First Ever Quilt show in SL

  reported by Paisley J

Guess what? The Quilters in SL are hosting the very FIRST Quilt show in SL! Hollyjean has done an amazing job as the quilt show chair. Here are a few of the RL quilts that the Quilters in SL gave Hollyjean to ‘hang’ in the exhibit.

And these are just a few of the other quilts. Come and see the whole exhibit of about 30 quilts. We quilters in SL are very proud to share our work with you!

After visiting the show come see my studio at Aurifil land. Aurifil is a thread company from Italy that has provided a nifty little farm house site for the thread. And it’s a place we love to hang out when we meet.

If you want to join my quilt group… go to groups and search on ‘Quilters in SL’ to join us

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