The Quilters Video Survey


      1. Hi Alex,
        Oooh, thank you. I always thought it was for US residents only, so I always ignore to join…. The form confused me, because I had to give a State name in the U.S….. Thank you for your quick and nice answer. You will get my form very soon ;-)…
        Happy Stitching,
        Margo Kool

  1. I got all the way to the end of the survey, only to discover I had to like each and every company sponsoring the survey/give-away on Facebook. I don’t do facebook. How disappointing.

  2. So want to do survey and when offered, enter contests but I don’t do any social media sites. Most unfortunate for the companies because that gets me to stop buying their products. Perhaps more people will do this until companies offer just plain old fashioned entry.

  3. She did a video as she toured the Aurifil plant.. CLICK TO see her video and CLICK HERE to her Youtube channel. Some videos are in English, like her interview of me, and some in Norwegian! She also has one of all her new designs in her booth at market.

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