Aurifil Fans Extravaganza!

Awards for Aurifil’s Superfans

Following the request of many of our fans for a chance for those with fewer Facebook friends to win a contest , we are basing our February giveaway on fans engagement with our page. At the end of February our Top Three Facebook Fans will be awarded with amazing thread prizes

How does it work?

We are using a Facebook app to track posts, comments, and likes at our Aurifil page.  Posts, comments and likes are all worth 1 point each .

But don’t just try to create the most posts and comments, your score is weighted by the quality of your participation. Higher quality activity (on topic and engages with the community) will earn extra points. Lower quality activity (off topic and spam) will earn less points.

Example : Don’t just stop and say ‘hi’. Instead say ‘ today I used my 40 wt thread to machine quilt my log cabin quilt”

Do I get points for posting directly to the Facebook page?

Of course ! On  Although your score won’t be updated until the next day.

How often do you calculate the rankings?

The rankings for each page are calculated at the end of each day. The contest will close at the end of month on Feb 29th . So you can always climb to the top! You can checkout the leaderboard on

On 1st March 2012 the 3 fans that will be at the top of the rank will be awarded

What kind of rewards do I get for climbing the leaderboards on a Facebook page?


will be awarded with a designer kit of 12 large spools


will be awarded with a designer kit of 10 small spools


will be awarded with 4 large spools of our most popular colors

How do you gather information for the leaderboard rankings?

We use the Facebook Graph API to retrieve all activity on fan pages and calculate scores based on Booshaka algorithm. All activity on fan pages are in the public domain. We are following all of Facebook’s privacy guidelines.

How do I remove myself from the leaderboard rankings?

You can opt-out of our rankings here


  1. Oh yeah! I will be starting my CQ embroidery tomorrow with the wool thread. Will certainly have to show updates! 🙂

    If you love to look at awesome crazy quilting come visit my blog! There are some spectacular works of art being posted!

  2. My sewing room has been a “catch all” since painting my house, the holidays, etc. Now I have to get it cleaned out so I can try my 50 wt. aurifil thread that has been calling to me since I got it! Wish me luck!

  3. I just want to let everyone know I love quilt with my 50 wt aurifil thread.What a joy to have good thread to use.

  4. I learned alot from reading this blog especially when & what weight to use like 50wt. for piecing..

  5. Since going to the International Quilt Market held in Salt Lake City, UT, I have been getting my stash of Aurifil from my local quilt shops. I used some to mend with and found it was just as good for mending men’s pants as it is for quilting! He can’t even see the thread, it blended in so well! Thanks Aurifil for the great product!

  6. Have 5 precious spools of Aurifil 50 and have just started using them on an needle turn Applique wallhanging. They are a dream….. wish I could have more colours.

  7. Aurifil comes in so many different weights. What weight is the aurifil thread that you use to hand embroider?

    1. 12wt is used as a replacement for stranded & pearl embroidery threads for the stitchery blocks, but also 28wt & 40wt are used for hand embroidery with great results …depending how much you wish to show your stitches , 50wt instead is too thin

  8. I sewed down a facing on a wall quilt with Aurifil 50 wt today. I love Aurifil for hand stitching the 50 weight is nearly invisible and doesn’t tangle or knot like some threads do.

  9. yesterday my sewing machine loved the 50wt thread used on a quilt taught by Pat Sloan, today my hands will use the 28 wt wool on a hand embrodiery project, the go to my sewing machine again for more work on my 50 wt,,,just love Aurifil thread, gonna get me some more,,,,,thanks Aurifil, you have made my life so much easier……

  10. I am having so much fun on this contest. I have learned so much about Aurifil threads and their uses. The wonder quilters here have given me a wealth of inspiration to get back to piecing and quilting and to also get some Aurifil threads as soon as I can to improve my quality of work. Thanks to Aurifil and everyone here!

  11. Alex,
    I understand once we reached 500 we will receive some Aurifil thread. Do you need an address? I want to make sure this is true before I opt out! I am out to win Aurifil thread!!

  12. Thank you for giving us this challenge. If nothing else, I have enjoyed the conversation with my fellow quilters!

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