ARTES TEXTILES 68 …Gisèle Acker

    Gisèle Acker : ” When I started with traditional patchwork,  I discovered that anything can be recycled. Used material, worthless objects, as long as somebody is interested in, can become a piece of art.This is why everyday objects become my main source of inspiration. I work only by instinct without following any rules in particular. I need to be close to the subject, enhance it and give it life. I like to play with colours, textures, as well as with volumes,  without neglecting the importance of empty spaces and transparencies, giving so an impression of freedom to the materials I use.

Nothing pleases me more than to see the public interpreting my work according to its own criteria and imagination. This is my way of sharing my passion with people. I have recently published a book – l’Art Textile, Créations Contemporaines – Editions de Saxe – where you can discover my new creations as well as a lot of instructions to help you realize some of them.


 Take one lid of yoghurt + cut a small square in a second lid – flatten them both


  Place the round lid on the wrong side of a fabric slightly larger than the lid and sew it with a zig zag stitch

  Place this piece up side down and pin it on the wrong side of an other fabric

  Make a larger bourdon stitch all around to cover the zig zag stitch

     Cut all around


    Embellish the border with a zig zag stitch made with Brillo metallic thread

  Proceed the same way with the square lid, secure it on the fabric with a zig zag stitch And cover it with the remaining fabric

  With the Brillo metallic thread, make a Bourdon stitch all around the square


  Cut around the square


    Place the square in the middle of the circle and maintain it with a pin on the back


  Shape the edges as you please – this can be a nice brooch

    Alternatively, you may use it as a small side plate for Christmas or a bowl – in that case, place the square in the middle of the circle, foil up, and secure it with a bourdon stitch to the circle. Turn the edges and put chocolates or anyother goodies in the bottom



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