A Peek into “The City Quilter”

Hi this is Pat Sloan, the other weekend I had the wonderful experience of two full days of quilting in New York City!

Besides seeing the once in a life time “Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” I also had the chance to see the Empire Quilt Guilds quilt show and Visit “The City Quilter” an Aurifil Quilt shop! Owners Dale and Kathy Riehl are warm and friendly and SUPER busy the day I visited!

I visited on Saturday when there where lots of quilters in ton for the show and the exhibit. This is the front from their website

This is what it looked like the day I visited.. busy busy busy!

This is the back of the original section.. the shop has just expanded.

They have a lot of great models in the store, like this Modern Alphabet by Tula Pink

Lots of cutting tables to handle the crowd the day I visited

The new area has the sewing machines, loads of books and a nice big classroom!

And lots of yummy fabrics!

So when in ‘The City’.. New YORK City… stop into our Aurifil Quilt shop for a few spools of thread.. and maybe a bit more…

Visit them online at


Or in person at

133 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001


And they will be opening a Quilt Gallery very soon… see this note Dale sent me

“Pat we are pleased to announce that on April 5th we are opening the only commercial gallery in New York City devoted to quilts. The first show, Daphne Taylor’s Line Drawings, runs until May 28. This will be followed by Noriko Endo, whose Impressionist Quilts will be featured from June 16 through August 6th.

We have faith that quilts can hold their own as a world class art form, and hope that our efforts help advance the way quilts are perceived in the art world, as well as by the general public.”


Click here for pictures of my NYC visit


Click here for my website of links about the Red White Exhibit.. if you know of mor links email me or leave a comment at my blog!


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  1. Awesome blog – I’ve enjoyed the red and wuite quilts, but REALLY enjoyed the info about THE CITY QUILTER – I plan to buy some NYC fabrics to make something for my daughter in law, who was raised there.

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