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Twice a year, Sew Mama Sew brings bloggers, designers and brands together for one giant collaborative giveaway event. What was once done in a day has become a full week of amazing giveaway opportunities, all conveniently linked up in one place. It’s a tremendous time for new product discoveries, fun connections with your favorite blogs, introductions to a wide range of brand new blogs AND it allows all of us to have a bit of fun with all of you! It’s an exciting time and we’re thrilled to be a part of it this


Aurifil, Pellon and Moda Fabrics have come together to create a one-of-a-kind, over-the-top, you-will-not-believe-your-eyes prize package for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!  This bundle is a combination of the best of all three brands in one spot: a 1/2 yard bundle of 12 Bella Solid Fabrics in a range of colors , an exclusive Aurifil Bella Solids Collection of thread, and a bundle of seven crib-sized Legacy by Pellon®
battings — Natural Cotton, White Cotton, 80/20 Natural Blend, Bamboo Blend, Soy Blend, Wool & Polyester. Excited yet?





This fabulous giveaway closes December 12, 2015 5pm PST. The winner will be chosen randomly and the  winner will be announced on or around 14 Dec. This giveaway is open internationally!


Simply follow the Rafflecopter link below to enter-to-win! Don’t forget to head on over to Sew Mama Sew to check out all of the amazing giveaways featured on some other great blogs and make some new friends! Good luck and happy sewing!!






  1. I love baking cookies — and, of course, eating them! I sure would like to win this great giveaway.

  2. I am thinking about what to give my boyfriend for Christmas. I think it might be either a new tri-fold wallet or a new tool that he has hinted about. Thank you for being a part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway. This just makes Christmas time more special.

    Sandi Timmons

  3. Building Christmas Lego with my now 6 year old son has become my new favourite holiday tradition.

  4. As I live far away from my family and only get to see them at Christmas, my favourite holiday tradition is coming home 🙂

  5. My favorite Christmas Activity is wrapping the presents! I love trying to make them hard to figure out what is in them. For the longest time, I swear my kids could see through the paper! Now I try to disguise them.

  6. My favorite holiday activity is listening to soft Christmas music at night with all the lights off, watching the Christmas tree lights

  7. My favourite part of Christmas is enjoying the company of loved ones, and seeing their delight as they open their presents to discover secretly (or not-so-secretly) longed-for things discovered.

  8. I have just been reading other comments and I will just say, “All of the above.” Christmas has always been a favorite time of year because of all the good memories I have. Most of them are about family. This is an amazing give away.

  9. The entire extended family getting together on Christmas afternoon is my favorite part of the holidays.

  10. I love decorating gingerbread houses with my family. We each get a mini house from the village set and the competition begins!

  11. My favorite holiday activity is trying to come up with unique and wanted presents for family, friends or someone in need. I just love the look someone gets when they really love something! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights (even though my sixteen year old listens to music on his phone the whole time to drown us out and my husband drives too fast while I’m trying to look).

  13. I love all the cooking and baking. I try to change which cookies I bake every year but there are some that are must-haves.


  14. That’s a tough question. I love to make things and give them as gifts. Our family has always been involved in dramas and in the choir at church. This is a very special and fun family time for us. Now that our daughter is in CA and our son is getting married soon, it is just my husband and myself. We still enjoy these activities.

  15. Sitting in front of a lovely log fire watching Christmas movies, cold outside but toasty inside… lovely!

  16. Putting up all the decorations and baking cookies and having the kids come home and being together as a family.

  17. Spending time with family and friends. Thank you for the opportunity to win this yummy give-away!

  18. Christmas is early this year!! I could do a lot of blankets for City without Orphans or Pregnancy Care Center!! AWESOME!!

  19. We enjoy have a brunch with friends to celebrate boxing day, 26th December which is not typical here in the US. So its our way to still celebrate

  20. Favorite holiday activity…
    Having my my two younger children (Ian 18, & Rhiannon 14.) at home on school break. And now that my older son (27yrs old) has given us a Granddaughter… I am over the moon in love with her and can not wait to have a full house over Christmas break. I love making handmade items for them. But mostly I have to with supplies I have on hand. This is a fabulous giveaway!
    Thank you!
    Best wishes everyone!

  21. This is the most exciting give away I have ever seen. I wish I could purchase
    a package like this. My family all together is the best part.

  22. Our Christmas is a home made one and I love spending time with my family making Candles and soap and whatever we are doing for gifts!

  23. I love baking on the holidays. My friend and I bake every year the day before Thanksgiving. Its a great tradition I always look forward to.

  24. Tobogganing! Then hot chocolates with marshmellows and cardamom cookies in front of the fire with my dog sleeping beside me.

  25. I love watching the Christmas movies and getting a little extra sewing time. Celebrating my daughter’s Christmas day birthday and exchanging presents on Christmas Eve, and the next day sewing!!!

  26. Here in Australia we look forward to a lot of outdoor time. I live near a shallow river that the grand children love to swim and paddle in. I like to wind down in the evenings with a needle & thread in my hands.

  27. Getting our ornaments out of the box is a favorite activity….I remember the people and places that brought each ornament to us.

  28. I love baking and making gifts of food and sweets and making leftover turkey soup. Socialising with family and watching movies snuggled under a hand made quilt – bliss!

  29. It is a wonderful time to be with family and friends – my favourite activity would be playing board games with a gathering of happy relaxed family !

  30. Our family tradition is to go to Sun Valley to watch the ski patrol (about 200 of them!) ski down Dollar Mountain with torches for a Torch Light Parade. Then watch fireworks, have cookies and hot chocolate, and then go back and celebrate Christmas Eve with our family. It’s all good!

  31. I love all the special Christmas services at church…Advent, Carols, and Christmas Eve. Great reminder of what the season is all about.

  32. I am confused about how to enter the give away. The instruction text says, “Simply follow the Rafflecopter link below to enter-to-win!” However, the link goes to a page that describes how to get and use Rafflecopter for your own giveaway.

  33. My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is spend time with family. Actually that is my
    favorite thing to do any time.

  34. Family is important for Christmas, and I love surprising them with an unexpected gift… which they can exchange 🙂

  35. I love walking the neighborhood with my daughter every Christmas Eve to see the lights. It’s our tradition.

  36. We celebrate Diwali here in India and my favorite activity is to light lamps on Diwali Morning at dawn throughout the house and also to draw Rangoli in front of the house!

  37. Christmas morning is my favourite time. We have a special breakfast that is only served on Christmas day then we open presents and I get the turkey in the oven. Sitting with a nice cup of coffee enjoying my family and the smell of the turkey cooking is pure heaven!

  38. My favorite holiday activity is seeing all three daughters together. This year we’re gathering across the country in San Diego at our youngest daughter’s house. Can’t wait.

  39. I confess, I love it all: the decorating, the cooking and making the perfect gift for people in my life. It’s one of my favorite holidays.

  40. I love holidays! Being with family and baking are two of my favorites! But decorating, creating, christmas songs… I could keep going!

  41. Our quiet advent traditions prepare space for me to renew my sense of wonder of Christmas…hymns like ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ tell the story so beautifully.

  42. I love to listen to all the pretty music of the season and watching all the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. (picking my jaw up off the floor) This is my dream giveaway bundle!! I LOVE SOLIDS! And Aurifil.
    Fingers crossed. Toes crossed.

  44. I love eating Christmas dinner! We always get online ordered seafood fresh from the coast and eat in grand style!

  45. My favorite holiday activity is always getting my kids and grandkids together, but we also like attending the various programs at our church and other churches.

  46. My favorite holiday activity is participating in the annual cookie exchange. Always interesting to search out new recipes and see what everyone else comes up with too.
    dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

  47. I love the music at Christmas. I’m not excited about it when it starts in November, but I’m pleased to listen to Christmas music all through December. Thanks for participating in the giveaway. I’ve never used Aurifil thread and would be thrilled to try it.

  48. I love decorating the tree and house. Celebrating with family. Making lots of little handmade gifties for everyone. Thanks for the chance to win!
    wigglypup2 ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com

  49. I admit I’m a list maker! But, I really enjoy making my gift list, and checking it twice or even three times! Thinking of something special to make or purchase for each family member brings me great joy. Love the holidays.

  50. I like decorating and giving gifts. Thanks for the great giveaway and chance to win. (

  51. Well, of course, my favorite holiday is Christmas….a chance to see family and enjoy time together

  52. Enjoying my children’s delight in the little things; decorating the tree, making biscuits, laughing at my made up lyrics to carols when I don’t know the words.

  53. The music, the lights, the movies… just spending more quality time with my kids, baking and decorating. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  54. Leaving a big red Santa kiss on the cheeks of the children. I started it with my girls and do it with my grandkids when they sleep over Christmas Eve.

  55. I love just being on the couch wrapped up in a quilt with the tree light lit and a fire going in the fireplace while spending time with my husband.

  56. My favorite Christmas tradition is the music. I love going to concerts and church to hear live performances of songs that have been written many years ago, especially in new arrangements.

  57. I like watching the Christmas movies and specails, but I do watch them year round in my sewing room 😉

  58. So many! How do I choose? One thing I really like is embellishing the stockings. A long time ago, I made felt stockings. They were pretty, but very basic. Now, every year, I put a few embroidery stitches around the edges or to highlight the center of the motifs. I have a lot of pretty thread (including some new Aurifil embroidery floss!) and it is nice to use it. Also, every year the stockings look better and better.

  59. Listening to Christmas Music as I’m completing all the quilting and sewing gifts and preparing them to be mailed!!!!

  60. I love to start my Christmas CDs the week of Thanksgiving when I start my Christmas decorating and play them right on through! I love everything about getting ready for Christmas-even the hustle & bustle and trying to stop and remember what it’s all about! Thanks so much for the chance to win

  61. My favorite holiday activity is on Christmas Eve when my daughter and I sprinkle glitter all over our front yard so santa’s reindeer are sure to find our house!!! Thank you!!

  62. I love decorating the house, with carols playing and something cinnamon-y baking in anticipation of all the kids showing up to help celebrate Christmas.

  63. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA! I love setting out my nativity figurines. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  64. My favourite activity for the holiday season is making my presents, especially the quilts I donate to charity. This wonderful giveaway would certainly help in making my projects for next year!

  65. My sister-in-law began a cookie-baking tradition last year that has become a favorite already!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    -CaLynn (hoopla ((at)) thecrafties ((dot)) com)

  66. I love a nice cozy evening with good company, relaxing with the Christmas tree lights on. Or even curled up with the cat and a good book, Christmas tree lights merrily blinking.

  67. Favorite Christmas activity is spending time with family – seeing all of my nieces and nephews, siblings, in-laws – all together.

  68. My favorite activity is just being with my family! We live out of town and Christmas is our longest visit with them each year.

  69. favorite holiday activities – making latkes for hanukkah and celebrating christmas morning with my family! december is full of celebration. thank you!

  70. Oh…what would the holidays be without friends and family…so empty…so my thoughts do go to those who don’t have this…and hope they will find beauty in the season and be happy for the smallest things…

  71. visiting museums and old libraries- and then sitting outside in a cafe mulling over all the beauty I saw!

  72. We get together every year with all the cousins and decorate sugar cookies and gingerbread boys to give to our neighbors and friends. We always have a blast!

  73. I love cooking the Christmas dinner, it’s the only time I get to play with posh food all year 😀

  74. I love being with my family more than absolutely anything…my dear husband, my children and their partners, my brand new and very first grandchild, and even my cats, chickens and grand cats! Family and Friends are the joys of life..well, then comes fabric and thread and creativity and joy!

  75. My favorite holiday activity is selecting the Christmas tree with my husband. My brother and his family go as well and it is a great day full of fun family togetherness.

  76. just spending time with the extended family feels nice.
    Thanks for a chance to win! julia(dot)glotova(at)gmail(dot)com

  77. I don’t celebrate Christmas but love to be creative during those few extra days off. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  78. I am so selfish- favorite activity is being left alone to play with all the new sewing stuff I got for Christmas!

  79. I love taking out and “re-visiting” all of my snowman ornaments that I’ve collected for years. I have enough for 3 trees…

  80. I love getting the Christmas tree (from the woods) and decorating it – my favorite thing to do for Christmas!

  81. My favorite holiday activity is watching the whole Harry Potter series in a big week-long marathon. Every year, in the quiet week after the bustle of Christmas, under quilts with some hand-stitching to work on. YUM. 🙂

  82. My favorite holiday activity is spending time with my family, having time to talk, to eat together and to have fun. I follow the Moda and the Aurifil blog. Thanks for the chance !

  83. Calling my grands and listening to how excited they are. I have yet to be able to spend a Christmas in person with them

  84. I love the extra playtime with my kids during the holidays. No specific activity, just following their leads without my own agenda. So much fun. My runner up favourite activity is napping (while the grandparents play with my kiddos).

  85. My favorite activity is baking and decorating cookies with my kids..any time I can spend extra time with them is special.

  86. Once the kids are in their PJs instead of bringing them up to bed I like to surprise them and load them into the van to go and check out Christmas Lights! They love it and each house full of lights make the magic of Christmas even more exciting!

  87. I don’t celebrate the holidays so I don’t have a tradition, however I do try and get some sewing in on my day off.

  88. My favourite part of Christmas is in the afternoon & into the evening the whole family plays board games & karaoke. It’s so much fun!

  89. We place a creche that my great grandfather made on the living room wall table, and create the “cast of characters” each year… paper, felt etc. through out the Advent season, then place our Christmas gifts to each other under the creche. Fun! Fun!

  90. Decorating the Christmas tree. It is so much fun to pull all the ornaments and the memories that go along with them.

  91. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize pack!
    I always enjoy having the time to sit around with family and play board games, etc.

  92. I love baking for family and friends at Christmas, along with making quilts and other sewing projects as gifts. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

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