How to add a photo to the Aurifil Threads Flickr group

With all of the changes to Flickr in the recent months there have been some questions on how to add photos from your Flickr account into your favorite Flickr groups.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make sure all of your wonderful Aurifil inspired photos are added to the group and make certain you will not miss out on any of the giveaway opportunities or fun in the Aurifil Threads Flickr Group!

To get started, open your  Flickr account and locate Communities on the bar.  Under the Communities heading use the drop down to find the Groups List. Select the Groups list.

The Groups List will take you to all the wonderful groups you currently belong.   Click on the group you wish to share your photo(s).  To share your Aurifil creations click on the photo Aurifil Thread group.

When the group page pops up look next to the group title and there is an +Add Photos button. Click on that button.

This page will appear and you are almost done!  Simply click on the photo(s) you wish to share. You can share six at a time. For this example, I selected ( the photo in pink) my 2013 December Aurifil Designer Block of the Month by the FAB Pat Sloan!  The photo you choose will appear in the “Your Selections” box to the right of the screen.

The final step is to hit the “Add To Group” button at the bottom of the “Your Selections” screen.

There it is in your favorite group!  January’s block is done and shared!

Hope this will help you to be able to share your wonderful creations without creating a headache! Looking forward to seeing all of your Aurifil blocks and please add any other projects that you have made with Aurifil.


  1. But… I make *every thing* with Aurifil! I use no other thread now, unless I want 100g silk. ALso, thanks for the guide–very clear and helpful—I use Flickr so infrequently! ♥

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