Vintage style Teddy Bears by Nives Marchi …and Aurifil plays its role

HI, my name is NIVES but my nickname is NI by “bear’s house” My web-site is: . I’m an “Advertising DESIGNER” who studied at an Art Institute, specializing in design, art design and graphic.

I have been teaching graphic and photocomposition for a long time, but my real love has always been for Teddy Bears.

Picture: a “short pile” piece of mohair, a “suedine” for paw, pads and pattern.

Back in 1998 I designed and made my first Teddy, he wasn’t perfect but looking in his eyes strengthened my passion for bears.

My handworks have been published in a couple of German magazines “Teddy & CO” and “Teddys Kreativ”

Germany is a very important country in Europe for Teddy Bears where the artistry lives on.

All my bears are unique pieces in the world (OOAK= One Of A Kind); all of them are articulated with collector’s “cotterpins” and “splints”, stuffed and burdened with natural granulex and have hand-made eyes.

In 2011 I won the important contest: “Protagonist of creativity 2012” and my interview can be found at

Picture: My Teddy Bear “CHERI'” made as a tribute to “Patch ADAMS” and his Smile Therapy.

My Teddy Bears have a “vintage style”, so I dye and make all materials look older, which I love to do.

A lot of my handworks have been published on “La Bacchetta Magica”


I use different types of materials to create my bears. I love mohair, alpaca, viscose, expensive fabrics such as vintage velvet or precious silk, but I also love to use basic and simple materials like vintage cotton or synthetic plush.


– Picture: a mohair and alpaca fur… ,  a “suedine” in felt or leather and hand-made eyes in glass


– Picture: “cotter pins” and “splints”, “fiberfill” and my precious yarns “AURIFIL”.

Creating a Teddy Bear is a real emotion and I get inspired by the look and feel of the material I use … everything works as an inspirations for my bears.

Creating Teddy Bears is really hard work, but it’s such an emotion and a pleasure when you see the final result.

The magazine “Casa Romantica” has published an article appreciating my Teddy Bears.


Enclosed is a pattern I made for a Teddy Bear for you, looks like a bear-like doll, funny! download the pattern here

This project have been published in 2011 by the magazine “COSE BELLE” , in their CHRISTMAS “Special Edition”.

Pictures and images by NI “bear’s house”

“… if you do what you like to do in life, in the end you’ ll feel like you’ve never worked a day” HAVE A NICE DAY! ….with love!

NI by “bear’s house”


  1. Hi Ni….you know how much I love your posts….they are all so beautiful, as are your bears….Your site is beauty for the eyes and soul! thank you!!!!

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