Marmalade Meadows by Wendy Sheppard


Wendy Sheppard is one of our all time favorite people. She is thoughtful and kind, creative and talented, and truly a master quilter. We are in awe of her work and adore her style. If you’ve been following along with us at Auribuzz for a while, you may be familiar with her Thread Journey Quilt Along from earlier this year. It was a true delight to be involved in such a fabulous project and we’re excited now to have a new project to promote!

Marmalade Meadows is Wendy’s second Aurifil collection (her first was Subtle Strings). It is a gorgeous selection of 10 small spools of our Aurifloss. The colors are bright and cheery, designed to coordinate with the sweet florals of Bleecker Street, a new collection with Quilting Treasures.

Marmalade Meadows
10 Small Spools of Aurifloss, 100% 6-strand embroidery floss, 18yds/spool
5002 – 5006 – 2865 – 2330 – 2530
2135 – 2860 – 1320 – 5017 – 2225


To view this info on our website, click on any of the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started in the world of sewing and quilting?
I am a self-proclaimed “happen-stance” quilter! Sewing/Quilting was never on my radar screen, and I had never touched a sewing machine until I was around 30. I was encouraged by my friend Barbara (who eventually became my quilting mentor) to try quilting. I will always been grateful to Barbara for getting me started in quilting.

Did you have another career prior to this one and how did one lead to the other?
Yes, I did. I actually have a Masters in Chemical Engineering, and worked in research for a few years. After being home for a few months, I ventured out to see if I could do something in the quilting industry. Believe it or not, I have been able to use what I learned in engineering for my quilting work. 🙂

The first two images show a certain wind flow pattern (lab, and real life in Madeira island). And you see how they “flow” into my quilting style?

Do you remember the process of creating your first quilt and how you felt once it was finished?
Haha, yes! I didn’t want to make the beginner’s quilt Barbara normally taught her students. I found a quilt in a book from the local library that is a pieced and applique quilt that I liked! I asked if Barbara would teach me quilting by making “that” quilt. She did — it was a scrappy quilt. I didn’t have any scraps, so I had the grandest time buying fabrics from quilt shops to build up my “scrap stash”. I knew quilting was going to be stay and be a part of life as soon as that first quilt was completed!


What is your favorite thing to make? Do you prefer quilting over creating other projects like embroidery samplers or apparel items?
I cannot sew apparel items to save my life! I have tried, but somehow the garment construction instructions and I don’t get along. It’s a toss-up between quilting and handwork/embroidery samplers. Since quilting makes up a large part of my work life, needlework is currently my refuge from work.

How did you first connect with Quilting Treasures and what inspired the creation of Marmalade Meadows to coordinate with their Bleecker Street collection?
I actually started working with Quilting Treausres to design projects to support their fabric lines back in 2010, and I have worked with Quilting Treasures extensively over the years.


When I was asked to design something with the Bleecker Street fabrics, I knew I wanted to design a quilt that involves hand embroidery. That resulted in a collage quilt design called Spring on Bleecker Street. The hand embroidery portion is done with floss from Marmalade Meadows.


The Bleecker Street fabrics are just now shipping to shops, and quilters can check with their local quilt shops to see if they will have the quilt kits available. Marmalade Meadows is due to ship soon as well. A sew-along of that quilt is forthcoming on my blog next year. You may download the pattern instructions by clicking here.

What did you like most about the process of creating a collection in partner with Quilting Treasures?
What I like the most about creating an embroidery floss collection with Quilting Treasures is that I was able to bring together beautiful fabrics and threads! Quilters generally associate me with quilt designs and domestic machine quilting, some might not know I am equally passionate about handwork. So it was nice to be able to express my love for handwork through Marmalade Meadows.

How did you go about selecting the colors?
I based my colors based on how they complement the fabrics. Once I had a group of about 20 colors, I narrowed down my selection by seeing how versatile each color is individually. I wanted to have a collection that goes beyond Bleecker Street.


For example, I also made sure the final colors that made it to the final selection can work for seasonal projects as well. In this case, a cross-stitch ornament.

I just finished smocking an insert that is going into a dress for my daughter using one of the blues in the collection.


Marmalade’s Merriment is a free pattern that you created for the release of this new thread collection and, in fact, it is featured on the label. What inspired this piece?
This is based on one of my daughter’s drawings. We gave the pot-belly bunny she drew the name Marmalade. I adapted it for embroidery.


[note: Marmalade’s Merriment is a free pattern that comes with the purchase of any box of Marmalade Meadows!]

Do you have any tips for those looking to make the pattern with the floss in your collection?Trace the embroidery with fine pen. I actually starch press my piece before stitching. The stiff fabric surface (from the starch) helps me keep my stitches more even.


What do you like most about Aurifloss? Have you used the threads for other projects?
The best thing I like about Aurifloss is the best thing I like about the other threads Aurifil produces — low lint! I was surprised how crips my stitches look when stitching with Aurifloss. I also like the fact that I don’t have to condition my floss when I stitch with more than 2 strands. Here are some projects I have stitched with Aurifloss:

1 – strand stitching for a fine needlework sampler

2 – strand stitching for all-purpose stitching

3 – strand stitching for smocking

You are a huge champion for Aurifil threads. When did you first discover them and what do you love most about using them?
I first discovered Aurifil threads in Spring 2006. I was looking for an alternative to the fine 100 silk thread I had been using for domestic machine quilting. The queen of domestic machine quilting Diane Gaudyneski mentioned the 50wt in one of her books. I decided to try out the thread — and the rest is history. I firmly believe the superior quality of Aurifil’s thread is the reason I have enjoyed making many projects in my fiber journey!


Any final thoughts?
Thank you for having me to share about Marmalade Meadows. I hope to share many more projects using Marmalade Meadows in the near future.



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Originally from Southeast Asia, Wendy came to the US for her tertiary education.  After her degrees in Chemical Engineering, she worked in research in a wind tunnel for a spell.  Nowadays, she is a stay/work-at-home Mom to a 7 year old.  Wendy’s designs have been featured in major quilting publications, both home and abroad.  She is also an author for Landauer Publishing, as well as an online quilting instructor.  She is passionate about encouraging quilters to enjoy their quilting journey.  During her free time, she loves to read history, and indulges in hand needlework.


  1. LOVE LOVE HAND STITCHING, it is very relaxing to me! It is so easy to correct+looks so Homemade! Thank You for the beautiful Fabrics+neat Aurifil Floss! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!

  2. Beautiful fabrics! And I love hand stitching because it is so relaxing (even though that is one reason it takes so long!) – but it helps your mind to slow down.

  3. Gorgeous colors and
    stitching on all the
    projects. I haven’t
    done much hand
    stitching, but would
    love to learn more
    about it. It’s fun to
    create something
    so personal.
    Carla from Utah

  4. Hand stitching is like riding a bike or swimming-the motion becomes ingrained and then my mind begins to organize thoughts. There’s just something about the repetition that is soothing.😊

  5. Learned embroidery as a youngster, maybe 6 or 7 years old. I seem to always have something hooped and in my tote that goes everywhere with me. I have learned many types of needle work on my own and now, with the Internet, I realize there are so many more from around the world that I will never even see them all, let alone learn them. I envy my s-i-l who belongs to a needlework guild in Colorado.

  6. The only thing I hand stitch is binding my quilt and it’s only because I know I am going to be able to enjoy my finished quilt. I rarely hand embroider anything because I don’t have the patience for it.

  7. I like the mental exercise of counted cross-stitch. Otherwise I don’t like hand stitching very much.

  8. It has always amazed me how a few well chosen colors, hand stitched into an embroidery design, and different stitches to accent that design, can become a beautiful piece of artwork-each and every on different! I love to hand embroider!

  9. I enjoy hand embroidery..very relaxing for me. And I am seriously loving the Marmalade Meadows aurifloss collection as well as the Beecker Street fabric. I have been constantly checking to find out when they will be available for purchase..

  10. I love hand stitching so much and find it very relaxing. I love watching the design to come together as I stitch.

  11. There is something very special and satisfying about making each stitch by hand, the repetitive motions that are relaxing yet exciting as each stitch builds on the previous. At the end of a row, as in smocking (oh, how I loved Wendy’s smocking) or the completion of a figure (that little bunny was so cute), you feel such an accomplishment. Handstitching slows me down to enjoy the process.

  12. I heartily agree with your description of the wonderful Wendy Sheppard. On top of that, I love her work. Doesn’t she do the most marvelous quilting?

  13. The colors in this group are beautiful–so spring and summer inspired–I too enjoy hand stitching and have been since I was about 8….

  14. I find hand-stitching to be a very calming activity that I can enjoy in almost any place. I can carry on a conversation, watch TV, listen to music and still enjoy my craft!

  15. Hand stitching is like meditating. You never know what you will discover. Usually relaxing, calming and refreshing.

  16. I LOVE this quilt and the thread colors. I enjoy hand stitching when I travel, while riding in the car, or waiting for something, when I can’t get to my machine.

  17. I find it so relaxing when I hand stitch. It makes my heart sing to see the smile on someones face when I tell them I stitched it myself. The accomplishment of seeing it all come together and knowing I did it puts me on top of the world. Your work it just beautiful and amazing. The color pallet and beautiful designs that you have put together has got to make you feel a song in your heart as well.

  18. I love the portability of handwork. Playing with colors. The movement of the needle drawing the thread through the fabric. The creativity.

  19. Hand embroidery adds “softness” for the eye, a focal point from machine work in any project. Marmalade Merriment is a cute pattern to be included in your Aurifloss collection, well done!

  20. I love most that hand-stitching can give me quiet time, or visiting time…sitting still & keeping my hands busy! 🙂
    Thank you for chance to win this Awesome Give-a-way!!!!


  21. I have bipolar disorder, and find hand stitching to be very relaxing and soothing. I embroider my Crazy Quilt blocks, no pun intended. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays! Good luck to all!

  22. I enjoy hand-stitching because it is very relaxing. It also gives me a sense of having more control over the stitches and the project! Thanks!

  23. It is a great Project to carry along with me. I think I have a handstitching Project in every bag. So I always have to do something lovely when I have to wait,lol!

  24. I love making things pretty and I love that I don’t need a machine for it. Sometimes sitting in front of a sewing machine makes me sore.

  25. I love handstitching in the evening as it relaxes and helps me unwind. Handstitching for me includes quilting, embroidery and applique, I enjoy all of them.

  26. I love the final step of hand stitching the binding down on a quilt.
    I also keep a togo bag of stitching project and thread in the car for when things take longer then expected and I have a few moments in waiting rooms…..

  27. Handstitching is PORTABLE, requires no electricity and gets people curious about what it is exactly you are doing and making. While babysitting a 5 year old-playing in the park , she said “My mom has a sewing MACHINE!” I told her I had 3!

  28. I love having a to-go project ready, and hand stitching is the one I always turn to. I also enjoy the relaxing effect that hand stitching has on me.

  29. I am a very slow hand stitcher, but I enjoy it because it is portable and is such a good use of sitting and waiting times.

  30. Hand stitching is so calming and relaxing. I love watching the pattern come together and with these colors it is going to be even more enjoyable.

  31. I love the look of beautiful hand stitching but don’t do it much right now. This meadow fabric is lovely. Thanks!

  32. Hand stitching lets you curl up in a big lazy boy, turn on an old movie and just stitch away. My kind of great day. A cup of hot tea, warm quilt and I am very happy.

  33. Hand stitching gives freedom to make crisp stitches, or knotted, or wavy wonky ones. It gives my projects even more personalization and I like holding my work and threaded needle. Thank you.

  34. I like the portability of hand stitching and the personal touch it adds. I don’t do a whole lot but I enjoy watching football or movies while working on something.

  35. I find hand stitching so relaxing and such an adventure in discovering new techniques, stitches, thread choices and mixtures of colors, always challenging myself to go a step farther without losing that total calming effect it has upon me.

  36. i have done LOTS of counted cross stitch, but have trouble seeing now. i loved to work on 32 count cloth over 2 threads. not any more. now it has to be bigger!!
    love the colors in this quilt. hoping for a grandchild someday….. this will be the first quilt!!!

  37. I find it to be very relaxing and also a stress reliever. Lovely fabrics and threads. Thanks for the draw. Merry Christmas.

  38. I learned to embroider when I was younger than Miss Baby, and still enjoy hand stitching to this day. Lovely colors and they remind me that spring will come. We are in the throws of a marshmallow world with snow to my knees. Happy Christmas to you and your family and loved ones.

  39. I have always found hand stitching relaxing. It’s also a funny memory from my childhood. I was about 8, my younger brother 6 and I was learning to cross stitch. Well, my brother “had” to learn to. One evening before bed, he was hard at work on his creation. However, when he went to put away his project, he discovered all of his stitches had actually gone through his pj shirt and he was now wearing his project. Mom and I thought it was funny, but he was so upset and cried and cried. I don’t recall if that was the end of his hand stitching, but he certainly doesn’t do it now.

  40. Beautiful quilt! I love to do hand stitching while watching TV. Keeps my hands busy while watching my favorite shows.

  41. While I have never enjoyed hand quilting, I love to embroider, hand piece, or applique & find it relaxing. Wendy never ceases to amaze!

  42. I find that hand stitching is the most relaxing thing that I can do. And after all of that relaxing, you have a finished a beautiful project! Thanks!

  43. What I love most about handquilting is that it is so portable. I can take it anywhere and I can stitch away!!

  44. Wendy continues to amaze and inspire me! Though I adore quilting and garment construction for my wee ones, I tend to return to handwork. Smocking and embroidery spell love in my book. I love her work!

  45. I love Wendy’s designs — and Marmalade Meadows is so sweet! It’s nice to see her receiving accolades for her work.

  46. I love embroidery work, I design my quilt label, print it on a plain fabric and hand embroidered it then sew it in the back of my quilt. I enjoy this process and as always, I receive a lot of compliments of my hand work.

  47. Hand stitching was my first in creating – it’s so peaceful and quick to see what has been done – at least when it goes right – thanks for helping to bring it back.

  48. What I like most about handstitching is that I can sit and work on it with the rest of the family while they are watching T.V.

  49. I love to handstitch as it is relaxing and gives a piece a beautiful dimension. Wendy’s creations are inspiring💕💕💕 her work is gorgeous!!

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  51. Hand stitching is relaxing and best of all PORTABLE. Wendy is my all time favorite quilt designer and quilter.

  52. I love to do embroidery stitching when I’m working with wool. Love following your work! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  53. I love doing hand embroidery and cross stitch, but have fallen away from it with the purchase of a new sewing/embroidery machine. But I need to go back to it while watching tv.

  54. Beautiful threads, beautiful fabrics combined with a beautifully designed quilt by Wendy Sheppard. Definitely a winner!!

  55. Embroidery was the first handwork I learned as a small child. At 79, it is still one of my very favorite things to do … calming, relaxing and beautiful results. Thanks for the giveaway. I love the colors in this line.

  56. Although I don’t do a lot of hand stitching anymore, I like how portable it is, and I like that I’m actually creating something beautiful without the benefit of a machine. Just me, the needle and thread, and the project.

  57. What I love is the ability to slow down and do some stitching. Plus it is portable and great for working on in the car on trips!

  58. Handstitc his (&quilting ) connects me with the past. Before technology took over our lives. It is so beautiful.

  59. Hand stitching is very relaxing and after a stress filled day at work it is easy to pick up my hand work and unwind.

  60. For years I was a hand-quilting snob…but after realizing there would NEVER be enough time to finish everything I wanted to—I became a machine quilter, and now have a longarm; but I am so happy to finish a quilt and be able to hand stitch the back of my binding down or embroider a custom label. Nothing is as relaxing as a bit of hand-stitching. After quilting for decades I’ve just now discovered the joys of wool applique. I love Aurifil thread but have never tried Aurifloss—this would be a good opportunity….p.s. There are a lot of us who agree with your assessment of Wendy—she is a wonderful, caring person in addition to being a marvelous fiber artist and a terrific mother.

  61. Hand stitching is relaxing and portable. I enjoy hand stitching down the binding on quilts and am amazed that many people dislike doing it. Love Wendy and look foward to the 2017 project.

  62. I am pretty much a novice with hand stitching, but I will say it has a satisfaction that machine stitching doesn’t have.

  63. I’m not perfect with hand stitching but I love it!! It is very relaxing and I can keep up with my favorite tv shows!!!
    Thank you.

  64. Awesome fabric; and the thread collection is simply yummy! Great choices, Wendy! (lynnstck[at]

  65. I like the portability of handstitching. Also the freedom to follow a pattern to the T or add extra embellishments.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  66. I just discovered hand stitching and love it. It takes me a minute to get started, but once I do I really enjoy it. I don’t have a lot of thread to hand stitch, though.

  67. For 28 yrs. I sat in front of tv for hours grading papers. When I retired my hands were lost and I became so nervous.That is when I began cross stitching, learning how to hand turn appliqué. I have never invested in good quality thread for hand stitching.

  68. I have been embroidering since I was 10 years old–traditional, Swedish on huck or pique, and cross stitch. There is something calming and peaceful about sitting and stitching.
    Wendy turned me on to Aurifil threads, and I look forward to her new sew along after completing Thread Journey with Aurifil threads this summer. I’m looking forward to the privilege of using Aurifloss in the future.

  69. I love hand stitchery of all kinds. Unfortunately, arthritis, and several hand surgeries, have limited the kinds of things I can do now. I’ve been anxious to see whether I can still manage the kind of embroidery I learned first — stem stitches, french knots, lazy daisy, and the like. Your drawings are so much fun, and I love the fact that you adapted them from your daughter’s work. A collaboration that I’d bet both of you are extremely proud of.

  70. Hand stitching is a very rewarding and relaxing occupation, I love to snuggle down in my couch under a good lamp and create beautiful stitcheries!

  71. Hand-stitching is a calm, creative experience. It’s also portable, so you can work on it almost anywhere!

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