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We are so honored to be a part of the Quilters Take Manhattan Blog Hop! Each day this week, a handful of blogs will be giving the Quilt Alliance a giant shout-out, sharing all sorts of info to help educate the masses about this wonderful organization and its fabulous annual event.

Aurifil has supported the Quilt Alliance for years and we truly believe in their mission. We hope you’ll take a moment to learn a bit more about them, how they continue to grow and change and are forever in support of our vibrant quilting community.


The Quilt Alliance is a nonprofit 501c3 organization established in 1993  with a mission to document, preserve, and share the stories of quilts and their makers. A few of their core projects include:

To learn more about the organization, its history and ongoing events please click here.


This annual fundraising event, now in it’s 6th year in the Big Apple, is a hybrid, weekend-long series featuring a full-day event at FIT and evening cocktail party on Saturday, as well as Friday and Sunday tours of the Garment District, area museums, workshops and a Broadway outing.

The Main Event at FIT includes a full day of lectures, interviews, vendors, an exhibition of quilts, trunk shows, and the Quilt Match Manhattan quilt design challenge. Quilters Take Manhattan 2016 will be held September 23-25 with featured speakers Kaffe Fassett, Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi, and Mark Lipinski and emcee Mary Fons.

Past QTM speakers include:
2011: Marianne Fons and Jay McCarroll
2012: Denyse Schmidt and Jennifer Chiaverini
2013: Hollis Chatelain
2014: Amy Butler and Mark Dunn
2015: Ricky Tims and Victoria Findlay Wolfe


With each post comes a QTM Home Ticket giveaway, a chance for those who can’t make it to the event in the Big Apple to experience their own home slice of the event. Ticket winners will receive an awesome goody bag chock full of sponsor-donated treats + email links to footage of the Sunday with Sponsors event, the Quilt Match Manhattan challenge, and more. Click here or on the image above to enter-to-win.

You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Friday, September 9! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Saturday, September 10. Good luck!

Click here if you’d like to directly purchase a QTM Home Ticket.


We would encourage you to visit all stops along the blog hop to learn more about participating companies and designers.

Monday, September 5
Chris Dodsley at made by ChrissieD
Pat Sloan

Tuesday, September 6
Victoria Findlay Wolfe at VFW Quilts
Aurifil at Auribuzz
Freespirit Fabric

Wednesday, September 7
Moda Fabrics at Moda Cutting Table
Denyse Schmidt on Instagram @dsquilts
Debbie Jeske at A Quilter’s Table

Thursday, September 8
Jacquie Gering at tallgrass prairie studio
Jessica Skultety at Quilty Habit
Gotham Quilts @Fabric Nerd

Friday, September 9
Kim Niedzwiecki at my go-go life
Leslie Tucker Jenison
John Kubiniec at Big Rig Quilting


  1. My favorite part of quilting is picking out the pattern and fabric. Binding is the worst, just starting it, then it goes OK.

  2. My favorite part of the quilt is the design and fabric selection. This is true whether it’s an art quilt or from a pattern.

  3. My favourite part of quilting is choosing the fabrics. I always end up with something completely different than I’d originally planned.

  4. I love all the parts of making a quilt and when it is done I especially like giving it to the intended recipient. I also like taking photos when it’s done so I can remember it when it’s gone to live with somebody else.

  5. My favorite part of Quilting is selecting my pattern>love both Traditional and Modern. Another passion I have is making Charity Quilts for others. Thank You for sharing!

  6. My favorite part of the quilting process has got to be the planning and starting stage when the vision starts to become a reality. I also love binding a quilt because then it is almost done and ready to be washed and snuggled.

  7. Hand binding is my favorite part, though I love the entire process, each step for different reasons. But, sitting down and hand sewing the binding on my quilts just feels sooo good. I get to spend time with my husband, or anyone, anywhere really, and it reminds me of my Godmother who inspired me to quilt. I have fond memories of her binding quilts as we snuggled on the sofa when i was just a little girl. When I am finished I get so much satisfaction from all my hard work throughout the entire process but just that quiet time with the quilt makes me feel good.

  8. My favorite part of quilting is taking a design and making it your own buy using fabrics you love and making your quilting on of a kind.

  9. My favorite part of the quilting process is piecing the quilt and my next favorite part is having a finished quilt. Now if there was a way to magically get from my piecing portion to having a finished quily say by waving a magic wand or clapping my hands and saying hocus pocus, I’m there. 🙂

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. Love the final piecing when the blocks are coming together, each seam is so exciting. Then I love long arm quilting my quilt. Thanks.

  11. I love quilting and I love all the steps. It’s fun picking out the fabrics, the piecing, everything through to doing the binding and label.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  12. My favorite parts of quilting are picking the fabrics and threads followed by binding and labeling, because then I’m ready to start again. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  13. I love every part of making a quilt, from picking fabric, creating or deciding on the design, cutting and sewing it, and quilting and finishing it, then taking photos and sharing it. It’s all so much fun.

  14. I am just not certain what is my favorite part. The colors and pattern of the fabric, the actual patterns for piecing, the stitching (and un-stitching!). The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

  15. I like everything but cutting out the fabric. Bad wrists, lots of metal in both of them. My FMQ skills are lacking but it’s still fun. Someday I will get EQ7 and then I will be in heaven.

  16. My favorite part of quilting is the piecing and the binding. When I’m tacking down the binding, I can’t wait for the quilt to be finished.

  17. My favorite part of the process of quilting varies from quilt to quilt. But I am always awed by the way a quilt top looks in separate pieces and how it comes alive as the pieces are sewn together for the top.

  18. I enjoy choosing which fabrics to use. It gives me a chance to revisit my large stash and pet the fabric.

  19. Piecing is my favorite part of the quilting process because I can use an assortment of fabrics. I like to view my blocks when they’re complete because sometimes they’re just darn cute!

  20. To be honest, I think my favorite part is shopping for fabric! Otherwise, why is it I have so much fabric and so few (relatively speaking) finished projects? 🙂

  21. My favorite part is cutting the fabric and putting it back together. Like a puzzle. Love the process of gathering colors to blend together. Thanks!

  22. I am a beginner, so I really don’t know what my favorite part is. So far, what is hardest is all the cutting.

  23. I love it all. Choosing the pattern, the fabric, the piecing and the quilting. But most of all I love the GIFTING of the quilt to someone special.

  24. I love the entire process with the possible exception of basting the quilt to be quilted. But I do love to see the finished quilts!

  25. I know this isn’t the norm but I love cutting. There is something magical about the stacks of shapes that aren’t into a cohesive whole yet. Thanks for hosting and sharing awesome ideas!

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