Top Ten Tuesday {Sewing Humor}

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday has a great sense of humor!

Top Ten-2

1.  Fabric Limits — National Sewing Circle


2. Lucy Loves Sewing — Sew Sleepless


3. Expert Advice – The McCall Pattern Company


4. Fabricaholic — As seen on The Daily Sew


5. Thread in the Bobbin — Flamingo Toes


6. Try Sewing – U Create


7. Make it Yourself — Anne Taintor


8. Sewing & Crafting — The Polkadot Chair


9. More Fabric — Craft Schmaft


10. No Fabric Regrets — Crafterhours


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  1. Too funny, also too true!! Ha Ha. My favorite is the one about the carefully curated fabric collection. Maybe that is why I can’t seem to give any of it away.

  2. Look, we’re already taking perfectly good fabric, cutting it up, and then sewing it back together. If we weren’t crazy already, none of the above would have made sense! ;P

  3. I saw one a while ago about how nobody expects a stamp collector to use their stamps to post letters, so why do they expect us to use our fabric?

  4. These are really funny, especially the Lucy ones. Thank you for the thread giveaway at Lisa’s blog. (IN THE BOON DOCKS)

  5. I came over from In the Boondocks! Thank you for the Give-a-way for her birthday! 🙂

    Love these!! Lucy is my Fave, but love the Thread in the Bobbin one!!! giggle…. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. I like these saying. I cam here from in the Boondocks birthday giveaway page. Thanks for being one of her sponsors.

  7. Those are all great. I think my favorite is the one about not wanting to look back and think I should have bought that fabric. I am pretty sure that’s how I have managed to collect such a huge stash of fabric. LOL

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