Thread Journey: Quilt Construction, Part 3


We’ve made it to Part 3 of Quilt Construction for Wendy Sheppard’s Thread Journey Quilt Along! We are so thrilled to be embarking on this journey with all of you and are have loved seeing the progress that so many of you have already made! If you’re sewing along and want to share your images on Instagram, please consider tagging Wendy (@ivory_spring), Aurifil (@aurifilthread)and #threadjourneyquiltalong so that we might share in your process! Have fun and happy stitching!

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Hello Friends, we are at the point of finishing up with the construction of our Thread Journey quilt top today! Pretty much, we will just be adding the final borders to what we have already constructed, and finally the applique pieces.

If you haven’t joined the quilt-along and would like to, please do so and jump right in. The links to the first and second parts of the instructions are here and here.


#1. I intend for YOU to have fun making this quilt. Therefore, you are free to change things around anytime, anyway, or anyhow! It is YOUR quilt.

Elizabeth Bennet in BBC’s Pride & Prejudice said it best, and I quote, “Maria, this is your trunk; these are your gowns. You may arrange them in any way you wish. (whisper) Lady Catherine will never know.”

#2. I understand that this sew-along will reach quilters of various skill levels. Considerable effort is made to present clearly the steps to make this quilt. Basic and common techniques are not presented in detailed, assuming quilters can look up information on the techniques for themselves to prevent this post from being too lengthy. However, if certain hurdles persist in attempting this project, I will do my best to assist you.

#3. Should you have additional questions or need assistance, I will be checking in on this post as often as I can. Please leave your questions in the comments and I will do my best to help you out! 

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PART 1: Inner border
1. Inner border #3. Cut from inner border #3 fabric, 2 (1 1/2″ x 36 1/2″) and 2 (1 1/2″ x 38 1/2″) strips. Sew 2 (1 1/2″ x 36 1/2″) strips to opposite sides of quilt center, followed by 2 (1 1/2″ x 38 1/2″) strips to the remaining opposite sides of quilt center.


When pinning the border strips to the quilt center, I make sure I have the back of the quilt center facing me — that way, I can see where my needle hits and do my best to make sure it hits “right” at the points of the stars, when I sew the pieces together. I am hoping you can see my needle is just about to meet that “point” from the picture.


And you can see by doing that, my star points show up nicely on the right side of the quilt.


2. Inner border #4.  Cut from inner border #4 fabric, two 2-1/2″ x 38-1/2″ and two 2-1/2″ x 42-1/2″ strips.  Sew two 2-1/2″ x 38-1/2″ strips to the opposite sides of quilt center, followed by 2-1/2″ x 42″-1/2″ strips.


PART 2: Outer border.
1. Cut from outer border fabric, two 6-1/2″ x 42-1/2″ and two 6-1/2″ x 54-1/2″ strips. Sew two 6-1/2″ x 42-1/2″ strips to the opposite sides of quilt center, followed by two 6-1/2″ x 54-1/2″ strips.


2. Adding applique. Basically we will follow the applique method of choice for the quilt center to add applique to the outer border. If you need a refresher, our first post has the information.


For the outer border applique: refer to page 3 of the PDF Packet for placement guide for applique pieces, and pages 8-10 for cutting and preparing actual applique pieces.

PLEASE NOTE that piece #33 is not reversed for fusible machine applique. Please do so before tracing the applique shape onto the paper-side of the fusible.

I used the pale pink (#2423) in my Subtle Strings collection to buttonhole stitch around the applique shapes.


One of the reasons the subtle shades are selected for the collection is because I actually use these shades as I would neutrals — in piecing, and in this case finshing around applique shapes. Though there is no doubt the thread is pink, but when it is used, it blends well with other fabrics, giving the illusion that it might even be white or gray or beige.   You can read more about the versatility of subtle shades here.


When I buttonhole-stitch around the applique shapes, I also use the same pink bobbin thread. That way, I don’t risk having a different color showing on my quilt top from the bobbin thread being pulled to the top during the stitching process.

Also, if you have a knee lift on your machine, use it by all means. It really helps while turning corners when going around those swirls.


There you have it, Friends! Our quilt top is finished!!! I will be back with suggestions on how to quilt your quilt. I hope you have enjoyed constructing our quilt top. Meanwhile, start thinking the threads you might want to use to quilt your quilt. I will be using different threads from my Subtle Strings!! See you next time.

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Originally from Southeast Asia, Wendy came to the US for her tertiary education.  After her degrees in Chemical Engineering, she worked in research in a wind tunnel for a spell.  Nowadays, she is a stay/work-at-home Mom to a 7 year old.  Wendy’s designs have been featured in major quilting publications, both home and abroad.  She is also an author for Landauer Publishing, as well as an online quilting instructor.  She is passionate about encouraging quilters to enjoy their quilting journey.  During her free time, she loves to read history, and indulges in hand needlework.

ABOUT SUBTLE STRINGS: (Wendy’s 2015 Aurifil Thread Collection)

12 Large Spools of 100% Aurifil Cotton, 50wt
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2210 – 2510 – 2886 – 2326 – 2423 – 5014



  1. Wendy, this quilt is truly a beauty. Thanks for sharing the “how to” with all of us. Now, back to my stitching.☺️

  2. Hi…there’s a mistake in the cutting measurements for the outer border…the way it’s written now you cut 2 of the sides 6.5 inches but the other 2 at 1.5 inches. I think it needs to read “cut (2) 6.5 x 42.5 and cut (2) 6.5 x 54.5.”

  3. This project is so much fun! I cannot thank Wendy enough. I need to improve my machine quilting technique. I’m already looking forward to the next steps. But wait, I first need to finish the last border 🙂

  4. I’m sorry but I was under the impression that there was useful information for using the Simple Cut software but I cant see anything on it

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