.

Today The Electric Quilt Company is the leading quilt design software company in the world. In the company’s 25 years it has produced over 54 software editions, published over 27 books, and a whole line of downloadable block patterns called My EQ Boutique Blocks.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.54.58 PM

But equally important is customer support and education. The company offers an online Forum, classes taught by EQ teachers through EQ University, and a yearly EQ Academy for hands-on learning. Electric Quilt places a special emphasis on offering customer service. Penny & Dean both agree, “We are immensely proud of the people behind our company: how hard they work, how smart they are, how eagerly they tackle new assignments, and as importantly, how kind they are to users who contact us for help.”

Pretty awesome, right? So, how would you like to win your very own copy of EQ7 design software ($189.95 value)? [Insert squeals of delight and mad applause here!] To enter-to-win, simply click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image below. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 9:00am Eastern Time on Saturday, June 25! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on by noon on June 25th! Good luck:).


If you’re feeling particularly lucky, you might also want to bop over to Behind the Mouse, the electric quilt blog. They are giving away The Heritage Collection by Jenny Doan for Aurifil, a gorgeous thread box with 12 large spools of our perfect 50wt thread. To find out how to enter, simply click here or on the image below.

UPDATE (6/25): This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Joanie MacIntosh!! 


Fridays really are perfect, aren’t they? Enjoy your weekend & Happy Stitching!!


[All images and historical text courtesy of Electric Quilt Company]


  1. WOW – what one can do with this – the p;possibilities are endless – hope there is enough time to do it all.

  2. The ability to let your imagination soar with this tool. Then be able to share that idea with others in many different formats!!

  3. My daughter has used this. Since I’m now starting to get into quilting, I’ve been checking into it and it sounds interesting.

  4. I’d just be excited to try it. I design most of my quilts, using basic blocks. It would be fun to try EQ instead of using graph paper to design my quilts. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Wow this would be fantastic to win this prize EQ is such a great program. Thank-you for this chance. Terry

  6. Thanks for the chance to win. I think I’d like to see my own dyed fabric in the programme and how it would mesh with other fabrics in different quilts.

  7. I like the fact that you can make up your own patterns, add fabric choices, and you can see what the completed quilt will look like. Saves time and money when turning an idea into reality. How many of us have put a quilt away midstream because it was not working out the way we had planned?

  8. Happy Birthday! Thanks Dean and Penny for contributing so much to so many. Yoru generosity is appreciated and we thank you for your talents and sharing them with all of us. Many blessings.

  9. There are unlimited possibilities with this program. Thank you for creating and sharing this program.

  10. Oh how fun it would be to have and use this. Right now it’s just pencil and paper. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Great quilt design program. Remember watching Penny on my public TV station those many years ago when I was a new quilter.

  12. I would love to have EQ to design quilts and see the secondary design when a block is repeated. It would be great for auditioning a colour scheme too.

  13. I don’t particularly like to use patterns for my quilts. I sometimes use a pattern as a starting point and this software would help me to create “my own”. I also understand that this wonderful software has options for thread, quilt designs etc How fabulous is that.

  14. Many of the quilts on blogs I follow are designed with EQ.I like to use the computer, seems it would be a great addition to my hobby to have the software and create my own designs in an efficient and fun way.
    Thanks so much for the chance – and congratulations on helping so many people with growing their projects!

  15. I love EQ, and ended up not being able to reinstall it on a new computer. Would love to win!

  16. I would love to win the EQ7, but then when would I have time to sew? =) Pick me anyway, thanks!

  17. So many possibilities. The ability to audition other colours, get accurate yardage requirements when resizing patterns are just the first two that come to mind.

  18. The more Ilook at EQ, the more I want to use it! I would love to win it and start making what I see in my head.

  19. WOW!! I have so wanted this…….I have my fingers crossed and will keep them that way. Such a great way to design a quilt.

  20. I have always wanted to try using the EQ software, but never had the time. I will be coming into some spare time soon and would love to have this as a quilting alternative to buying patterns.

  21. I use EQ all the times when making quilts and lap robes for my charity group… I would love to win a copy for the other quilter as I know she would get the best results just like I do.

  22. i had one of the first editions of eq and would love to have the new one. i also love their inkjet fabrics; they are the only ones i use.

  23. I’ve heard people talk about EQ in open sewing at my local quilt shop. They really like it and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now. Heaven knows this girl needs all the help she can get.

  24. I did not realize all those great quilts started on EQ. I would love to use this. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  25. I have a friend who designs mystery quilts for her blog and then posts clues once a month and we get to put the quilt together and it is so much fun. She has also designed some table runners. I think it would be fun and so fantastic to be able to design my own quilts and table runner patterns to make for friends and family! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this spectacular prize!

  26. Never used a quilting software before! I always do it by hand. Drafting was my original profession, so I know how useful this could be!

  27. I have never used quilting software before!!! So very excited about this giveaway. Thank you!

  28. Happy birthday “EQ”! Many thanks for opening the door to many creative creators who use your wonderful product.

  29. I’ve looked at the EQ series several times and just haven’t made the commitment. This would be the perfect opportunity to start. Thanks for the history lesson. Where would we be without mathmeticians?

  30. 25 years ago I happened to attend a quilt show in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Curiously there was a lady standing all alone in front of a computer near the vendor. I walked over to see what was going on and spent quite a while visiting with Penny as she showed me what the software could do. That day I left the show with my copy of the program. Since then every quilt I have made has involved Electric Quilt.

    Now I would like to win another copy to give to a good friend who is on a fixed income and unable to afford internet service. A number of ladies from church keep her supplied with fabrics, which she uses to make up quilts for the new babies at the local hospital, and lap quilts for the elderly in nursing homes.

  31. I have never used any software, so just learning to design in general would be exciting.

  32. It will give me the chance to design my own quilts, and help me with the math!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  33. EQ would make it so easy to try alternative color options and help me figure out how much fabric I needed. Thanks for a chance to win!

  34. I’ve been using EQ7 for years, and love it. I sometimes use other designer’s patterns, and change the border designs with EQ7. Just create the block and the size you need, do the layout, and play with border options. I also design quilts, and can play with layouts and settings until I like what I see. If you want to adjust the size of a quilt to use the amount of fabric you have, you can do that, too. It’s just such a fun tool for creating.

  35. I think what excites me most is the chance to design a quilt and see what it would like in different colorways before actually getting fabric that I might not like as much when its in the quilt! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  36. I still design on paper. I would love electric quilt. Thank you and good luck everyone!

  37. I love the idea of being able to audition my fabric in the squares!! This sounds like a fantastic program overall!!

  38. The chance to design my own blocks and quilts electronically would be fabulous!!! I have the computer, but just can’t ever seem to free up the money for the EQ7. Thank you!!!!

  39. I’m pretty new to quilting, so I love the idea of winning a copy of EQ7 to help me design my blocks and quilts. I have talked to several people who own EQ7 and they all love it!

  40. Most exciting about EQ is seeing my quilt idea come alive and being able to use my fabrics is wonderful.

  41. I would love to design my own quilts instead of using graph paper and colored pencils.

  42. Quilt design software is great not only for auditioning the designs but also the colors and fabric. Easier than cutting test pieces or drafting and coloring them by hand!

  43. I’ve been cobbling together images of what I want to design/quilt with photoshop. Would love to do this with a real tool for quilters.

  44. What excites me the most about using Electric Quilt 7 is that I would be able to design my own quilts more easily!

  45. I’ve never used EQ, but I think being able to audition colors and tweak the size of blocks would be wonderful.

  46. It helps me get the right amount of fabric I need for my project. No more too much or not enough.

  47. I am sew happy EQ is now available for us Mac users. I can’t wait to start .

  48. I’ve just started designing my own quilts on graph paper and would love love love to own this!! Fingers crossed! !

  49. I am a fairly new quilter, so would love to be able to be more adventuresome in designing my own quilts with the help of EQ7. Thanks for the chance.

  50. I have so many ideas for quilts in my head, I’d love EQ7 to help me get some of them into workable patterns.

  51. I would love to try EQ7. I love drawing my block ideas on graph paper but I also love using my computer. I think I’m ready to modernize and simplify my design ideas.

  52. I have the Dear Jane Program and would be lost without it…..Having EQ7 could bring my quilting to a whole new level….what a dream….:)

  53. It would be so awesome to design my own blocks and quilts! And to be able to audition fabrics!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  54. I like the idea of trying out fabrics (even just colors) before cutting into the fabric.

  55. Looking forward to my own copy of EQ7…
    Happy Anniversary of 25 years! And going strong… I do keep up with your blog and watch for patterns…

  56. No seam ripping! My design process tends to be a jump in and do and re-do it and re-do it until it turns out the way I want it to. The idea of figuring it out ahead of time without my seam ripper is mind altering.

  57. I like the fact that you can use images of actual fabrics in your designs to get a better idea of how it will really look.

  58. I would love to win. I have lots of ideas that I could use and help share my plans into reality.

  59. I would seriously LUV to win a copy of EQ7!!! I’ve tried designing a quilt using MS Office Excel. It really only works if you’re using squares… I would so love to become proficient with EQ and be able to import samples of the actual fabrics I wish to use. Thanks for continuing to improve your program and for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  60. How awesome that you want to celebrate your birthday with us! Party! EQ excites me because I can visually see what I want to create and change the pattern, design, colors, layout all right before my eyes before I make expensive mistakes. Love how technology has changed our quilting lives!

  61. I enjoy using EQ6 now for designing quilts, but have found it isn’t working as well with my computer any more. I would love to win EQ7 to use! A friend sends me her ideas for quilts and I have fun designing them for her.

  62. Would love to learn how to design my own quilts. I’m always resizing patterns to fit my needs and likes and want to take the next step to doing my own designs.

  63. Would looooove to have an EQ7!!! My Daughter & I are learning to quilt together…& this would be AWESOME for use to design our own Projects! Thank you for the Chance to Win!! 😀

  64. I have never used it before but it sounds awesome. I would like to be able to see what the quilt will look like ahead of time.

  65. Being able to try out actual fabric samples and different colorways when planning a quilt is what excites me most about EQ.

  66. What a fabulous giveaway! I’m starting to try and create and design on my own and I just know this is the ingredient to make all my quilting recipes work out beautifully. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. I would especially love to have a better idea of how much fabric to buy when I design my own quilts, something I know EQ would be able to help me with.

  68. Congrats on 25 years on quilt designing software!
    I’d love to win the EQ7 software because then I wouldn’t have to calculate my designs with the calculator any longer. Thanks for the chance!

  69. I’m most excited that the EQ software will take away the math part of quilt design…That’s the part that I struggle with the most!

  70. I am a beginner quilter…this would be crazy helpful in designing my own quilts (and teaching my kiddos)!

  71. I have never used EQ, but have often thought what an awesome tool it must be. To be the lucky winner would be so cool – thanks for the chance!

  72. I have not had a chance to try EQ, but would like a chance to try it. It looks like you can do a mock up of the quilt with your fabrics to see how you would like it–would save time & fabric!

  73. I’ve also never tried the program,but would absolutely love to win. I think it would open up so much creativity

  74. I think the best part of EQ is the fantastic support that comes with it. They are always ready to help with any problem, big or small.

  75. I would love this version of EQ it looks so fun and helpful. You could really go crazy with all the features in the software.

  76. I’ve done a little bit of quilt designing – with graph paper and pencil crayons. I would love to own EQ7 and get it done more easily and efficiently.

  77. I would love to use EQ to try different quilt layouts and to play with what colors go where in a block.

  78. Being able to easily play around with different color combinations would be great.

  79. I love the fact that you can scan in your own fabrics and see what your quilt design will look like exactly.

  80. This has always sounded like a wonderful software products with so many possibilities of building my skills. Thanks for the chance.

  81. I am a new quilter and I think the program would help me learn and eventually help me make my own patterns.

  82. I would love to be able to play with color because I’m not always happy with the way my choices play together…thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Thank you for such a great giveaway! I’d love to have The Electric Quilt to be better able to place fabric choices in quilts. Thank you for the inspiration on your blog!

  84. I love to try different measurements on both my blocks and my borders to check proportions. So easy to use.

  85. The reason I would like an EQ is… I have been following their designers for awhile now it is amazing how they pass along the tools of the trade, help newer owners with tips, suggestions etc. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  86. Great looking bunch! =) I don’t own EQ 7 yet, but it looks amazing. I would love to work with it! The possibilites really aren’t even limited to imagination. EQ7 looks like it could stretch my imagination farther than ever. And I love that it can be updated and added to so easily. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  87. What excites me about the Electric Quilt 7 is more setting options. I have EQ5 and use it quite often, but I would love to have EQ7 and be able to design more layout/medallion style quilts, Thanks!
    My email is: bestbelle2010@aol.com

  88. Just beginning to learn this program at work. It looks like its going to be a lot of fun!

  89. The most exciting possibility with EQ7 is being able to throw away graph paper and pencil! What a time saver this would be! Thank you for the opportunity and Congratulations on your Anniversary!

  90. What is most exciting about EQ is that I have always dreamed of buying the software, and now that hubby surprised me with my 1st longarm and my very own quilting studio, I don’t think i can live without a copy. HaPpY AnNiVeRsAry and thanks for the chance to possibly have another dream come true!!!!

  91. How exciting! I have yet to try out EQ7, but I know that I love testing out designs and would love to have the program to work out my ideas.

  92. Just the thought of sitting down and trying to put together different blocks and fabrics and rearranging to come up with some new exciting design excites me. I have wanted the software for a really, really long time….thank you for this giveaway opportunity. My fingers are crossed!

  93. I’m curious, On the left of the group photo, there appears to be an arm and hand that’s not attached to any one? I suppose it could be the tall gal in the back, but it would be a very long arm!
    Regardless, I love EQ!

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