June Designer of the Month, Pam Kitty Morning

Hi I’m Pat Sloan the Aurifil Designer of the Month coordinator. I am so happy to be able to introduce you to Pam Vieira-McGinnis.. better known as Pam Kitty Morning!

If you read blogs, then you must be following Pam.. all the cool kids do.. including Martha Stewart.. yes.. really!  Pam is a rock star at http://pamkittymorning.blogspot.com/

One year Pam had the brilliant idea to have a link party for Quilt Market Reports.. this has been so successful she has done it several times! PLUS the year she and Elizabeth drove they did videos, twitter and blogs posts.. it was a riot!  Aurifil is excited to have Pam join our Aurifil team.

Remember to post your photo at our Flickr folder of a project given by one of the Aurifil Designers of the month (see tab on right for all the profiles). One quilter EACH MONTH will win a prize of Aurifil thread! Just post a photo of your completed block. Everyone in the Flickr folder is in the running! We have a new folder for the 2012 projects

Flickr folder –www.flickr.com/groups/2012_aurifil_featured_designerofthemonth/

Let’s get to know Pam!

When did you first start to do embroidery or stitching? Where did you learn (class, family, online)

I first learned to embroider for my Girl Scout sewing badge. I embroidered a half apron with a Dutch Girl on it. It was a stamped design I’m pretty sure we selected from the dime store.

Favorite go to stitch?

That has got to be the lazy daisy! I have to really watch myself or my flower petals run amok! I used circles in my pattern just for this reason, to keep me in check.

Did you work at another career prior to this … what was it?

 I have a BS in Business.  I worked at a data base analyst and a systems engineer.  My favorite job was maintaining the corporate data dictionary using dictionary software. The thing I miss the most is problem solving. I go nuts for it. But it’s been a long time since those corporate days.

What does your studio look like? (describe it, share some photos)

I hesitate to call it any more than ‘the sewing room’.  My room is a 9 x 10 bedroom that is crammed to the gills with stuff! When I go searching for stuff it’s like a bit of an archaeological dig! I envy people with the ability to keep a nice space, or who have a lot of space. I’m just a mess!

What is your favorite storage tip or place? 

Is it wrong to suggest that storing projects in shopping bags is an actual storage tip?

How do you fill your soul? What I mean by this is – what makes you SO HAPPY that you know that if you do this you are experiencing a little ‘Heaven on Earth’ .

I love making things and making something for someone who loves it is the best. Finding that perfect little thing to make that will make someone else happy.  My advice though is to just give your gift and not think about what may happen to it. For me the pleasure is in the making. What the recipient does with it is up to them.

 What are your Aurifil ‘go to’ thread colors?

I love red 2250 what I call Pam Kitty Pink 2423 !!!

What is your favorite stitching tool?

Crime fighting tv, CSI, Law and Order Criminal Intent and my original crime fighting hero Perry Mason!

If you could train with, or work with, or follow one person for a day.. who would it be and why?

The first person I thought of was Susan Branch. She is always joyful, and lives a full and beautiful life. I love her artwork and her gracious way of living.  Of course no one’s life is perfect, but she really seems to enjoy each and every day filling it up with people and activities and happiness, finding pleasure in each activity no matter how small.

anything else you’d like to share… new fabrics perhaps?

Pam Kitty Love, my latest collection with LakeHouse debuted at spring market! I’m so excited about it!

And a few on the light side…

  • Favorite Expression – Just do it!
  • Favorite Rendezvous – My not-so-secret Starbucks at Ruby Hill is the perfect place to meet friends and Celebrities like my friend (and celebrity) Pat Sloan!
  • The Book you are currently reading –  Devil’s Food Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke, it takes place in Minnesota and I just got back from a post Quilt Market week there. I love Minnesota and so many favorite people live there.
  • Dream Vacation spot – A Cotswold Village
  • The Color you have always LOVED –  RED!

What is the ‘story’ behind your block.

I love beautiful old embroidered linens.  My little bowl of old fashioned flowers reminds me of the pretty vintage linens you see in magazine photos.  I love the look
of them layered on towel bars, draped over baskets and bowls, part of some beautiful vignette.


12 Wt Aurifil Threads Used in Pam’s block2024 white

  • 1147 green
  • 5016 green
  • 5002 dark peach
  • 2135 golden yellow
  • 2250 red
  • 5005 med turquoise
  • 2805 sky blue
  • 2975 dark gold
  • 2920 antique gold
  • 2225 coral or light peach

CLICK HERE to download Pam’s June Aurifil block pattern


Visit Pam at http://pamkittymorning.blogspot.com/ 

and her FLICKR page is HERE

she tweets here https://twitter.com/#!/pamkittymorning


Looking for Aurifil 12 wt?  There is store list HERE and Roseann is selling kits for all the designer months. Email or call  her from her website HERE

We would also love for you to ask your Local Quilt shop to carry Aurifil thread!

Bari J. is one of our Designers this year, and she has a website called “We Love French Knots” with loads of stitchery inspiration! If you need to freshen up your stitching skills, she has a series of videos http://www.welovefrenchknots.com/stitch-videos.html

EACH MONTH we will pick one random winner that has made a stitchery block.. that person will receive a special Aurifil thread prize! Winners are all contacted via Flickr email and posted at our flickr page in the winner topics.

You can make ANY of the 2012 blocks to be in the running (and we hope you make them all!). Share your photos at our Flickr Folder… we can’t WAIT to see what you do!

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  1. First of all I love the little vintage PKM photograph! Love the photos and the sweet basket of flowers. Pam Kitty Morning Love is going to be fun to work with! Love the addition of black. Lakehouse fabrics and Aurifil thread? What could be better!! Maybe sewing together 🙂

  2. Nice blog! I would love spending the day with Susan Branch too, and the rest of you!

  3. si molto belli, mi chiamo rosa da Lt Italia, da poco ho iniziato il mio primo corso di patwork è molto bello e creativo, voglio continuare a proseguire quest’arte, tutto ciò che è artigianato lo trovo affascinante, da poco ho creato un blog ancora è in preparazione si chiama: blog di rosa : hobby e creatività. spero che possiamo continuare i contatti e avere scambi riguardo i nostri lavori

  4. Page 2 and 3 keep coming up blank. Is there any information on thread colors and stitches?

    1. Kerry I’m writing you an email. All the info is in the PDF for me when I open it.

  5. I’m trying to access as well and pages 2 and 3 are blank. I get the first and last page fine, tho the last page is only a small drawing and is not to scale, I don’t think. Please email me the full 4 pages if possible. Thanks…and I enjoy your radio program as well!

  6. I’m getting caught up on some of the blocks I’ve missed stitching. This pattern will not load correctly. Pages 2 and 3 are blank and the 4th page pattern is not to scale. Could you please email me all four pages? I’ve really enjoyed this series! Thanks!
    Beth C.

  7. I have the same problem with the pdf file. All the pages are black with white writing but on page 4 there is no design to print – it’s just a black page. If you could e-mail it to me, I’d appreciate it!

  8. I just love this site, but I only have email and texting. You need to get on email so I can hear from you
    Thank you

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