Meadow Breeze is here in full version !! You now have all 9 parts of Pat Sloan’s Mystery Quilt.

“Meadow Breeze” is a 9 part Mystery Block of the month created by Pat Sloan for Aurifil in 2010, now you now have all 9 parts together.  The quilt is both appliqué and pieced and finished to a 36″ square.. perfect to hang on the wall or use as an accent on a nice big table!

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 1 of Meadow Breeze

And here is our appliqué block for  Part 2 . See the pattern for the placement Diagram . The  project is made using all Aurifil 40 wt Thread Art kit by Pat Sloan colors for the appliqué and the piecing… let’s take a look!

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 2 of Meadow Breeze

Part 3 is the ‘Birds in the Air’ pieced block with appliqué… your making 2 identical units for Part 3.

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 3 of Meadow Breeze

The Meadow Breeze Part 4 unit, a Basket of Berries and flowers

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 4 of Meadow Breeze

Part 5 is the top left outer corner

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 5 of Meadow Breeze

Part 6 are two more of the appliqué on the pieced blocks

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 6 of Meadow Breeze

We decided to give you another side.. next one is also a side and last part will be the 2 corners

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 7 of Meadow Breeze

We decided to give you another corner and next time we’ll finish up the hoop pieces and the last corner.. are you excited we are ALMOST done

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 8 of Meadow Breeze

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern Part 9 of Meadow Breeze

If you are not familiar with this fusible method, see Pat’s book ‘Learn to applique’ for how she does fusible and keep the shapes as soft as possible by cutting away.. plus it’s economical as you don’t waste fusible! Pat’s book –

Here you can enjoy  the Flickr Folder where Quilters are sharing their Meadow Breeze creation

The following is Meadow Breeze interpreted by Joyce Hengy Hughes using Aurifil cotton 28wt

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  1. Lovely pattern dare I start a new project ! I can see how the Aurifil threads would be perfect for this. !

  2. oooh – I like this quilt! … I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but I might have to make an exception – LOL
    btw … there is a really really really ANNOYING jiggly wobbly stupid looking advert above the comment bit on this page … the same one might not be there when you check, but at the moment there is a really stupid annoying one – bouncing/jiggling fake windows saying that I am the 99th visitor today and I can win an iPhone really don’t make a page look particularly professional …
    (maybe you should complain to wordpress? … or whoever it is you have allowed to put adverts on your page for you?)

      1. I just ended up here again (was digging around in my saved e-mails and found the e-mail with the link 😉
        – had forgotten all about leaving this comment – there is no advert here now … so whatever it is has been fixed/blocked/sorted out I guess … was probably something cleverly designed to make it look like it was a normal advert in a spot designed for it ON the page, when it probably wasn’t part of the page at all … (I may or may not be making sense there – unfortunately I am not enough of a geek to really know a lot about how all that stuff works)
        btw, I still like this quilt, now all I need is another 50 hours in each day – so I might eventually have time to make it!

  3. I too have seen this add this morning .When I clicked to cancel trend micro brought it up as an unreliable site.

  4. I realize this free mystery pattern is from 2010. However, when you go to the patterns; it shows as not available. I don’t know if y’all changed a link or discontinued or something else. It is beautiful and I just came to the Aurifil website since it was featured on the Splendid Sampler. Thank you for beautiful threads.

  5. Is this pattern still available as I have just been browsing through your site and saw it? I really love it and would to make it.

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