Bonnie Christine Sweet as Honey

Simple life and style are the trademarks of Bonnie from Going Home to Roost.  She has taken her love of simplicity and has presented it in her lovely fabric lines for Art Gallery Fabrics and her new Aurifil thread collection Sweet as Honey.




Bonnie was kind enough to answer a few questions so we can get to know more about where she found her inspiration and most importantly, her favorite #auricolor!



What or who inspired you to want to learn to sew or design?
I’m grateful that most all of the women in my family have sewn. My great grandmother made quilts, my grandmother worked in a fabric shop, my mom owns a creative sewing center. They have all inspired me deeply and they are the reason I love to design fabric today!


If you could paint a room an #Auricolor color, what would it be?
I think I would have to go with color #2805. It’s perfectly mint and the color I use to accent with in our home already. I love how fresh and pretty it is!



Do you participate in your local quilt guild or another sewing group?
I have spoken at a couple of local quilt guilds and love to visit our local quilt shops. We recently did a ‘southeast tour’ for my fabric line, Sweet as Honey, and had so much fun meeting and greeting with all of the local shops. The tour was full of projects and demos and new friends!



If you were not sewing/designing, what profession would you choose?
I love designing so much, it’s hard to imagine doing anything else! I think if I were to ever do anything else, it would have to be organic gardening for both flowers and vegetables. It’s my favorite hobby!


What do you dream of making someday?
I’d like to become a better seamstress and make most of the clothes for myself and my children.


Would you like to win your very own box of Bonnie Christine threads from Aurifil and an Art Gallery fat quarter bundle of Sweet as Honey?  Here’s your chance, by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Entries accepted until Tuesday, July 1 at midnight EST. Winner will be announced on this post on or about July 3.


There are many options to enter this giveaway through Rafflecopter!



  1. My favorite color shoe is black #2692 but the Aurifil color I use most often is #2110.

  2. My favourite color shoe is blue. A deep greenblue. Sorry I do not now about the Aurifil color name and on the main site its not available to find out.

  3. My favourite shoes are my slippers, I have no idea what aurifil colour they are, but they are dark grey.

  4. My favourite shoes are close in colour to 2715 blue Aurifil, thanks for the great giveaway!

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  6. My favourite shoes are my winter ugh boots which are a lovely shade of light emerald (although a touch grubby now!). I always wear them inside the house, they are so comfy, I wish it wasn’t such a faux pas to wear them out or I’d consider it!

  7. My favorite shoes are a medium brown. I couldn’t get to the color chart to find the number. It kept giving me 404 errors on everything but displays which didn’t have color names.

  8. Oh this is not fair – how can I pick a favourite pair of shoes? I’ll cheat and say 2692 (black) as I’ve lots of black shoes.

  9. My favorite shies are red, but I couldn’t figure out the Aurifil color number. Another reason to get my own thread chart!

  10. Black are my current go to Ecco sandals. Aurifil #2691. Love this collection. Thanks for the chance to win

  11. My favorite shoes would be pink or magenta. So any of the colors in the I can Fly Collection would be cool!

  12. I love the #2000. I don’t know the name but it is a beautiful color, perfect for summer.

  13. I seem to be in a shoe rut…right now all my shoes are Black (Aurifil 2692) or Beige (Aurifil 2310) or White (Aurifil 2021) I have more colorful Aurifil threads as I make very colorful quilts, but, my shoes are more subdued!

  14. My favorite shoes are a bright candy pink! Almost raspberry, but not quite that deep. I can’t get to your colors, so I don’t know what the number is 🙁

  15. My favorite color(s) always include purple or pink…It is hard to nail down just one color.

  16. My favorite color shoes are Black 2692, but for sewing 2600 Dove is perfect! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  17. i can’t find the color chart online… but my favorite shoes are black 🙂 so that makes it easy!

  18. I have short, wide feet, so my favorite color shoe is anything that fits. Right now they are grey, fluorescent yellow and coral. With the colors they have these days, I’m not sure there is any quilting color to match.

  19. 2865 Kona Willow. Of course, I would have to buy the dress to go with it.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Love Aurifil for quilting.

  20. What a gorgeous collection! Working with red #2250 in my machine now, love lime green #1231.

  21. I’ll have to say black. #2692, They are my comfy black crocs. I wear them all the time.

  22. My favorite shoes are a caramel color, but the inside and a tiny little bow near the toe are Salmon colored. I need to wear those shoes more often!

  23. My favorite shoes are white…. but have a touch of deep fuschia pink on the back 🙂

  24. #1148 is one of my favorites. I have a pair of high sandals that are this color and I love them.

  25. My favorite summer sandals are a delightful metallic 2615! Thanks for a chance to win such a gorgeous bundle of fabric and thread set.

  26. My favorite pair of Nike’s are light and dark purple, closest to 2525 dusty blue violet and 1200 blue violet. (I got the same error when I went to look at your color list, so I went to Hawthorne Fabrics – they have a great selection!)

  27. my “go to” shoes are black – don’t know an Aurifil number to coordinate – just getting started with machine quilting and using Aurifil thread, so don’t have a black spool yet.
    Thanks for highlighting Bonnie Christine – she’s inspirational.

  28. I love all the aurifil colors for sewing. My favorite pair of shoes is Black 2692. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for this wonderful thread!

  29. Its so hot here in NC that i am living and dying in my fav flip flops that are black #2692.
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  30. I don’t have 1 favorite color, i love them all! Same with shoes, I own them in every color of the rainbow.

  31. My favorite shoes are midnight blue 2745. They only go with one dress in my closet. Such a splurge. I always feel special when I wear them.

  32. My favorite shoes are the sandals I wore on my wedding day, they’re a lovely mid blue, close to Turquoise #2810 🙂

  33. My favorite shoes are actually sneakers I wear all the time. They are black 2692.

    NOTE: I actually had to go to a quilting store online to get the number due to the fact I kept getting a 404 error on your site for the colors.

  34. I’m practical, so my favorite shoes are Aurifil #4241 (used to be 2692 when they were new!). This thread would be perfect for the Sweet as Honey quilt I’m making!

  35. Mint! #2805. I don’t actually have any shoes this color but I dream about them!

  36. My shoes are all dull and boring. But if I could PICK a shade for shoes, it would be 2581- Dark Dusty Grape.

  37. My Rainbow sandals in beige are my trusty kicks. Wishing they made them in that coral color now!

  38. Blue suede is the only way surely! Although the colours in this gorgeous bundle could work 😉 thanks for chance to win

  39. My favorite shoes are 2265 Cardinal Red. I don’t get to wear them much!

  40. Yes please!! I’m so in love with this fabric line! My birthday is in July so that would be greatest gift ever!!! Lol

  41. I no longer have them, but my favorite pair of shoes ever was close to
    Dark Red Orange (#2255). I miss those shoes.

  42. 2735 is a lovely colour for shoes, but like all the colours of Aurifil, my shoes come in many colours too.

  43. My favorite shoes are black (boring, but so comfy!)- not sure what the number is because I was having trouble with the color chart links on the main page 🙁 Thanks for sharing!

  44. My favorite shoes are a leopard print so I guess I would need a brown, a black, a tan. But bare feet are best – with hot pink polish on the toes. Hard to tell what thread numbers would be involved.

  45. I live in the Phoenix AZ area where temps hover around 110°F, so… sandals are de rigueur here. My favorite pair are very close in color to Aurifil Light Lilac (#2510).

  46. Your 1104 Orange Neon is pretty close to the color of my favorite athletic shoes, which are officially called “persimmon” (and I think that’s a great name for a color).

  47. I love black and red for sandals and everyday shoes. And of course my grey and turquoise athletic walking shoes too!!

  48. My favorite pair of shoes are black… Seems to be popular!!! The Aurifil colour would be #2692!!

  49. 2564. My favorite pair of New Balance sneakers that I wear everywhere, is grey and has trim of 2564 lavender. I wear them everyday.

  50. My favorite is a pair of platinum colored sandals. The closest Aurifil color would be #2606. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. I would sew an adorable quilt for my great granddaughter and one for her favorite doll Abby Cadabby,

  52. I have a pair of Birkenstocks that have both Aurifil #2123 and #2450 in them <3 It so happens that these two colors are two of my favorite to quilt also! Thanks for the fantastic thread!

  53. 2372, so comfy and cute, with one wavy row of double stitching across and little zippers up the sides. <3

  54. My favorite shoes are button-covered slides in a rainbow of colors, so fabulous. Thanks for the chance.

  55. Although I don’t get to wear them much I just adore #2430; my pink suede. kitten heeled sabrinas !

  56. Fav probably has to be #2692 (Black) because that’s the color of almost all of my boots . 🙂

  57. My favorite shoes are Aurifil Red #2250, they are cordaroy wedge Toms and I love them! 😄

  58. Anything blue is my favorite. I’ve had a pair of navy shoes that are my all time favs. (can’t find an Aurifil chart that I can down load)

  59. My favorite shoes are mustard colored. I can’t seem to get the color chart to work.

  60. My !current! favorite shoes are red Auricolor 2250. But isn’t it hard to pick favorites? I am always happy with red shoes!

  61. I like my grey shoes with bows – like the grey variegated Aurifil I use for piecing.

  62. #2135 They are a canary yellow pair of sling backs with bows on the front…But I am trying to find a pair of red, like #2250, sandals. LOVE Aurifil thread!

  63. What #Auricolor is your favorite pair of shoes? I like neutral colors, so I would have to go with #2205.

  64. fabulous colours- the coral, the mint, the yellow- love them all! Sadly I don’t have enough shoes to match them to an Aurifil colour…yet!

  65. I wore bright red heels with my white wedding dress. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I think the closest is 2250!!

  66. Color chart not accessible, but my favorite shoes in cream color with big roses on it 🙂

  67. My favorite color for shoes is Auriful # 4012, copper brown. Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful threads and Art Gallery fat quarter bundle.

  68. My favorite pair of shoes are color #1200 Blue Violet! Thank you for doing this giveaway. 🙂

  69. I have a pair of beaded after five shoes that I so enjoy in color #2692. But I also love shoes in #2250 and especially the ones with the sole color of #2250.


  70. I guess my favorite shoes (I only gave 3 pair! 😳) would be my pale green flip flops. So auricolor #2882

  71. My newest shoes–and faves right now, probably because of the color would be closest to #5005.

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  73. My favorite color shoes are lime green and hot pink and that lovely mint and pink come very close in color to those two pairs of shoes.

  74. My favorite shoes are good old dirty white athletic shoes. Don’t know what color that would be.

  75. My favorite heels are mustard yellow and so comfortable! I still typically wear tennis shoes though…

  76. I was very disappointed to see this contest closed before midnight on July 1st.

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