Aurifil 30th Anniversary

aurifil 30 anniversary alex and elena Hi I’m designer and radio show host Pat Sloan here to tell you about Aurifil Thread’s awesome 30th Anniversary! First meet Elena Gregotti the CEO of Aurifil USA and Alex Veronelli the Marketing Manager. these are the two people that lead the company to bring you amazing Aurifil thread! The past few weeks in Houston we had so much fun celebrating their Anniversary. aurifil team 2 Elena, Alex, myself and Kim Neidzwiecki, the social media manager, all popped in and out of the Aurifil booth at the trade show. alex elly elena And everyone was delighted to finally meet Elly Destro the sales and marketing specialist who works with the quilt shops! pat sloan golfing The Aurifil team set up a mini golf game.. ‘put put’ for Aurifil thread!  It took me some practice.. but I got better! aurifil 2013 golf game houston And the games continued all during Festival in Houston with loads of special guests showing up. Here are just a few of the celebrities that played golf for our 30th Anniversary. Hanspeter Ueltschi the president of Bernina (click here for a cool article), Jerry Granata, Marti Mitchell, and Victoria Findlay Wolfe! Click over to the Aurifil Facebook page for tons of fun photos from the 2 weeks in Houston! aurifil 30 anniversary party 1 Every anniversary needs a party! Alex and Elena set up the party at the Four Season’s hotel… many wonderful friends of Aurifil Arrived for the celebration! We certainly love the Electric blue of Moda President Mark Dunn‘s jacket! aurifil 30 anniversary party 2 I was super delighted to introduce my good friends on this special party night! aurifil 30 anniversary party 3 There was amazing food, great wine, two magicians and a lady doing awesome caricatures!

I hope you enjoyed meeting the people who make Aurifil amazing!

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  1. I love Alex’s comment “I put money into your paypal account so that I can buy some Aurifil Threads! What great fun and dreams.

  2. Call me stupid, but I can’t seem to find the blank pix of Alex where we add our own words to. Or am I just looking too hard? Do we just leave our slogans and then you pair them with a pix?

  3. I want to make one but it won’t let you download the photos from Flickr (copyright) and there’s only one on this page…

    1. We are excited you won! One winner receive a Pat Sloan Aurifil kit and the second winner receives a Moda surprise box! You have been contacted on which prize is yours by email

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