Aneela Hoey free Blooms pattern and an Aurifil Floss Giveaway!

February is National Embroidery Month and Aurifil thought it would be appropriate to finish up the month with a free embroidery pattern by the very talented designer Aneela Hoey and a heavenly Aurifil floss GIVEAWAY!

If you have not tried Aurifil embroidery floss you are in for a real treat!  Aurifloss is six strands of  30/2wt  thread pre-wound on lovely wooden spools, no need to fuss with untangling and rewinding floss! The embroidery floss is available in all 270 delicious colours including a variety of variegated perfect for all of your projects.

Aneela Hoey is one of the best embroidery pattern designers in the industry today!  Her designs can be found on her website and in her book Little Stitches.  She has a style that is simple and sweet that appeals to everyone.  She designed a free pdf pattern “blooms” for you to end this month of celebration in hand stitching style.

“Aneela Hoey studied printed textiles at Winchester School of Art and worked in design studios in London and New York before becoming a Moda designer in 2011. All her designs begin as doodles in her sketchbook mostly inspired by her two young daughters who also like to give her plenty of ideas for what she should draw! Aneela is author of the embroidery book Little Stitches published by Stash Books. She loves sew and tries to make as many quilts as she possibly can. You can catch up with Aneela on her blog comfortstitching or on Instagram as aneelahoey.”



If you are not sure what Aurifloss colours to try, Aneela has her suggestions based on what she has been reaching for in her stash!

“My favourite aurifloss colours – Right now my absolute favourite is 1133, its a rusty yellow sort of colour but looks so pretty with everything. Other favs include 1104, 2220, 2145, 1318 and 2240. I have a bit of a thing for yellow, orange and coral colours at the moment.’


To help with the best results with your embroidery, Aneela offers these tips:

1. For best results, use good fabric. You can’t go wrong with quilting cotton, either in a shade of white or a pale solid. Linen bases are also a good alternative.
2. Always use a hoop. Place your fabric in the hoop and tighten it without stretching the fabric.
3. Use embroidery needles – These are widely available from sewing shops and I find them especially useful as they have a longer eye which makes it a whole lot easier to thread your floss through.
4. One of the things I love most about embroidery is that you can make it as simple or complicated as you like. Always just go with how you feel – stick with just one stitch for a piece if that’s what you want to do. Or go to town and use a whole heap of different stitches. Learn some new ones or stick to what you know, it’s up to you!


The free Aneela Hoey PDF pattern Blooms is available through this link  blooms embroidery pattern



To help get you started on this lovely stitching project we are giving away to one lucky winner two Aurifil embroidery floss collections one  Lynn Krawczyk Inked  and one Sara Lawson Fantasia. That is two collections making 20 wooden spools of Aurifil goodness for you to start off or add to your stash!  This giveaway is open internationally and a random winner will be chosen and announced on or about 08 March 2015.  There are many options to enter for your chance to win by visiting Rafflecopter





  1. I am just getting into embroidery and quilting put together. I have several shades of embroidery threads but no aurifloss yet. Thanks for the chance to win this of this Aurifloss lot! 🙂 Kathi

  2. I don’t own very much embroidery floss, maybe 10 skeins in all. I haven’t doing much embroidery lately but this is very inspiring. Just might have to start back up!

  3. Way too many to count! Almost every color of DMC, but I would love to try Aurifil floss. Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful collection!

  4. I’ve been a stitcher for a VERY LONG TIME! I have lots and have tried several different brands. But the Aurifuls are not common in my area, so I’ve had no exposure to them. I’m looking forward to winning these. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. I have three plastic boxes of spools of DMC floss, as I used to cross stitch quite a bit. I would love to try the Aurifil floss – thanks for the chance to win these collections! jacklynnsteven at netzero dot com

  6. I own dozens and dozens of colors of floss–I used to love to organize them by number and then sort them by color. But I don’t have any Aurifil and if it’s anything like Aurifil thread, I suspect that once I open that door it would be a whole new world of loveliness.

  7. I,ve just started hand embroidery and only have about six colors but love that I can do it when traveling.

  8. Having done a few Sue Spargo BOM’s, I have a whole box full of different embroidery threads, plus I have some for punchneedle. Would love to try these, love the cute wooden spools!

  9. I dont’ know any spools of embroidery thread yet. I just started to venture into embroidery but I do have a few skeins that came with a kit.

  10. I have a ton because I have been blessed with many hand me down collections. I have been dying to try the new threads though!

  11. We recently moved and I had to reorganize my crafts to pack them away. My flosses filled one of those large under the bed plastic bins. It’s mostly DMC, but would love to try Aurifil, if anything like their quilting thread, it could become my new go to thread.

  12. As far as floss goes, I own too many to count. I’ve always been into counted cross stitch but have just recently finished a little embroidery.

  13. I’ve never tried Auriful but have used DMC for years. I have hundreds of skeins in various colors that I have used for cross stitch.

  14. I own a ton of DMC and Coats and Clark floss, some dating back 55 years when it was two skeins for a nickle at the five and dime!!

  15. I have a bag full of embroidery threads, but no Aurifil. Thank you for the lovely project and the generous giveaway.

  16. I’ve inherited quite a few along the way, and like having choices on the spur of the moment to add just the right bit of color to a project. I hope to win! I will use ’em all!

  17. I have a couple of big glass jars full of skeins, and a couple of Aurifloss – but only a couple! Love embroidery for little details.

  18. I have about 100! I inherited lots from kids when they made friendship bracelets. I like the aurifil better though.

  19. I have 4 floss threads left from making Christmas stockings.
    I love Aneela’s fabric designs. thank you for the free pattern & the giveaway opportunity!

  20. I actually don’t have any embroidery thread yet. This would be great to start out with such a quality product.

  21. I’ve been an embroiderer for many, many years. Lots of threads are available for me to use from different manufacturers. However, I have not seen Aurifil available where I shop. Winning the threads in the giveaway would be a treat. Thanks for the chance.

  22. I have a medium box full of floss. I have been embroidering a long time and find it very relaxing. I have been intrigued by the postings of Aurifil embroidery floss, and need to get some.

  23. I didn’t know Aurifil make embroidery threads. I have a few dozen of the DMC. I am anxious to try the aurifil.

  24. Umm. Too many to count, left over from my days of counted cross stitch and smocking many years ago. I have never tried Aurifil though, and would really like too!

  25. I own quite a bit of DMC but have never had the chance to even see Aurifil embroidery thread. I know if it’s Aurifil then I will love the quality & colors.

  26. About 8 small drawers full. I used to do cross stitch, then found quilting. I still do some embroidery, so am using up a lot of my stash. I have just become aware of your embroidery threads and have them on my shopping list for next week when I go to a large quilt show.

  27. Hiya!!! I wouldn’t begin to know how many skeins of floss I own. Most of it is packed away and I really need to get it out and use it. But would love to try some of that AuriFloss. Sounds great. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  28. How much embroidery thread do I have — hahahahaha! I am not about to count all the different skeins, bobbins, and spools, but I imagine it is close to 1000. I have coton floss, perle coton, various silks, metallic, rayons , wool, floche, flower thread, etc. However, believe it or not I do not have any Aurifil embroidery floss and would love to work with it. I am sure I will really like it, and I always have a few embroidery projects going at the same time, so new ones are started regularly. 🙂

  29. I own more than can be counted between pearl cotton balls, skeins of 6-strand floss, and other odd bits. I haven’t yet had the chance to try Aurifil embroidery thread, though.

  30. I have about 10-15 different colors–or I should say my daughter has them. She went through a friendship bracelet phase. I would love to win the Aurifil floss and keep it for myself. 😉

  31. I have tons, lots of DMC from years ago, some specialized threads, some woolens, some machine embroidery, some vintage rayon and other strange and interesting goodies from various sources.

  32. I have about 60 colors, but I’ve been wanting to try Aurifil’s floss. Thanks for the pattern and giveaway.

  33. I own a small, unorganized pile. Some from random projects, the rest from a kit project that I really should finish!

  34. bags full of all kinds of embroidery threads no Aurifloss. a lot from my grandmothers stash old J&P Coats, Coats and Clark (I’m from the UK originally) and DMC bought here in the US

  35. More than 100, but can’t tell exactly without more counting. Would love to add some Aurifil to my collection!

  36. I have maybe 5 or 6 things of DMC, but no Aurifil. I don’t do a lot of embroidery, but have done some. I also used to make embroidery floss bracelets, but gave the supply kit to my nephew after teaching him how to make one.

  37. I have over a hundred skeins…not too well organized and close to being rolled up in a knot! These look so lovely and the spools are such a plus! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  38. This is so cute!! I would love to win these. I have a bunch of older floss that is not Aurifil. I would love to win some so I can try it out. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  39. At the moment, none! They disappeared in one of my last moves. I believe they were mistakenly put in a donation box to Goodwill. Sigh.

  40. I probably have nearly 500 flosses, as I have most of the DMC, plus duplicates of many, plus some specialized other brands. And it’s *still* not enough! LOL. :o)

  41. I have a lot of DMC. Then I have several spools of Aurifil. Mainly variegated. I’d love to add more Aurifil. It’s not sold here locally. DMC ends up being more convenient.

  42. I have quite a collection of Embroidery Thread. None from Aurifil. But I hear wonderful things about it and would love to give it a try!

  43. It’s a shame how many of different brands I own…but it still is not enough! Seems like when I start a project, I am needing another color! D.G. L

  44. One of our neighbors lived to be 102, she had been still living in her home and even doing her own grocery shopping! After she died granddaughter had an estate sale and I bought her embroidery floss collection. So I own several plastic boxes of embroidery thread, some of which is quite old. But no Aurifil.

  45. I probably have over a hundred DMC skies of floss. I didn’t know Aurifil sold floss, I haven’t a place selling Aurifil on Long Island NY.

  46. I would love to try Aurifil embroidery thread – I only have the usual stuff I’ve used since childhood.

  47. I have done quite a bit of cross-stitch but am just beginning embroidery. Would love to win this embroidery thread on spools. Would save having to wind a lot of little cards with floss.

  48. I am a big cross stitch fan from way back. I have a couple hundred colours for sure. I also inherited my mothers floss too. Your wooden spools are gorgeous. I’d love to try your floss.

  49. Thank you so much for the pattern. My mother taught me to embroider when I was about six years old. Embroidery has become many things for me, including: a comfort while waiting to undergo radiation treatment, an icebreaker during travel, a stress reliever after a long work day, or a comfort on a stormy night. I have countless skeins of thread. Just can’t seem to stop myself when confronted with all of the beautiful colors. Aurifil threads are my absolute favorite!

  50. I have so many, lots of DMC from when I used to do cross stitch before my eye failed me. Last year I joined a Cottage Garden Thread club and finished up with about 50 of those beautiful threads. But then my local quilt store got in a complete boxed set of Aurifil embroidery threads, so I purchased one reel to try. My new favorite thread!

  51. Only have a handful of embroidery floss — haven’t done it in awhile. We’re getting a bunch of rain next week — would be a good time to get cozy and do some handwork.

  52. I have a fairly good sized basket full of embroidery threads. The pretties from this giveaway would be a welcome addition to my basket. Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. I have maybe 10 or so skeins of Floss….Have never used Aurifil (not even the quilting threads) Would looove to win…thanks for the chance!! 🙂

  54. I’ve never tried Aurifil floss, but I enjoy embroidery. I’d love to try some, and I’ll check my local shops. Thanks.

  55. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I have only used DMC and I think I have around 150 skeins. I love to do embroidery, especially on my quilts.

  56. A first aid box full! Ok it’s a vintage wooden first aid box stuffed with them, probably 30 or so, mostly bought from car boot sales!

  57. I have been using DMC and have about 60 skeins, I’ve just started Cosmos threads and have about a dozen I sooooo want to try Aurifloss but I can’t get here in Australia, This would be amazing to win thank you

  58. I have a wee bit of embroidery floss and was thinking this past week that I should get some more for my stash! We are heading into the city in two weeks, so it’ll be one more thing on my list.

  59. Hi there,
    I don’t know…maybe about 200 skeins..not had the pleasure of using the aurifloss yet…them my floss-count would surely multiply!!!

  60. Quite a few–mostly remnants from previous projects, so they tend to be greens and browns. I used to needlepoint a lot of landscapes. I’d really like to use some bright colours. Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. I own lots and lots of DMC floss but always preferred perle cotton- not available in enough colors near me! I would LOVE to try these cottons from Aurafil- love their cotton thread.

  62. I have lots of DMC because it is easy to find and fairly cheap but I don’t enjoy embroidering with it. I have been trying other brands which I like much better but availability is a problem,. I have never tried Aurifloss but would love to have the opportunity to stitch with it. Thanks for the pattern and the giveaway!

  63. I love Aneela’s designs. I own lots of embroidery threads, all of the DMC colours. I’ve didn’t know that Aurifil also has embroidery threads. I’m really looking forward to trying them in my next project!

  64. I have too many to count but a guess would be 150. I would love to add these colors.

  65. I have lots of DMS floss but would love to try the Aurfil floss. I haven’t seen it anywhere locally, unfortunately.

  66. I own lots of DMC floss, but no Aurifil. I really enjoy cross-stitch and have recently started hand embroidery again and would love to try the Aurifil floss.

  67. I have well over 100 skeins. They are mostly DMC with several from Weeks Dye Works. I would love to try the Aurifil. Thanks!

  68. I have way to to count at least 100 colors.. I love to embroider. I have not tried Aurifil yet but would like to try it. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  69. I own some older skeins but no Aurifil as yet…would love to try it. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  70. i learned counted cross stitch while an Army nurse and have collected “lots” of DMC floss colors. I have just obtained a pattern which combines redwork and quilting and can’t wait to give it a try. Wish me luck. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  71. I’m a beginner, so only own a few basic colors. I would love to try Aurifil floss since I use their threads for quilting.

  72. I have about 25 new and three old tins full of older floss from my mom , grand and great grandmother! t

  73. I don’t know how to begin counting them, at least 200. I have about 20 Aurifil threads which I recently started using and love using them.

  74. I have a drawer full and some tucked in baskets or other containers where previous or current projects have or are being stored. Way to many to count.

  75. My embroidery thread stash is sorely lacking, as I do not have any Aurifil at all! Winning this awesome giveaway would surely fix that! 😀 Thanks a bunch for the chance! 🙂

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  76. I have probably most colors in the DMC line. However, I have only begun using the Aurifil thread and have to say I am very pleased. It really makes a difference. Hope to gather a collection of colors in the near future. Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway.

  77. I’ve just begun with hand embroidery so I only have a little bagful…but I DO have 8 spools of wonderful Aurifil! Can’t wait to try this floral pattern, thanks 🙂

  78. I have aurafil machine sewing thread but haven’t tried the embroidery floss, so would love to win some! Thanks so much, Cheryl

  79. I honestly can’t say how many I have. What I do have is very, very old and all wound on cards. My son started using it years ago when he was in high school and also more recently another son’s girlfriend has used some as well. To give an idea how old what I do have might be, I bought it when I was pregnant with my oldest son who just turned 32 last Sept. I think maybe I need some new threads.

  80. I used to do cross stitch before I became a quilter so I have a bunch but I collect threads like I collect fabric. I would love to add some of these to my stash.

  81. I learned to do embroidery and cross stitch when I was a young girl and still love it. I have a small bucket full of DMC threads. I have never seen or used Aurifloss and would really love to! Thank you for the free pattern!

  82. I have a lot of DMC and Anchor threads but they have all been inherited from people de-stashing. I would love some Aurifil ones as they look much easier to use and infinitely less likely to end up in a tangle.

  83. I have loads of embroidery thread from back in the day when I used to do cross stitch. They are in a tangled mess though – spools are a fab idea!

  84. I love embroidery especially cross-stitching (my favorite patterns are from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery). I have amost all colors from Anchor MEZ because it’s the most available here but also a few DMC, Rico and Cosmo threads. Easily a few hunderds total but I think I’ll be shocked if I need to count them all.

  85. I mainly do cross stitch so have a couple of boxes of floss and then lots of odds and ends for previous kits

  86. I have about 60 colors. I love Aurifil 50 weight for quilting and sewing. Always room for more colors

  87. I have a lot of DMC and Cosmo thread but have never tried Aurifil. I do a lot of hand embroidery, so would love to try it.

  88. A lot of DMC thread but would love to try thr Aurifil .. like the idea that it is on a spool.

  89. Of Aurifil, none 🙁 but I adore your 50 and 40 wt. so I am sure I would also enjoy these, the easiest for me to get here is Anchor and DMC embroidery threads. and I have about 60 colors.

  90. I have about 100 or so DMC floss. Have been looking for a store locally that sells Aurifil but haven’t run across one yet.

  91. I have about 50 spools from a variety of manufacturers. Never seem to have the ‘right’ color. haha

  92. I don’t own any Aurifil embroidery floss, but would love to work work with it!! My machine live 50 wt. Aurifil thread….💕💕

  93. I have almost all the DMC colors, some c&c, and some silks and rayons that were my Grandmothers, which just sit in her basket. I’d say about 300 or so!

  94. I have way too many embroidery threads!! I pick them up when on sale or where ever I can. Thank you for this great giveaway! Love Aurifil threads!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  95. I only own about 20 or so embroidery threads. Until recently I’ve been traveling from contract to contract with my husband so I had to be very selective about which colors I needed to have while traveling. I’ve never tried Aurifil embroidery thread but would sure love to. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win some.

  96. I have never counted how many threads I own! My husband might kill me if he knew a number!!!

  97. I do lots of embroidery and I’ve seen Aurifloss advertised, but haven’t ever found it in any stores. I would love to have a chance to try some (and to know where I could buy some!) I have lots of DMC, but I’m always buying more for new projects.

  98. I’m not sure but I know it took my an entire day to sort and untangle them last week! No Aurifi (yet) though

  99. I own too many embroidery threads to count. I have never used Aurifil embroidery threads, however, the 50wt is all I use for piecing/quilting. Love this stuff.

  100. I have DMC brands threads in a clear plastic container. Not sure of how many I have…Never thought to count them…Maybe I should. I have never used Aurifil threads before but would love to try them.

  101. This past year I wound all my DMC floss on those little thingies and have about 300 plus a box full of duplicate colors. Want to try the Aurifil ones but just haven’t found them yet.

  102. Thank you for the chance to win. I have loads of colors from the days of making my children clothes and toys. Now it’s time to dig them out for my granddaughters. 🙂

  103. I used to have a lot of embroidery floss, but sadly it’s gone now and I’m rebuilding my whole craft collection of supplies so I only have about 6 or so right now to use. So this would be amazing for me! Thank you so very much for the chance to win!

  104. I do not own any Aurifil floss. I do piece and machine quilt with Aurifil wt. 50 exclusively. I would be thrilled to own this thread. thank you so much for the opportunity to win.
    Mary Kastner

  105. I have a lot of DMC floss but no Aurifil floss so I would love to win some to give it a try.

  106. I have a huge tin of DMC,Coats & Clark and Perle floss along with leftovers from various packaged cross-stitched projects and appliqué I’ve done over the years, but I own none of you’re lovely Aurifil Floss. If it’s anything like your cotton thread, I will be coveting it as well!! Thank you for the chance to win.

    Lisa S.

  107. I have a lot of DMC and Anchor floss but I have never used Aurifil embroidery floss. Aurifil 50 wt. is my favourite for piecing but I haven’t seen the embroidery floss before.

  108. I used to cross stitch a lot, but hadn’t for years. I gave away all my floss at Christmas one year, and now I’m starting to embroider again. I haven’t tried Aurifil embroidery floss, but the colors are wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. I haven’t done a head count in a long time, guessing over 200 skeins. I had no idea Aurifil had embroidery floss oh makes me want to start another cross stitch quilt using Aurifil!

  110. I have too many full and partial skeins of all sorts of colors, but I have never used Aurifil floss but would love to do a project with this thread.

  111. Impossible to even guess – over 200 but I’m not going to go count and freak out when it turns out to be closer to 300!

  112. A notebook full – skeins of floss wrapped around cards and slid into pocket sheets. So many. Love the idea of floss on a spool. You Auriful people are genius!

  113. Ok, had to go check the stash! I own about 360 different colors, and I am not ashamed of myself one bit! To date I have no experience with Aurifil floss, but I have a feeling that is about to change…

  114. I’ve been using Aurafil threads for several years. Leave much less lint and take up less space in the seam. Am looking forward to trying the embroidery threads.

  115. I would love to try Aurafil embroidery threads…I do only a little embroidering now…but want to get back into it.

  116. I am new to embroidering and have a modest collection of 30 spools. I would love to win this prize – thanks!

  117. I clearly own way too many embroidery threads to count, I’m ashamed to say! I only piece with Aurifil threads and am so excited to try the new embroidery thread from Auriful! If it’s anything like the 50wt thread, I’ll be hooked for life!

  118. Many years ago I once bought one skein of each color of DMC floss available at the time. My stash includes much more than that now! I also have some silk floss in my stash.

  119. I only own four spools. I bought some to hand sew a quilt but have only successfully used it once. Hopefully these tips will help, fingers crossed!

  120. Way to many to count. Just added 123 more DMC a from a yard sale for $5.00! Would love to try Auriful. Love the spools!

  121. I think I probably own about 100 different flosses. But until now, I had never heard of Aurifil floss. I think that’s really exciting. I’m anxious to see some.

  122. I have tons of embroidery floss from years of cross stitching projects. I have only recently purchased Aurifil floss and I love it just as much as I love the quilting thread! Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Wow, Love the lovely embroidery and design. It is so pretty. I would love the opportunity to win some of those pretty wooden spools of Aurifil Threads 30/2wt. In Adelaide my local stockist has a nice display of Aurifils Threads but none of the 30/2wt. I do embroidery projects all the time using other threads though always on the look out for something new and exciting! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might be lucky too one day be able to try it for myself. Many thanks Julie Beard

  124. I started embroidery many years ago and have a LOT of floss!! I just became aware of Aurifil floss and would love to try it (especially since it’s on a spool and no winding required)!!

  125. Embroidery & working with felted wool are favorites of mine. Just found out about Aurifil floss – love the thread. I would really like to give the floss a try – thanks for this opportunity!

  126. I have over 200 embroidery threads, all carded and sorted by number so I can find them. Didn’t know Aurifil made embroidery thread and would love to have it pre-wound on spools!

  127. I haven’t used Aurifil embroidery floss yet, but that is the only thread I use in my piecing and sewing. Would love to try it. I will be sure to check it out at Paducah this year.

  128. I would love to have a chance to try Aurifil floss and learn more about where to find your threads and floss. The Aneela Hoey pattern is lovely, thank you!

  129. Thank you for this beautiful pattern from Aneela! I have about close to 200 skeins of DMC. I am so excited about Aurifil floss being on a spool. So much neater! Thank you for a chance to try it out. I’m sure I will love it.

  130. I have lots of embroidery thread which makes it too many to count. I don’t have any aurifil embroidery thread and would love to try that as I like the quilting thread.

  131. I own lots of embroidery thread, but no Aurifil. I would love to add this to my stash!!!,

  132. I have quite a lot of floss, but have never seen Aurifloss. I like the idea of a spool for containing the thread. Where can I buy some?

  133. I don’t have much embrouidery thread as I’ve only made one thing so this would be perfect for me!

  134. i have no idea! a freezer bag full, and two fishing lure organizer type things full. a lot.. but I’ve never tried Aurifil!

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