Home Sweet Quilt Blook Tour

Welcome to the first stop on the Blook Tour Blog Hop!

We are so thrilled to be joining Jill Finley for this exciting event!  Jill is a busy mom, grandmother, Aurifil Thread Designer and friend!   Jill has a fun and fantastic new book called Home Sweet Quilt published by Martingale.  She has somehow also made time to design a fabric collection for Henry Glass!  If you are going to International Quilt Market don’t miss the opportunity to go by and say Hello to Jill!

The projects in this book are very beautiful with an amazing attention to detail for each and every part of the design.  There are projects for every level of sewer.  We are thrilled to say, all the projects shown in the book are made with Aurifil thread!

The book is filled with so many fabulous projects it was hard to choose only a few selections to highlight. Look at the beautiful colors and designs for everyone to really enjoy creating.

The fun Highways and Byways Pillows

The beautiful felted wool Patio Tiles Table Runner

Finally, who could resist the Shadow Blossom quilt for any bed

To follow along with the Blook Tour and increase your chances of winning one of these marvelous e-books here is the list of the blogs participating in this fun event:

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Oct. 14:                Linda Lum DiBono 
Oct 15:                 Madame Samm
Oct 16:                 PamKittyMorning
Oct 17:                 Amy Ellis 
Oct 18:                 Stitch This (Martingale) 
Oct 19:                 Chitter Chatter Designs
                             Gigi’s Thimble 
Oct 20:                 Jacquelynne Steves
Oct 21:                 Henry Glass Fabrics
Along with a copy of this e-book, we will be adding to this giveaway an Aurifil  Jill Finley Collection Everyday Colors!  These fine and strong 50wt threads are a perfect addition to any sewing room!
One winner of this giveaway will receive, one copy of  Jill’s wonderful new e-book Home Sweet Quilt and one collection case of Aurifil 50wt Everyday Colors by Jillily Studios.  The winner will be selected randomly. The giveaway will end October 19,2012 12am est. The winner will be announced October 22,2012.
To enter this giveaway please leave a comment ( only one comment per person please) answering this question :  Do you sew more for yourself or for other people in your life?


    1. I sew for others,I have maybe half a dozen items I have sewn in 30 years,sure hope all those warm and snugly quilts and household items are all in good hands.

  1. I love making handmade gifts, quilts for babies, 21st’s, weddings & significant birthdays….and am currently making myself a special quilt!!!

  2. Hello Alex, and are you kidding me…Jill with her very own threads…include me yes…not only do I support Aurifil. ( you were amazing for our Wantobe Quilters Campaign) YOU turned me into an Aurifil cheerleader. I love the whole lot, and welllll Jill tell me how can you not love everything she does…IN MY BOOK, this JILL and Aurifil go together like the cream in my coffee…Congrats to both of you…I KNOW you will both be part of my quilting world for a very long time….

  3. I love sewing for others; however, this past year i have mostly sewn for myself.

    Congratulations to Jill on her book and her very own Jill Finley Collection Everyday Colors

  4. Oh I definately sew more for others. Mind you the process of sewing is for me. I am a grumpy pants if I don’t sew, but the product of my lavours is for others.
    Thanks for sharing a copy of Jill’s book and the wonderful threads.

  5. Hi Alex! Please count me in on the giveaway! I am using some of your threads now in a very special crazy quilt and could always use more! The threads are so luscious to work with!

    I usually wind up sewing and quilting more for others than myself but that is the only way I am happy. I have never made myself a quilt, ever! Maybe I need to do that, huh?

    Thank you for the fantastic give-away!

  6. I love the Patio Tiles Table Runner. I sew mostly for myself and my family. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Oh, that’s a tough question! I would have to say its more for others but close to 50/50. Looks like an awesome book and beautiful threads!

  8. I like to think that I sew for others but in reality I do sew a lot for myself. I haven’t made a quilt for myself yet, those are mostly for brides and babies! Thank you for the opportunity! The book and thread look wonderful.

  9. Right now, about half-and-half. That little granddaughter just needs soooo much. Yeah, right! I’m doijng it as much for me. It gives me such pleasure.

  10. I’m pretty well split down the middle between myself and others. You can only have so many quilts or hangings, so they’ve got to be given away. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. I sew because I love to sew, and shared that love with my 11 yr. old granddaughter, who has now been sewing since she was 7, and now is doing free motion quilting. Guess who would get the threads if I am so lucky to win this. Quilting, clothing construction, home decor, or fiber art is all under my sewing umbrella and I love it all. Most of it I hang on to, but have made clothes and toys for all the babies in my life as well.

  12. I sewed samples for a quilt for about 5 years. Now I sew for myself and also make a lot of items for gifts.

  13. I mostly sew for gifts. Most of the time I THINK I’m sewing for me, but when the project is finished I am so thrilled with it that I want to share. (when it doesn’t turn out, I scrap it, since at that point I don’t want it either, lol!)

  14. I am about at the half-way point – I sew half for our home and half to give away. I think that will skew more toward giving away in the future, though. Thanks for the peek at the book – it looks fantastic!

  15. The time I spend sewing is all for me. I just love to make quilts in every technique I can. The end products are pretty much all for other people. It makes me feel great to see others smile when I give them a quilted project that I’ve made.
    Love the new book and the pretty threads to go with it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  16. I mostly sew for others at the moment because I have a little online shop to fill ~ but I’m actually taking my first quilt class this morning! I’ve been following quilting blogs for a while now and I’m really excited to jump into that world myself 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance to win!! Fingers crossed …

  17. I would say I am split right down the middle butttttt at the moment I am sewing something for me! Congrats to Jill for her new book and thread line!

  18. Your book looks delicious! I sew definitely more for other people. However, most of my UFOs are for me; that’s why they never get finished!

  19. I make quilts – so yes I quilt for other people besides myself as the quilts go to others most of the time. Would love a chance to win.

  20. Love the preview of the new book and the giveaway is just icing on the cake. I mostly sew for others – sometimes for my self but mostly for others.

  21. Yes I mostly sew or others. I enjoy helping other quilters learn a new way of quilting. You know how I feel about Aurifil thread, just don’t understand why anyone would use anything else. I can’t wait to get a copy of this e-book. Thanks for this contest .

  22. I guess I sew more for myself right now– but I can see myself doing more sewing for my granddaughter as she gets older. I LOVE sewing for little girls– all those adorable little outfits are just so much fun! And, of course, you have to make matching outfits for their baby dolls! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway– I’m looking forward to the blog tour. I love visiting new blogs! The new book looks wonderful– I love those pillows!!!

  23. I mostly sew things for other people, but I enjoy the sewing/making/giving process so much, it really seems like the reward is mine. 🙂

  24. Congratulations to Jill on her new book and those threads are a must-have–love them! I sew for myself, my family, and anyone else who’s willing to take my projects. Great giveaway!

  25. Like the majority of quilters that have already commented, I happily sew more for others than I do for myself.:). As a matter of fact, I am off right now to go to a quilt gathering of teachers & school staff (I’m a 1st& 2nd grade reading teacher ) to make Christmas stockings for kids we teach @ our inner city school. Congrats on your new book & thread combo! Gotta run – I’m itchin’ to get stitchin’!
    Kimalie Portalupi

  26. I sew mostly for myself, because I see amazing quilts and want to try them! But, I usually give about half away to family members and friends!

  27. I sew much more for others than myself. Tho lately I’ve made myself a few little things. A pouch to hold my iPad, a little zip bag for my embroidery floss (pattern by Aneela Hooey) and a needle pouch (from Zakka Style). But now it’s time to get ready for Christmas!
    Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway!

  28. Well, the things that I sew are mostly given to friends and family but doing the sewing is for me — so enjoyable! Can’t wait to see this book and Jill’s collection of threads is gorgeous!

  29. I think I do both because I love making doll clothes for my grandnieces and have donated quilts for charity, but certainly enjoy sewing quilts and things for my home. Jill’s designs seem very distinctive and pretty. I lke them very much.

  30. I used to sew for my children but now it’s for myself and for others as gifts. I like to make wall, runners or lap size quilts.

  31. Hi! Thanks for participating in the blog hop and the great Giveaway prize!
    I sew, I think, a balance of quilts I like and quilts I give away for a good reason!
    Usually, the items I like, I also gift away!
    Take care, Leslie

  32. The majority of my sewing/quilting projects are for my six little grandchildren and for my friends. I do enjoy making small quilts for myself when I have time. This book looks wonderful, the quilts are so beautiful and the lovely threads. Thank you for the opportunity.

  33. I mostly sew for other people but I reap the benefits form the the creating process!
    sewing is my outlet for energy! I have made some quilts for myself, but most of mine have go away as a gift!

  34. I almost always sew for others. Right now I’m working on making a group of small quilts to accompany childrens’ quilt-related storybooks. This is a project I’ve started for my local guild. Fun!

  35. Right now, most of my sewing is for someone else…my kids, my friends, my sisters…but I do have dreams, haha, of the things I will make for myself…someday! Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome giveaway.

  36. I sew mainly for other people. I love to give a special quilt to someone who will love it. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  37. I sew mainly for the ones I love…..I also enjoy making quilts for local folks who are going through chemotherapy.

  38. Other people. I think that sewing is a talent that is awesome to be shared. When you share that talent it makes you feel good inside. I love to make things unique for people and see their reaction to whether or not they love it. It makes me feel good to be able to do something for them that they might not be able to do.

  39. I sew mostly for others as gifts. Quilts are wonderful gifts from the heart…for weddings, babies, birthdays, get wells, etc.

  40. I sew for myself, it relaxes me and gives me inner peace but the pieces I make I often give away. I think every baby needs a quilt. I just finished 3 baby quilts for nieces and my daughters best friend got married in September so now I’m trying to finish her wedding quilt and while I’m at it I’m making the same quilt for my daughter in the same fabrics plus I’m also working on a yellow, black, white and gray quilt for my teenage son (hopefully for Christmas). The act of doing the quilts keeps me sane in this crazy world but the projects are for others. I occasionally also take commissions but only for people I feel a kindred spirit for.

  41. The book looks absolutely yummy! And I do more sewing for others, but it in a way, it’s for me, ‘cuz it’s my relaxation……..

  42. I sew mostly for myself knowing when I die my quilts will be divided among my children, as my father’s wood carvings were between my brother and I.

  43. Mostly sew for others, but the joy is mine. I just desire the recipient to enjoy the gift as much as I did the creating.

  44. Thanks, Jill for this opportunity to get inspiration from you and a chance to win. i love quilting and do it for my knowledge but also to give to others and see their joy through a quilt.

  45. io cucio principalmente per gli altri, ultimamente ho cucito diversi oggetti per una iniziativa di beneficenza a favore della ricostruzione di una scuola distrutta dal terremoto a Mirandola (Emilia Romagna) che ha visto impegnate più di 400 creative……

  46. I sew because I enjoy it and depending on the project who will get it.I would say it’s probably half for others.

  47. I am not that confident in my skills at this point to give much away – I’ve made a few doll quilts and baby quilts that I’ve given as gifts. Thanks for the wonderful give away!

  48. I sew more for other people. All my inspiration comes from a need, gift, or desire to see someone else’s face light up. However, it’s really a two sided coin, because I enjoy working with color and having color surround me. Definitely a win, win situation!

  49. Congrats on the book and the thread line! The projects looks amazing! I makes quilts for friends and family and I throw in the odd table runner or placemats for myself. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. I sew more for others, have yet to make a quilt for my bed. Thanks for the chance to win this great book.

  51. Congratulations on your new book Jill, it is full of lots of sweet ‘eye candy’…and the Aurifil thread collection to match your fabric line looks yummy. I love the Aurifil threads and is my favorite choice of threads….12 wt for embroidery and the 50 wt for piecing. Without a doubt, I sew more for others and love doing it. Happily stitching…with Aurifil threads, Pauline

  52. I mostly start sewing for myself but end up giving most of it away, as someone will “LOVE” it, and that is what it is all about to me. I love Aurifil! It is my GO TO thread!

  53. I have 17 Grandchildren, does that tell you something? YES, I sew for lots of other people. I got told by my DD that the baby quilts are getting too small for her kids- What’s a QuiltinGrandma to do? I need this book and the threads. I love Aurifil ever since I won some from Sharon Pederson last year I’ve been using it. Free is the best way to get it. Thanks!!!

  54. I usually give away what I sew. But I hope to make a quilt for my bed in the not so distant future.

  55. Oh what wonderful projects. Thank you for this chance. I sew for others. It is a rare treat when I have time to make something for me. I enjoy giving to others.

  56. I’m a machine quilter so I mostly sew for others, but i have to sew on some of the beautiful fabric around for self and family too.

  57. I am just starting out, so the only thing I have completed so far was a quilt for my daughters wedding. A quilt for someone else. Now I am moving on to making things for myself.

  58. I say it is fifty fifty. Most times when I finish something for me, someone likes it and asks for it and I give it away in a heartbeat. It is such a nice feeling to give it away!

  59. Because I love to quilt I makes treasures for everybody to enjoy. One day I will have a quilt on my bed but in the meantime my grandchildren and friends and family give me joy to sew for.

  60. I sew and give most of my projects away. The book looks great and thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway!

  61. I usually do 50/50 sewing for myself vs others although with Christmas coming up I am doing much more sewing for others then myself right now! But come January it will all be for me! Can’t wait to get this book I adore the colours and am off to check out that pretty new fabric line!

  62. I sew mostly for myself, well mostly for the joy of sewing and seeing something beautiful come together! I give quite a few of my quilts away lately!

  63. What a fun book. I started sewing for myself but it did not take long to sew for other people!!! Right now I am making more quilts for charities then for family and friends. Thank you!

  64. Having a long-arm business since 2003 and teaching quilting at the local tech college means I have spent a lot of time quilting and sewing for others over the past few years. But I go on a couple of 4-day retreats with friends where I sew and sew and sew and sew to my heart’s content. Mostly for myself, but sometimes finishing projects for class.

  65. I sew for both others and myself. Quilting is therapy for me! The last three quilts I made were for others, however I am currently working on one for me. And I LOVE Aurifil. 🙂

  66. I used to sew a lot of clothing but now that I’m retired I like to do quilts etc.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. I just sew – often not even knowing what I’m going to do with my creations. Then I give them, donate them, decorate with them, whatever. It’s just the process of creating that I love. And I adore Aurifil threads!

  68. At the moment I’m sewing for all my brother’s and sister’s, my two son’s, mother and granddaughter. I was told in Feb this year I have cancer, so I would like to leave each of them a quilt just incase the worst happen’s. Not that I’m going to give up the fight. So I would love to win. Plus I have never tried your tread and this would be a great time to do so. Thank you. Linda



  71. So exciting, a new book!! And the aurifil, well I react to that like candy, lol….I sew mostly or others, but have promised myself I will make an actual bed quilt for myself in 2013 😉

  72. I enjoy sewing/quilting for others. Because I feel the need to feed my addiction everyday, I have far too many projects to fit in my small home! Fund raisers and family are the usual recipients.

  73. I love to sew gifts for my family. I’m the only quilter in my family and somebody has to do it! I also sew for myself because I like to be surrounded by quilty things.

  74. I probably sew about even-steven. I make gifts for my grandkids and now that I quilt I make a baby quilt for new grandbabies, But…I also like making things for myself like small quilts and table runners/toppers. Ohhh, that Aurifil Jill Finley Collection of threads would be heavenly to win; the book sounds fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. Such easy patterns done in bright colors. Keep up the good work of giving us quilters some inspiration for our own quilts.

  76. It sometimes feels like I only sew for others, my children, grand kids, etc., but I’m looking around my home and I realize that it’s filled with my creations. I must get more done than I thought. I love using Aurifil threads, Jill Finley introduced them to me a few years ago and if I run out I am very unhappy.

  77. In the past I’ve sewn more for others than myself. In fact, I’m working on a project now for my daughter. That said, I want to make more things for myself so that when people come over they actually believe I quilt.

  78. I sew for others – the only item I have sewn for myself is a t-shirt quilt, one of five that I a making from my late husbands shirts. I have never sewn one before and decided to make mine as a test quilt.

  79. My sewing is mostly for others. I rarely keep something for the home but after viewing your open house I may increase quilting to keep a few. Loved the pictures of your book so I placed an order yesterday.

  80. Mainly for others but I get so much enjoyment in the creation process, it is really for me! Thanks for chance to win.

  81. I sew more for others, and as a business, but I do need to make things for myself, or I feel like it becomes work. I do make most of my gifts, too. It’s been interesting finding the balance. Looks like a fun book! Thanks.

  82. Definitely sew more for other people than myself. I get great satisfaction from the actual sewing and as an extra bonus I get joy from giving my projects to friends and family. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  83. Thanks for the great post about the book! Looks like everyone is having a good time. Aren’t quilters generous! They are just the best. Happy touring, everyone, see you at the next blog–lindalumdebono.blogspot.com !

  84. I sew for a wide range of people – family, friends, charity, and myself. what a great giveaway. thanks.

  85. I sew for everyone else, the only quilt I have given claim to was the first one I made at my first class and it is a sampler quilt and more wall size. Congratulations Jill on your book of course I love everything you do.

  86. I sew mostly for other people, but I’m trying to only do projects that I really like, so it’s kind of like sewing for myself, but I just don’t keep it!

  87. I probably sew mostly for others since I work once a month with a group that makes community quilts for charity. My problem is that I sometimes fall in love with the charity quilt and want to keep it.

  88. Both
    I am a quilter and have 5 little grandnieces, so make quilts and gifts for them. I also make quilts for myself and others.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Jill’s book and your awesome designer thread collection too!

  89. io cucio per me , per fare regali alle persone care che capiscono il valore (non materiale) di un manufatto, alla fine poi cucio più per gli altri che per me e questo mi gratifica tantissimo

  90. While I do make some things for myself, I tend to make more things that are destined to be gifts for others. My mum has quite a number of hand crafted gifts from me, made with love.

  91. It’s hard to say, kind of both! I love to sew and quilt, so that part is for me, but most of what I do is usually for gifts for my grandbabies!

  92. I have been quilting for 30 years and have one quilt to call my own! Does that answer your question?? Even the small items I make are for others. I love to make small things and slip them into the mail to surprise someone! And everyone expects something handmade for gifts from me – not always quilts. For me, that’s the fun of sewing!!

  93. I think the quilt with the black and white is especially fresh and engaging. I am off to visit the rest of the blook participants. thanks for the chance to win these great prizes!!

  94. I would absolutely love to win this! I love Aurifil thread. I give away almost all of my quilts so my answer would be that I sew more for others than myself.

  95. I sew just for me. I did makes lap quilts for my whole family for Christmas. I usually just make laps quilts but I have made queen-sized quilts for the two beds upstairs. Just to see the expression on someone’s face is worth the effort. I did manage to make a black,white and gray cat quilt and entered this into our Sonora fair and that darn quilt took a lst place ribbon. I would be so honored to win an E-copy of Home Sweet Quilt for myself. This sounds like a wonderful book to have around for a long time to come. So many easy quilts that were inspired by Jill. Thank you for a chance to win this book and her collection of Everyday colors aurifil thread.

    Sandi T.

  96. Sort of a good combination of the two. I have three children and five grandchildren. I make a lot of wall hangings table toppers and the like for myself, but my daughter always comes in my sewing room saying “what have you made lately that I can steal” so out the door it goes and I have to make myself another one to keep. I have made quilts for my grandkids but now they want bigger ones so I will be busy. The book looks great! Thanks for the chance to get a copy.

  97. I sew mostly for other people. But the actually sewing of the project is for me and giving stuff away is the cherry on the top!

  98. i want to make myself a purse, but not confident to begin, i have a lot going on to keep me from sewing, but i keep quilting on the mountains peak. thank you for thisopportunity

  99. More often than not I sew for other people to celebrate special events and sometimes for a surprise!! This book looks amazing!

  100. I have made several of Jill’s quilts and just love her work. I give most of my quilts away to family and friends.

  101. I would say 50/50.I will gift alot of my work but there is also those projects and quilts that I cannot bear to give away.By the look of what I see in your blog there are alot of great projects to make. Thanks for a chance to win this book.

  102. I have mostly, until this summer, sewn quilts for others! Friends, family, even my classroom! But this summer there were just “sew” many fabrics calling my name that I actually made 4 in a row “just because”! Even my family was asking “who’s that for?” and I could answer…ME! Just because !!

  103. I sew mostly for myself but now that I have a granddaughter – and another baby on the way – I’m doing more and more for her. Such fun projects!!

  104. I love to make all sorts of qjuilting items. I always a 3 or 4 projects in the works. I tend to give alot of them away. plus it’s nice to have a quick gift handy. Thanks for this chance to win a great book!

  105. It’s a 50/50 split for me. Half is for me and the other half is for family and friends.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I mostly make things for others. I am hand quilting a throw for myself, during the times I watch TV. I have other projects that I am quilting on my machine. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this great book and some of your wonderful thread.

  107. What a special giveaway…how exciting:) I tend to share my sewing with my family because I know they like……. and want it. I do manage to keep my fair share however!

  108. I don’t lack for projects that Ii want to do for others or myself. Wish i had more time to work on them. Thanks for the opportunity.

  109. I sew mostly for other people, since I do a lot of alterations, but every once in a while I make time for projects for my own and my family. Curtains for a couple of bedrooms are next on the list. Thanks for the chance to win this prize!

  110. I mostly sew what pleases me, but often what pleases me is for someone else. Seems there is always a new baby or someone graduating….so I would say it’s most likely 1/2 and 1/2!

  111. I mainly sew and quilt for all my loved ones and friends. I love to give away what I make. I would love to win her e-book and threads. Thanks for the giveaway.

  112. Lately, it’s been things for the house…so, yes, for me. Lovely book and thread collection, Jill!

  113. I usually sew for other people. I enjoy making quilts for people that appreciate them and that they will use.

  114. I sew mostly for my grandchildren, but I have recently bought patterns for myself.I like to make quilts and donate them for fundraisers, and for times we have disasters around the world.

  115. I sew for myself, but have made some community service quilts for our local quilt guild. would love to win.

  116. It seems that the majority of my sewing time is for making gifts for others. Thanks for a chance to win . Jill makes such beautiful things.

  117. I have done some for family, but mostly for myself, barely have time to do any for myself let alone other people. Love the thread collection and the book would be awesome too! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  118. The book looks awesome! I am always making for others. I keep saying that I will make something for myself, but with a large family there is always something we are celebrating. This is my very first post ever. I hope to get more comfortable about posting comments. :)A

  119. Hmmm, that’s a tricky question!!! I sew and quilt for myself (because I love to sew) so that I can then share the results with my patients at work. I’m a nurse and I have about 26 quilts hanging in our office and 5 in another office. The patients love looking at the quilts, which I enjoy making!! I rearrange the quilts in both offices to keep the scenery more interesting!!

  120. I usually just sew…ownership is finalized when the project is done and a need arises. This is good because a finish is a rare event.

  121. I think I sew about equally for others and myself. I’m pretty picky who I give quilts to. At today’s fabric prices, as well as the time it takes to make a quilt only those who will really appreciate and enjoy my quilts receive one. Thanks so much for a chance on your lovely giveaway!

  122. I definitely sew for other people more than myself. I always have great plans to make something just for me, but those projects end up on the bottom of the pile. Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. I start out sewing for myself and then end up giving the quilt away to someone who said they love it.

  124. I mostly sew for others but there are some projects that I feel so connected to & love so much that I keep them for myself. Thanks for the chance to win.

  125. I sew about 50/50 too. The quilts I make for others are generally for special family members and some special friends. Love Aurifil thread. 🙂

  126. I sew more for others. I have a wonderful family including 3 grandchildren and another one on the way. I have taught/inspired many to quilt. We have an annual extended family fall sewing retreat which I organize.

  127. I hardly ever sew for myself. I sew for others. It’s my way of leaving little remembrances with my family and friends. Be especially blessed, Kathy

  128. I sew mostly for myself, however, just because I sew I seem to get a lot of mending requests from my husband and sons. I love to make quilts, but they don’t share my passion.

  129. This time of the year – it’s absolutely sewing for others – Christmas is coming sooner than later!! I’ve been using Aurifil thread for years – it’s the bestest!!

  130. Great question! I sew for myself and my immediate family only. Sometimes, I may sew a wedding gift for a close friend. Thank you for the chance. I so love this thread.

  131. I mostly sew for others. I have just donated a queen size red and white quilt to my church. They are selling raffle tickets to support our missionary work. Thank you kindly for the chance to win prizes.

  132. There are two ways of answering that question! One thought is that all the quilting I do is for me as the whole process feeds my soul. On the other hand, about half of my projects are given to other people. Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Blended Family with Six children, ten grandchildren and three great-grand children – I feel as if I probably do a lot of quilting for others – LoL – Judy C in NC

  134. I definitely sew more for others than for myself. But I am so going to make at least a wall hanging for me – soon. I would so love that book and threads it just isn’t true. Thanks for the chance.

  135. I tend to sew a lot for others….but I’ve been trying to add little accent pieces in my own home! Trying to find a good balance…. thanks for the opportunity to win this great book and some of my favorite Aurifil thread!

  136. I sew mainly for others as I feel it is an expression of caring to give of your time in making something someone else will get comfort from 😀

  137. My twin grand daughters benefit from Jillily’s colorful, airy quilt patterns, always pieced with Aurifil threads!

  138. I mostly sew for others, baby quilts, comfort quilts. If I make something for me it is usually a purse or IPad case or the like.

  139. I sew for other people and have SO many things started for myself that I can’t seem to get
    back to. But something or some other person needs a quilt or sewing done like yesterday.
    Maybe someday….

  140. I sew for both! One for me…one for others…one for me…one for others :o)! LOVE Aurofil threads!! And love this book! Thanks for the chance to win both!

  141. I find I sew for others more than myself …. but I do get a lot of projects started with no one in mind at least in the beginning. I have more on my to do list for others as well and a few UFO’s for me. Love having the chance to win the book as well as the wonderful threads. thanks again

  142. Most of the many quilts and quilted items I make find homes with family, friends and charity. Its a great feeling to be able to share my talent.

  143. Oh I totally sew more for other people. My little girls the most. I love to sew. It is my relaxing time. Thank you for the chance to win!

  144. My respond to the questions complicated. I sew for myself, but I give away most of my work. I sew for myself to relieve stress and for fun and recreation, but ultimately, I give things to others.

  145. I sew more for others! We have 12 grandchildren along with many other sweet family members and friends! I love sewing them all gifts! Thank you for the chance at a lovely book and some of your wonderful threads!

  146. I love to sew for others. I hardly ever keep anything I make. But it also brings a lot of joy to myself and others.

  147. It seems someone is always asking me to make them something. Very rarely do I make something for myself. I really enjoy giving.

  148. I seem to see a lot for other people lately, bridal shower gifts, new babies, first bed quilts and more. I usually try to squeeze some of my own sewing for holiday quilts and wall hangings and also for teaching samples. Regardless of who I am sewing for, I love spending time in the sewing room!

  149. Most of the things I’ve made have been for other people, which has made me very happy. But more recently I’ve been quilting little wall-hangings for our home. I’m finding it is a nice way to try out a technique, enjoy seeing a design come to life, and have a bit of my favorite fabric around.

  150. Mostly I sew for others — occasionally for myself. And if I’m not happy with how something I’ve made for someone else turns out, I usually keep it and make another to give.

  151. I usually sew more for others. I’ve not made but a very few things for myself. Mainly it’s for my kids and some of my co-workers! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  152. I mostly sew for others, our church has a quilt ministry that because of work/ time constraints I cannot participate. Therefore I work at home on these “prayer” quilts as they’ve been called and then bring them to the church to be distributed as needed. This is most rewarding to think that maybe I’ve helped ease someones pain a bit through a loving quilt.

  153. I sew for others mainly…but it’s therapy for me, so I guess I’m really sewing for me. Love everything I’ve seen from the book and the thread is beautiful.

  154. I sew more for others. I love making quilts for my family and also for charity causes. We have organized a group of friends that get together and work on raffle or “opportunity” quilts as well as lap quilts for the local dialysis patients. We have great fun and this provides a way to give back to our community.

  155. I sew mostly for myself and my family. I sew some gifts, it depends on the time I have to sew things, but I love it.

  156. I chose designs that I like and sew for my family and for me. To me, Jill’s designs are a breath of fresh air! She is a very talented gal!

  157. When it comes to quilting, I almost always sew for others. I have a couple projects underway for my husband and for me but right now I have to finish a birthday wallhanging for my sister-in-law for Wednesday! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love the pictures from the book and, of course, the Aurifil threads!

  158. I think I start out sewing more for myself……always have a quilt I want to make just for me…..but then end up giving them away to others.

  159. I mostly sew for others as I make many gifts. I start out making it for me but end up giving it to someone.

  160. I almost never sew for myself! Most of what I make whether it be garments, bags, or quilted items, is for others. I vaguely remember making my own maternity clothes 20 years ago, but I sure haven’t made much for myself since then!

  161. I think I sew more for myself, although I do a lot of sewing for my immediate family members also. Thanks!

  162. I definitely sew more for others then I do myself. But, I have sew much fun creating. I must admit, I haven’t tried Aurifil threads yet. But I have heard so many positive comments. Definitely on my shopping list. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  163. I do make many gifts every year – it is great to give homemade presents to people who realy apresiate getting them. Love Aurifil – have tried it a few times :-))
    Have a great and creative week.

  164. I sew mostly for other people…gifts and surprises and charity efforts. It makes my heart sing! Thanks for the chance to win yummy Aurifil thread!

  165. I sew home decorating and gifts now. I love colors and textures and patterns! I am so inspired and motivated by your blog.

  166. Jill’s book looks wonderful. And the collection of thread colors are absolutely yummy! I tend to sew equally for myself and others. In the past, more so for others. Recently, I’ve been doing a little more for myself, which makes it about even.

  167. I sew for those special people in my life. Especially the children and new babies. I really enjoy sewing for those that don’t sew. It makes it extra special in my book.

  168. What a nice giveaway! I would have said more for others in the past. Now, I actually think it’s balanced. I have tried to sew more for myself, because no one visiting would have known “a quilter lives here” when they walked in the door. I read a blog post about that once and realized no one would know. I thought I needed to rectify that!

  169. I sew mostly for others including my two granddaughters and one more granddaughter on the way! I hope to finish my Row of the Month Quilt from your Stitched Together book soon – that quilt’s for me!

  170. Most of my sewing is done for others. Now most of my sewing is making quilts and I tend to give the quilts away. Currenly on my bed, is a quilt that I made. I think that it will soon be finding a new home. It gives me pleasure to bless to others. Even when I’m making the quilt, I know who the recipient of the qult will be. I have a “new” 90 year old quilting friend who lives in a rural area and does not have access to a local quilt shop. For her 90th birthday, I blessed her with quilt shop fabric for a new quilt. She told me that I am spoiing her. I think she’s just fondling the fabric before she starts to cut. She is a very happy lady. I think I’m happier that I found somethng with which to bless and encourage her.

  171. Sewing comes naturally, a gift of time well spent learning from my mother. I sew and quilt as gifts for family and friends. I have met a lot of new people who want to be on my friends and family gift list! Wanda

  172. I love sewing! My mother tried to get me into sewing when I was in my teens, but it’s really become my own the last several years. Most of the time I sew for other people. My latest creations have been among my favorites: a memory quilt made for my niece from her receiving blankets and clothing and a couple of t-shirt quilts made for recent high school graduates.

  173. I sew to sew. Occasionally I have a recipient in mind but much more frequently I create because I’ve been inspired. The final product and its ultimate residence is secondary.

  174. I sew for others mostly. I start out making a project and it is not long into before I can already see if would be perfect for someone. As in the case of my daughter, I am sewing a lot of clothes for her.

  175. I usually end up sewing for family members other than myself. Great fun. Thanks for a great draw

  176. I love to make quilty gifts for family and close friends… the book look amazing and I know that Aurifil threads are top notch!! What a great giveaway!!

  177. I love to sew quilts. Some projects are small and take an afternoon to complete, and others much more longer. I love to give my friends and family things I have made. So I would say that I gift about the same as I make for myself. I think the projects in this book look very enticing.

  178. Costuro mais para presentes,mas vendo alguns também.Obrigada,quero conhecer este fio,que são tão falados e elogiados por todos.Esta revista com certeza
    será ou já é um sucesso tem peças lindas.

  179. Most of my sewing (quilting and embroidery) goes to others. For myself, I make a tote bag once in a while.

  180. I sew mostly for myself, and my (extended) family. Love the thread collection and Jill Finley’s designs.

  181. I sew mostly for others. Especially for my boys and hubby. And for gifts as well. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  182. Oh, I definitely sew more for other people. That allows me to do so many things, in so many styles, that I normally wouldn’t do!

  183. I would like to say I sew for myself, but I would have to admit that I collect patterns to “someday” sew for myself. Mostly I sew/quilt/machine embroider for others, family, friends, and a new quilt to welcome the little ones we know. We are expecting a long awaited granddaughter the day after Christmas, so you can imagine who sewing is going to be for in the very, very near future!!! 🙂

  184. I have mostly sewn for myself in making class samples and pattern samples. I have made some quilts for friends and family.

  185. Although I give my sewing to other people–almost all of it–technically I sew for ME. It gives me pleasure to plan the perfect project as a gift. I enjoy the designing process, the color selection, the assembly, and the finishing, all the while thinking about the recipient and what that person means to me. When I give a gift I have made myself, it is a peculiarly selfish gift.

  186. Most of the sewing I do is for other people…it makes me so happy when they love something I’ve made as much as I do!!

  187. I give all my quilts away. I am working off a list of people I want to give a quilt to, like my mom and all my aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters, my children and my grandchildren, Once I finish this list I can concentrate on quilting something just for me.

  188. I sew for myself but most importantly unexpected gifts for my family and friends. This book is so cute! Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Sewing!!!

  189. WHen I had small children I sewed for them all the time. They are now grown with children of their own. Now I sew mostly for myself

  190. I usually make things for the family and ones to donate…several have been auctioned off. I also work with the Girl Scouts in SE Texas as a volunteer coor. for a sewing/quilting program.

  191. I seem to sew more for others, I like the joy of giving. But I also make some things for myself to decorate around the house. Thanks for the great give away.

  192. I originally sewed more for others but more recently I’ve begun sewing for myself and trying to use my imagination to bring new ideas to more traditional ideas.

  193. I have made more for my nieces than anyone. The joy it brings them when I make them something is priceless and worth every stitch to me.

  194. I sew for myself and for family and friends…sometimes for charily. I just finished several super hero masks for my almost 4 year old grandson. The quilts in Home Sweet Quilt book are very pretty. Hope I win it!

  195. I sew for myself – for the sheer joy of creating. I’ve made quilts for my family and a few select friends. I make many quilts to use as samples for teaching and sometimes, just to try something different. And my sewing machine LOVES Aurifil threads!

  196. Most of my sewing has been for other people. It started with an apron in 7th grade HomeEc, and then on to a dress in 8th grade. In high school, I had people coming to me for help while making projects for themselves. I used to make clothes for my daughters when they were babies. Halloween costumes were fun to make. People asked me to make curtains and bedskirts. When my younger daughter was born, I finished my first quilt. I was hooked. Although most of my sewing has been making quilts since then, some of which have been donated, most have been given as gifts, I have also done alterations on bridal gowns and made bride’s maids dresses.

  197. Mostly I sew for others, it seems–Christmas and birthday gifts and such. Right now I am making a lap quilt/wall hanging for my granddaughter who is a freshman in college.

  198. I make quilts mostly for other people- I love giving others a big quilty hug. Thanks for the chance to win such lovely threads and Jills new book… Warmest regards, Anna

  199. I sew for myself and for others equally. Some projects are intended as gifts, but others I do because I like them personally, so I keep those. My tastes don’t always coincide with the tastes of my loved ones!

  200. Thanks for the give away. Well …. I have 3 quilts in my house and the rest of them I all gave away, so I think that will answer your question 🙂

  201. I probably keep as much as I give to others. However, my best stuff has been given away. Maybe someday I’ll get to keep some of the good stuff!

  202. Have 5-6 projects going now. Most are for others. But I also have started a knit top for the holidays.

  203. My sewing is both for the loved ones in my family and the friends I hold dear. On occasion, I make a table runner to spruce up the table at home. Love the colors Jill has chosen in her Aurifil collection.

  204. I definitely sew more for other people than I do for myself. I’m really trying to change this and at least sew equally for myself, or if not equally then to just make the things that I want for myself.

  205. I sew more for myself than I do for others because sewing is my “hobby”. I’m so busy doing other things for others that I don’t have time to sew for them. The time I spend sewing is relaxing time for me after all the other things I do.

  206. Hi . Of the 3 current projects I’m making 2 are for others. But that’s the joy of being able to sew – you can share your handmade gifts with loved ones. The job is made especially easy with wonderful Aurifil thread. Just wish I didn’t have to order it online. I’d really enjoy shopping in person. Thanks.

  207. I mostly sew for others, particularly my grandchildren. I do machine embroidery and quilting. My daughters often ask me to do home decorating projects like curtains and pillows. I have a list of ideas a mile long and hope to get to most of them someday!

  208. I mostly sew for others. Right now I’m making a quilt for my daughter, a baby quilt for a friends daughter, a wedding quilt for my niece. I love it when I give them their quilts and see their expressions. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  209. I just sew. I don’t usually have anyone in mind when I make something. But I do have a stash of finished things to draw from when I need a gift!

  210. I love to sew and mostly make quilts for battered women and children. But my Grandchildren love them too so I sew for both others and myself as my home is filled with quilts and curtains that I made.

  211. For me, it seems to be split about evenly, sewing for others, including shop samples for a local quilt shop, and for myself and my home. And I LOVE Auriful threads!!

  212. Oh!!! I sew more for others !!! Starts out to be mine ,,, all mine ,,, but it gets given away
    And makes me feel great to be able to do
    This !!!!

  213. I sew for others. I love suprising people with homemade gifts. Kinda funny though, my growing stash of fabric constists of 50% of my favorite colors. I see a quilt for myself in my future.

  214. I see mostly for others…I love making things to give as gifts and watching the expression of the person receiving them. It makes all the time and effort put into making it very rewarding! Congrats to Jill on her new e-book and I LOVE working with Aurifil thread!!

  215. I sew mostly for myself at this point in my life, I am a beginner quilter and am making quilts and table runners. awolk at rogers dot com

  216. I sew for myself more than other but somtimes I just sew because I want to and end up giving the item to someone else.

  217. I sew mostly for myself and immediate family these days. I taught quilting for 8 years, and at that point most of what I made was for others.

  218. I always sew what I Love and then give it away to friend or a family member who will appreciate what I have done.

  219. I refer to myself as a “love quilter” ….. when I start a project I already have someone special in mind!

    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize!


  220. I sew for other people but have been sewing for our home lately . I love your Thread . I have made some wall hangers and use your thread for the top stitching . I use the 40 & the 50 . Love them & would love to be a winner .

  221. I seldom if ever make anything for myself, I love making gifts for my family & friends- so I sew & quilt more for others!

  222. I sew for myself, guild projects and charity. I have just switched to Aurifil for piecing and love it! I need more colors… 🙂

  223. Both! I have the pleasure of designing and making the project and then the pleasure of giving it to someone. It is a win! win!

  224. I used to sew clothing for my children and myself, I did alterations for several years a very long time ago. Then I sewed for my grandchildren. However, in the last 10 years I’ve mostly just sewn things I love to make; quilts, table runners, dolls, and things like that. I gift most of these treasures 😉

  225. I sew for me because I love the process of quilting but I give away almost all that I make because I love sharing my love of althings quilted with family and friends!

  226. I sew mostly for others, I recently completed the first quilt that I will actually KEEP, the others have all been given away. But…I love everything about the process: picking out the pattern, buying the fabrics, making the quilts.

  227. I love your blog and beautiful quilt pictures on it.
    I actually sew and quilt more for others. I love the feeling of creating something special for someone and then watch them enjoy the gift(s) of love~

  228. I sew a lot for myself but do make samples for the quilt shop where I work. I also make a lot of quilts for our guild to give to others. I sew for my grandchildren as well. They grew up loving quilts. I use Aurifil thread exclusively for piecing and love to quilt with it too. Great quality thread.

  229. I sew for me, but thinking of others, the others that write the books, the others that design the fabric and the others that make the thread, and a happy me that sews it all together!!!!

  230. I sew primarily for others, particularly for the community quilts that our quilt guild gives away. I really do need to get back to garment sewing for myself, however, because I have a lot of fabric and few decent clothes. I just got so caught up in quilting that the garment fabrics are languishing in my guest room closet.

  231. most of my quilts have been given away to family and friends…one of my brother-in-laws just commented ,as we were making the spare room bed with my quilts, that he hoped i got his name in the christmas draw this year

  232. Whether the project I am working on is for me to keep or give away, I am always sewing for myself! The act of sewing gives me such balance and contentment that I get as much if not more, from the act, as whomever I am creating it for does… Whether it is for my home, or some one elses, Me to wear or a dress for a child. The process is for me, the result could be for anyone. Love the threads, and would really like to have the book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. Now that I’ve reached retirement age, I’m finally making some quilts for our own home. The majority are still gifts and charity donations, though.

  234. I sew mostly for others, although I have some quilts in my home. I do a lot of charity quilting for the three guilds I belong to.

  235. I sew for myself for the pleasure of
    creating but for others who are the
    recipients of my creations.

  236. About 75% of my quilting is done for others…..children, grandchildren, new babies, friends and for charity. But whatever I sew..I always use Aurifil threads! Thanks for giving me a chance to win a wonderful collection of colors and a fantastic book.

  237. I sew for both myself and for family – seems to be about equal through the years. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this give away!

  238. most of my sewing and quilting is done for my charity group, I have made quilts for the kids and grandkids, but I tend to forget to make quilts for me… one of these days…I will make a quilt for my bed

  239. I sew mostly for others, charity or some family things. I am getting back into making more clothes though so I will be making stuff for me. 🙂

  240. Mostly I have sewn for others, but am making quilts to use my self now. I love Aurifil thread! What a difference Aurifil 50wt. has made in my sewing! Seams lie flat, thread doesn’t break in the machine, and I don’t have to fill my bobbin as often.

    I’d love to win!

  241. I just started sewing, mostly it’ll be for myself… quilts, decoration, handbags and also clothes but also a quilted bed for my dog :o)

  242. My sewing has changed over the years as my children have grown up, left home, and have children of their own. Where I use to make almost all my clothes and my family’s clothes, now I don’t make any clothes for myself, but I do still sew for the family and make baby gifts. Now that the grandchildren are starting to graduate from high school, I am doing more and more quilting and loving it. I would love to win the give away because my sewing room is the most used room of our house:)

  243. Thank you for the chance to win the amazing book and threads I am in the midst of making gifts for Christmas and I can see myself using this book for more gifts for family and friends and myself.

  244. I love to create and I usually am creating for others. This year I decided to make a new quilt for each member of my family. It has been fun to see the colors they have chosen and how they are all turning out. This year started by making lap and small quilts for friends that where staying in the hospital (stroke, and brain issues). I couldn’t stand to see them not have something warm and made with love on them. Luckily they are both home now and they can enjoy their quilts to snuggle up in front of the T.V.
    Thanks for the chance to win! What a great book!!!!

  245. Everything I make is for others but I do have a quilt I am planning for me 🙂 Hopefully I will get to it soon!!

  246. I dont get to sew much anymore, but I would love to win this for my beautiful aunt who sews for the family. It would make us both so happy!

  247. Myself because I sew to learn new techniques and may not finish a project. And I’m ok with that. I do make a lot of baby quilts though. Those get done!

  248. Mostly I sew for others. The process of making quilts and such is so enjoyable and I love to
    share with family and friends. We have sold a few projects which helps when adding to the fabric stash. Thanks for your giveaway!

  249. I think I sew for other people more than for myself. But I love it ALL! Thanks for the chance to win.

  250. I hope I’m not too late…! I mostly sew for others, but I do have a quilt in the making that is just for me.

  251. I too sew mainly for others. Once in a blue moon for myself. Got to keep my sewing machine busy as I don’t want it to feel unloved.

  252. I sew mainly for others, but have been making a few more things for myself lately. I try to fit a little something in for me or I get burned out quickly.

  253. I love sewing and I would say I give away more than I keep. I’m always looking for a gift, or just want my loved ones to have a quilt….this type of thinking though DOES NOT HELP me create the art I long to create. Need to find time for both!

  254. Jill Finley is a very talented designer and great teacher. I’ve had the opportunity to take an applique class from her and know that she is an Aurifil fan. Would absolutely love Home Sweet Quilt and a selection of Jill’s Aurifil collection.

  255. This book looks so wonderful and the book tour only makes me want the book more. I only sew for my family and I needle turn the most. Thank you for the chance.

    1. I definately quilt more for others. Am I one of the few quilters without a quilt in my home. Every time I make one for me it gets sold or loved by a family member right out the door. Ah but what a blessing they are to others.

  256. I know it is too late to enter the giveaway but I wanted to say how much I love your thread and that I think this book looks fabulous. Most of what I make is for others.

    1. I forgot to mention that I mostly sew and quilt for others… family, friends, charity donations… I made myself a pincushion organizer…does that count?

  257. These are the most beautiful and pleasing quilts ever! I love the Peddle Pusher! I am new to quilting and I am just at the stage of gathering my materials and also tools of the trade! I am excited to start one soon!

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