The show that embraces the lifestyle of the new generation of quilters : ” Quilt Out Loud “


Aurifil is very happy to be sponsor and support the philosophy of a brand new concept in quilt industry infotainment with the creation of genre-breaking, quilter’s lifestyle programming. presents Quilt Out Loud, featuring the talent of and President host and 29-time author, Jodie Davis and Quilter’s Home creator and editor, Mark Lipinski acting as co-hosts


It’s time for quilters to live out loud.


More than just a show about patchwork technique and humdrum banter, this fun, contemporary and edgy programming transcends the predictable infomercial feel of all other online shows and speaks to the multifaceted quilter: an audience with wide and varied interests.


No longer playing to a quilting stereotype, a stereotype which no longer exists, this program will jolt the entire field of the current crop of often flat and uninteresting online quilting vid-casts.


There are over 21-million quilters in the United States. 1.11 million of these quilters consider themselves to be dedicated quilters with an average age of 57. With this kind of demographic, it will be almost impossible for the quilting industry to thrive without reinvigorating the genre with fresh thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Quilt Out Loud will eclipse the current demographics by targeting a young and young-at-heart market by appealing to the total modern quilter personality with more than just how-to demonstrations and narrow focus.  


This made for monthly series brings a refreshing approach to a quilter’s online experience and quilting television production. This will be the show that embraces the lifestyle of the new generation of quilters. It’s filled with humor, debate, inspiration, current events, pop-culture, product reviews, money saving tips, and most of all, fun.


Join & shaking up quilting!

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