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We’re back for day 4 of  Moda + Aurifil. <3 Moda Fabrics has been a treasured and dedicated partner, a creative leader, and, above all, an inspiration for years. We so value the collaboration and relish the opportunity to work with such a wonderful team to promote a top-notch list of designers. Today, we’re please to present another fabulous designer with a brand new collection — BasicGrey.

BasicGrey’s Rachel Brenchley at Quilt Market in 2016

BasicGrey’s principal designer, Rachel Brenchley is the creative mind behind a slew of stunning fabric collections for Moda. One of her biggest hits has been Moda Grunge, a series of gorgeous solids that offer texture and dimension. We’ve seen some pretty amazing quilty masterpieces created with these fabrics!

We were overjoyed by the chance to work with Rachel on a curated Grunge Thread Collection, representing her top-selling colors. A Spring Market launch was the perfect timing as it coincided with the release of Grunge Hits the Spot, a remix of Rachel’s fabulous grunge prints with perfectly-sized polkadot overlays.

Thread Up With Grunge
100% Aurifil Cotton, 10 Small Spools, 50wt (220yds/spool)
Colors included:
2024 – 2310 – 2326 – 2620 – 2692
2230 – 1147 – 4182 – 5006 – 2783

To view this info on our website, click here. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

What first drew you to to the world of sewing and quilting?
Growing up my mom and four aunties sewed everything from pieced quilts and hand-braided rugs to cross stitch samplers and vintage button collecting . . . they do it all and with such skill! I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

Grunge Solids in action — Photo by @richyjr16

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?
Definitely my mom and my aunts. There are a lot of artist that I admire and follow, but truly, my creative side was built and nurtured by my mom, grandma and aunts throughout my life. They encouraged me to use my talents and not apologize for anything. They gave me courage and were great examples.

Due South — Pattern by Carrie Nelson, Quilt by Richy Lainsson Jr., Fabric by BasicGrey (photo courtesy of Richy!)

How did you first connect with Moda and what do you love most about working with them?
I started working with Moda in 2007. I had a very unique and successful paper crafting collection and Cheryl saw the potential for what I was doing to be translated to fabric. The “grunge” look took a minute to catch on with fabric, but now that it has, we are so thrilled with the reception. I love working with the people at Moda, they are the very best and kindest people.

Rachel with Moda’s Mark Dunn

Tell us about your Grunge collection. What inspired the designs?
Grunge was born out of my desire to have backgrounds and textures that were forgiving and variegated. I was tired of the solid flat colors and wanted a more depth and dimension. Grunge was born and I found myself preferring that always to flat solid colors. I’m so happy to see so many agree with me!

Photo by @richyjr16

Do you have a favorite project or projects made with the collection?
Oh goodness! That’s a tough question. It seems everyday I see awesome things created using grunge, I don’t think I could choose one.

Katy Perry Portrait on display at Spring Market 2016 — made by Holly of @thisiswhatido using Moda Grunge fabrics

What is next for you? Where else can we find you this year?
This year is super busy! I will continue to design collections for Moda. I have four kids so they keep me super busy too. We are building a new home in Utah and I plan to invest a lot of my time and attention there. Lastly, I started a new little design software company and that has me quite consumed. Between all of these things, I hardly have time to breathe.


To enter-to-win BasicGrey’s Thread Up With Grunge thread collection AND a FQ bundle of Hits the Spotby BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics, click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Friday, September 29! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Monday, October 2. Good luck!

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For BasicGrey’s principal designer Rachel Brenchley, invention and inspiration are all about family, friends, and full-on FUN!

Rachel launched BasicGrey over fourteen years ago as a surface design company, and as it’s owner, she knows a thing or two about pushing the ticket rather than simply following a trend. Inspired by her crazy, hectic and colorful life, her sweet husband and four fabulous children, Rachel loves to mix things up with unique color palettes applied to bold prints and patterns – eclectic representations of her eclectic world.

What does she think is the best part of her design work? Seeing her designs become YOUR amazing creations!

[Bio courtesy of Moda — thanks Moda!]

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  1. Loved Basic Grey when it was a paper company and love it even more now that there is Moda Basic Grey. Grunge is a huge favorite – so versatile!

  2. I too hate flat solids. Grunge has replaced alot of the other blenders that I have used in the past. I love it for applique backgrounds, it gives dimension without taking away from the design. I will be using Grunge as background for a primitive quilt I will be starting soon.

  3. I’ve been thinking about making a variating of an Amish quilt and I think the Grunge fabrics would be perfect for that. I love the depth of the colors and the color choices and the element of surprise that comes with Grunge.

  4. Love me some Basic Grey!! Using Grunge in a quilt now for a flower pot! Love the textured look it gives it. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I would love to make a quilt withthe Grunge fabric. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I love grunge for background fabrics. If I were to win this amazing FQ pack, I’d use the lighter ones for backgrounds and perhaps make dresden plate blocks out of the darker fabrics. So glad you developed this line as I often find the solids too stark!

  7. I love Grunge…and have made a lot using it. It is my go to solid/background. Just ordered some spotted grunge and can’t wait to incorporate it into a quilt.

  8. This would open a whole new trend for me. I do like the grunge look and would be excited to try it with these new fabrics and threads. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. The thing about this grunge fabric is you can use it in ANY type of quilt. I would LOVE to make a Basset Hound Dog quilt from this fabric!!! Perfect!

  10. I haven’t seen these in person yet. But I am sure when I do, I’ll need to get some! They would be great in almost anything!

  11. I would make decorative accent projects for my home – pillows, table toppers, etc. This fabric works so well with all the other fabric lines that you could make just about anything with it.

  12. I LOVE Grunge fabric. I make a two-color quilt with Grunge. In fact I have the fabric – navy and gray, and plan to make a particular star design – just have to finish some deadline items first.

  13. I love Grunge fabric and have used it. I would love to make a new mini for my wall in our new home. What could be better than a supply of Grunge FQ’s….thanks for the chance to win!

  14. The question SHOULD be what don’t I want to make with it. 😉 But I actually do have a project. I have a large frame on my main wall in my living room that had a decorative print in it. I want to make a wall hanging and put it in that very large frame and I would love to do something really creative with some applique and quilting. Some real art for the living room. This would be so perfect.

  15. I just read about Amy’s new quilt pattern called Meadow Grids on Amy’s Creative Side and I’d use this bundle to make one! It would be perfect!

  16. I would love to make a quilt for one of my five grandchildren. . .. nevermind, I would like to make a quilt for EACH one of my grandchildren and one for myself!

  17. Just making the connection with Basic Grey paper now! I love the pinks in the Moda Grunge collection best. I would like to try using it in some paper piecing projects, maybe paper airplanes!

  18. I’m thinking a short jacket, skirt or top with peplum accent-of course there will always be enough left over to put into a quilt- wonderful fabric! Thank you, Susan

  19. I would love to use these to make a quilt for my nephew. I would have so much fun picking the colors out of this bundle!

  20. I like Grunge, and the new dotty version adds lots of fun. I would add it to some prints I have for background, and also think a purse or two would be fun. Thanks.

  21. Choices! When I think of they small selection of ‘calico ‘ we had when I learned to quilt in 1979 I am amazed. Love the dotted grunge! In a quilt of course to replace a flat solid where I want a strong contrast! Thank you!

  22. Love this bundle!! Think it would make a Super quilt, for a Christmas gift for our Son’s home!! Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way 😀

  23. I would make a quilt, of course! I recently bought 5 yards of a scarlet grunge to use as background fabric for a quilt.

  24. I love the Grunge collection, for the same reasons – I love some texture and depth in my background fabrics.

  25. I always love to make quilts. I think using this in art quilts or baby quilts would be a great way to get comfortable with grunge fabric.

  26. Beautiful fabric, a quilt for sure. What pattern, that would take some thought. Maybe one of Jaybird’s or a Hexagon.

  27. I love to make scrappy quilts and Grunge is the perfect background fabric. Love the wide selection of colors and the dot prints are extra fun.

  28. I LOVE Grunge. I made a very modern quilt with Grunge for my grandson – he loves it. I definitely want to make another quilt with Grunge. I love the texture and color of those fabrics. Love Basic Gray!

  29. I have used grunge in a mystery quilt and loved it. I also used grunge in a deconstructed barn quilt. I want to use grunge in a quilt of my 120 year old church.

  30. I love using grunge for backgrounds as well as any larger cut pieces. I love that it’s not’flat’ like most solids. The variation in color is wonderful!

  31. I will say I am making a quilt of my own design using 2 colors of Moda Grunge, and a focus fabric and I think it is looking marvelous.

  32. I love the grunge line. It has a wonderful handfeel and would make a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing

  33. The Grunge fabrics would be perfect for the Dr. Who themed paper-pieced blocks I plan to start. I love Grunge! I’ve loved it since the first colors came onto the market.

  34. I love fringe because it is so versatile with many projects I have. It is exciting to know Aurifil has a specific thread collection! Aurifil thread collections are the best to have for me to have for my hand piecing projects. – Thank you so much for conducting this interview and the chance to win your great thread!

  35. l’m in love with GRUNGE after I got a mini charm pack… now I’m addicted to this fabric… I’ll start the Zen Chic Triangle quilt but my ordered fabric doesn’t arrive until today. Maybe this bundle will be here faster?

  36. I would love to use Grunge in simple quilt blocks like the patterns from the Angela Walters Midnight Quilt Show! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I absolutely love Grunge Hits the Spot. I’m thinking an orange peel appliqué project would be in order if I won !

  38. I put grunge in just about all that I I want to put grunge in everything!

    If I had to pick one collection out of ALL the fabrics in the world….I would pick Grunge!!!

  39. I’d love to make something that contrasts with the beautiful colors of Grunge–maybe a stained glass quilt?

  40. I’ve loved Grunge since I first saw it I want more and more and more!!! I have several quilts I want to make using all the Grunge

  41. I have Grunge in so many quilts. I love how versatile the fabric is. There are so many tones on the fabrics that add just that bit of spark to quilts. I’m just finishing a quilt that uses Grunge hits the spot. Keep the colours coming.

  42. I just finished a quilt top made with grunge! I love the texture and depth the fabric added to the quilt. I’d love to make another quilt using the grunge dots!

  43. I love those huge dots. Would like to see them on a necessary clutch wallet for the exterior, combined with a fun flap.

  44. I made my first quilt with grunge fabric last year for my son-and fell in love-so much texture added to the design! And you can never, ever go wrong with Aurifil!

  45. I use Grunge in many projects and the most recent was a quilt back that was perfect for the quilt. I love the new Grunge Dots and want them by the bolt! Would definitely use in quilts.

  46. I love the grunge dots! I’d make myself a pickle dish lap quilt for sure, but the possibilities are endless😀

  47. Grunge is awesome – Love those big dots. I see a great looking 9 patch quilt featuring Grunge dots1 Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  48. I can already picture the quilt I would love to make for my new born great grandson and the Grunge Collection would be the perfect color combination.

  49. Looking at those fabrics, I would love to get enough yardage of Hit the Spot 3 to make a shift dress as I have a pair of sandals that would go with it beautifully,

  50. I would use the Grunge fabrics in a quilt for my grandson. He needs a new one since he has outgrown his toddler quilt!

  51. I have several Grunge selections in my stash for future use as backgrounds. I’ve also bought smaller yardages of some of the bright colors–orange, purple, pink and blue–several are perfect matches with other designer’s prints. Absolutely love the texture they bring!

  52. I first knew Basic Grey designs from the world of scrapbooking. Then I found their first fabric line, Urban Couture, at the Spring AQS show in Des Moines several years ago. Since that first purchase, I have made several quilts from subsequent lines. Grunge, oh, Grunge, you are the must have for me! I would make a very happy quilt with Grunge Hits the Spot!

  53. Everything! Grunge is my new go-to fabric and I love it as a background. So much more exciting than a solid.

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