Arte Tessile Mostra – Concorso 2008

Mendrisio : 3 – 14 Settembre 2008

Aurifil Prizes during this event has been won by Ursula Lanni with her “Angeli 

 To join pieces of fabric and to bind together forms and colors in order to create a blanket, a panel, a little one plaid. Often we feel ourselves to ask: ” But what is the patchwork? ” From it has been born here l’ idea of this extension competition: to introduce to people this our way to express themselves, to create, to transform small pieces  of material in order to make them to live again in a new form. We have begun with idea of a small extension in order then to discover that many persons, much more than this that we expected, have found this idea being involved and has participated putting on hand they intense activities and exposing them to the public not without emotion!

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