The Heritage Collection by Jenny Doan


Veteran quilter Jenny Doan has become a household name thanks to her popular YouTube tutorials for the Missouri Star Quilt Co., a company founded by her family back in 2008. A former costume designer, mother of 7 children and 21 grandchildren, Jenny is beloved worldwide for her approachable demeanor and contagious enthusiasm for quilting. She works tirelessly to create patterns and tutorials that help to convey the shop’s personality and has truly become the heart of the business. Partner that with the innovation and business savvy of a few of her children, and the Missouri Star Quilt Co. has quickly turned into one of the most well known Quilt Shops in the world. 

We were so thrilled to partner with Jenny on her debut Aurifil Thread Collection, The Heritage Collection. She hand-selected the colors to represent her traditional meets modern quilting sensibilities and the resulting range is absolutely perfect.

The Heritage Collection
12 Large Spools – 100% Aurifil Cotton 50wt, 1422yds each
Colors included:
5002 – 1103 – 2145 – 1135 – 2730 – 1148 – 1320 – 2865 – 2835 – 2026 – 2310 – 2610


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please click here to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co or contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

How did you first get started in the quilting industry?

My background is in musical theatre and costuming and when we moved to Missouri, no one really needed a costumer. But someone suggested that I take a quilting class and from the moment that I took that first class, I was hooked! 

Autumn Stars, an MSQC tutorial
Autumn Stars, an MSQC tutorial

Do you remember the process of creating your first quilt and how you felt once it was finished?
In my first class we made a log cabin quilt. The thing that amazed me the most was what happened when you turned those blocks—a whole new pattern would appear! I truly couldn’t believe I did it. I was a seamstress and made clothing; I thought quilting was too hard for me.

Butterfly Blossom Quilt, an MSQC tutorial
Butterfly Blossom Quilt, an MSQC tutorial

What do you love most about running the Missouri Star Quilt Co?
What I love most is that I don’t run it! My children own the company and I get to talk and sew. But hands down, what I love the most is the people! Quilters are awesome and every quilter and quilt has a story!

The Missouri Star Quilt Co.
The Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?  
My greatest inspiration has to be antique quilts. It amazes me what quilters could do without all the tools and helps we have today!

Inside the Missouri Star Quilt Co.
Inside the Missouri Star Quilt Co.

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
I discovered Aurifil thread once I started quilting and I love all the colors! There’s so many choices! It’s really wonderful, high quality thread to work with.

Jenny showcases The Heritage Collection
Jenny showcases The Heritage Collection

Do you have a favorite color/weight?  
I use both light and dark thread in 50wt when I am piecing, so any of the beiges or grays are great, but for top stitching, all the colors!

Jenny with Alex Veronelli, CBDO of Aurifil, at Spring Quilt Market 2016
Jenny with Alex Veronelli, CBDO of Aurifil, at Spring Quilt Market 2016

How did you go about selecting thread for this collection?
Since I don’t have a fabric line, I thought about what makes me choose fabrics for my home. I am Swedish and tend to decorate in that style, so I decided to make my thread a heritage pack. They are all the colors I regularly decorate with and come from the colors on my cherished Swedish Dala horses.



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When the Doan family moved from California to Missouri over 20 years ago, they never imagined that they’d start and build a successful business there. In November of 2008, on a shoestring budget, they bought a building in Hamilton and started the Missouri Star Quilt Company, selling a few quilting supplies and primarily offering machine quilting services. It soon became apparent that in a town of 1500 people it would be difficult to produce enough revenue to make a decent profit. This was the impetus behind growing the business online.

Spending very little on advertising in the first few years, the company relied entirely on its creativity to grow. They started a YouTube channel with Jenny (aka “Momma Doan”), as the instructor, teaching quilting techniques and ideas to beginner and advanced quilters alike. Jenny, who had a background in theatre, had always wanted to be a star. It wasn’t long before Missouri Star became the biggest quilting YouTube channel and she became a quilting celebrity. She has also taken part in a series of professional tutorials from another company and is now working with Fons & Porter Magazine as well. They also developed the Quilter’s Daily Deal, a constant flat-rate shipping, and made the excellent decision to offer pre-cut fabrics. Missouri Star has grown to offer the largest selection of pre-cut fabrics in the world, pretty cool for a tiny company in rural Caldwell County, Missouri.

The company now ships thousands of packages every single day to customers all over the globe. Due to our popularity on YouTube, the brick and mortar shop has become a quilting destination attracting quilters from all over America and around the world to the small town of Hamilton, Missouri. The company now employs more than 150 people, which is the largest employer in Caldwell County, including single and retired mothers, students, and others. What started off as a family business has now grown to include an entire community, and even though not everyone who works for Missouri Star is related, they consider each other family.

Missouri Star Quilt Co. has a wonderful and inspiring success story. While it began as a way to help a family, it grew to help a whole community… a whole county, really. The story has been picked up by many a news site and we couldn’t help but share a few. Keep up the amazing work, MSQC! The quilting community applauds you;).

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Want to plan your own visit to the MSQC? Check out this fabulous site for more info!

[For more, please visit the MSQC website]

** Images and all biographical text are courtesy of Jenny Doan and MSQC.


  1. My daughter and I have used several MSQC videos and enjoyed the Disappearing Pinwheel quilt and even made two of them! I use The Binding Tool Explained every time I bind a quilt too! 🙂 Thank you for the post about Aurifil and the opportunity to win the heritage collection!

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  3. I really like the “Disappearing” series of videos. especially the Disappearing Pinwheels. Who know that there would be so many possibilities with just a few swipes of the rotary cutter!

  4. Hard to choose from all the wonderful tutorials, but for now — since I love stars — I’ll pick Autumn Stars. Thanks, Jenny, for sharing your talent and enthusiasm.

  5. So many useful videos. Must say that I found quilt sashing ideas as it helped me to complete some quilts. Thanks for these wonderful videos.

  6. Fabulous colours to match those wonderful quilts you teach us how to make. How I wish there was a MSQC in the United Kingdom. Ever thought about expanding? LOL

  7. You know I could piece like the dickens before her tutorials, now it is so much more streamlined. The disappearing pinwheel is amazing is my clear favorite. But choosing just one seems so discriminating as they all are genius!

  8. Jenny’s videos are so much fun! My 12 year old granddaughter and I watched her Falling Charms, and she was inspired to make her first pieced block quilt on my Featherweight machine. She was so cute as she threw the long strip over her shoulder and sewed charms to it. Thank you, Jenny, and Aurifil for helping new quilters and encouraging and challenging veteran quilters.

  9. My favorite tutorial I’d the Disappearing hourglass. There are others I like too. The tutorials are a great way to use precuts too.

  10. My there are so many great tutorials from MSQC how can I choose only one favorite. So one favorite is the two color Jacob Ladder quilt. I love the yellow and white combo.

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  11. I really like almost every one of the youtube videos! But I just love the disappearing pinwheel.
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  13. Two of my favorite things together – Missouri Star and Aurifil! I may take a road trip to Missouri sometime just to visit.

  14. I love all of Jenny’s tutorials! “How to Quilt a (BIG) Thanksgiving Turkey!” is one of my favorites.

  15. my favorite tutorial is summer in the park, the tube technique is amazing. i made this quilt for my granddaughter when she started college, it’s gorgeous.

  16. I love (and have learned SO much from!) *all* of Jenny’s tutorials!!…
    And my favorite always seems to be the one I’m inspired by at the moment!
    The video tutorial I’m using as my starting point right now is for Jenny’s “Baby Kisses” quilt!… Love the way it’s going together!
    Thank you!!

  17. I love the Chopped Block because it is so versatile! I especially love the reboot version by Nichole of Modern Handcraft!

  18. I really enjoy the tutorials, I wonder when she sleeps?
    I’ve been using Aurifil thread for about a year now and absolutely refuse to use anything else, guess you could say you have spoiled me!!! It’s the best, bar none. Jenny’s collection is absolutely beautiful!

  19. + “THANK YOU’S” to you Jenny+ #AURIFIL for such a neat interview post and great giveaway>Just such pretty quality threads! Super Easy Hourglass quilt is interesting me right now>like to make it !

  20. My favorite is the Hunters Star tutorial. It was one of my first quilts I ever made. She made it so easy. My granddaughter was just born they named her Hunter so of course I had to make it 🙂

  21. My favorite tutorial is the Illusions quilt. You made it look so easy. Now, it is my Go To block when I am stumped on selecting a pattern. Thanks Jennie. I had taken a great class in basic quilting, but you taught me to relax and enjoy it!

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  25. Just wish I had time to do all the tutorials from MSQC. I’ve actually made two; the Intersection “T” quilt for grand daughter #2 and a strip quilt pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50 wt. for my hubby.

  26. The first quilting tutorial I ever watched was “Jelly Roll Race! A Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour!” and it’s still one of my favorites. Jenny has done so many great tutorials, she’s a fantastic teacher! And the thread collection is stunning 🙂

  27. I like soooo many of Jenny’s tutorials, I cannont pick a single favorite one! I will say, that because I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year, I’m going to check out one of Jenney’s older tutes about the Turkey table runner! I’m tickled to see that Jenny now has an Aurifil thread collection. Congrats!

  28. Jenny Doan has made so many great videos, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I think the first one I watched was the Jelly Roll Race.

  29. Gosh, there is so much to love about Missouri Star Co. Jenny is a super person and quilter. I love the tutorials and have learned a lot. The daily specials are addicting too! Wish I could visit Missouri!

  30. The nine square disappearing is my favorite THIS week but I love all of them! The new thread pack Heritage is amazing!! The colors so vibrant & I already have visions of quilts swirling in my head to use them on. Thanks for all your help and encouragement thru your UTUBE and books!!!

  31. Love these colors! So bright and cheery.I Love all of Jenny’s video’s. I couldn’t pick just one. Thank you for all you do for the quilting community.

  32. My favorite is the hashtag quilt tutorial Jenny did because it showed me a way of piecing I hadn’t done before, her freestyle approach has really helped me push past the “rules” I was taught as a new quilter and helped to open my mind to a more creative me ! Thank you for choosing Jenny for this article she really has inspired me.

  33. I’ve made several of the quilts from Jenny’s tutorials, and love bing-watching her video’s like a quilty-Netflix. Right now I’m working on the Jack and Jill Quilt and having a blast with it!

  34. Who doesn’t love Jenny! I’ve made some of the quilts in her tutorials. She’s fun to watch! Those colors are bright and gorgeous. I definitely need them to quilt my latest!

  35. p.s. My favorite tutorial was Jenny and Rob Appel and the 3 Dudes quilt variation. I gave it to my grandson for his birthday!

  36. I love Jenny’s tutorials. My favorite this week is the scrappy hunters star. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  37. I love Aurifil thread and have used it for years. The colors in your collection are exactly some of the ones I use. Thank you to you and Alex for doing this giveaway.

  38. I especially love the smaller project video Jenny has done, I like to make a variety of items and love the challenge of learning a new technique! I found Aurifil a few years ago and love the neutrals for all my construction needs. I have bought a few colors for top stitching and love the fact they lint less and are strong thread.

  39. One of my favorites (I have many) would be The Quartered Stripes Quilt tutorial. I love Jenny’s bubbly personality and wish she was my neighbor.

  40. Happy Birthday in two weeks. I really love all the tutorials. Thank you for the chance to win your aurifill collection.
    From another Swede I love those colors also.

  41. I like whatever is newest, but love the ones with the periwinkle template, because I made it a couple times and loved it.

  42. I am working on the Disappearing Pinwheel right now. Love this Quilt and the tutorial along with the book it makes making it very easy.

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  44. I love too many of the quilting tutorials to pick just one, so I’ll say that I love the dog bed tutorial that uses fabric scraps as stuffing! I have made a few of these so far, and I love seeing scraps being used in functional objects that can be donated to an animal shelter.

  45. I love Jenny Doan and Missouri Star Quilt Co. I have learned so much from her! Anxious to find her new Aurifil thread collection.

  46. i have a friend who uses this thread exclusively and loves it. it would be a pleasure to try it out for myself. i recently made two blocks of the disappearing 4-patch star block, so right now that is my favorite.

  47. It’s impossible to choose a favorite Jenny Doan tutorial…they are all so easy-to-follow and fun to watch!!!

  48. I find myself returning frequently to the tutorial “How to Bind a Quilt with a Sewing Machine” video.

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  50. I love the floating charms video. There are so many options for making a quilt from that pattern…changing the background, changing the colors of your charms, etc…. I just love it!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win the thread pack….

  51. I love all Jenny’s tutorials and make a point to check on Fridays to see what she posts. So far, I have made around ten quilts using her tutorials and am finishing up the Pennant Quilt now for my granddaughter. Did I mention her Plus Quilt pattern, done in Halloween fabrics, is at the long-arm quilter now.

  52. I loooove Jenny’s Tutorials…and have learned so much from her Videos. Not sure of a “Favorite”….but going to say “The 10″ Half Hexagon Quilt”!! Have used my Template several times, is a fun way to use up scraps too 🙂

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!!! 😀

  53. Are you kidding?-Pick just one – impossible!! But I have watched and made a few of the tumbler flag wall hangings. Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  54. I love all your quilts but if I could only choose one it would be sticks and stones… I am very thankful I don’t have to choose only one

  55. The current one as I love them all. There’s one from the first Book which shows you how to turn a couple sewn pieces a quarte turn and suddenly you have a totally different block which is just as great as the first one. I like the disappearing nine patch, too.

  56. Love the Heritage collection and my favourite tutorial is the three tote purses…I’ve made these several times as gifts.

  57. I love Jenny and always check for the Daily Deal! I have done several of her tutorials, 2 of my favorites are the disappearing nine patch and the self binding baby quilt.

  58. I went searching on You Tube for quilting help. I don’t remember what was the first tutorial I watched in quilting. I will never forget the selfbinding baby blanket. I was having a difficult time with getting it right, so I called and asked if someone could help me. I received great help, and we figured out what I was doing wrong. I still how to make binding or own binding and how to bind your quilt out of your material. Best tutorials on YouTube. I just bought my first 5 large rolls of Aurifill thread to use to make the Sparkle Quilt.

  59. I love Aurifil, and the color in this thread collection is great! I have the X-Block Ruler and have watched those videos more than once. I should go ahead and make a quilt!

  60. I just made the disappearing hourglass 2 pattern, and I like the results. I also like the houndstooth pattern I made last year. Love the tutorial for the big big bag too.

  61. Disappearing pinwheel…have one that I started last year at retreat…need to finish it at this year’s retreat!

  62. I’ve been watching Jenny on YouTube since 2006. I was unable to go to a class and loved her easy way of demonstrating techniques. My very favorite tutorial is the disappearing Pineheel. Thanks for a chance to win.
    tracinecharest at Gmail dot com

  63. I love your videos I learn so much from them, I would love to win the box of thread. I am looking forward to my first visit to your stores in Oct.

  64. There are so many great tutorials it is hard to choose a favorite so I will just pick Wedge Diamond Quilt: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co.

  65. I made a double french braid that is 108″ long using the binding tool. It is a very old tutorial on MSQ. I am moving to a new house and am going to have to cut it for a smaller spot and use the left over piece as a table topper! Love Jenny and MSQ!

  66. I really love Jenny and the Missouri Star gang. Got to visit the stores last year and had a blast. Looking forward to my next visit.

  67. I don’t know which tutorial is my favorite. I’ve never watched one I did not love and I always learn so much.Also love Aurifil thread.

  68. Jelly Roll Strip Race #2. I’ve made a few stunners with this tute. Thanks Jenny!


  69. I have referred to my favorite tutorial many times to get my bindings made perfectly. That tutorial is The Ultimate Quilt Binding and it’s an answered prayer!

  70. My favorite tutorial is a two way split. I used the one with the little envelopes to make a Valentine’s Day “love notes” quilt for my daughter…but I also like the baby quilt using one Missouri star block 🙂

  71. Love the Binding Tool Tutorial. I always have to watch it everytime I bind a quilt.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  72. My favorite is the disappearing 4-patch star block. Thanks this great giveaway! Love MSQC, and Aurifil too!

  73. My favorite tutorial has been the disappearing hourglass…but I do use the binding tool tutorial every time I finish a quilt as well…love it!
    Beautiful thread collection, I’d love to win it!

  74. Such an informative interview and so inspiring. Would love to win!
    BTW…your colors are so uplifting Jenny.
    Thanks Aurafil & Missouri Star.

  75. My favorite MSQC tutorial is the Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern by 3 Dudes. It makes a beautiful quilt; know because I made one!

  76. The tutorials are so clear and easy to follow! I liked the Rhombus Cube tutorial and was amazed at how easy it looks!

  77. I used Jenny’s tutorial and made a “dresden squared” quilt. It turned out to be really cute, and the construction was simple and fun.

  78. Thanks Jenny for your fabulous quilt designs I have made a lot of your designs and your family and you have a great business I have bought a lot of your fine material bought your books but have yet made it to your shop maybe someday

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