Jinny Beyer – Hand & Machine Piecing Collections

Aurifil is pleased to introduce two brand new Designer Thread Collections from award-winning quilter, fabric designer, author, and educator, Jinny Beyer.


Jinny Beyer Hand Piecing Collection
100% Aurifil Cotton, 28wt
Large – 820yds each, 12 Colors, Large Spools
Small –  109 yds each, 10 Colors, Small Spools

Jinny Beyer Machine Piecing Collection
100% Aurifil Cotton, 50wt
Large – 1422yds each, 12 Colors, Large Spools

For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer or visit Jinny’s online shop.

How Jinny first came to love Aurifil is an interesting story. When she first started quilting, it was standard to use cream or white threads. She was working on a navy quilt and didn’t want to use those colors, but rather something that would blend. In her search for a wider range of colors, she discovered a brand of thicker thread that she grew to love for quilting and used for years. Eventually, the company was bought out and the quality went down, so Jinny went in search of something new with the same high quality she desired. Her search led her to Aurifil. The 28wt was exactly what she was looking for and as the threads are available in such a wide color range, she was always able to find the perfect hue.


Jinny exclusively hand quilts and prefers the 28wt. Her staff uses 50wt for machine piecing, but still favor the 28wt for machine quilting. The colors featured in the Hand Piecing collection are the ones that she uses most in hand quilting. She tends to work more with darker colors… blacks, navys, burgundys and browns. She’ll work with a natural color for the lighter fabrics. To select colors for the Machine Piecing Collection, Jinny looked to her staff for the most go-to colors. The goal was to offer a range of what she felt were the most standard colors, colors that would be universal for people to use for any project. She loves that this would work well both for beginners and for experienced quilters.

JB-MachinePiecingJinny’s Tip for new Quilters:
Some people may think that the thicker thread is much harder to thread through the needle. Hold the thread tight between your hand and the spool. Cut the thread at an angle, moisten it and flatten it out… It should go right through the eye of the needle.

Jinny's Caliope Teal Quilt
Jinny’s Caliope Teal Quilt

Jinny’s Favorite Teaching Destination:
Recently I have been working with Sew Many Places, a travel company that brings me along as a teacher. Since the classes are travel based and we don’t have the use of sewing machine, I work with precut 6″ diamonds. I bring along handouts for the students in addition to a little bag with my favorite needle and a small spool of Aurifil thread. We focus on hand-piecing, which gives participants something to work on while on the tour bus or throughout other travel where we’d otherwise just be sitting. It’s a great lesson in what can be accomplished on the go!

2016 BOM - Jinny Beyer
2016 BOM – Jinny Beyer

The best part about releasing a new collection is offering you the opportunity to use the threads in your own projects! We are excited to offer One Large Jinny Beyer Hand Piecing Collection and One Large Jinny Beyer Machine Piecing Collection to one lucky winner!


To enter-to-win, simply click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on February 25th! Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, February 26th. Good luck!

One of the pioneering women of quilting, Jinny Beyer was the first designer to create a line of fabric exclusively for quilters. She alone is responsible for setting the industry standard for quality and design for quilters all over the world. Jinny’s strength as a designer lies in her contemporary, sophisticated styling and in her remarkable sense of color and shading, a skill which she honed while living in India and making her first quilt. Jinny pieces and quilts by hand. An award-wining quilter, Jinny is best known for her color shading technique used to create dimensional designs that stretch the imaginations of quilters, challenging them to go one step beyond and expand their skill levels.

Jinny designs three major collections a year for RJR and several groupings of basics to support her collections. She is best known for her signature fabric, the border stripe, which she showcases in every major collection. Her most successful basics line, The Jinny Beyer Palette, features 150 tonal and multiscreen tonal designs set in a complete spectrum of color. The Palette fabrics are gradually shaded to educate quilters on how to blend colors and create effective color combinations in quilts.

In addition to the Palette, Jinny has created an amazing line of batik fabrics called Malam Batiks. In Indonesian and Malay, Malam means “night” or “evening”. However in Javanese malam means “wax”. Batiks were originally printed on the Island of Java, which is why Jinny selected  “Malam” for the name of her line of batiks. The Malam Batik collections, 142 styles in total, offer a more sophisticated spin on traditional Indonesian batik cap designs. Jinny wanted to be able to create shaded effects as she does in her traditionally printed fabrics, so she challenged herself to find the types of designs that could produce a more subtle blending of color. The Batiks are printed on the finest quality base cloth with a construction of 50 x 50 yarns and 110 x 90 thread count. Shares Jinny, “In creating this line of batiks, I drew from my past experience, following the same approach I take with all my collections, to create a mix of designs, values and colors so that the prints can work and shade together in a project.

Jinny Beyer began her first quilt while living in India, using Indian fabrics in colors of deep red and dark blue. The darker hues became a hallmark of her future quilts. In 1978, Ray of Light won first place among 10,000 entries in Good Housekeeping’s Great American Quilt Contest. Jinny’s Bicentennial Quilt was awarded first place in the 1979 Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine contest. In 1984, Jinny was inducted into The Quilters Hall of Fame, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting. Jinny received the Silver Star Award at the International Quilt Festival in 1995, given annually to living persons who have made a lasting and positive impact on the field of quilting and textile art over their careers. She received the Michael Kile Award of Achievement in 1996. Created in honor of the late Michael Kile, publisher of The Quilt Digest Press, the Michael Kile Award is given to people in the industry who share Michael’s commitment to excellence and have made contributions that will have a long-lasting effect on the quilting industry. Jinny’s quilt Ray of Light was chosen as one of the 100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century in 1999, published by Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine.

Jinny Beyer lectures all over the world. For 29 years, until 2009, Quilters learned about her techniques at her annual Jinny Beyer Seminar at Hilton Head. She has published more than a dozen books and hundreds of quilt patterns.


  1. I would LOVE to make one of Jinny Beyer’s quits! I have admired them for year, but have been afraid to tackle one.

  2. Such beautiful quilts. Although I will probably never attempt anything so complex I would certainly use the beautiful thread set!

  3. jinny’s quilts are beautiful; i had no idea she did only hand piecing and quilting. i am in awe. i do everything by machine and i love aurifil threads.

  4. I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of 28 weight for hand piecing, but will give it a try. I love the 50 wgt. for both machine piecing and quilting – will also try the 28 for MQ.

  5. I love Jinny’s quilts, and trust me, they are totally doable! I have made several and have kits and patterns for a lot more. I’m even working on my first Crayon Box hand-piecing project.

  6. I remember your lecture at Somers, NY quilt show in the ’70’s… I was completely in awe of your story and how it influenced the quilts you designed and sewed. I was a beginner, and you were an inspiration!
    Who knew what quilting would evolve into… color, tools, internet, etc. So nice to see what you are doing now, 40 years later!

  7. I’ve taken Jenny’s 2015 Block of the Month on Craftsy.com and really enjoyed her teaching style. I’ve been playing with hand piecing for the first time last year and learned so much from her. I love the color range in these thread boxes. While I use some neutrals, I have used navy a lot lately and never seem to have the right thread. And I love the greens. I have never thought of piecing with the heavier thread, but I do want to hand quilt with it. Thanks for the chance to win! Ramona

  8. I love Jinny Beyer’s fabrics and quilts! I am in the process of making several of her quilts now and love the Aurifil thread for my handpiecing. I only have a couple colors in this thread so would love to have an assortment of colors.

  9. I always use aurifil 50 weight to piece my quilts and often use it for quilting. Would love to try the thicker weight threads for quilting. I’ve used thicker threads for art quilts, but never on other quilts. Would be so much fun to experiment. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I have just started to learn to make doll quilts and I want them to be all hand done. Would love a chance to win these threads!

  11. I have always loved Jenny’s work and have just started to purchase Aurifil thread! Beautiful collection!!

  12. I love Jinny’s fabric and always use Mako 28 for handpiecing. I love it! I seem to use 5013 for just about everything, but I’d love to get my hands on Jinny’s hand-picked colours 😀

  13. From my very first quilt class where I learned about quilt blocks from Jinny’s book, I have followed, in the pre-internet sense, Jinny’s incredible talent. I have learned so much. Thank you to Jinny, to Aurifil for my favorite-est threads, and for a chance to win!

  14. I love Jinny Beyer’s work and her fabrics. The colours really speak to me, and her tutorials are so clear. I am excited to have the opportunity to enter to win this amazing Aurifil thread collection.

  15. This is so exciting – I love Aurifil thread. And, I think hand-quilting is for me! I love all of the colours 🙂

  16. Jenny Beyer’s designs and fabric are stunning. I only wish I was talented enough to hand piece. Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  17. I love Jinny’s designs, and her color choices. I would love to make her new BOM. Adding to bucket list! Thanks.

  18. I use your 50 wt for piecing and would love to try the 28 wt for quilting. I have 12 blocks made with Civil War fabric that needs to be put together and then quilted. These threads would be perfect to quilt it.

  19. I always loved Jinny Beyer’s fabrics and patterns. She’s been my inspiration for learning about how to use colour in my quilts. She’s an amazing quilter!

  20. Jinny’s fabrics and quilts are just breathtaking. I have some of her fabrics just waiting to be used in a quilt. These threads would be perfect.

  21. Would love to win! Have an applique quilt I need to finish and could sure use some of your thread. I hear it is the best.

  22. I’ve pieced Moon Glow and her 2015 BOM from Craftsy. Now to start on the 2016 BOM….and quilt the other two. These kits would be a huge help. I already have her previous color way Aurifil Box, so have a starting point, but can always use more.

  23. I would love to make a beautiful and colorful quilt for my granddaughter, who is graduating from high school. I love the Jenny Beyer colors. Thank you.

  24. I sew with Aurifil! I would do quilts with those beautiful threads & a few little dresses for my granddaughters!
    Thank you.

  25. Jinny designs are incredible and inspiring and to use the threads she recommends would only finish them properly

  26. I LOVE Jinny’s sense of color and had no idea that she pieces by hand exclusively. I would love to make one of her quilts.

  27. Oh I am going to make one of her quilts. I have a pattern and will make it when I retire next year

  28. With the hand piecing thread I would use it for wool applique, a new venture I recently started. I usually do needle turn. With the machine piecing thread I will make baby quilts. I have a new grandson coming in July (hope the baby is born on my birthday). Thank you for the inspiration.

  29. I have a couple quilt projects in the wings that these colors would work well with. One’s a flannel quilt, the other is a blue jean type quilt.

  30. I hope to do a quilt soon called Sweet Life by Camille Roskelley in Hawaiian prints, after I finish a few on-going projects. I would love to tackle one of Jinny’s beautiful patterns soon. So many projects, too little time….

  31. I remember seeing your quilt in the Good Housekeeping magazine. I was so amazed that fabric could be so much like art. I loved going to the Hilton Head retreats. You are a national idol!
    Carol Jordan in Virginia Beach

  32. I would love to try these Beautiful colors on a quilt! My Daughter & I make Throw size quilts..use same pattern & make it to what we think the other would like (fabrics, colors.etc)…then we exchange them at end of year! Such a Treasure huh? 🙂 Would love to Hand Quilt the one in progress now! Thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way!!!

  33. I am just starting to do some handpiecing, inspired by Jinny and Linda Franz. I have a kit from Jinny that these threads would bee perfect for.

  34. I used to do a lot of embroidery, mostly on my jeans. Yes, I am dating myself, LOL! Lately, I have been seeing a lot of applique quilts with embroidered accents. I’d love to try that using Aurifil thread instead of regular embroidery floss.

  35. I have some 28 thread and wonder if hand piecing with it would be too heavy. My sewing machine needle certainly didn’t like it. I’ll have to try changing to a different needle.

  36. I have just started my first hand piecing project using scraps, and these threads would be perfect to use for that! Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  37. I have one of Jinny’s kits and these wonderful threads would be so useful!
    I’ve admired her work ever since I started quilting several years ago.

  38. I purchased the kit for Jinny’s 2015 BOM on Craftsy–it didn’t come with thread, so I’d use it while working on that quilt!

  39. Jinny’s quilts are beautiful and the Aurifil thread she uses adds to their beauty. I would love to win the prize so that I can add Aurifil beauty to my quilts!

  40. Not sure what I would make, but with these threads, it would definitely be beautiful!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  41. Making Jinny”s 2016 Block of the Month would be awesome! This is the first time I’ve seen it advertised. Thank you for sharing the wonderful information about Jinny with us.

  42. I have visited Jinny’s studio several time and I fall in love with fabrics over and over. Such an inviting space to create and learn. I’m happy to see Aurifil and Jinny are collaborating together for quilters.

  43. Beautiful colors and great giveaway! I read Jinny’s newsletter eagerly every week, she is amazing!

  44. I would like to begin hand piecing a double wedding ring quilt
    after machine piecing the easy parts.

  45. I would use the thread in many of my quilting projects. I have never tried hand quilting but love the look of it and would love to try it.

  46. I have just started doing hand piecing with english paper piecing and hexagons, then I moved into diamonds. This would be great for the hand piecing.

  47. I have loved Jinny Beyer’s work for a long, long time. I’ve also loved Aurifil thread-I’ve used it for hand and machine piecing for years . Jinny Beyer and Aurifil; a great combination.

  48. I’ve followed Jinny for many years since our mutual early days in quilting, made a number of hand-pieced projects with her fabrics, would love to have a chance to win and
    use the thread.

  49. I love Jinny Beyer’s fabrics and her designs/books. I also love Aurifil threads. It’s the perfect combination! I would especially love to try the 28 wt. thread for hand piecing.

  50. I love Jinny Beyer fabrics and patterns and I have several of her patterns I want to start so I would use these threads for one of them.

    Jenny in Florida

  51. I have a sampler quilt that I am working on in colors similar to this. I would love to use these threads to quilt it once I have the top together.

  52. been following your work for years, caught my interest in late ’90’s, glad I found you on craftsy! marvelous
    thank you for taking the time to share

  53. I have made 2 Jinny Beyer quilts. The fabrics are fabulous. I would love the coordinating threads.

  54. I have always admired Jinnys use of jewel tone colors and especially her border fabrics! I’m excited to use these threads in her collections to do some hand quilting…another of her skills I admire.

  55. I do not hand quilt, but my sister does beautiful hand quilting. if I was fortunate enough to win these lovely threads I would give the hand quilting thread to my sister 😉

  56. I’ve been a fan of Jinny’s since she one the Good Housekeeping contest way back in the day. I’d love to use some of her border prints and Aurifil thread to make a new quilt for my bed. I have been lucky enough to take classes with Jinny and they still are some of my favorite memories.

  57. I have always used Aurifil 50 wt for all my quilting and piecing. Love the new collections and Jenny Beyer. I know I would put these collections to good use.

  58. I am self-taught beginner free motion quilter and I have been inquiring on FB sites I belong to which threads are best to do fmq with and Aurifill is HIGHLY recommended…..right now a “wee bit” out of my budget range so being fortunate enough to win this would be FABULOUS!!!!!

  59. would love to make one of the quilts on the top of the thread. Love these colors and love Aurifil thread. I use it all the time.

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