The sewing machine became very early my favourite tool

       Bente Vold Klausen

Bente Vold Klausen is a norwegian textile artist born in 1952 and the editor of the Scandinavian quilt magazine ”Quiltemagasinet” for 10 years. She has exhibited and teached all over the world for the last 25 years.

Bente tells us: ”I was lucky to be born into an artistic family. My mother is educated as a sculptorer and my father is a dedicated amatour painter. Art was always an important part of my childhood, and it still is.
The sewing machine became very early my favourite tool and I started sewing my own clothes at a very young age. Later, as a young mother, sewing became my main hobby and soon also my profession. I made fashion for some small butiques in Oslo. But I soon discovered patchwork and quilting and got fascinated by the technique and all the possibilities.

To day I mainly make art quilts, using my hand dyed fabric and a lot of different techniques of printing and painting with textile paint. It has been an exciting journey and to day I am mostly concerned about the image of my art, not the technique itself. But still it is fabric I use and the sewing machine is still my favourite tool. I love free motion quilting and try to develope my own stile and experiment further with threads, seams and patterns.

















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