Katarina Roccella Indelible

One of the best things about International Quilt Market is the ability to meet the designers in their booths and put a personality to what is usually left to the images in brochures or a computer screen.

We took the time to meet up with all of the Aurifil Art Gallery Designers ( that were available) and asked them a few questions so you would be able to get to know them better too.


booth mockup

The first in this series is Katarina Roccella.  Katarina is a fantastic designer with Art Gallery Fabrics and has a very diverse background in the art world.  There is nothing this stunning lady cannot do!  She has a wonderful and charming husband with a fabulous sense of humor and three lovely children that keep her on her toes.


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O´Keeffe

imagesWhat or who inspired you to want to learn to sew or design?

Being “crafty”and creative is something that consorted me since the early childhood. I was raised in an artistic family: my father is a painter, my mother ceramic-pottery artist, sister is a production designer and growing in such an environment rich with artistic events and creating daily definitely determinate my life and creations. So, since my father was working even as a graphic designer when I was just a little girl (no computer was used in that period), I often had the opportunities to create some smaller parts for some designs when it was something in correspondence with or for children.
Well, sewing for children came much later, after getting my first daughter 13 years ago…..when I found myself in the role of the mother and therefore had very limited time to dedicate to art. So, being mainly in home with a need to create, I have discovered the world of fabric, were the options were almost unlimited and very challenging. I always loved fabrics and funky patterns, giving them the important roles in my graphic compositions and assemblages, but now I really wanted to learn to sew. I have repaired my mother’s vintage sewing machine, bought some pattern magazines and the first results were very encouraging, pushing me always more, giving me the goal to try more complicated techniques and garment pieces. I have always been more visual sewer, as the sewing explanations were sometimes like another unkown language for me, so with a lot of practice, after a few years, I have achieved good sewing skills.



If you could paint a room an #auricolor color, what would it be?

1148 2BH – this teal is and will be one of my favourite colors ever since…I think it’s one of those colors that you may never be tired of and I have been dreaming about painting the main wall of my dining room in this color for a long time now (one of the walls in my booth was covered with this color that correspond perfectly to the AGF’s conzumel blue – pure element color)

Do you participate in your local quilt guild or another sewing group?

No, unfortunately, in my country quilting is not that popular and common as in the US.  Once I started sewing more intensively (like 9 years ago), I joined a few on-line forums and sewing groups(mainly US people) that helped me a lot not only with sharing my craft passions, projects and ideas, but with learning and gaining more advanced sewing skills, techniques and making some wonderful relationships, that now, thanks to attending the Quilt Market became a real life relationships as well. People in this industry will never cease to amaze me with theirs wonderful spirit, energy and creations.


If you were not sewing/designing, what profession would you choose?

Well, as an artist, it would always have to deal with some form of art. Until now, through my education and experience, I was so blessed to deal with many forms of art: collages, drawings, illustrations, calligraphy, graphic design, prints-mainly linocuts, photography, sewing….. I am very passionate about my work, wether it’s painting, drawing or sewing.  Now I am so happy to be living my dream of being the textile designer, where I have the chance to apply a bit of every creative discipline I mentioned before.

Actually I am currently working toward my PhD in Applied Arts and Design and my goal is to implement printmaking, painting with the textile and quilt design, so I am dreaming about making a huge exhibition at the end of it, with many installations that would gather these three fields of art and design.


Katarina’s Aurifil collection Indelible is available in 40wt.  This weight is perfect for long arm quilting, hand stitching, makes a beautiful topstitch and quilting on any domestic home machine.  The 40wt is also a go to choice for garment sewing and bag making.  This thread is perfect on any machine including your serger.

14148694340_c82659bf23_z 14312180546_48cf2ca52d_z 14312180076_0f2e815d47_z


The Indelible fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics are a high quality cotton with so many of the colors and inspirations taken from nature, books and Katarina’s travels.


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.10.52 AM

These collections are so wonderful, Aurifil ,in cooperation with our friends at Art Gallery Fabrics, have put together a fabulous bundled giveaway that includes a Lagre spool collection for one lucky winner to win!

To make this giveaway even easier we will use Rafflecopter!  There is more than one way to enter for your chance to win this incredible bundle!

To enter for your chance to win this fabulous bundle please visit: 


  1. What a fun booth! i haven’t tried the 40 wt. thread yet–looks great for machine quilting!

  2. Your booth, fabrics and thread collection are gorgeous! I esp love that particular shade of teal. Thank you Aurifil for introducing us to Katarina!

  3. Very disappointed that I (& others…) can’t participate in theis Awesome Give-a-way…due to not choosing to do FB, Twitter etc etc etc stuff….. Just sad… 🙁

  4. If I am reading the #s of the colors in the collections on your web site I would pick 1240 it is a very light blue from the V and CO collection

  5. It is too bad that one must have a FB, Twitter, etc. Makes me very disappointed in Aurifil.

  6. All the colors are wonderful. I would paint a room the light aqua green. I’m looking for a color for our downstairs bathroom now I’ll have to consider this one.

  7. That pinkish purple in the giveaway collection looks very similar to the color I painted my craft room! 🙂 lovely giveaway!

  8. I want to paint my whole house in “Dove” or “Aluminium”, with “Natural White” trim! Oh, and “Very Dark Bark” hardwood floors, of course. 😉

  9. Love these fabrics. And I choose Pewter! I’m in the mood for something very different at my house

  10. I would love a room in that teal, though I fear it might be a bit much, so I might just have to settle for a feature wall instead!

  11. 1148 2bh is my fave go to colour as well and is what I used as a match to paint my bedroom

  12. I want to paint our master bathroom a tan. We bought this house one year ago, and I hate the color of that room. I can’t even describe the color it is, and their patch attempt did not match the color that is there. But other things are coming first — like a new roof:)

  13. Wow, great colors. I love the light aqua, it would be perfect if I had my own room.

  14. So many beautiful colors to choose from. I think I would choose teal. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. So many beautiful colors, but I think my walls would look great painted Caramel, # 2210. But every time I look at Aurifil colors I find a new favorite! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize! Sharon

  16. I’m pretty boring with my wall colors so I would probably use the offwhite that i use all the time for piecing. LOL But in my dreams, I would love to use the light green in Angela Yosten’s Flats box!! Fun color!

  17. Last room I painted was a sage green, and the next is a light Tuscan yellow/beige
    Currently painting a bookshelf Cabernet

  18. I’m with Katarina on this one 1148 2BH teal. I love her collection as it uses my favourite colours and motifs. It is a must buy for me when it comes out especially admit will have the delicious soft feel of AGF

  19. Absolutely beautiful fabric can’t wait for it and the patterns to be available. I luv the stag.i like aurifil 40wt, and would paint any room one of the greys. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  20. I love all the colors but if i were painting a room in my house I pick the Teal as well!!! It my fav color!

  21. The fabrics and threads are such beautiful colors! Most of my walls are off-white but one is cheddar color. Looks great.

  22. I just painted my daughter’s room something close to Jade (#4093). It is dark, but I love the color.

  23. Can’t wait to see more of this fabric collection….in person! Love the colors of thread that were picked to go with. All is gorgeous!

  24. I can’t access the color page or pdf of colors right now for some reason so can’t give an official name but I would choose that soft aqua in Jeni B’s collection. In fact my laundry room IS that color…now for a color for my bahthroom…

  25. I would love a room painted in Aurifil 2805 – Light Turquoise! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  26. I would paint the room 1148. I am new to quilting and thread in general and I would love to buy Aurifil threads!! Where is the best place to purchase online?! I am not a professional, just a domestic sewer who loves quality items! Please help! Thanks!!

  27. I would love to use the apple green that I love quilting with. Thanks for the great give-away and for bringing us this interview of such a talented lady.

  28. Maybe not a whole room, but I’d certainly paint a wall or two with 2460. That deep red would be great in the dining room

  29. I am newish quilter on a very tight budget and have never had the opportunity to use auriifil thread so it would be lovely to win some.

  30. I would use the pistachio green in y living room, and a cream color or orchid in my craft room..

  31. It would be green I think perhaps Light Leaf Green # 1147. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  32. Medium-bright tone yellow. I used to own a 3 store town home & it was hallway color when you walked in from garage downstairs, all the way up to the 3rd floor that ended at my sewing room.

  33. I would also love to paint a room or a wall in that gorgeous teal color, it’s been my favorite for ages! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful collection!

  34. I couldn’t choose right now. I just finished painting my new house and love all the HGTV sherwin williams colors. Thanks for the giveaway, though. I love your thread colors.

  35. Hi…my favourite colour at the moment is 2445, but this may change depending on what I am working on. Recently got Autumn colours by Sheena Norquay…so beautiful! Now had a look at Katarina’s collection…so tempting!

  36. I have white textured walls. I saw a beautiful dry brushed wall today with white base and light beige dry brush that was stunning. Cannot get to the names of Aurifil thread on their website – dropbox is not working. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  37. I’d probably paint a room in Oyster or Pale Pink, but I’d sew with all of the colors. I love the turquoises in Katarina’s collection.

  38. The fabric and thread are magnificent.,it would be wonderful to work with both.

  39. These colors are all so fabulous! I’d love to do a room in the greys with an accent wall in the teal (maybe with a stripe of the light turquoise!).

  40. Awesome giveaway! I have white because I can’t choose any colors….I like so many!

  41. I love the colors! They are just beautiful! I just finished a quilt with teal and purple! So fresh! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  42. I like #2310, it is a very calm color and would look great with white trim and cherry wood floors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. I love warm tones. So, I’d select Caramel, # 2210 to paint. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  44. I like the cream color in this collection.. I also like the watermelon color in Pat Sloans collection

  45. My go to color is 2610 – a light grey. I think a room with this color on the wall and a spring green or aqua accent or floor rug would make me very happy.

  46. If it wasn’t a little impractically girly, I’d love a wall in 2415 – it’s such a lovely color! As it is, my bedroom color now matches 2605 almost perfectly – which, incidentally, is the only non-white thread I’ve ever quilted with so far. I just love gray!

  47. Very pretty…I need inspiration <3 This would help out a lot 🙂 Happy Quilting

  48. I’d paint my sewing room with two colours, a pastel teal with a pastel faint peach. I do not have a colour chart for Aurifil, but I am sure that I would find those colours in it.

  49. I would paint using a variety of the grey tones and accent with the light and dark teal. I am in the process of choosing new colors for my bedroom and this has given me so many ideas!

  50. I love the blues and teals!! I have a bathroom in periwinkle… got a start. And my dining room is a dark red.

  51. The soft grey (my living room walls are already this colour) with some vertical stripes of the blues – decreasing sizes from dark to light – as an accent on the left side of the feature wall would be interesting and lively. Just like this fabric line!

  52. Oh what a great interview!! I am so proud of my birth country-mate and friend Katarina!!
    After being lucky enough to help and play with this beautiful, Indelible collection – I now MUST get me some of these amazing Aurifil colors!! Just gorgeous!! Oh and my 40wt collection is lacking – so see?: I have a valid excuse to buy more!! 😉
    I simply can’t wait to see Katarina’s next creations and fabric collection!! Go Nina, go!

  53. Love all the colors. It would have to be teal for a room though. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  54. oh it’s lovely to ‘meet’ Katarina and I’m excited for her fabric line. And those threads! What a lovely lovely palette! I haven’t used 40wt much but sure would like to!

    1. I got excited and forgot to leave my color….I have painted 2 walls in my entry/living room Dark Sandstone #1318. Love it!

  55. I love color but my wall colors are all neutral. I think I’d use a a pale gray, like Aurifil 50wt color number 2600. I don’t know the name of the color, but it is a beautiful pale gray that goes with everything!

  56. Already use the deeper teal on accent walls but would loved to have had the bright orange for the quilt I just finished!

  57. Aurifil thread is the only thread I use know that a friend gave me a spool. I love the booth with the fantastic quilts. I would paint my sewing room aurifil #5008 which is a soothing color.

  58. I think Aurifil Light Turquoise #MK50-2805 would make a great color to brighten up a room.

  59. I think I have a room painted a close color to 1135. Love my yellow sewing room. It’s so cheerful; there’s nothing to do but be happy in it.

  60. My sewing room needs painting, I’d love to use a colour from Favorite Things by Jeni Baker the light yellow is deliciouc

  61. Either Light Turquoise , medium mint or blue grey…its so hard to choose, they are all beautiful

  62. I’d love to paint a room Carmel or medium turquoise, lots of great colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I am getting ready to paint a bathroom and it will be a white with just a tint of blue. Tried to link through your main page to get an actual color name, but your links are not working on your main page for your color card, etc.

  64. indelible is a fantastic collection! and the indelible aurifil collection is a perfect match! would love to work up a fabulous project with them. thanx for the chance to do so.

  65. I’d HAVE to find a room to paint with the beautiful turquoise color. The collection is beautiful!!

  66. Ooooh yes!!! Love the light turquoise very best!!! Gorgeous!!! Would definite;y love it for my Sewin’ Room for sure, & our bedroom too! Looove the color!!

  67. I love all the Aurifil colors. I would pick the light turquoise color to paint my bedroom! It is such a dreamy color. How wonderful it would be to wake up to light turquoise! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win the beautiful threads and fabrics!!!

  68. Medium gray and very light brass. I think. I change my mind a lot! But I would like gray and a ‘different’ goldish color.

  69. The light turquoise on my bedroom walls would make me happy every day. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  70. I love lavender purple, so 2510 is what I would pant a room with! Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. Such beautiful colors, so hard to choose just one favorite. I love anything pink right now and that hot pink is awesome!

  72. I can’t seem to get to the color names on your Web site. I really love the lime green threads. I don’t think I could convince my family into letting me paint a room that color. But I really would love to. Maybe I should do it when everyone is gone.

  73. I used an Aurifil Robin’s Blue to paint my Bedroom 8 years ago. Now it needs repainting and I’m leaning toward a grey or Teal. I do like Turquoise but that might be too much. Where do you get so much energy? I might have had it 30 years ago but I am slowing down these days.

  74. For a bedroom and other rooms ot the house, I find Aurifil 2310 (light beige) lovely.

  75. Aurifil has a great selection of colors. I picked Emerald #2865 by V and Company for her Color me Happy Thread Collection to paint my room.

  76. 2902 looks intriguing! It reminds me of a spring forest. It would be too much foresty beauty for a whole room, but I definitely do one wall with it! Thanks for the great giveaway and the color fun!

  77. There is a light gray w/ a bluish tint, I think #2600. I need to paint the guest room bath. The guest room is a deep blue. Hope this works out.

  78. I’d love to paint in iceberg and wisteria. I think they’d provide a fabulously dramatic background for my textile arts…like when the sun comes out from behind thunderclouds and the greens of the world just !pop!

  79. I would love to paint many of the rooms in my house a bright teal! I have loved this color for ages and never tire of seeing it. I love your collection Katarina. I too am artistic in many ways including painting and collage. Your collection does a great job of carrying over alot of painterly, mixed media marks that I just love and would like to see more of in the fabric arena! Can’t wait to include this collection to my stash. Thank you for the chance to win!

  80. I would paint an accent wall in light jade. Jade is such a rich color. Jade jewelry is just outstanding. Thanks for the chance to win fabric bundle and thread.

  81. Actually we’re painting our basement and we have a build in dresser/cabinet that will look incredible in the light jade. We’re also looking at the light yellows for the walls. Thanks.

  82. Oh, the light turquoise would be my pick! It’s a “happy” color with a retro feel!

  83. All those beautiful, wonderful, delicious colors. I could set and look at them all day. Did I say awesome? Thank you so much for the chance to win them. Have a wonderful day.

  84. ^^^ Is Drooling over this collection!!!I would love to paint my bedroom the deep purple from Katarina’s indelible collection. Plus make a quilt and throws from her fabric collection also.

  85. Gray is my fave, so I would choose Dove! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway chance!

  86. 2437 would be great for my daughter’s room. She loves pink, and that pale pink would be perfect.

  87. I’m searching for the perfect robin egg’s blue for my kitchen. I’ll have to check out all the Aurifil blues. Right now it’s a very bright orange but I’m ready for a change.

  88. I’m a huge purple fan so I think if I had to choose a color it would be the medium lavendar. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve haven’t had a chance to try aurifil thread yet.

  89. I have to admit i like the same color teal 1148 2BH. it’s almost like a blender color that can be paired with or accented with so many other colors.Also teal is calming, not overwhelming and brightens a room. Teal with royal purple and dark green accents…..hmmmm

  90. Beautiful quilts. And the display looks amazing.
    I love the teal and pinks. I have a rather large room to do…thinking one wall teal and accent the rest with pinks. Sooo many choices.

  91. Would paint my room one of the beautiful rich blue colors…can’t pull up the color card rom your website so don’t have any color numbers

  92. I love that teal, too! But if I was feeling particularly brave, I’d paint an accent wall Jade #4093. It is rich and luxurious and serene, all at once!

  93. It would be so hard to decide what colour to paint as there are so many beautiful colours to choose from.

  94. Oh, happy dance being done! I don’t have any 40wt yet and this selection would be a great start! Thanks for the chance to win it…. 😄

  95. Beautiful fabric and colors. As tricky as it can be to find aurifil I always seek it out.

  96. Just when I was falling into a sewing rut I discover AGF! Love the modern prints.

  97. What gorgeous colors in this bundle… someone is going to be VERY happy to win this fab prize! I have a spool of #5006 – the prettiest soft aqua – that I am actually taking to my home improvement store to do a color match. I plan to use it in my sewing room.

  98. I would paint the bottom of the walls in the halls downstairs with the dark grey from the collection. The top with white.

  99. I love these colors!
    I would choose the aqua at the 10:00 position in the photo above–the middle tone. That room would make me happy. My sewing room right now is a pale icy blue, and the aqua above would warm it up quite a bit.

  100. Mint! We actually just painted a room a very similar color.. well just an accent wall I guess, but it’s in our living room, so we see it every day!

  101. 2110 “Lemon” is a thread I use when stitching Fig Tree Quilts fabric due to the cream fabric. Love the sewing that I’ve done with the 50 wt. Aurifil and would love to try the 40 wt. What bright colors in the Katarina Indelible collection!!

  102. Ahhh – #2452 Dusty Rose is one of my very favorite!! I do alot of hand stitching with it and LOVE to use it for quilting when it works with my background… thanks for the beautiful threads and what a lovely collection of thread and fabric — Congratulations Katarina!!

  103. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!!! I went to go get my thread card and forgot to write my reply , I will put it in late anyways, my bedroom right now is #2510 a light purple, but I would love to do my sewing space up in #2815, it is such a beautiful shade of blue, reminds me of how the sea looks in some places around Greece.

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