Aurifil Special Petfinder Foundation Collection and Giveaway! {Winners announced}

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”
George Eliot

Animals are a part of so many lives. In the lives of Quilters, you can see the love in photos posted of cats and dogs in sewing rooms, lying comfortably on quilts,  and sometimes even helping to choose fabric, thread or at the sewing machine. These animals are loved deeply and cared for by wonderful people.

Not all pets are fortunate enough in their lives to have caregivers to show them the love and respect they need to thrive. Some animals are either displaced due to an unfortunate event or sometimes are neglected or abused and need to be rescued. In either case, the animals need a good and loving “forever home.” A place where their past can be met with the care and concern for them to learn how to trust again. The Petfinder Foundation is a non-profit organization created to help bring together these animals with people that will be loving caregivers.

“The Petfinder Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that supports the shelters and rescue groups that post their adoptable pets on Our mission is to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home.”

The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM) established a program with the Petfinder Foundation to help animals after disasters. The program began after Hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012 when The Quilt Pattern Magazine put out a call to its readers to make Kennel Quilts including free patterns on their site to help comfort animals in shelters affected by the hurricane. Over 100 Kennel Quilts were sent from all over the US, Canada and even England. Because of the overwhelming response, the Petfinder Foundation and TQPM decided to make this an ongoing venture. To date over 1300 Kennel Quilts have been sent to shelters affected by disasters in 12 states. In the Fall of 2014, Aurifil was completely thrilled with the idea of creating the perfect collection including “pet colors” to help out this worthwhile cause.”
Aurifil is honored to partner with Petfinder Foundation and The Quilt Pattern Magazine to offer an Aurifil thread collection like no other we have presented. This beautiful collection of Aurifil colors in 50wt thread has been put together to benefit pets in need of finding their perfect home. A portion of the proceeds from this collection will help to support the website. The site provides access to helping to locate either rescue or shelter animals in your area.  The search is not limited to dogs and cats alone. If you find that chinchillas or a lovely Eclectus is more your ideal pet, you can find those as well.  The Small Kennel Quilt Thread Kit is currently available in local quilt shops or can be requested by your local quilt shop from their favorite distributor.


Meet Gary, the adorable furry baby of Aurifil CEO, Elena Gregotti.  Gary is a rescue dog and is loved by all of the members of the Aurifil family! Elena shares his amazing story from neglect to a happy home!


“Gary, our beloved rescue dog has been a part of the family for just over 2 years. He’s a happy and charismatic dog with a great personality.

However, before his days of chasing lizards in the Aurifil garden he lived in Serbia, where he was un-loved and terribly abused.

Luckily for Gary, one of our family friends whom originally is from Serbia but now lives in Italy, rescued him and brought him to Milano. She posted a photograph of Gary on Facebook asking for help in re-homing him and my husband saw him and knew he had to live in our home.

We fell in love with Gary and contacted our friend, he joined our family on November 18th 2012, at first he was unhappy, timid, petrified of men and never played. In the past two years he has settled in, learnt to trust again and enjoys long evening walks around the city, spending his days being swooned over by the Aurifil office family and long summer vacations in the Tuscan countryside.”

Nan Baker from Quilt Pattern Magazine is helping the cause by making available a free tutorial for Kennel Quilts using Island Batik Fabrics for kitten and cats on Purrfect Spots! Nan shared this adorable photo of Penny on a Kennel Quilt she made.

Penny 2 A1116804

“I am happy to report that Penny was at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region until the day this picture was taken. She got adopted that day to her furever home! Was this a coincidence? I don’t think so!

I just love happy endings, don’t you?”

In an effort to promote this special collection for a cause, Aurifil, The Quilt Pattern Magazine and Island Batik Fabrics have put together a knock your socks off giveaway package!  There will not only one but Three winners!  Each winner receive a special bundle of an Aurifil Small Kennel Thread Kit Collection, a fat quarter bundle of 12 fantastic Island Batik fabrics and a one year subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine!




This giveaway is open internationally and will close to new entries on 24 March 2015, 11pm EST. Three random winners will be chosen and announced on or about 26 March 2015.

Thank you everyone for sharing stories and participating in this event to promote a very worthy cause!

Congratulations to the winners!

Kathleen McCormick

Betty Hughes

Carole McCellan


  1. Sadly, we lost our beloved Weimaraner Gus a couple of years ago. He was like my 4th child. We miss him so. Now we get to love all our grandpups.

  2. What a great way to support this cause…the animals benefit and then sewists get to use wonderful thread.

  3. I am so excited to find out about this partnership! I adopted my dog, Snickerdoodle, six years ago. There was a lady in a small town about 15 miles from mine who had a quasi-puppy mill/hoarding dogs going on. When our Animal Control found about it and went to see the situation she had to surrender all of the dogs and there a few over 100 dogs. Our county’s Humane Society was able to contact additional rescue groups and thankfully, all of the dogs were able to be put with other Humane Societies and Rescue groups. Snickerdoodle is an Apricot Toy Poodle. This woman had been breeding him with a Yorkie. I saw the Yorkie the day I went to adopt a dog and she had just had a litter, probably several weeks prior. The woman had kept the small dogs in cages pretty much all of their lives. Snickerdoodle had difficulty walking at all when I got him and he was knotted up with mud and starving. Today, he can run a blue streak! He has such a loving personality and I take him with me pretty much everywhere I go. Everyone wants to see him and give him a loving rub. It’s wonderful to see their faces light up with a smile with that one contact. I call it Snickerdoodle spreading joy! Some days (even though I don’t need to run any errands) we will go out to a couple of places and just spread some joy.

  4. I have two feline rescues. Neko is a dilute tortie and I adopted her from Casa De Critters rescue group and adopted Petey from the Frisco Humane Society. They are very very spoiled! Petey suffers from anxiety and takes daily medication. My vet always mentions how happy she is that he found a home with me. Thanks for posting this! I would love to make quilts for kennels!

  5. Buddy is our Sheltie and he is a sweetheart!! Quite the character and now that he is almost 12 years old, he is set in his quirky ways!! He is a great dog and we all love him to bits!!

  6. This makes me so happy and also sad. Happy that these animals have so many that will go to the ends of the earth for them and sad because there are so many displaced, abused, abandoned and forgotten friends.

    We were so, so lucky to have gotten our rescued pitbull mix! Mary was forgotten and abused. She has a scar around her neck from being chained with wire. She is still afraid of loud voices and water. We have had her for many years and the love she has, the love we feel for her…its immeasurable. We often say that little Mary won the lottery when she was adopted. She has the love, care and devotion that she and all animals deserve.

    Mary is also a quilt dog!! She has two of her own and each night at bed time she gets wrapped up into a little ‘wonton’! I believe its her safe place, cocoon if you will. Our family loves her to pieces and a life without Mary would have been just plain ‘normal’!

  7. We have rescued a total of four kitties, two of them tortoiseshells who had had kittens while still kittens themselves. I cannot say any of them are my one favourite. I adore/adored all of them. Currently, Samantha, a calico, and Dainty, a tortoiseshell, bring joy to our family. And, they make sure to help me quilt.

  8. We have 2 adorable cats we got at a Shelter. They are almost human. So affectionate and love to keep me company while sewing. One of the cats has a basket in my sewing room. If she’s not walking on my sewing projects, she’s in her basket. I have made some little quilts for the shelter we got them from. Aurifil is my favorite thread.

  9. What a wonderful cause. Thanks Aurifil for sponsoring this cause and giveaway!
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  10. all of our animals past and present are rescuees. all have seemed to know they are extra special.

  11. My favorite pet was my Miss Misty Kitty. She was a quiet, lap cat that never let anything get to her. She loved people and everyone was her friend. She lived to be almost 19 before she started having mini strokes. I miss her so much.

  12. I have 5 dogs. 2 were adopted as puppies, the other 3 were “dump-offs”. Love all my dogs SO much!

  13. My father brought home “Penny” a 6-week old boxer puppy on Christmas Eve as a Christmas present for the “baby”. I wasn’t born until April, but Penny was my best buddy, my protector (even Grandpa Poe couldn’t enter the yard if I was there with Penny and he visited every day) and my defender in fights with my brother for many of those early years. Great memories. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  14. What great prizes! I have not heard of your organizations, but will check them out. I do have pets, but have not made them their own quilt. They just curl up on mine!

  15. I’ve had several rescue dogs. Unfortunately, my last baby left my home this past October. =( I’m now looking for another to love. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. I hope I’m one of the winners!

  16. Thanks for being involved with this wonderful org. Animals/ pets are the greatest companions! My Doxen, Daisy is my official sewing ass’t and color thread supervisor! She is my constant, loving companion! God bless our pets, and may the less fortunate ones find loving homes!

  17. I’m so touched, what a special gesture. We have 2 cats that we adopted from the humane society. They have been part of family for the past 14 years.

  18. We have a Pound Puppy ourselves…. Lexi came to us from the Humane Society/ Portland, OR. She’s the BEST dog we’ve ever had! Love her to pieces!

  19. my fave dog was charlie, a wire fox terrier my husband rescued from neighbors who were abusing and neglecting him. sadly he diedin fanuary and we both are heart btoken.

  20. Our very sweet English Springer Spaniel, Pepper, passed away last summer at 15 1/2 years old. We still think she should be curled up on her pillow and keep forgetting she’s not here. 🙁 We loved her for a good long time and are very thankful.

  21. My favorite pet is my grand puppy Zoey. And she has a new sister named Juno who I haven’t met yet. I get regular picture updates on the girls.

  22. Hazel is my 6 year old rescue from North Shore Animal League. She’s a chocolate lab mix, and always has a ball or frisbee in her mouth. She comes to my sewing room when I need to take a break. She’s always checking out my quilts, too. I love her, and can’t imagine my life without a dog.

  23. We have a dog (Belle) and a cat (Max). Thank you for the introduction to The Quilt Pattern. Thank you for the giveaway.

  24. I’ve had many wonderful furry pets, but Buzzy was my favorite. A llahso/shitshu mix, he was my constant companion for 15 years. Buzzy crossed the rainbow bridge 2 years ago, but he will always be in my heart.

  25. Love to hear these stories. They say we rescued our dog Chief when we adopted a severely underweight dog but if the truth be known he rescued us. Chief needed daily walks but was too traumatized to use a leash so we took him for walks in the woods where my husband and I destressed from our work day, he had never been inside a house and had to learn to climb stairs and even though we said we wouldn’t let him up on furniture he not only sat we us but was soon snuggling between us at night. Chief never left my husbands side when he broke his foot and seemed to know when it was time for him to come home, yes he rescued us.

  26. We adopted a Siberian Huskey when her owner, our neighbor, died. She was a fantastic escape artist; loved snow, hated rain, sprinklers and water; stole the squeaky dolls from our family collection and pretended they were our babies. She made sure I got my exercise every day.

  27. The most favorite of all are my nine foster elephants in Kenya. They don’t live with me, of course, but I had the good fortune to meet each and everyone of the precious orphaned elephants on a visit last year. In-house, it would have to be my two cats, Lady and Diego!

  28. in 42 years of marriage , we have had 2 rescue dogs and 6 rescue cat, two of whom are still with us-Minnie , a petite black and white lady who is daddy’s cat, and Alfie, a 20 lbs long haired loveable goof who love shaving afternoon naps with me.

  29. We have a sweet half-Chow, half-Border Collie we rescued through Second Chance Rescue. She’s 14 years old now, and getting stiff, poor old girl, but we love her every bit as much as the day she came home. We also have a polydactyl kitty we rescued a couple of years ago through our local Humane Society. We are have always adopted “rescues” and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  30. I have 3 fur babies and I love them all, Tucker the yorkie is blind but still manages to follow me around. He is getting old and moving slow, but still loves to snuggle. Zoey the shih tzu is deaf, and a true princess (in her own mind). She had been on the streets so long when we rescued her they thought she was a boy because of all the matted hair. And the baby of the group is Hollywood, a lab mix that was dropped on a doorstep at 2:00 am with his mom and litter mates. Luckily the kind people found homes for all of them. Hollywood is just over a year old and still very much a puppy, and he loves to snuggle and scare off anyone who comes to the door.

  31. What a Great cause. We have a cat named Abby that adopted us some years ago and more recently also inherited my daughter’s cat. Both cats love quilts.

  32. I love this cause. We have three rescue pets: two cats and a dog. Hard to choose a favorite but our big
    golden mix takes me for a walk every day to keep us both in shape:)

  33. I have a beautiful furry friend named Finn. He is part Mastiff, part Rottweiler, and part Who Knows? He is a great companion and lap dog!

  34. My best furry friend is a rescue dog named Duncan. He is a Border Collie mix. He is smart and loyal, and loves laying by my feet while I sew!

  35. What an awesome cause! My two favorite pets are our two dachshunds. Sophie is 8 yrs old and we adopted her from a breeder, Mollie is 3 years old and we RESCUED her from a bad breeder. These two pups are the center of our family! Thank you for helping the pets in need!

  36. Bravo sponsors of this wonderful cause. Our best pet, Jessie, was rescued from a miserable life and given a furever home with love, companionship, travel and lots of biscuits. She joined us in exploring all Colorado has to offer as well Utah and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She enriched our lives as only a pet can until she passed. Our next dog will also be a rescue pet.

  37. I have a house full of kitty rescues and they couldn’t be a better family for me. People actually knock on my door and hand strays to me we’ve even had a few people drop off babies in the middle of the night. We take them all in and make them part of the family every kitty deserves a home. Currently teaching myself how to use a sewing machine by making kennel quilts something I want to continue even after I’ve mastered them.

  38. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway for such a great cause. My favorite dog was a Pekinese -Poodle named Snoopy. She was so sweet and loveable, but she has gone on to a better place.

  39. I have three faves, all who currently frequent my sewing room, my beloved Pibble, Rocco, my cat, Bella, and our Rottie, Naala (not as frequent a visitor, but much loved as well).

  40. What a wonderful cause, as a lifelong dog rescuer, I really appreciate what these folks do, as does our latest rescue, a lab/shepherd mix named Hope.

  41. Our cats have all been rescues of one sort or another. Penny-Oki adopted us on the street in a tiny village in Cyprus when she was a tiny kitten — her eyes hadn’t finished changing yet!

  42. I’ve had the good fortune to be adopted by 4 rescue dogs over the years. Each had issues, but they all changed my life in such wonderful ways. I still have one, and we’re usually inseparable. He tolerates my quilting because he gets to hang out in the quilt room with “Momma” all day. I’ve made a few dog memorial quilts for friends and family, so an Aurifil thread kit makes perfect sense – big Yay! for them.

  43. I have 2 favorite furry friends – Grady & Mollie. Both cats were stray kittens that showed up at our house several years apart. They make our lives happier and much more interesting. Thanks.

  44. Our last cat, MacGyver, was the sweetest cat I’ve every known. He loved to cuddle and be carried around and never got tired of it. He was a rescue cat and I still miss him!

  45. A perfect marriage between two great associations! Pet finders and the quilting magazine! Warms all our hearts

  46. Thanks so much for supporting Pet Finders! We have retriever and a poodle, both adopted from the local shelter. They bring us lots of joy and keep us in shape!

  47. What a wonderful contest! We have a Cairn Terrier rescue, Fritz, and a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix rescue, Sugar. We have had many rescue animals over the years and they have all enriched our family.

  48. That is really a wonderful cause and an amazing giveaway. It is hard to choose a favorite among my dogs. Alfie was my first dog, a German shepherd who chose me and was extremely loyal and made his displeasure known if my brothers picked on me. Then there was Sally, a Norwegian Elkhound who was a great family dog and extremely smart. She used to help with chores around the apartment! Our current dog is a Shiba Inu who may not be the brightest of the bunch, but is extremely good-natured and fun. Pets enrich our lives so much.

  49. My special furbaby is Chance. He was rescued from a home that could no longer keep him. The minute I saw him I knew he had to come home with me. He is the sweetest most loving dog I have ever had. He gets so excited just being with people . He loves everyone and loves to snuggle all the time. He is a Havenese/ Pappilon mix.

  50. I lay my quilt blocks out on the floor to put them in order and my dog Kasino is very helpful and always lets me know what his opinion is on my designs.

  51. I can’t pick a favorite — I have loved all of my pets. My current pup Phoebe is my best friend. I found her on Petfinder!!

  52. We found both of out dogs through rescues we found on Petfinder! Love this partnership.

  53. Sadly, I pretty allergic to furry friends, but I do appreciate “Caturday Wisdom” at the “On the Windy Side” Blog. It’s fantastic, so those guys get to be my favorite.

  54. What a great cause and beautiful thread! I’ve adopted several cats from the ASPCA and our local vet over the years and also taken in a stray. All of them became part of the family and made us very happy!

  55. We rescued our two precious kitties, Casey and Sandy, just over 10 years ago. It was a week before Christmas when we rescued them from the shelter. They were only about 8 weeks old and brought in by an elderly women who found them wondering around her home that morning. We were told we had to wait four days to see if anyone claimed them, but the next morning the shelter called and told us that we could come and get them. They are much loved and a very important part of our family! Thank you for being part of a wonderful cause!

  56. A great cause. I have done volunteer work at our local animal shelter and enjoyed being able to find homes for some of the cats and dogs. I had an adorable Labrador until a few months ago. He is sadly missed by all the family

  57. My first pet as an adult was a pound puppy named Blossom, a beagle/terrier mix. She was sweet. Unfortunately, she only lived to be 8 years-old. My second puppy was a German Shepard who lived to 14 years-old. My current puppy is a 14 years-old miniature dachshund, who is spoiled rotten and got me trained very well.

  58. I’ve never had a fur baby, I had (heaven knows how many) goldfish as a child but nothing since then. I like dogs on the internet, but in reality I’m scared of almost all of them. The closest I’ve come to a fur baby is the neighbours cat, who we feed when her owners are on holiday.

  59. We had a cat for a few years which we inherited with the house. She was a rescue cat that needed to be in that place. When taken to their new home by her resuers,, she returned time and time again to her first safe place. Eventually the new owners and the rescuers agreed that she was happiest there and there she stayed with a number of new house owners for many years.Ccats of course have servants rather than owners…….

  60. Awesome idea! Newly fan of Aurifil!! We rescued 3 cats, 2 last year and 1 this year in january!

  61. What a wonderful partnership you have taken on! I have had pets most of my life, except for the past 6 or 7 yrs. Just over a month ago, I brought a kitten home. It is amazing how having an animal around can boost you spirits. My ‘Gracie’ has been a blessing to me these past few days as I recover from dental surgery. I know, she’s just a cat, but she is keeping a watchful eye on me none the less. But for the grace of God go I…. thank you Gracie 🙂

  62. My cat Becky Wilson is a rescue cat & is a sweet natured, happy cat. She was only 600 grams when she was rescued & one of her eyes had an infection that threatened her sight in that eye but happily she’s a happy & healthy kitty cat .

  63. I don’t have a pet right now but I had a beautiful white and tabby foundling who lived to be 20. He had a terrible ear infection when we got him which damaged his ear drums but he never had any trouble hearing the fridge door opening.

  64. All of my grand pets are rescue animals. The latest addition is a boxer pup who, although treated poorly in her previous home and came with issues, quickly won our hearts! We’re up to six – three dogs, three cats. They are all wonderful pets.

  65. I’ve been lucky to be the person to a number of dogs so far in my life and each one has a special place of its own in my heart. Right now we have a rescued retired Greyhound name Krackle. She’s quiet a character.

  66. I have to feline they both were rescued! My cat we got about 6 months old she is all black, and she has been my cat from day one! The other cat we got her when she was about 2 yrs old, she is my husband cat!

  67. What a great partnership! This is the first I’ve heard of the kennel blankets charity. A great project for the kids to help me with. We just lost our 15 yr old black cat. We rescued him the day before he was set to be put to sleep. We now have 2 more black cats, Ivanhoe and Azrael (brothers). It’s sad how many times black cats are past up.

  68. My favorite pet is my cat Domino. He loves to sew with me (in other words bite at the thread as the sewing machine sews, lol).

  69. Penny reminds me so much of my cat Raven. There is an animal shelter close to me & when my cat Pudge died there was such a hole in my heart I knew I needed another cat to fill it. Each animal is special, but Raven is the right fit for me. She is so loving & gentle. My mother lives with me & Raven keeps her company through the day. I am so thankful for my loving cat.

  70. All of the cats I have had from childhood to now have been rescue cats in one way or another. Jumbo was a big orange cat that my grandfather found as a stray cat. Then my brother’s schoolmate’s cat had kittens and they were going to be taken to the animal shelter. My brother picked one and brought it home. Fuzzy was with us for a long time. She had kittens too, but we always found homes for them. My dad never wanted to get her spayed as she was the best watchcat, especially when she had kittens around. She attacked and conquered any other critter that came into the yard including dogs.

  71. HELLO,my favorite pet is my darling Ming, a Siamese cat that talks to me!
    Thank You for sponsoring pets!
    Thanks for a great giveaway too!

  72. My cat, Blue, is always by my side (or on top of what I’m sewing or reading). We’re both getting up there in years, but I hope he’s with me for a long time yet.


  74. My beloved pet was a cat named Houdini. A sweet boy, who reached up his paws to be picked up when i returned home, who loved to sit on my sewing machine to help me quilt, and who loved to watch the “wildlife” in our backyard.

  75. My favourite animals are rabbits. We have a house rabbit called Bluebell and she is amazing xx

  76. My favorite pet is curled up next to me right now- he’s an 80 pound lab/ boxer mix my husband and I got right after we were married. He was 1 at the time we found him in a shelter and so calm and sweet- then we got him home and he was wild and loud 🙂 He’s been with us 11 years.

  77. I took in a stray cat when I was in middle school. My mom was not too happy about it but Charcoal was pretty special to me.

  78. My favorite pet was a sweet little pound puppy; he was my best friend for 17 wonderful years. Thanks for the giveaway and for supporting this great cause.

  79. I have two rescue cats, George and Sweetie. My beloved cat, Max had just died, and we were so lonely. We went to the shelter and George and Sweetie’s owner had just died, and they were very unhappy in the shelter. They came home with us that day. We are so blessed to have them in our home.

  80. I have a rescue parrot…Guido is now 15 years old but when I got him as a partially feathered little chick he was in a sorry state. He has star gazer syndrome – so he can’t keep his head upright and he has seizures. But he is bonded to me!

  81. My daughters each had a kitty years ago and one of them would always crawl up on my bed! Miss them a lot!

  82. Our neighbour has a lovely ginger tom cat called Cookie who is neglected and underfed, so he has adopted us. A day is not complete without a visit from Cookie – or three! He sleeps in our house most of the winter time.

  83. My cat found me. He just came up to my farm house and decided to stay! He knows to rub on the patio door when he wants in the garage. So I always know when he’s ready to be fed and time to relax.

  84. My current furry friend – rescue of course – is part doxie and? Adorable and loving – so luckly to have her! thanks!

  85. Maggie is our 8 year old miniature schnauzer. She loves squirrels and taking log naps, and especially loves sleeping with us. We have had two other schnauzers. Willie came to us when his elderly owner died, and I found Charlie on the street and no one ever claimed him. The circus was in town and I bet he belonged to someone from there. I know that sound funny but I think it might be true.

  86. What a wonderful foundation! I have had many pets (mostly dogs) in my life and each one holds a special place in my heart. Currently, we have a 18 month old Morkie who is 8 pounds and fully grown. Her personality would fit into a 100 pound dog and her heart could fill an Olympic swimming pool! She loves everyone and is just the best dog ever. We rescued her last April from a couple who loved her greatly, but didn’t have the time to give her that she needed. She now gets plenty of attention and deserves every minute!

  87. Got my Max from a rescue group when we lost Smokie to congestive heart failure. He is the sweetest little shitzu and a great little brother to Shadow. Never thought I would be able to find such a sweetie from a rescue group

  88. We had a cat named Emma that my husband brought home one day from a prison he’d visited with a ministry — evidently the resident cat had kittens and they gave him the pick of the litter!

  89. We have 3 Jack Russell’s. The last one is a rescue. They are a handful Thank goodness we live on a farm.
    Thanks for the give away and the great thread.

  90. My favourite pet is my dog Rocky. He isn’t with us any longer, I’m afraid, but he’s still in my heart. I’d love to have another dog, but right now we are living in too small premises to have one. A dog should have the chance to chase lizards in the backyard, what we can’t offer right now. 🙁
    Thanks for the chance !

  91. We have a beautiful Siamese cat who is great company. Our son rescued her from the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and brought her home.

  92. Every dog we have owned has been a rescue dog, and each and everyone has been loved like all members of our family! Currently we have Luna a German Shepherd, and Blackie and lab pit mix!

  93. Every cat we have had discovered us and latched on to our hearts, including Maxx, the current “I want what I want” king of the house. I have been very happy to see rescue pets get recognition.

  94. What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve got a big black lab, 1 old grouchy cat, and 2 teenage kitties. All of them came to me through adoptions. It’s hard to single out any of them, so overall I love that they provide lower stress and a constant source of amusement!

  95. People make fun of quilters and their obsessions with their pets, but honestly, we belong together.

  96. I dearly loved, and miss, my little Miss Amber. A red, short hair, mini-dachshund with attitude. She loved every quilt I made and they became ‘hers’ as soon as they hit the couch. In her eyes anyway! I am visiting from Karen’s Quilts…didn’t know you had a blog!

  97. I got my calico cat Marie for Christmas when I was five years old and I still remember it – it was the best surprise ever!

  98. My favorite furry friend? Well I have three currently, Braxton, a female black lab mix, and a pair of rescue puppies, Red and Blue, whom I call the boys. They are a black lab/ German Shepard mix and super sweet. My pets make me smile!

  99. My furry friend is my cat Saphire. He was the runt of the liter of a stray cat. He would not go out and play with the other kittens. He has all the markings of a Siamese. We got him 9 years ago and he is still scared of anything that moves except me.

  100. I couldn’t pick a favorite, but I only have one fur baby right now, a rescue pit bull named Nina. I love her to the moon and back.

  101. We have 3 cats, two are rescues. Missy is from the spca from a hoarding situation. She is a real sook. Oscar is from a feral rescue group and was trapped at a dump. He doesn’t like to be handled by humans, but loves to play and follows us around the house. He loves his feline siblings, especially our old cat Buster! Can’t imagine our life without them!

  102. I have always had pets – cats, dogs, gerbils, fish. My current pet is a cat named Percy who was thrown out of a car wrapped in a plastic bag when he was a kitten. My neighbor saw what had happened, opened the bag and out came Percy. As soon as we heard his story, we had to keep him. He is the best cat! Thanks!

  103. My favorite pet was the black lab, Bear, that we had when I was growing up. One day my siblings & were all playing outside, including my three year old sister, and suddenly we heard a horn blare loudly, then frantic barking. We ran down the driveway to find Bear standing between my little sister and the car that almost accidentally hit her. He saved her life!

  104. I had 3 precious kitties that were all rescues. One little, delicate female solid black, one hefty female black with white belly and socks, and one very sweet little male grey tiger stripe with cute little ear tufts. They have all passed now and I miss them so much.

  105. I just can’t pick a favorite! My current cats are 12-yr-old Annabelle, and Natasha (about 2 yrs old). Both are from shelters, and Natasha was in a no-kill shelter for 8 months. She’s a real sweetie. I really wish I could adopt about 20 cats, but I can’t so I volunteer at a Humane Society instead.

  106. My quilting buddy is my GrandKitty Chai who came home from college with my daughter and never left :^)

  107. Our shelter rescue fur baby is Flossiefluff. She is our little diva cat and has been for 14 yrs. For us, only rescue pets will do. Great cause & giveaway…well done!

  108. All of our dogs have been rescue pets. There are too many animals in shelters to not take from there.

  109. My 2 kitty boys are not shelter rescues, but I did save them from being sent to a shelter. Their mom was a neighborhood stray, abandoned when a family moved away.

  110. My best-fur-friend is my AJ (Astro Jr.). He is a miniature, all black, dachshund. He came to us from a friend as a tiny, six-week, sausage. So adorable, and mischevious. However, when he was just 2 months old, he chewed thru the electric cable on my computer electrocuting himself. The poor little thing had to endure a week in doggie-ICU. The vet at the animal hospital stated that I should put him down as the electricity had burned his mouth and tongue and he would probably loose 1/2 his tongue, but part of his upper palate and teeth on his right side. After much prayer, I decided that if the little guy was going to die, he would do it in my arms, at home with his family. Well, to cut a long story short, my little weinie is 10 years old. Yes, he does have a whole in his upper palate, and he has a hole in the right side of his face for which his 1/2 good tongue curls out of. He found a way to eat and drink, and in fact, he is a bottomless pit. I can’t imagine how the past ten years would have been without my little man. He has been my confidant and my shadow. I hope that God will continue to let him live and make me smile for a long, long time.

  111. My 2 cats were left at my vet’s office and we adopted through her. They have been a great addition to our home!

  112. I have a rescue dog that I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world.. Love him and he loves us also. There are so many dogs and cats that need forever homes.

  113. All of our cats, 6 of them, are rescued. I’ve never heard of kennel quilts and they sound like a wonderful idea. Guess I’ll look around for patterns and get busy. Thanks Aurifil, I’ll be looking for these special thread kits.

  114. Rescue animals make the best pets – my oldest grand fur baby was a rescue dog – he is now 12 yrs old, has diabetes and is blind but all the joy that he has brought to our family is wonderful.

  115. Growing up we had a shaggy dog named Skippy. He wasn’t that shaggy since we live in Hawaii.

  116. i had a pet pig when I was young and growing up on the farm- no, not a pot bellied, nor any kind of an exotic, just a basic, plain ol’ black, red and white one. he had such great personality!! now, I have 2 cats that i love and pamper. Thanks for sharing

  117. I Have had dogs all my life but I have two that stand out in my heart. They were both strays that found me. Buffy was a bensinji and she was the smartest dog and Wiley was a Shepard collie mix and he was the most compassionate dog.

  118. My favorite furry friend is my Cocker Spaniel, Izzy.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win and especially for introducing me to Petfinder.

  119. The light of my life, the one being other than my mother that holds my heart is sweet Seasi. She is a beautiful little cat that looks like a siamese complete with the intense blue eyes. We got her front finders 4 1/2 years ago. I broke my neck a year and a half back and have had to be away from her. I can say without question that that separation is physically painful.
    I hope that I can come to a solution and a reunion very shortly. I can’t take the pain of missing her unconditional love surrounding me.

  120. I found both of our precious little dogs through PetFinder, it is an amazing resource for animal lovers looking for just the right pet and think of how many thousands of animals have found good homes, with the help of that fantastic site! I think this is a wonderful idea for a thread collection, thanks for the chance!

  121. I found my kitten on Petfinder. I spent hours looking for just the right one. As soon as I saw her adorable little face, I fell in love. I named her Velma, She’s been with me for just 2 1/2 months, I now can’t imagine life without that little scallywag. love. love. love her!!

  122. Wonderful cause. Great way to team up. My pets and my quilting are the two things I love most.

  123. What a great cause and a great collection of thread! Grace Hopper and Johnny-be-Good are cats that share my studio space with me and offer support and criticism for my quilt making efforts.

  124. Great collection of thread colors and for such an amazing cause..I will sure make quilts for my pet by buying this thread..this will be a small contribution from my end.

  125. All of my fur children are foundlings (strays). My girlfriend says that there is a sign on our corner that only cats can read that says there is a person with a soft heart living here. They are all favorites, but the one who touched me the most was a feral kitten that I found in our hedge. Our older cat became Mom/Dad to Junior. It took about 6 weeks but I finally coaxed Jr. to allow me to pet him. After that, I had a shadow. What was important was that I had just had my 23 old cat put to sleep and was heart broken. I vowed no more pets, that I was never going to love another pet like I loved her. Junior taught me to open my heart and love. Sadly, he was attacked by a coyote and did not survive. But, in the short time he was with me, he taught me about love and forgiveness.

  126. I currently have 5 furry friends. My female pom likes to empty the scraps out of the wa sd te basket and shred them all over the carpet. Two other friends lay in the dog bed under the desk while we are in the sewing room. But they are the happiest when we all sit on the couch together.

  127. It’s so important to adopt animals that are desperately seeking love & forever homes. Lynx is a stray that showed up on my door step 5 years ago@18 months old and spade. She loves to sit on my lap everynight, purr up a storm & drool!

  128. What a wonderful giveaway project!!! Really outstanding to help our FurBabies!! I have 2 big boys that I love to the moon and back and more!! They are Black Labs and are 7 years old….Oh and 6 cats!! All drop off’s..all fixed and very happy living on 16 acres!!

  129. I am sad to say that I live in a country that does not respect animals, dogs and cats are not loved as beloved pets, the town hall just picked up all of the wild dogs that were running the streets and I am not sure what they did with them, but it probably was not very friendly. I do my best by taking care of a wild cat, she is my little buddy and just this year started to let me kind of pet her.

  130. Our rescue pets all lived very long lives with us before passing away; one cat over 19 years and two dogs over 16 years each. Right now we have two rescue cats that seem well on their way to doing the same. What a wonderful cause and a great giveaway!

  131. We have a dog now that we found on pet finder. We drove 8 hours to pick her up. 😄 We also have a cat from a local shelter. Our other cat is a stray we took in.

  132. I have two dogs that I love.. My beagle, Eli and my daughter’s dog, Coby, a chihuahua/rat terrier mix. Eli is my baby. She is getting up there in age but she can still run around and play with Coby. Coby bonded with me instantly when I met him a year ago. My daughter moved back out but left him with us. I talked her into letting me take care of him while she settled in to her new place. She is never getting him back.

  133. I am a pug lover and have adopted two from homes that could not keep them any longer. They are our babies and constant companions, especially when I quilt. They love to sit on or by the foot control pedal, hence a lot of de stitching. One day it will be my finger under the needle. Would not bother me as I love them as much as quilting.

  134. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat. I guess the big dog a Black Lab mix is my favorite, he is my protector and a big gentle giant really. That said no strangers can get close without his permission. They are all shelter dogs.

  135. I have an 18 year old cat who is in kidney failure. Had a rough couple of months last fall but is doing much better now.

  136. We started with 1 dog (Peanut) when we got married and after 10 years added 1 more (Harley)…who came to us at 5 weeks. Peanut lived to 16 years and our Harley to 15-1/2. We now have 2 cats (Pokey and Whitey) who are as spoiled as Peanut and Harley were. Love our fur babies 🙂

  137. We have 2 dogs both are rescues. Our oldest is a Jindo named Sigyn and she is still my baby. I adore her and at 14 yrs old she is showing her age. She is the perfect dog, loving and a part of our family. Our other dog is a cocker mix, Odie. He is a little pain, but we love him. Always into or up to something, he keeps us on our toes. He is the quilt lover!

  138. Although we have had several rescued pets in my lifetime thus far we currently have only 1 pet in our home and it is a very special one… Daisy Mae is our 3 year old mini doxie… she is our constant companion and adds real spice to our lives.. Thanks for the chance to win! Kathi

  139. We had a lovely golden retriever when we were growing up. Our kids keep pestering for us to get a dog, so it’s on the cards now they are big enough to help out looking after it. Love the threads!

  140. We have a loveable, slobbery, huggy Newfoundland named Winston and Abby our Shih-Tzu. They are best buddies. The dust bunnies in our house are more like dust rabbits and they breed quickly! LOL – It’s like having lots and lots of animals. Life wouldn’t be the same without our pups!

  141. All our pets have been rescues, over 35 years of them. Thank you for the attention and giveaway. Hugs.

  142. I never had an official ‘rescue’ from a shelter, but when I was younger, my family adopted a stray cat who we named “Kitty’. Not real imaginative, but it worked! Kitty promptly presented us with four mini-Kitties. We kept the mom and one of the babies, and found good homes for the other three. We had them spayed and neutered so that they didn’t add to the homeless pet problem.

  143. What a wonderful way to help cats and dogs. My daughters each have 3 cats from rescues and love them so much. They are fabulous pets full of love and fun. Great prizes also from everyone.

  144. We have a black lab named Diamond. She belonged to our son you passed in 2009. She is a wonderful dog and loves to retrieve rocks that we throw into the lake for her.

  145. My most beloved pet is my Grandkitty, Caramel Pie, named for his coloring. We call him Pie for short. He is mischievous and always ready for a good scratch behind the ears. Sometimes he seems able to speak to me…lol. He wakes my daughter up each morning with gentle (mostly) taps to her chin, letting her know he’s ready for breakfast. Don’t know what we would do without him.

  146. This is such a great cause! Thank you for promoting it. Also, save your scraps and stuff a pillowcase for a comfy washable pet bed.

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