The High Voltage Collection by Rob Appell


Textile artist and designer Rob Appell got his start in the quilting and sewing industry years ago when he landed a job in his Mother’s Quilt Shop, “The Cotton Ball” in Morro Bay, California. He worked as a sewing machine technician and was quickly drawn to the world of quilting. He learned by trial and error and brings a masculine touch to this age old tradition. The man in Man Sewing, Rob now brings an energy and enthusiasm to the business through his terrific YouTube tutorials. He is a longtime user and supporter of Aurifil, singing praises of quality, variety and versatility far and wide.

We were so thrilled to partner with Rob on The High Voltage Collection. Rob assembled 12 of his absolute favorite, can’t-live-without-them, use-them-day-after-day colors in his go-to 40wt.


The High Voltage Collection
12 Large Spools – 100% Aurifil Cotton 40wt, 1094yds each
Colors included:
2024 – 2692 – 2615 – 2210 – 2350 – 2270 – 1133 – 1135 – 2730 – 2805 – 2865 – 5017


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please click here to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co or contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

How did you first get started in the quilting industry?

My mother had purchased a well established quilt shop while I was in college. I came home and ended helping out around the shop while working nights in the restaurant business. So glad to have found this path.


Do you remember the process of creating your first quilt and how you felt once it was finished?
I do, I was so excited to do my free motion machine quilting. That was why I made the quilt top, so super excited to give the FMQ a try. I was hooked in just a few stitches. I look back at those first stitches and just laugh at how poor they were, but I was having fun then, and still am now.

Rob's Man Sewing + Missouri Star Quilt, along with his dog, Winston
Rob’s Man Sewing + Missouri Star Quilt, along with his dog, Winston

How did you first connect with the Missouri Star Quilt Co.?
I was asked if I would like to try to make tutorials like Jenny Doan was doing. They did approach me with a job offer that quickly became an adoption into their fabulous family. Great people to work and create with!

Jenny Doan and Rob Appell
Jenny Doan and Rob Appell

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?
The past two years have been the best years of my creative journey. Everyday I wake more excited than the day before. I feel so blessed to have the job that I have and to get to inspire people with my quilting and sewing. I pull from nature, friends and family, humor, to state a few when being inspired, but at this point the feeling of success in my studio is more motivating than anything I have experienced before.

And the Flag Was Still There by Rob Appell

What do you love most about connecting with others via your show, Man Sewing?
I love that I get to be creative and create a wide variety of sewing and quilting related projects. The YouTube audience is so broad that I can enjoy presenting the craziest projects in the simplest of ways.

On the set of Man Sewing
On the set of Man Sewing

Do you have a technique that you favor?
I was very into fusible applique to create landscape quilts, but as I improve on my piecing I am enjoying doing more patchwork. The Applique quilts almost dictate the free motion process, where the patchwork quilts push me as a machine quilter too. I must try to be creative with the style, but it all shows up so much more.

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
I use to sell the threads in my Mom’s quilt shop – everyone said it was the best. Then I met Alex while I displaying my Endangered Species Quilts, his booth was across from my quilts and we hit it off.

Do you have a favorite weight/color? 
I love the 40 wt as I do so much machine quilting. My favorite color is green, but to pick just one spool would not be fair.


How did you go about selecting colors for this collection? 
I took the whole color card and put a highlighter on my favorite colors. Then I had to go through and pick just the best. I wanted the collection to be able to work with just about anything from my personal stash. So far so good, I love having the different color families to choose from, and of course the stuff quilts like a dream.


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ROB Headshot 2Rob Appell is the host of Man Sewing.  He’s a guy with boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and creativity.  He loves God, his wife, son and daughter. He enjoys waking up excited each day to see what lies ahead. He’s happiest when he’s outside or in my studio. He has been told that he inspires others and for that he feels very blessed.

What is Man Sewing?  Well, Rob is a man who loves to sew and he’s proud of it.  He is passionate about sewing and creativity and has a desire to teach, so he wants to share his passion with you.  Is Man Sewing just for men?  Absolutely not.  Rob is just a man who sews.  Join him every Monday for a new tutorial where you’ll use your hands, get covered in thread and create something completely new.  It’s high voltage edu-tainment at its finest.  Where creativity meets caffeine.  It’s Man Sewing.

[For more, please visit the Rob’s Website]

** Images and all biographical text are courtesy of Rob Appell and Man Sewing.


  1. Rob is such an inspiration and he’s fun and natural, love his YouTube tutorials!!! He’s also very cute!!!

  2. I love his enthusiasm. His attitude is infectious . I got acquainted with his work through Missouri Star Quilts. Beautiful thread collection!

  3. I first saw Rob at Road to California several years ago and I thought his work was amazing, and still do! I love how he got his start and think it’s great that he is a very talented man that quilts!

  4. Just like Jenny at Missouri Star Quilts, Rob is a natural, great teacher!
    Their straightforward, enthusiastic approach is SO helpful and encouraging!… Makes you really believe that you, too, can do it!!
    Thank you!…
    I love the colors of Aurifil that Rob has selected!… Great choices!

  5. Your enthusiasm-it shows through on everything you do-your take on showing us how you work with different patterns & ideas is eye-opening-the light bulb comes on! Love, love these glowing colors!

  6. Love the collection that Rob put together. One can never go wrong with Aurifil. It’s the only thread I use anymore after haVing disappointing results with other brands.

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  10. Rob has mad FMQ skills. His creativity and high energy is inspiring. I love his endangered species quilts very much. I have watched his Youtube channel a time or two.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. Rob’s fun to watch, and his designs and projects appeal to a wide audience. He’s funny, and personable.

  12. I enjoy Rob’s videos. He’s got a fun, casual way of teaching. And, since he knows sewing machines, he can tell you why problems can happen and how to avoid them. What a great set of colors he’s chosen.

  13. I love Rob’s energetic personality and the projects he creates. You can tell from his videos that he really loves what he does. Oh, plus he’s very easy on the eyes. 😉

  14. I love his personality and ability to explain things in plain English so I can understand what he is talking about. I actually have met Rob this summer and he is just as charming and approachable in person as he is in the videos!

  15. I do love Rob’s quilts. He does such a wonderful job with his machine quilting. Love the colors he chose for his Aurifil thread collection.

  16. I like Rob’s teaching style, he makes me try harder stuff instead of the easy pattern. I find I’ll pick more than one colour of thread when I can easily use 10!

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  18. I enjoy Rob’s high energy videos. 🙂 Whoever created the opening music for them captured Rob’s spirit for sure! I am hoping these will inspire my teenage son to try his hand at the sewing machine.

  19. Bet you did not expect a comment from me here. I want you, and everyone to know how extemely proud of you I am. Love, Mom

  20. it is a joy to see the many accomplishments of Rob. I first me him when i invited him to give a presentation and workshop for the Orange Grove Quilters Quilt in Orange county, CA, January 2008. He has become a very accomplished artist. It was a joy to visit his Mom’s Quilt Shop in Morro Bay many years ago. It would be a delight to connect once again. Lots of Hugs, JoyceO PS I am a huge Aurifil Fan!!!

  21. Rob is sew creative, innovating, fun and fearless. Even when the project doesn’t interest me I want to watch.

  22. Rob’s energetic personality and his enthusiasm for quilting are my favorite parts of Man Sewing, in addition to the vibrant quilts he makes.

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    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

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    What a man!!

  28. I love Rob’s enthusiasm and the different ideas he gets of things to make. I like that his channel, while mostly about quilting, is still so varied. The different tutorials, from making a quilt top to machine maintenance to quilting to making a dog bed. There is something for everyone.

  29. I love his enthusiasm and how he demonstrates how to correct “errors” in his projects. He has some very unique projects.

  30. I like the fact that his tutorials are clear and right to the point without wasting a lot of time on unnecessary stuff.

  31. What I like best about Man Sewing and Rob is…his tutorials tend to be often things I really need help with or I really want to know… For example his ongoing help with Free Motion Quilting…or his recent tutorial on paper piecing… He always makes me feel like “I can do it too!”… Thanks for that!

  32. I choose my color thread like I choose my fabric, it has to speak to me.
    Love watching Rob, wish I was more of a modern type of quilter, I am old school. I always hand quilted and just started machine quilting 3 years ago.

  33. I love Rob’s free motion quilting tutorials – such beautiful work, and it’s super funny when he gets caffeinated !

  34. I love Rob’s energy, sense of humor and his love for quilting. His tutorials are fun and informative, great for any level of quilter.

  35. I love Rob’s quilts and tutorials. I have two Autistic great grandchildren. I has been recommended that the older could use a weighted blanket which I plan to make using Rob’s tutorial. Ilove his color choices for the Aurifil threads.

  36. I love Rob’s enthusiasm and pure joy for sewing and quilting. I was already happy just crocheting and knitting but it was his videos on YouTube that made me want to begin sewing and it was some of his projects that I sewed early on when I was just learning. I made his action figure holder for my son and learned how to turn a tube! I have also been practicing FMQ. Lots more I want to try out. More videos Rob!!!!!

  37. I love his talent, energy and sense of humor. His Endangered Species Quilts are absolutely beautiful.

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