Uppercase by Janine Vangool


Janine Vangool’s debut collection for Windham Fabrics, UPPERCASE, is a collection of bright colors and geometric prints inspired by the spines from the many issues of her hugely popular UPPERCASE Magazine. Each issue of the magazine has featured a unique spine pattern with its own personality which Janine has taken and transformed into a fabric collection that showcases Uppercase’s truly unique style.

Janine’s coordinating Aurifil thread collection perfectly combines bold & bright colors with a handful of neutrals, making it an excellent collection not only for use with her fabric, but also in every day sewing & quilting.


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100% Aurifil Cotton, 50wt
Large – 1422yds each, 12 colors, Large Spools
1154 – 2277 – 2430 – 2140 – 5015 – 2860
5005 – 5006 – 2615 – 2625 – 2024 – 2692


For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and how you came into this wonderful world of textile design?
I’ve had an eclectic creative career, from working as a freelance graphic designer to teaching to having a line of wholesale greeting cards to sewing products to running my own gallery and bookshop. In 2009, I launched UPPERCASE, a quarterly print magazine for the creative and curious. It combines everything that I’ve learned and loved over the years so now publishing is my main focus. Each issue of the magazine has a unique pattern that goes on the spine, cover and throughout the issue, so after many years I had quite a nice collection of patterns. Through some good fortune and nice connections, I was able to pitch the idea of turning them into textiles with Windham Fabrics.


When did UPPERCASE first launch and what was the driving inspiration behind its creation?  What do you most love about designing for, editing and publishing a print magazine?
Publication design—magazines and books—has always been my first love and is why I became a graphic designer. By producing my own publications, I have full control of the process from editorial through design through production. The magazine allows me to explore an infinite number of creative topics, so it is very inspiring and motivating.


How was the UPPERCASE spine design direction first determined and how did it inspire your debut fabric collection with Windham Fabrics?
The launch issue of the magazine had a polka-dot theme going on, so it was natural to start with an easy polka dot pattern. When conceiving of the first issue, I knew I wanted a magazine with some shelf presence—something with a bit of heft and width that could easily be identified on the shelf. The spine pattern and colour palette were developed with that in mind.


What was your favorite part about the process of designing a fabric collection? 
It was great to have a head start on the design process since I had dozens of designs from which to create the collection. I enjoyed refining the colour palette to the essence of what UPPERCASE is known for.


What first drew you to Aurifil threads and how did you go about putting your first collection together? 
I could scarcely believe my good luck to not only have my first fabric collection… but a collection of top quality threads, too? Pinch me! The colours were selected to coordinate with the UPPERCASE palette—either to blend well with the fabrics which are meant to be good basics for quilting, or to offer some exciting contrasting colours for top stitching and accents.

Do you have a go-to weight/color?
Not yet! I’m still new to the quilting world, so although I’ve admired for years, I’m only just learning how to quilt and am brushing up on my sewing skills. It’s fun!


Do you have any advice for designers who are just starting out? 
Keep working and trying and experimenting and failing and trying again. That’s the foundation for your future success.


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UPDATE (5/19): This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Brenda Patton!!

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Janine Vangool is the publisher, editor and designer of UPPERCASE, a quarterly print magazine for the creative and curious. UPPERCASE publishes content inspired by design, typography, illustration and craft. Her magazine and books celebrate the process of making, the commitment to craft and the art of living creatively. Janine got her start working as a freelance graphic designer for arts and culture clients and has also taught typography and publication design at the college level. She has been a shop owner and bookseller, gallery curator, sold a line of greeting cards wholesale, made 10,000 books by hand (with lots of help!) and has sewn her own products for retail. She has a particular fondness for typewriters, a passion that has inspired a book about their graphic history. Her debut fabric collection is launching in June 2016 with Windham Fabrics. She is often asked, “Do you ever sleep?” To which she replies, “Yes! By the end of the day I’m exhausted!” She lives in Calgary, Canada with her board-game-designing husband and curious son.

[text pulled from UPPERCASE]

*All images by Kirstie Tweed


  1. My greatest sewing passion has to be making 4patches and 9 patches with 1 1/2″ squares. Just love how sweet they are.

  2. My passion is the creative process of marrying the fabric with just the right pattern.

  3. My passion is to sit in the sewing room each day with a glass of wine, chocolate and an unlimited amount of thread and fabric!!!

  4. My sewing passion is to make others happy with things I create in my sewing room, whether it’s machine embroidery, a sewing project of some type, or quilting.

  5. My passion is planning a quilt that is perfect for the person to whom I intend to give it. I try to create something especially for that person and no other.

  6. My passion is giving what I make– I love sharing handmade gifts because they are made specifically for the recipient!

  7. My passion in quilting is to express my love in a tangible form, and to express my memories in a quilted medium.

  8. Such a fabulous fabric collection. Would love to work with it because I love combining colour and texture to create items with lots of visual interest!

  9. I passion in quilting is the color selection and then piecing. I am taking an applique class, so things may change.

  10. I love trying new quilt designs. Fabrics are a total addiction! But my passion is more about fit and tailoring garments…and that’s what I do the least!
    I adore this fabric collection!! So many possibilities. Sweet!!

  11. My greatest sewing passion is piecing quilts. I don’t know what it is about quilting-selecting colors-selecting patterns-cutting beautiful fabrics-ironing-then you give your quilt away. I think it’s all about love. Love to share.

  12. My passion is Japanese design. I also love to read, so I love the inspiration of the magazines’ spine designs translated to fabrics.

  13. My passion is sewing the quilt together and seeing the results after it has been quilted.

  14. My passion is making quilts. I love the whole process from picking the fabric, cutting the fabric, piecing the fabric back together, picking the threads and quilting it.

  15. My sewing passion is designing quilt tops — from selecting a pattern to choosing fabrics and then putting it all together.

  16. My passion has a short attention span and jumps from thing to thing–so I guess I like trying new things! I really love fabric.

  17. Right now my passion is quilting, I was passionate about sewing my own clothing and for my children for many years.

  18. I participate in craft shows so knowing I have things to bring to a show it’s my passion. Then color and new/old fabric gets my creative juices flowing. I crave for customers to say “I love this fabric combination”. I look for the wow factor! Your fabric/thread combo has the wow factor that made me stop n read the article. Thanks!

  19. my passion is quilting – I love making quilts !! I also love this fabric – thank you so much Janine for an awesome collection and thanks to Windham for producing it !!!

  20. My passion is making quilts, mostly lap-size and playing with color. I enjoy creating creatives, using favorite blocks and trying different layouts.

  21. I am passionate about fabric — have been that way for decades. Have been sewing for over 50
    years and enjoyed making a wide variety of projects. Now I make quilts and this great collection
    by Janine is wonderful. I can already visualize a bright colorful quilt using it.

  22. Patchwork and quilting in general but right now trying to master fmq is what has my attention.

  23. My sewing passion is making quilts and bags for family and friends. I love to give wrap people in the love a quilt. Thanks for the absolutely awesome giveaway!

  24. This collection is beautiful! I too am learning to quilt, although my passion is sewing clothing. In either case, these fabrics would be lovely to use.

  25. My passion is putting together the perfect fabric and thread for what ever I’m sewing, be it quilts, clothes, etc.!

  26. I love to sew just about anything from quilting to sewing clothes. But to figure out the easiest and quickest way to sew a pattern and play with the design a bit is my passion.

  27. I love sewing for others! Quilting and making baby items ,and just general garment making!

  28. my sewing passion for the last 15 or so years has been quilts!! I’m always thinking, when I see an interesting motif or architecture design “That would be great in a quilt”. I always sew with Aurifil thread and have several of your collections already: they are so fun!!

  29. My passion is Freemotion Quilting and I only stitch with Aurifil thread. I am drawn to solids and tone on tone fabrics and absolutely love this fabric line. Just gorgeous!

  30. Passion is just going into my sewing studio, pulling out stacks of fabric to play with. And if a tangible project comes out of it , all the better!

  31. My passion is quilting, but I also love little sewing projects I can make in within a couple of hours!

  32. My passion is making a quilt that others will love as much as I do since I give almost all of my quilts away!

  33. I like all those small prints. They are really useful for tone on tone. I love piecing quilts…Applique, not so much.

  34. I am passionate about all aspects of sewing! The fabric, the threads, the patterns, clothing, home décor, quilts, baby toys, everything excites me!

  35. My Passion is to make things from Fabrics! lol LOVE colors & prints…and giving what I make to those I Love! 🙂
    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  36. I love that my favorite threads lead me to new designers and creative people! My passion in sewing is to design new quilts.

  37. My sewing/craft passion changes frequently. Currently it is dyeing my own fabrics for my quilts and other projects like tote bags.
    Thanks for the chance to win a great collection.

  38. My greatest sewing passion? What I’m working on right now! I love the process of finding the perfect fabrics , colors & textures for my quilts.

  39. My greatest passion is mini quilts recently. I’ve found I can complete them quickly and I’ve been finding some really great pattern designers through blog hops and Instagram.

  40. My greatest sewing passion is sewing anything for someone else. Mostly quilts, garments, house things such as pillows, pot holders, place mats, table runners etc

  41. I really love bright colored fabrics and assorted colorfull threads…and anything I can do with! Currently mostly sewing for kids and babies around me! Thanks for this splendid giveaway!

  42. My passion is quilting. There is nothing better in quilting than great blenders, and great fun-colored threads are the cherry on top!

  43. These colors remind me of summer, my favorite season! So bright and cheery!!

  44. My passion is going into my sewing room everyday and making quilts and gifting many of them.

  45. My greatest sewing passion is quilting, especially selecting the fabrics & the actual piecing!

  46. My passion is quilting and starting a garden. This is my first year of retirement so excited to have more time to follow my passion!

  47. My true passion is creating my own unique quilts. Although, I use patterns as jumping off places; my quilt rarely looks like the pattern when it’s finished. Or I just design as I go!!

  48. My sewing passion, I don’t know I like to mix it up and do a little of everything, I am passionate about your thread and use it for all of my projects! Just need more of your wool colors.

  49. UPPERCASE is amazing and inspiring. Can’t wait to quilt with this collection.

  50. Sewing w/Bright colors like Janine’s collection. Fabric storage baskets and totes/market size bags seem to be my passion this past 8-10 months. Thankyou !

  51. My passion is fabric. I love the smell, the colors, the designs, the textures. I love taking a flat piece of fabric and creating amazing things with it.

  52. Just quilting. Learning to piece without stress. Acceptance of the not so accurate piecing.

  53. My sewing passion is quilting, all of it–the cutting, piecing, quilting, and binding.

  54. My passion is using quality supplies, including Aurifil, to make things that bring me joy, and allow me to play with fabrics and colors.

  55. My passion is to share my quilting skills by making quilts for others. I love the entire process of quilting from picking the pattern and fabrics to labeling and binding the finished project.

  56. My favorite thing to do is go into my sewing room and take a rainbow of fabrics and threads and see what I can come up with I’m new to quilting and I love making them up as I go. The brighter the colors the better.

  57. My passion is making gifts for others, I love to see the joy on someone’s face when they open a gift.

  58. My passion is getting wonderful ideas to sew on Pinterest and then choosing and picking which ones that I want to make!

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