Aurifil 2015 Designer of the Month Gudrun Erla

Aurifil January 2015 Designer of the Month Gudrun Erla

Welcome to our 2015 Designer of the Month program!  I’m Designer/Radio show host PatSloan!

Gudrun Erla kicks off 2015 year of Mini Quilts, and I’m so excited to interview her. We have been friends for a very long time, and I love her designs so much. She always has a fresh take on things. Interviewing her I also learned a few NEW things, that’s always fun!

I chatted with Gudrun about quilting in Iceland April 5, 2010 on again on Feb 4, 2013 on my All Quilting podcast

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We continue our MONTHLY thread BOX giveaway (seriously folks… you could win a box of my thread which is over $120.00 value.. for making a quilt block… you have to join in!). We will pick one random winner that has made a  block from our 2014 designers and that random person receives a FULL BOX of my Aurifil thread as the prize! Winners are all contacted via Flickr email and posted at our FLICK GROUP HERE

Let’s get to know Gudrun!


Where do you live in?

I live in Chanhassen, Minnesota but born and raised in Iceland.


When was your FIRST quilt sighting? Did it inspire you to start quilting? 

I first saw quilts at my friend’s house in elementary school and was intrigued by them. I thought to myself “ this is something I’d like to learn how to make….when I’m old!” Years later I just decided to take a beginners quilting class, just thought I would learn to do it and then I would know how when I got old. But after one night of class I was hooked!


When you go to a quilt show, what types of quilts are you drawn to? 

I am drawn to many different types of quilts because I like so many different things. What usually pulls me in is the color and overall design of a quilt. I love scrappy quilts so that is something I always spend time looking at. A quilt can grab my attention if it is a design I haven’t seen before or is intriguing and striking. Great workmanship on a classic quilt is always breathtaking to look at too.


Did you have a career prior to making art, and what was it?

I am a PE teacher and taught briefly in Elementary school but I taught aerobics, group fitness classes and did personal training for years, even after I started quilting. I actually still teach a barbell/cardio class once a week at a local studio, just for fun and to keep me in shape:)


What is your favorite place to visit in your hometown?

This is a tough one because there are so many places around here. I would say my absolute favorite place to go is to some of the lakes and beaches in the summer time. There are lots of great restaurants right on the lake that I love sitting there and watch the sunset into the lake. Second would be going for a run on one of the multiple trails in the woods and along the lakes….followed of course by a refreshing beverage at one of the before mentioned restaurants!


As for wintertime, I would actually vote for Eagle Creek Quilt shop in Shakopee, which is only 10 minutes from my house:) I do live in MINNESNOWDA!

gudrun studio 1

What does your studio look like, and what would you change in it?

I have a 13 x 21 foot room above my garage which is perfect for me. I have big windows on one side which let in a lot of natural light and plenty of storage for my stash. The only thing I would like to change right now is probably having a larger design wall. I would love a floor to ceiling, 10-12 feet wide wall so I could have a couple of projects up there at a time;) Come to think though…..that may be a good thing I don’t have that.

gudrun studio 2

Do you have a GREAT storage, organization, or label making tip?

I have been collecting 2-1/2” strips since I started quilting. Whenever I had leftovers from a project and it was less then a 1/3 yd of fabric, I would cut it up into strips and store them ready to go for the next strip project. Now I keep them in these plastic drawers, organized by color and style and I just love going into these drawers whenever I am trying out a new strip pattern design, making a quick quilt for a gift or working on new designs where I am “allowed” to go super scrappy:


What are your 3 favorite colors of Aurifil thread?

Since I am “A piecer” mostly, I use mostly 50 weight Mako cotton thread and the three colors I must have in stock all the time are 2600, 2310 and 2630. The light grey works great even with a white background and still is not as harsh as white thread with other colors, the off white is great with any cream backgrounds and softer colors. The dark grey I use for medium to dark backgrounds, even black because that tone just blends beautifully. These three work great when I am doing anything Quilt As You Go as well because they blend well with my backing fabrics


Anything else you’d like to share?

I designed a ruler with Creative Grids last October that is called the Stripology ruler and published a book called Stripology along side it which are both doing really well. I am currently working on Stripology 2 which will come out in the spring along with a book I did for Martingale on Quilt As You Go, also being released at Spring Quilt Market.

gudrun mini

What about your Month Inspired your Quilt Block?

I wanted to do a design reminiscent of a snowflake since it is January. I chose the classic red and white color combination as an homage to my Scandinavian roots:) Plus I have always loved red and white quilts, who doesn’t.


Download the Aurifl 2015 FINAL Jan mini Flurry pattern GE



And a few on the light side… answer ones that apply

  • The Book you are currently reading – A book by in Icelandic I got for my birthday from my grandmother. It’s called DNA by Yrsa Sigurdardottir and it is a juicy murder mystery.

  • Favorite TV show – I love doctor shows so Grey’s Anatomy and House are faves but I have to say Project Runway and Top Chef are at the top too:)

  • Are you a Dog or Cat person? Dog for sure, we just got a little puppy last Saturday called Koby and he is my first ever pet!

  • The snack you crave – Chocolate! Does that qualify as a snack?

  • The Color you have always LOVED….. I have always loved green for some reason but I don’t discriminate when it comes to quilting fabrics, I love them all!


Visit Gudrun at ….

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I’m trying to decide what fabric to use… something new, scraps? Come over and see my tip on picking fabrics for minis, and vote on what colors I should go with … go right HERE!

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  1. So excited to have the new pattern. Loved the interview. Minnesnoweta is great! Am working on setting for last year as I rearrange my stash collection and work space. Having fun finding things I had forgotten about. Thanks for carrying on this program and the wonderful thread. Happy Quilting Wednesday!

  2. What are the rules for posting for the contest? Do we have to have the mini quilt quilted? Can we make it a different size?

  3. Thank you for a delightful interview with Gudrun! I’m going to love this mini series. And Gudrun, I live in Forest Lake MN. Will have to visit the quilt store down in Shakopee. My fav store up here is Millie P’s in Anoka. Quilt on sisters!

  4. I enjoyed the interview with Gudrun. My goddaughter lives in Shakopee, MN. I must ask her about the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop.

  5. I don’t know where to post my request… it is about the fabrics used in the square with flying geese, I would like to order some of this somewhere ..
    Thank you so much!
    I just load the pattren to make the flurry lttle quilt! Nice , thank you too !

  6. What a lovely designer to start off the year! I remember when Gudrun was just beginning to market her patterns. She presented a program for our Prior Lake (MN) Quilt group. I bought several of her patterns. My favorite, though, was making the free Christmas tree pattern she shared in a blog hop a few years ago. The picture of her quilt nestled among the branches of the apple blossom tree is beautiful. Summer is short in Minnesota but is beautiful. Eagle Creek Quilt Shop is a lovely shop and carries every color of NNW woolfelt and gorgeous wools. Congrats to Gudrun on being an Aurifil designer of the month!

  7. Hi,
    I enjoyed the interview. I think she has a super cute puppy that will bring her years of happiness as well.

  8. Hello there.
    The quilt that is showing right underneath the line explaining where you live. I Love it! What is the name of the quilt and who is the designer? Thanks so much

  9. Adorable mini Gudrun! Thank you for the pattern and Thanks Pat for introducing us to another great Designer! Happy Stitching!

  10. What day of the month will you post the next mini of the month.
    Really enjoyed making the January one and hope to make them all.
    Jo in Alabama

  11. What is the name of the pattern for the white,black and red quilt pictured above? It is lovely!

  12. Love the quilt shown under where you live. Where can it be purchased. I like the red, white and black colors. Thank you

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