Spotlight on Aurifil by Announcing the Winners! And enjoying the poems

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During January the Spotlight on Aurifil let Quilters write poems in order to win Aurifil Kit’s collections  …

And the winner is …..

the Aurifil’s Choice award goes to …


who has won Edyta Sitar’s A Few of My Favorite Threads Collection.

Here is feffertim’s winning poem:

How to overcome the guilt

When all I want to do is quilt

How to make myself fix food

When I am only in the mood

To sit and sew,and piece and press

That’s all I want I must confess

Does my husband need clean socks

Wait, I’m working on my blocks

Put the lid on my machine

So that I can go and clean ?

I think not, I’d rather sew.

But theres one thing that I know

I just really love the thrill

Of sewing with my Aurifil

It would be a grand surprise

If I could only win this prize.

Picture me with my obsession

With Aurifil in my possession.

YEAH !!!


Here the other amazing entries

Marilyn Dale Adams

Roses are red, quilts are blue,

I love Aurifil for mine too,

Indigo, teal, purple and blue,

Oh yes, I love periwinkle too.



Aurifil Threads

Colors Devine

Cotton or Wool

Heavy or Fine

Just imagining the jewels I can make,

if they are mine!



Quilts for the nephews

Some for the nieces

Totes for the sisters

Sew up those pieces

Tea in the winter

Cats on the bed

Aurifil ready

Needles to thread!


The Favorite Colors of Pat Sloan

Are threads I would love to own!

It is a Collection

Much like a Confection!


Aurifil, Aurifil

Are you lonely and blue?

Come to my house ……

And I’ll play with you!


Haiku to Aurifil

Aurifil in wool

Luscious cotton colors bright

A Sewing delight



My heart is pounding with anticipation,

My sewing space is ready to go!

I just need an Aurifil Designer Thread Collection

To inspire which project to sew!

Marianne Byrne boasts “Country wool!”

Mark Lipinski shouts “Intermediate cotton!”

Pat Sloan suggests “Favorite Colors!”

All passions not to be forgotten!

I want to win for sure,

My heart is all a flutter!

For Aurifil Designer Threads

Are threads like no other!!!


Cathy M

There’s a woman I know so fare and true

That had a secret that makes her quite blue

For she has a love for hand applique

But what is this?

Her thread will just not do!

Tangled, broken, you colorless string!

Heart broken and hopeless

She came across something that could not be true!

A beautiful almost magical thing!

Aurifil thread!?

Oh now she knew there was nothing to dread

For this thread does not tangle nor break, oh! And colors galore!

If only, if only this thread could be hers

She sat with her pen for a poem she so desperately needed.

Aurifil thread was splendid indeed.

With the thought of this her stress began to fade,

Free from her pain, designs began to dance through her head!

Oh if only, if only she thought

If that thread could be mine!



Aurifil threads are lovely to use,

Whether they’re reds or purples or blues.

Sewing or quilting, or fanciful flights,

Aurifil raises your work to new heights.



Aurifil, Aurifil, wherefor art thou, Aurifil

My project awaits and sits on the sill

Requiring your beauty and strength

Just to have you in my needle

I will go to any length…



Roses are red

Many threads are blue

I’d love all this Aurifil

Beside my others too.



Intermediate, Favorite, Country Threads,

AURIfil collections dancing in my head.

My fingers are tingling, creative juices are flowing

My Bernina Artista 640 is anxious to get going.

With scissors in hand, and fabrics galore

AURIfil thread, who could want more?

The hours fly by, my machine is humming,

Consuming spools of AURIfil thread, the results are stunning.

At the end of the day, quilting heirlooms from the heart

Rainbows of AURIfil threads, an integral part.


Roses are red

Violets are blue

More quilt shops should carry

Aurifil for me and you!


the thread is so strong

the colors so bright

the collections I wish for

to hang on my wall tonight!



Oh, what to do with this thread?

Tangled, broken, and its bled.

I know what will fit the bill.

I’ll sew my quilts with Aurifil.



A tisket, A tasket

I need thread for my basket

Aurifil, Aurifil

Would be great in my basket!



Once there was a quilter whose greatest dream

To make beautiful quilts with Auriful for the seam

Oh how she tried to find Auriful at her store

But What….there is no more

Now she can only order online

So to win this lovely thread would really make her eyes shine.



I am a quilter  and I love color

Aurifil thread is like no other

Please pick me

I’ll make you proud   You’ll see!!!



My new sewing machine and me

Winning Aurifil for free would

make all three a happy find.

Let us all three learn together,

Doing straight lines, squiggly ones too.

Especially while I’m learning to do




The dream held beatific colors, suspended on spools floating by.

My heart grew with the value and beauty seen with my inner eye.

Visions of loveliness flew through my brain faster than light from the sun.

Oh let me play with the colors and don’t make me choose just one!


Becki Morrison

many projects are waiting

for want of Aurifil thread

if i don’t soon get started

i’ll before long be dead



I’d like to win Aurifil thread

Using others fills me with dread

The reds are red, the blues blue

Hail to Aurifil, tried and true.


Jean Ehrman

Aurifil thread sets are divine–

I’d love to make some of them mine.

When I sit down to quilt,

I’ll do so without guilt

‘Cause I know the results will be FINE.



Aurifil, Aurifil, ever so fine

Once I discovered you

Now you are mine



Aurifil threads are sleek and strong.

They help my quilts hand straight, not wrong.

They’ve every color most known to man.

But my favorite to use is ecru or “tan.”

I’d like a new “tin” ofAurifil colors.

I’m running out of all the others!



Wee Willie Winkle runs through the town,

Upstairs, downstairs searching for the

Mark Lipinski, The Intermediate Collection of

Aurilfil colors, beautifully packaged in a tin

just for me to use on my grandchildren’s quilts.

Wee Willie would really appreciate the help if this

tin would appear at my house.



Aurifil thread, such a delight

With Marianne’s colors so bright

And Mark’s colors that are light

Beside Pat’s collection, some dark and some white

If I win I could sew until daylight



Rich,Dori,heather,and Dan

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

I could use Aurifil

To make Quilts for you


Just J

Thread is all colors

And Aurifil has them all.

If I win this collection,

They”ll hang on my wall.



I’m trying to write a short poem,

About winning some Aurifil thread.

It’s supposed to tell why I should or would ,

Win the collection of which I read.

There are 3 different collections –

Byrne, Sloan, and Lipinski!

They’re all so nice, would love any one –

Can’t believe that they are free!

Now why should I win? Why would I like to win?

It’s easy! Aurifil thread’s the best!

(Or so I’ve been told!)  – I’m monetarily challenged!

And cannot personally attest!

My mailbox is pining, It’s sick of my whining,

It’s ready to be used by you!

Please pick my (short) poem, deliver Aurifil to my home,

And I’ll  fall in love with it too!



Roses are red

Violets are blue

Pat Sloan’s Aurifil threads

Are this quilter’s dream come true!



Aurifil is a magical word

I say it all the time.

My quilts are more precious because

Aurifil makes each quilt shine.



I used to start free motion quilting with dread

as I knew I would have much breakage and tangled thread.

But now I have discovered Aurifil

and now my dreams of beautiful quilts has been fulfilled.



So much to sew

So little I know

Asked a friend, she said

Aurifil is the way to go.

(Paying homage to the Burma Shave signs from long ago.)


Applique and Quilting are new to me,

And I practice and learn and test,

But to make my work the best it can be,

I have to use the best.

They tell me Aurifill is THE thread to use,

I have asked the people who know,

So using great fabric and Aurifill thread,

May help me achieve best of show.



Aurifil, aurifil, favorite of mine,

The one that I reach for everytime.

Alas my spools are running quite low,

So off to the quilt store I must go!


Aurifil we have just met

I have never touched you or threaded you before

Its a tender special moment as from this moment on

I know it will be a lifelong commitment to beautiful quilts


With Aurifil I love to piece,

Its wonders really never cease.

Ten spools I order at the least,

Always feeding Bernie(Bernina) the manly beast.

Its strength my heart throbs to release,

To say I’m joyful is the least.



Aurifil is red

Aurifil is blue

I think it would be sweet

If I would win too!


Jean Koutek

The colors of Aurifil thread

Are dancing in my head

And I need a new quilt for my bed

Colors from dark to light

To view is a delight

All the colors from the sky, land, and sea

Such a beauty to see

Pick me, pick me.


creative folk quilting

Aurifil Culture:

Passionate Threads.

Stitching by Experts,

Transforming Beds



Oh dear what can the matter be

This thread’s as old as me

What I need is Aurifil so new

To make that quilt for Sue


creative folk quilting

Aurifil Culture:

Passionate Threads.

Stitching by Experts,

Transforming Beds.

Why do I want you?

Just send me some spools!

Cuz Momma didn’t raise

No cheap thread fool!



So many different colors,

so much potential fun!

If I were to win a set,

the quilts that could be done!

Pick me, pick me, oh please,

I never win a thing.

If I win, I will show you how

to create a quilt that sings!



Projects were done and under the tree,

Christmas is over, it’s time for me.

I need some thread, Aurifil’s the best,

Please give it to me, I’ll do the rest.


Winter, summer, spring and fall

Aurifil thread is used by all.

So gather your fabric, patterns and dreams

With Aurifil thread you make quite a team.



This poem probably stinks,

But Aurifil thread makes my heart beat,

The colors are superb,

And the quality is neat



I would love some Aurifil thread,

To make quilts for my bed,

So I will enter this contest today.

And hope that in February I can shout HURRAY!



Roses are red

and Aurifil too

New thread is a treat

and winning would be too.


Color’s my passion

With it beauties I fashion

The Aurifil collections are splendid

With their addition my selection woes would be ended

Thanks for this chance

My quilting designs to enhance



Aurifil thread is divine

I hope a kit can be mine

I love it because

The thread leaves no fuzz

And my seams always look so fine


With quilts in my head

And quilts in my heart,

Time and travel

Have made it hard to start!

An Aurifill kit

I’m sure would impart

Just the push that I need.

With its quality

and colors

how could I not!



I love Aurifil thread

no matter the color

green blue or red.

What could I do it?

So many ideas are now

in my head!!


My house, My house

All full of boys and their toys

Its time for Mom to take a pill

Or go find some Aurifil



Whether stitches by hand,

in my darling Bernina as free motion,

on on my Gammil racing the clock,

Aurifil adorns my quilts

in colorful glory.



roses are red,

violets are blue.

oh how I wish

my aurifil matched too.


Nancy Poorbaugh

To market, to market

To buy me some Aurifil

Home again, home again

Oh, what a thrill!



Aurifil, Aurifil what could this thread be?

A beginner quilter is curious indeed!

There are many threads and companies I see.

Does it really make my quilting more beautiful for me?

Marianne Byrne, Mark Lipinski and Pat Sloan are names I’m not familiar with.

Could I really, really be that alone!?

The collections are inviting when viewed on my screen.

I would love to try them on my sewing machine!

Aurifil, Aurifil, could you really be, the something that’s missing and what my quilts need?


Sew many designs

Sew many colors

Sew many threads

I really desire


Oh, give me a home where Aurifil roams

When in the bobbin and top spool do sew,

To turn cut fabric into a mighty fine quilt

Like those at various quilt shows.



Aurifil thread you are the best

There is no way you can be compared to the rest

With 250 colors to use

Its just so hard for me to chose

Your great strength and quality is a fact thats no muse

So I know with you theres no way I can lose

So today I have written this little diddy

Just to say thank you to far away Italy

You are way beyond your time

When it comes to saving a dime

Best cost is not always least cost

With your thread my project will not be lost

Because Aurifil thread is surely the boss

So keep up the good work Alex Veronelli

You sure are keeping me away from the telli

If I win into my sewing room I will go

To create something new and wonderful to show


Aurifil, Aurifil you are the best.

Finally a thread that tops the rest.

Your colors are brilliant, your strength is the best.

Your quality and feel is incredible for all to a test.

Aurifil you make any sewing machine purr.

In my sewing room you shine all day. . .

Aurifil, my hands are at rest.



Colors of red,violet and blue. I love Aurifil and so should you. It helps me hem and it helps me sew, it also helps me mend on the go. I use Aurifil for everything I do —from buttons to bobbins and so should you


Aurifil thread is the best!

It’s sleeker than all of the rest.

Whenever I sew

the one thing I know

is Aurifil thread adds the zest!



Your quilt is finally pieced

Now to find the right thread to finish your masterpiece.

If you have enough thread you can quilt all night

And  using Aurifil makes it a quilter’s delight.


If you use brand X thread,

Sewing projects will be a dread.

From place mats for the table,

To covers for the bed.

Throw those old spools away,

Aurifil thread is here to stay.



My, Oh, My

They are here to stay,

Aurifil threads sew my favorite way!



Roses are Red.

My fabric is blue.

What’s a girl to do?

Aurifil, where are you?



Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

I love Aurifil!

You will too!



Anticipation is growing

It is hard not knowing

Which Aurifil Thread Collection will I win?

February 1st we will all know,

I must be patient and wait til then.


Barbara Bieraugel

Aurifil my beauty

Like a box of chocolates to me

A rainbow of threads to try

With all the colors let’s fly

To the stictching haven in the sky.



Quilter Lin went to her bin

to fetch a thread that matches

To her dismay, there is none today

Please aurifil fill up my stashes.



Grandma grandma what should we make?

lets grab the Auriful in the sewing room take.

A dolly, a teddy, a cuddly quilt?

we’ll use our Auriful to see what can built.



Across my quilt is a lively quadrille

Patterns mingle with threads sublime

Leaves and flowers painted with Aurafil

Color my memories of time

Blending of palettes across a canvas

Breathing life to a winsome tale

The colors create a blooming nimbus

That becomes my own living grail



Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I need aurifil thread

In every single hue.



The quilt is cut,

The pieces cover my bed,

What can bring this together?

Aurifil thread!



Roses are Red

Violets are blue

Aurifil’s my favorite

So I really crave it



Aurilfil is a thread I  hold dear

I brings me  great, joyous cheer

And I find when I sew

I find it apropos

To  quilt as I have a  small beer



Fabric is good

Fabric is great

But without thread

’tis a terrible fate

Stuck in a box, a bag or a bin

To waste this treasure is such a sin

Will just any thread do?

Shudder, it sends a chill

to piece with anything but Aurifil!



My little featherweight is kinda sad.

she needs some aurifil really bad.

She just loves to sew

and the aurifil collection will make her glow.

If I’m a  winner, the aurifil will make her very glad 😉



Aurifil thread

Everyone touts

I’d love to see

What the fuss is about.


Marcia W.

Aurifil, Aurifil, let me count the ways

A spool is not a spool without your thread

Aurifil, Aurifil, through my needle’s eye

I love the colors of your dyes

Aurifil, Aurifil, quilts call out for action

To use some of Sloan’s favorite collection.

;-)) the audience may hold the applause


Joyce K.

I love to sew I do,

With Aurifil thread too,

It makes me happy,

To quilt a lappy.



Prayers sent above

A quilt made with love.

My granddaughter’s ill

Nana knows the cure

Quilt it with Aurifil

She’ll be better for sure.



In the nick of time

I discovered a rhyme

Please Aurifil be mine

You are so fine


Duane Wiley

Aurifil, Oh Aurifil!

Where art thou Aurifil?

My reds, my blues, such beautiful hues.

With Aurifil, I can never lose!



Drawing with thread so fine

On a patchwork all mine

Auriful would be such a treasure!

I’d love to give my quilts the pleasure!



Rather than buy meat, potatoes or bread

I spent my money on fabric and thread

I’ll spend all day working on my quilt

Til evening comes and then I wilt

Using Aurfil thread in all its hues

I can choose, pinks or blues

The color is strong, the thread doesn’t shred

So my quilts will ast even when I’m dead  (aleep under them<GGG>)



Whether piecing or quilting,

it is always a delight.

When the machine you are threading,

is done with thread that is just right.



So many patterns dance in my head

Painting with pieces of fabric and thread

Colors so rich and thread that is “true”

A heart full of Happy—

from me–to you.



Aurifil thread is simply the best

Go ahead, put it to the test.

Your machine will love it

And so will you

Because as I mentioned

It’s just simply better

than all of the rest!



There once was a quilter named Cher,

Who was ready to pull out her hair.

With her threads getting low,

There was only one way to go,

And that was with more Aurifil.



How to overcome the guilt

When all I want to do is quilt

How to make myself fix food

When I am only in the mood

To sit and sew,and piece and press

That’s all I want I must confess

Does my husband need clean socks

Wait, I’m working on my blocks

Put the lid on my machine

So that I can go and clean ?

I think not, I’d rather sew.

But theres one thing that I know

I just really love the thrill

Of sewing with my Aurifil

It would be a grand surprise

If I could only win this prize.

Picture me with my obsession

With Aurifil in my possession.

YEAH !!!



I’ll sew up a storm

of Quilts to keep warm;

Aurifil Thread equals,

Quilts On My Bed!!!



Oh I wish I had my fill of Aurifil.

That is what I’d truly love to see.

For if I had my fill of Aurifil

All my quilts would quilt up beautifully.



Gossamer strands that bind ideas,

Piecing lives together,

Tacking, Couching, Gathering, Embellishing,

LIving lines threaded through a quilt,

Aurofil Thread



Running out of thread is something I dread,

So it is always wise to think ahead.

Aurifil is so very fine,

I really wish their complete collection was mine.



Thread, thread,

I love red,

But it’s gotta be Aurifil!

Their thread is a deal

Can we make a color wheel!



Twas the night before quilting, when all through the house,

not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.

The needles and cutters were nestled, all snug in their cases

while visions of Aurofil thread danced in my head.

The thread, how it twinkled!

It’s colors, how merry!

It’s weight, like feather down’

It’s colors included sweet cherry and brown

Now turquoise, now azure,

now ecru and rose,

on ruby, on emerald,

on sapphire and gold.

Aurofil thread is tops, to the east and the west,

Let me win thread so I may quilt with the best.



Here is the rest of my poem which was somehow cut off or deleted?

The thread, how it twinkled!

It’s colors how merry!

It’s weight like feather down,

It’s colors included cherry .

Now Turquoise! Now Azure, now Ecru and Rose!

On Ruby, on Sapphire, on Emerald and Gold,

Now sew away, sew away, sew away all!

Good night and Merry Quilting to Aurofil’s call!


Richard L

Aurafil is swell

Aurifil is giving too

If I should win then I should give

to those at the Ronald McDonald House

sopme new quilts to give to those in need

So pick me to win and

those in need will win also



Oh, how I love my Aurifil thread,

It’s all that I use for quilts on my bed!

It helps me to machine quilt like a pro,

Please award me the lucious thread, so my collection can grow!


Stephanie Rose



a Memaw diddy to the tune of “Row, row, row your boat.”

Sew, sew, sew my quilt

with my sewing machine

Thread, thread, thread, thread

wish you had some sheen!

Aurafil, aurafil

and my BSR

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

NOW I am a star!


Starr Burgess & Mary Snowdon

Baa baa wooly threads

I dream wooly threads while still in bed,

Aurifil cotton threads  dance with wools

to Punchneedle  a design to endure….

Poet I am not.

Ariful threads are top knots.

Starr Burgess

Punchneedle And Me

( Not a poet but a puncher of threads) lol


Joan L.

My spoolholder is empty

My bobbins unfilled

Waiting and hoping for Aurifil thread









Oh MY Aurifil, my only Aurifil

You make me happy with your collections of thread

You’ll never know Aurifill how much I use you…

Oh let me win Aurifil collections of thread TODAY!@W!!



Thread, thread, thread

Much better than bread

Flatter tummy and hips

Forget the snips!

Coloured like flowers

Give me the powers

And I will not dread

Using up all that thread!

Oh what a quilt

I shall have built

Showing off all that wonderful thread.



Threads carry me through the life that I lead

They bond and they tie me to the crafts that I need

Who could live with less? OH Dread!

I crave more

More of what I adore

I need another drawer full

Maybe a whole store full

Strands of lovely Auriful thread


Aurifil thread is the top of the line

I want to make that collection mine

I’d love to show off my piecing skill

with beautiful, silky smooth Aurifil!



Aurifil, Aurifil, Oh how I love thee…

The Favorite Collection or the Country Threads,

Maybe Lipinski’s Intermediate set,

It doesn’t matter as you all dance in my head!

Oh Aurifil, Aurifil, oh how I love thee…

Love you so much that you’re coming with me!



My heart is pounding with anticipation,

My sewing space is ready to go!

I just need an Aurifil Designer Thread Collection

To inspire which project to sew!

Marianne Byrne boasts “Country wool!”

Mark Lipinski shouts “Intermediate cotton!”

Pat Sloan suggests “Favorite Colors!”

All designer passions not to be forgotten!

I want to win a collection for sure,

My heart is all a flutter!

For Aurifil Designer Threads

Are superior threads like no other!!!



I couldn’t decide,

And Aurifil Designer Thread Collections

Made my choice sublime

With many great selections

That decorated my backside;

This would, I thought, help me make many connections,

So I took a ride

To show off my lovely contentions

They said, “Great try”!



I imagine a quilt in my head

Using patterns, some fabric and Aurifil thread

I cut, sew and press

Quilt the layers and yes

I end up with a quilt for my bed



country thread collection, oh i love the sound

how i wish i truly were thread country bound.

country thread collection

beautiful they be

wouldn’t it be marvelous to get a set for free?

thanks for the opportunity to win a set of beautiful threads!  have a great day



With Aurifil thread

your sewing can’t be beat.

Your 1/4 inch seams

are always so precise and neat!

And what would be greater

than quilting with this thread?

Why, to win a collection

and put my thread choice selection to bed!


Jane Dill

I’m new at quilting

I want to learn about the best

To win an Aurifil thread collection

Would make the rest


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful aurifil, sitting in my basket, colors sew divine. I await my beautiful threads as they come alive on my fabric canvas, into embroidery, quilting and garments. I treasure the days you become mine, aurifil you are my Destiny.

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