August Designer of the month, Bari J.

Hi I’m Pat Sloan the Aurifil Designer of the Month coordinator. August is in hot hot Arizona with featured Designer Bari J.  Bari is a fabric designer, pattern designer and the owner of “We Love French Knots” where you can learn all kids of stitchery tips!

You can hear my interview with Bari on Monday 17th of October 2011 HERE just scroll down the page

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Let’s get to know Bari!

When did you first start to do embroidery or stitching?

I started doing cross stitch and embroidery when I was on bed rest for my pregnancy with my second daughter… 15 years ago. I’ve done it on and off since then. I learned from books and from doing.

Favorite go to stitch?

Stem stitch

Did you work at another career prior to this … what was it?

I was in advertising… graphic design and copy writing. Mostly writing.

What does your studio look like? 

I have a nice big room in our new house. I love it.

There’s lots of shelving, peg boards and lots of table space… although I’d like some more table space as I now have three machines out.

What is your favorite storage tip or place?

I love my peg rack for hanging anything and everything.

How do you fill your soul? What I mean by this is – what makes you SO HAPPY that you know that if you do this you are experiencing a little ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Probably what makes me most happy is seeing my girls be truly happy. Their successes and their happiness makes me grin ear to ear.

Also, having just moved to be near family last year, I have a real appreciation for being near my nephews and watching them grow. I always say that the baby is the best mood enhancer ever. For personal fulfillment, well, there’s not much better than sewing up something awesome.

How do your ideas develop? Do you sketch, doodle, put ideas on a mood board?

All of the above. I’m inspired by places I’ve traveled and where I’d like to travel. And I love historical movies… those are the best idea starters ever.

What are your Aurifil ‘go to’ thread colors?

I’m all over 4651. It’s a variegated with gorgeous lavenders, yellows and pinks.

What is your favorite stitching tool?

I love those thimble pads that stick to your fingers.

If you could train with, or work with, or follow one person for a day.. who would it be and why?

For embroidery I’d definitely love to train with Judith Baker Montano. She is the queen of crazy quilting and embroidery stitches.

Do you travel to teach?

I have and I will, but I haven’t really put it out there that I do… so shhhh. Just kidding. No schedule at this time.

What’s coming up?

I have a new line of fabric coming out in November… you can see it on the Art Gallery Fabrics website… Splendor 1920. It features a cross stitch pattern that encompasses the width of the fabric. I’m crazy over it.

And a few on the light side..

  • Favorite Expression : Never take no for an answer from someone who doesn’t have the authority to tell you yes.

  • Dream Vacation spot … French countryside

  • The Color you have always LOVED….. orange … mixed with pink.

‘Why did you select the image you did for your block’..

.The block is based on the lily image from my LillyBelle line of fabric.


12 Wt Aurifil Threads Used in Bari’s blocks

1125  teal – outer frame:  back stitch
2024  white – dotted frame:  French knots
2605 grey – inner frame: back stitch
2240 orange – stem: stem stitch
2240 orange – left leaf (top):  stem stitch
2605 grey – left leaf (center) stem stitch
2140 yellow – left leaf (bottom): stem stitch
2240 orange – top right leaf (outer):  stem stitch
2605 grey – top right leaf (center): stem stitch
2140 yellow – bottom right leaf (top):  stem stitch
2605 grey,bottom right leaf (center):  stem stitch
2240 orange bottom right leaf (bottom): , stem stitch
2810 turquoise,flower (outer):  stem stitch
2140 yellow,flower (inner): stem stitch

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