Learn how to use Aurifil’s fabulous 2011 Designer of the Month series to promote Aurifil Threads in your shop

This is the presentation by Pat Sloan used during the Schoolhouses on Spring Quilt Market in order to introduce to Quilt Shop Owners the Aurifil Designer of the Month series

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  1. Nice presentation, but I think Quilt Store owners are more focused on communications to their customers on things that help the stores sell products and create customer loyalty to their stores. As such, I wonder if there is a way you can extend this program, or create another program, to such that it really helps quilt stores and gives them a clear value proposition to sell Aurifil. E.G. these 12 designers create a pattern that these store owners can give to customers who buy Aurifil, or a flyer that they can give out with tips and/or insights on threads, etc.


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