Aurifil Black Friday Giveaway!

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No need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy this great giveaway opportunity!  Stay in your slippers, sip your coffee or tea, and enter for your chance to win an exclusive Aurifil five large spool collection that includes our most popular 50wt, the all purpose 40wt, a beautiful 28wt, and two lovely 12wt ( one in cotton and one in a wool/acrylic blend).



The best part is there will be TEN WINNERS chosen!

This giveaway will be close Sunday 30 November at 11 pm EST and the winners will be announced on or around 2 Dec. The winners will be chosen by random and announced on this post. This giveaway is open to all of our internationally friends.


There are many options to enter for your chance to WIN!  Please follow the Rafflecopter link to enter!


  1. I start looking for Christmas sewing projects around September. However, I probably won’t start sewing them till the end of November.

  2. I started in January this year and did a little each month. Now I’m organised and there will be no last minute rush to get done in time. I’ve even started in on a couple of larger projects that I had planned on doing for next year .

  3. Heard a lot abt aurifil, but never used, as its not available in india, jan is a good month to begin something as we get a month off from work.

  4. I usually start my projects in mid-late November, but really ramp up in mid-December. thanks so much for sharing

  5. Projects which are intended for gifts get started all year round, but holiday projects which are decor for my house generally happen in December.

  6. Love Aurifil thread! I am currently using 12 weight thread instead of floss to do an embroidery project (in multicolour instead of red work). I’m having sew much fun! Thanks for the chance to win. ^_^

  7. Aurafill is my favorite thread! I use nothing but the 44w on all my quilts and I would love a chance to try the others.

  8. I try to start in the summer but I really get going in October. I spent all day on Thanksgiving on a project and have it almost completed. 🙂

  9. Sometime in November i start seeing loads of great sewing ideas for Christmas. That inspires me to get at it, although I am usually still furiously finishing off at the last minute still.

  10. I do some right after the holidays, and then usually early November I realize I don’t have much time left to get thlings done, and start sewing like crazy.

  11. I start my holiday projects usually Mid-November. Probably later than I should but I’m typically doing Halloween and Thanksgiving projects right up to the wire, as well!


  12. I procrastinate so I am a late starter. I am just now looking for projects to make and I have a whole quilt to have quilted in less than 20 days. Time to work!

  13. I am not starting any Christmas projects this year. We just had my son’s wedding, and I am giving myself a pass this year.

  14. I try to work on things throughout the year but always get stuck with too much to do at the last minute!

  15. The earlier the better!! This year I spent November getting all my new / birthday club stuff for December done so I can see the whole month guilt free

  16. I start Christmas sewing when I am inspired by a project. Sometimes the gift does not make it to Christmas as I love gift giving and will give the intended a “happy!” before the holiday.

  17. I try to begin my holiday projects in January but of course, that doesn’t always work! I’m still working on some things for this year!

  18. This is my wish for Christmas…..some spools of Aurifil thread !! Have read so much and really need to find where to get it or just order on line………

  19. I start my Christmas project anytime from July to October depending on how crazy my life is. Thanks for a chance to Win!!

  20. I usually buy the fabric in July/August and start the projects in October (On my quilters’ getaway weekend)

  21. I try to start in October, but I tend to get distracted in November, but I start over in December and get some finished. Thanks for the chance to win some if your awesome thread.

  22. Sometimes before Thanksgiving, but usually after and the madly try to get the done in time for Christmas.

  23. I usually start my holiday projects today! (The day after Thanksgiving.) I just can’t get in the mood before then. I do start planning what I want to make in early November so I have an idea of what supplies I will need, though.

  24. The other thread companies could learn a LOT from Aurifil…. not only do you make the best quality thread, but you also SINCERELY care about the quilting/sewing community! You are always so quick to give back. On this Thanksgiving – we are all thankful for YOU! 🙂

  25. I start when the motivations hits me. I decide which project I have made during the year go to someone and then I hurry to make more all in the last month.

  26. I started my Christmas sewing 1 week before Thanksgiving with a tree skirt that I “owed” my daughter to match her stockings from 3 years ago, of course quilted and pieced with Aurifil Mako 50

  27. Usually by mid-summer I have made at least ONE Christmas gift. This year, I had quite a bit of crafty gifts made by mid-Oct.

  28. I really have no “starting” or “finishing” time line for holiday projects. I sew all year long, save them up, then add names and distribute them near Christmas. If I don’t have enough hand made items, I go shopping, trying to make sure different people receive my hand made items each year.

  29. I usually start a couple weeks before Christmas, get stressed out and end up not finishing anything! 😀

  30. If planning my projects counts as starting, I am always working on them! I haven’t started sewing for this year yet, but I hope to start this weekend!

  31. I plan to start in October, but usually don’t get started until after Thanksgiving. And I do a lot of it the week before Christmas.

  32. I have gotten off to a late start this year with (two jobs). I started the second week of November. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I always have Holiday projects on the go because there are things i want to finish but don’t and this time of year gets busy I do focus and start in Sept when the kids go back to school.

  34. I started my projects in July, and I still have a few too go. I have a beautiful dress I made for my friend that I just need to alter the straps and hem it! I love your thread!

  35. What do you mean start? I feel like I never stop. Sewing gifts, and if I can making stuff for my house never stops.

  36. I start my holiday projects early in the year. If I don’t, it just doesn’t happen! I don’t like the pressure of sewing under a deadline – enough of that at work!

  37. I started in July this year. It differs each year depending on what I am making and who I am making it for and how involved the projects are going to be time wise.

  38. would love to win some thread. I work on holiday projects all year long but get really serious about this time of year.

  39. I usually start my holiday sewing projects in July! There area so many great Christmas in July demos that they get me inspired to start….usually finish down to the wire in December ;o)

  40. I start holiday projects in September, and sometimes I don’t think that’s early enough! Depends on when seasonal fabrics become available.

  41. love Aurifil + sew does my machine! & love a chance to win, thank you. I made 10 cosmetic bags, starting in July.

  42. When the garden finishes, it is time to start some sewing. I love giving home fashioned gifts and my sewing machine is my favorite tool! This year I got started in November.

  43. I usually start in the summer but this year was busy packing and preparing to move so no homemade gifts. My sewing room is almost set up to get back into the sewing grove!

  44. I try not to add too much pressure to myself. I choose one or two people to receive hand crafted gifts and start when I start. No stress no worries.

  45. Making holiday gifts is way too stressful for me. I make things all year long, and don’t typically get over anxious about making presents for friends or family.

  46. I made a Christmas quilt in January. Hoping to get it quilted in Dec. Started some other projects this month(Nov.) and have a few more lined up.

  47. I just started my Christmas sewing on Wednesday 😉 But I use my Aurifil all year long! Best thread ever! I don’t sew/quilt with anything else <3

  48. I’m a late starter! Work best under pressure. Started my Christmas sewing projects early in November…..good thing I’m a night owl!!

  49. When I find a perfect gift for someone, I usually start on it right away and cross the person’s name off the list and itemize what their gift(s) is.

  50. Huge fan of Aurifil–thanks for the giveaway! If I’m making quilted gifts, I will generally make them through the year and put them away for the holidays. However, I also usually get some last minute inspiration and am in a countdown to get it done!

  51. I wish I was more organized. I did drop a quilt with a quilter in October. I’m sewing this weekend on some projects for friends. Happy holidays.

  52. I start thinking about it as the Christmas photos start appearing – but don’t really get down to business until December. I need the pressure!

  53. I had several UFOs started from previous years, so I started this summer getting all my projects finally finished. I am also the type(slow) that works on long term projects all during the year with Christmas always in my mind.

  54. Christmas giftmaking seems to start later each year as I am very indecisive about what I actually want to make!

  55. I usually start sewing in July and it gets crazier the closer to Christmas it gets! I’m sewing this weekend and avoiding the stores so this give-a-way is perfect!

  56. I try to start projects as soon as I can or at least no later than November. I pretty much work through the year with other gifts as well as soon as I learn how to make something! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  57. Sometimes I start a year in advance. If I need several quilts done I will try to spread them out so I don’t get stressed.

  58. I keep a diary of all the sewing projects I would like to achieve, and every new year I write down my plans and ideas. It works really well apart from the odd surprise ‘gift’….. 🙂 <3

  59. I always wait until the last minute possible! Somehow I manage to get it done, though I don’t know how. Every year I swear it’s not going to happen again but it seems I’m a creature of habit! Thank you for the chance to win all the weights if thread. I’ve been wanting to see the difference and this is a great opportunity. Love all the spool colors too! 🙂

  60. I pick out fabric and patterns about October, but procrastinate until the end of November when the pressure starts! I seem to work better then.

  61. I stockpile patterns, ideas, and fabric all year long. I’ll work on them whenever I want a break from the project of the week. Thanks for a chance to win!

  62. I usually start the first week in December. Always too late. Always with too much “want-to-dos”. Will I ever learn? Nope. Probably not! LOL.

  63. At least I completed the Christmas cards before November. They each have a machine embroidery bookmark. Now to address all 25 of them!

  64. I have never used Aurifil thread, but have heard great things about it. I would love to win so that I can try it. Thanks for the chance. MK

  65. I usually work on projects year round, but always find myself working last minute gifts about a week or two before Christmas.

  66. It depends. Often sewing projects are started very early in the year, when I hear a hint that a friend or family member would love something particular.

  67. When I had kids, I started in July with stocking stuffers and the little things. But now… no kids..actually no body at I the only christmas shopping I do is for things that are on sale at christmas time!

  68. I’ve started my sewing projects for Christmas gifts and expect to be “on time” for presenting them this year. Using Aurifil to complete the quilt blocks–Love sewing with this thread!! Thanks for the give away.

  69. I start my holiday projects in the fall…earlier if there a lots of things to make. I’m making a child’s messenger bag and a tablerunner with two crumb catchers this year, so I started Nov 1st

  70. Since we swap Christmas presents AT Thanksgiving, I sewed all of my items up in the last 3 weeks, and have had a nice no sewing break, since I was sewing up a storm 🙂

  71. I usually start my Christmas sewing around the begging of summer. Unless something hits me before that.

  72. I’d love to win these. I’ve been collecting many black fabrics for a project. Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabulous thread.

  73. forgot, i start my holiday sewing right after halloween and usually work on larger projects all year long.

  74. I started in October, using Aurifil of course. Might try to squeeze in a couple more gifts before Christmas.

  75. I am soo bad, I have boot yet started my Christmas sewing. I will probably be sewing into the wee hours on Christmas Eve!!!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  76. Lordy, I don’t even know if I did the helicopter thingy correct or not!! But, I am here!!! My fav time to work on Christmas is in January…its the time I adore working with reds, and then whatever I work on in November and December is truly spur of the moment and just because it really was too cute not to make!

  77. I began in October this year, but am thinking of starting for next year as soon as I finish this years, just to get them done.

  78. I usually start around the middle of November but I’m still always scrambling to finish on Christnas. Always wanting to make that :one more thing”!!

  79. I don’t usually do holiday sewing, but I sew sometimes for my daughters birthday’s which are in November and January. I usually start that sewing at the beginning of November.

  80. I started this summer-made a large rag quilt for my grandson. I’m a beginner so I’m not very fast! So I knew it would take awhile to get it finished in time. Now I am working on some placemats and hope they will be done by Christmas!

  81. I was a bit late this year in starting my holiday projects, but at least I got going mid-November making a Christmas tree skirt for my son. All I need to do is hand-stitch some beads (to look like berries) and it’s done!

  82. I usually start during the summer, but this year I am waayyyy behind!!! Now they’ll probably be next year’s birthday presents! 😉

  83. I try to get started in early summer…do ok some years..but others…like this one…I am somewhat behind! Arrrgh! Slowly catching back up…know I will make it! lol

  84. When do I start my Holiday sewing projects? Never soon enough! I always think about it months ahead and then all of a sudden its the end of November and… OH NO! Its the end of November! LOL

  85. I try to start my Christmas sewing by November. I did start then this year. I try to gather ideas all year and make a plan for what I hope to make for gifts.

  86. I think and start on Christmas projects all year. I love going on quilting shop hops during the year and sometimes see something that will work for a gift.

  87. I started back in October but finished one Christmas runner and stopped. Started again two weeks ago and now the rush is on.

  88. Ideally I should start my projects in July, particularly the ambitious ones but often I’m finishing them the night before I plan on gifting them!

  89. It completely depends on the year. Last year I didn’t do any Christmas sewing, this year I started sewing in August. But I really get going around the first of November.

  90. I start most of my holiday quilts around June 1st, but there are always the last minute ones and then the late nights.

  91. I confess To planning in September, starting in December and generally gifting on the persons next Birthday!

  92. I think about Christmas all year long and start gathering ideas as soon as Christmas is over. I listen for hints as to who wants what made. I’ll start sewing right away, but it continues throughout the year scattered with other projects.

  93. I don’t make too many Christmas gifts, but when i do , I like to get it done early. December is such a busy time of year!

  94. I usually don’t even get an “inspiration” until the day after Thanksgiving – then it’s ‘pedal to the medal’ for the next 2 – 3 weeks!

  95. Right about now!! Yep Today is the day I’m going to set myself down and start stitching up some holiday gifts! Thank you for the chance, Your thread is THE BEST!!

  96. It seems I am always on the lookout for something to make for Christmas gifts. It’s so much fun to do. I have just now tried Aurifil thread and really love it ! Thank you for a giving us all a chance to win some of your threads.

  97. When do I start my holiday projects? Never soon enough. I try to start them in the summer, but usually don’t get started until October.

  98. Most projects get started at the end of summer. Others are done at the last minute because I don’t know that I want or need to make them until it’s almost too late.

  99. I start whenever I get around to it. I finished a holiday gift in Oct and I still have to start the rest. Ugh

  100. I usually start mid September or October. …..I’m in a rush to finish because I bit off more than I can comfortably finish I’m afraid! 🙂

  101. Each year I try to do some things early in the year but then always seem to rush at the end with other bit and pieces which I see and then want to make as well..

  102. I made 10 zippere pouches this year for gifts and they are already done! I’d love to try the different weights of Aurifil thread! svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  103. I started a few months ago, knew I had several quilts to complete. Happy to say on my last one now. Love love love your thread .

  104. This is the first year I have endeavored to make homemade gifts. I started at the beginning of November.

  105. I basically do my sewing for Christmas all year. But I really get cracking around October….or at least try to. I’m always thinking of Christmas gifts to make.

  106. I start as early as possible once I have all my other ‘have to’ projects out of the way. So, err, usually mid December…

  107. this year I started really early because I am having knee surgery, I suppose it was in June, and I am still not finished, I have only a couple of weeks!

  108. I try not to do a lot of Christmas sewing, but I do a bunch of little gift items throughout the year, and if something seems to be “right” later in the year, I will use those items for gifts

  109. This year I started several tree skirts for my married kids and am proud to say that the first is done and delivered and the second is ready to be quilted and bound. I also have an extra tree skirt that was not the right color for my daughter in law that only needs to be quilted and bound.

  110. I started my holiday sewing projects in mid-November, not sure that I have enough time to finish them all but I’ll give it my all! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  111. Late summer, such as August is when I begin my holiday sewing projects.
    Actually my favorite time to start dreaming is right after the holidays each year because I know what my family and friends need to complete their holiday decorating. So I pick up fabric on sales and start stashing. Thankyou for this generous giveaway. I’ve now hooked two more quilting friends on Aurifil Threads.

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