Aurifil Designer Ornament Blog Hop!

The FABULOUS Sherri Falls came up with the idea of a ornament stitchery blog hop.. and the 2012 designers jumped on it!  Aurifil loved the idea and a hop was born! We are two weeks into it, so you need to visit the first 6 designers at the links below.

  • Download the free pattern
  • Leave EACH of the 12 designers a comment on their ornament day.
  • Someone that leaves a comment for each designer on their day, wins a box of Aurifil thread!  EXCITING!
  • We would love to see your ornaments, share your photos in the Flickr folder HERE

Visit Sherri, Gail and Amy ….

now go visit Pat, Anna, and Emily leave them a comment too!

November 20
November 27

Good luck Winning a BOX  of Aurifil Thread!


  1. I used to use floss for embroidery. When I started using 12 wt thread I was amazed at how much easier it is too stitch with. Thank you!

  2. I love everyone’s patterns and wanted to Thank each of you for sharing. I love the feel and colors of Aurifil Thread and wish I could have them all!

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