What’s Your Super Power?


International Quilt Market starts today and while thousands of industry creatives will cross the threshold at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, even more of us will be following along from home. We’ll be at work, at home, running errands… We’ll be living vicariously through Instagram and Facebook Live, eagerly anticipating each new post showcasing the stunning fabric collections, beautifully constructed booths, hot new products, luscious Aurifil thread collections and so much more. This year, our friends at Moda have assembled an awesome team of companies for a booth hop that will surely be the talk of the event… What is your Super Power??  

Each participating booth will have one basket full of Super Power Tools to give away, and we’ve reserved one for one lucky person following along at home. This basket will have SO many amazing goodies… including fabric, magazines, quilty tools, and even a cone of Aurifil thread. So, let us know what your Super Power is, enter for a chance to win some seriously stupendous goodies, and chase away those Missing Market Blues!!

Featured Companies:
Moda Fabrics 
American Patchwork & Quilting
American Quilt Retailer
Bloc Loc

Moda Designers:
Robin PickensMe & My Sister DesignsBetsy ChutchianSweetwaterBunny Hill DesignsJen Kingwell DesignsAmerican JaneGingiberBrenda Riddle DesignsZen ChicJan PatekFrench GeneralMinick & SimpsonPat SloanKansas TroublesKate SpainJanet ClareWenche Wolff HatlingLella BoutiqueLaundry Basket QuiltsStacy Iest HsuBlackbird DesignsKathy SchmitzBasic GreyPrimitive Gatherings

To enter-to-win, simply click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page or click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 4pm Central Time on October 31st! This giveaway is open to all of our International friends as well! Good luck, have fun, and happy creating!!

UPDATE: Thank you to all who played along!! We certainly have a wonderful collection of inspired superpowers:). Congratulations to Judy Tillott! 



  1. My super power right now is to put crying babies to sleep, which with 6 new babies for friends and family this year is coming in very handy….then I can go on to quilt.

  2. My Super Power would be someone to clean up my sewing space after I leave. Right now it’s me and I’m not doing a good job of it yet. Need Help!

  3. My super power would be having the right color of Aurifil to quilt with in my stash. Love Aurifil but only have a very few spools to pick from.

  4. My super power is turning clothing from a lost loved one into quilts for people to love and be comforted by. I put my heart into each one and make sure that each quilt is perfect for each client. My second super power is being super clumsy! I think the first power is much better though, ha ha!

  5. My super power is patience. Very helpful for many frustrating tasks. Thanks for letting us join in on the quilt market fun.

  6. My super power is using starch! Love needle turn applique and starching fabric just makes it so much easier!

  7. My super power is the ability to find things. Maybe it’s a mom thing, but if it’s lost or misplaced, I can usually find it. Wish I could be in Houston.

  8. One of many super powers, being a women, is to get friends hooked on quilting then mentor, encourage, and show them that quilting is more than sewing, it is a gift from the heart!

  9. My super power is my Bernina Machine! It makes a good balanced stitch and I enjoy piecing my blocks on it!

  10. My super power is Caffine! Caffine powered for long days, endless days of quilting! And…no matter how much caffine is in my system…I can still sleep like a baby!

  11. My superpowers are making it work & figuring it out. They’re not bad superpowers to have, as I rarely get stuck for solutions, & I can usually see how patterns (quilting, crochet, & knitting) were done.

  12. My super power is knowing where everything is for everyone else in my house–sometimes even before they ask. The super power can only be used for others though–I regularly misplace things like my scissors.

  13. My super power is being a mom to 4 boys 7 and under. It’s busy and chaotic but I love them. Quilting is my sanity.

  14. My superpower is communicating with my cats. They understand me plus they can also mime and talk to me so that I understand what they want. Right now they want me to make them some small flannel quilts for Christmas. Silly came in the living room dragging his blanket and then draped it over his body. Baby it’s getting cold outside.

  15. My super power is teaching 3 of my sisters to quilt. It is wonderful to have someone closes to me have the same passion.

  16. My super power is quilting, from quilts to mini quilts. Love them all. Even donating time and knowledge at senior center.

  17. My super power is managing and ever growing fabric stash at my church and creating beautiful comfort quilts out of others leftovers.

  18. My superpower is wielding the seam ripper quickly and accurately! (I have LOS of practice!)

  19. My super power is being detail-oriented although it takes me longer to finish sewing and quilting projects so maybe it’s more of a detriment. :-).

  20. I dont know that its a super power as much as its a necessity, but my husband is constantly telling me i have super powers soo. I have RA and Lupus and get infusion treatments and chemo and am actually pretty sick as its attacking my organs, but i take care of my one year old grandbaby everyday and keep her one night a weekend. I make quilts for multiple charities and of course for gifts and family members so I have multiple quilt projects going at all times, and my grandma lives in a house to the right of us so we can care for her as she has early onset alzheimers and my father lives in the house directly next door on the left and has had heart attacks and strokes and i care for him. I was a nurse before my own diseases caused me to have to retire and now i seem to work harder than ever. Lol . I may actually have super powers cone to think of it, as i am still standing, my house is clean, laundry done, husband fed and happy and I and wouldn’t have any of it any other way. Quilting and sewing was what i started doing years ago as a therapy and some escape. It was actually recommended to me by a therapist. I have not stopped since and it saved me. It really did. I find joy and peace in that room.

  21. My super power is helping our guild committee provide over 1200 neonatal quilts for our local children’s hospital each year. I do this by co-heading neonatal committee gather donated fabric, sort it, coordinate fabric with matching patterns, cut it, distribute the kits to guild members, collect completed quilts, and deliver them to the hospital. It’s a great deal of fun!

  22. My Super Power is — being a finisher. Like most quilters I have many started projects. But I’m not happy until they’re finished, so I work hard at finishing.

  23. My superpower is paperpiecing- precise points look good and make me feel good and foundation paper piecing is the secret.

  24. My super power is color. I love putting together color combinations and having that pop of color that just pulls it all together or makes that one statement. I love studying color!

  25. My super power is the ability to procrastinate as long as possible and still get things done. I love Market time. So exciting to see all the new goodies to look forward to.

  26. My super power would be to get all of the projects that I am taking with me on a quilt retreat next week completed.

  27. My super power is geometry–figuring out how to use the fabric most efficiently. The only problem is that I end up with too many scraps to use up.

  28. My super power is slipper making! I’ve been making them for family and friends for almost 20 years! I’ve made all sizes, from newborn to large (or extra, extra large…) men’s slippers. Sometimes I piece the tops, and sometimes I just use a special fabric. Requests start coming in right about this time every year for slippers for Christmas 🎄 😄

  29. My super power is being able to get in the zone and shut the world out so I can quilt!!! It was a necessity while I was raising 7 kiddos, even though it meant staying up all night.

  30. My super power is finding places to buy fabric. I always seem to be somewhere buying it in LQS, online, at quilt shows, FQ’s, remnants, strips. It doesn’t matter the cut or whether I need it. When I am not purchasing it, I am almost certainly thinking about it. I love fabric and I will not lie. 🙂

    Is there a 12 step program somewhere for fabric obsessors? Oops I mean fabric lovers.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  31. I have the ability to read my kid’s minds when they least expect it! Lol. Little do they know it’s because they are very predictable!

  32. My quilting super power is keeping my 40 yr old sewing machine always running. It serves me very well.

  33. My super power would be the ability to look at all the beautiful quilts on computer and sew at the same time. I must learn self control. I could actually finish so many more quilts if I’d quit looking at the computer for hours and making more projects to add to my to-do list. Oh well, thank goodness one can dream!

  34. My Super Power is holding on to my German Shepherd puppy’s (9 months) leash when he decides to chase something in the woods. Most of the time I stay on my feet 😉

  35. My super power is taking care of my family and homeschooling my kids and still having enough time to quilt!

  36. My super power is being able to stretch a meal no matter how many friends my children bring home unexpectedly!

  37. I have a skill for thinking outside the box. Sometimes I come up with useful and creative things and sometimes they are just wacky ideas. My husband finds it entertaining.

  38. Fun! Thanks for the hope of a prize. My superpowers are many! My dad was a Jack of all trades (nicknamed Jack) and I’m his daughter. I can fix a toilet, make quilts, bake awesome cookies and more, cook great dinners, and make dresses. And more. Have a blast at Market!

  39. My super power is being a great Nana to all my grandchildren! They light up my world! My daughter told me my super power is always being there when she needs me!

  40. My Super Power would be having the right color of fabric and yardage in my stash for my current project.

  41. My super power is I love to try anything crafty at least once. If I don’t like it, it goes by the by. If I love it, I will continue it as long as I can. That is what happened with quilting. Tried it and loved it. Knitting on the other hand is a different story.

  42. my super power would be always having every thing i need for a new project without going to the store or hunting for hours for something i know i have but can’t find

  43. My super power is trying to be a good mom and making sure my family has what they need, bringing and picking them up and providing them and friends with a nice home!

  44. My super power relates to snacking. When making a cheese platter, I’m able to magically put the exact number of crackers needed to match the cheese slices. Weird but true!

  45. My super power is finding balance, between being a wife, mom, Oma, quilting time, painting time, and my remedial tutoring, which also takes place in my quilting room. At least my room is very tidy at least once a day!

  46. My superpower is great sense of direction! I have a pretty good internal compass when is comes to finding my way around!

  47. My Super Power is buying fabric! and thread… and forgetting what project I was going to use it for.. so, I have to buy more fabric and thread .. it’s a never ending cycle..

  48. My super-power has always been needle and thread…sewing…quilts and clothes since I was 9….and that was a lot of years ago! Right now though, my body is a super power as it heals from spinal fractures and restore my itch-to-stitch!

    Thanks for this chance and thanks for bringing sew much sewing pleasure to so many! I see Aurifil coming out with even more thread goodness…love the new 80wt btw…got it from FQShop

  49. My super power is new fabric! Nothing gets a project started quicker! Thanks for this chance to win!

  50. My quilting-related super power is domestic machine quilting, and I love teaching new quilters (how to make a quilt), and various quilting techniques. But my most-requested classes are for domestic machine quilting. Thanks for the chance to win! I love using 50-weight Aurifil for quilting.

  51. My super power is up cycling lockers! I am re-doing my entry way. I will line the inside with lovely fabrics!

  52. My super power is guiding my 10 year old granddaughter in her learning to sew, especially quilting and teaching her to appreciate fabric and texture!!!
    My legacy is to have a quilter in the family after me!
    Thank you.

  53. My super power is to provide support to my young grandson and our whole family as he recovers from the removal of his left eye due to Retinoblastoma.

  54. My super power is surviving as a single old lady in this world and still smiling while trying to be creative every day!

  55. My superpower right now is to keep life flowing somewhat smoothly for our 4 teens/preteens. “Mom, I’m hungry! Mom, where’s my . . . . “. You know.

  56. My superpower right now is making myself available to my children even though they are grown men at 31 and 33 yrs old. The super power of being a mom never ends. Thank you the generous giveaway!

  57. LOL. My super power is making the best out of whatever occurs around me. Can typically see the glass as more full than empty or the bolt as more yards left than not! Lol

  58. My super power is making quilty and machine embroidery gifts for my grandchildren! Two are in college and one is in 6th grade. They bring me joy!

  59. My super power is liking a challenge. Like the reproduction as a lap quilt of a powerpoint graph slide at my daughter’s request. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like an “out of the box” request.

  60. My super power is the ability to pick out fabrics and threads for a quilt that always work well together.

  61. My superpower is that I can remember every birthday I’m told. Whether I remember to give a gift is a different story.

  62. My super power has nothing to do with quilting or sewing. This year, I’ve lost 50 pounds! So my super power is staying away from sweets and fats and carbs! (but sometimes I cheat, cuz I’m only human)

  63. My super power is to be able to quilt with my three year old daughter and that she thinks it’s a play!

  64. My super power is encouraging other quilters to use the library to borrow quilting books and magazines instead of buying them and so leaving them with more money to buy fabric!

  65. My super power is being able to overlook small mistakes and just go with the flow to get things done.

  66. My super power is juggling various interests of mine; quilting, reading, golf, tennis & helping with an infant grandson.

  67. My super power is just being a Mom, Granma, and friend. Willing to help, teach, play, …and making fun things from my Heart..for them all! 🙂 Guess my super power is loving others…unconditionally..

  68. I couldn’t think of a superpower so I asked the DH and he said his was his ability to eat pizza… Go figure. lol. Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. My Super Power lies in my recent retirement – I can now do anything I want, when I want, which is definitely power that I intend to supersize !

  70. My children and the hundreds of children that came through our door over the last twenty years have said that I have a super power! They don’t know how I can know what they are up to when I am not even in the room! I tell them it’s a Mom super power and even though I wasn’t technically everyone’s Mom I still could do it as long as you had love in your heart. It seemed to work.

  71. My super power is to meet my goal of organizing my planner 2016-2017! Curiously, there’s not a slot for limiting online time! I might get more done? OMG

  72. My Super Power is making my family members smile when I present them with either a quilt, pillowcase, wall hanging, or anything else that I’ve made specially for them.

  73. My super power is that I survived cancer! My son was 6 and my goal was to see him graduate from high school. Well dreams do come true, he will graduate will Honors this June. Life is fantastic!😄 Toni Anne

  74. My super power is fingers that love to sew and hopefully, will be able to do so for many more years

  75. My super power is elasticity. I’m learning to let things that don’t really matter, bounce off me. It’s a much better way to live!

  76. I am the superhero of the last minute. I occasionally procrastinate on projects but I always get them done on time. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  77. My super power is my baking
    ALL my quilting friends love it when I bring goodies to our meetings.

  78. My super power is having the restraint to buy no more than a fat quarter at a time when I visit the fabric store.

  79. I think my super power is finding the most expensive piece of fabric that I HAVE TO HAVE!!!

  80. My super power is multi tasking while sewing/quilting! As soon as my machine starts people (small people namely my children sigh) need to talk to me

  81. My super power is picking out fabric that reflects the personality of the person I am making a quilt for and matching a pattern to that fabric. I am always a fabric first person.

  82. My super power is my credit card to help me purchase all my fabric, thread and notions needed to stitch!

  83. My super power is patience. I can re-do a seam or a block repeatedly until I get it right! …and I often do! :/

  84. My super power is taking a stack of fabric and an idea and creating a snuggle, useful, beautiful quilt.

  85. My super power is finishing UFOs….including other quilters UFOs! It makes them so happy when I hand them back a finished project they can use! And what a variety of projects I get…so much fun!!

  86. My super power is mender of all things. My family thinks I can sew and fix anywhere. I try not to let the down… no matter what the challenge.

  87. My super power is constantly learning new things! Quilting keeps the mind sharp! ~ how to use new tools, new fabrics, and new thread!

  88. My super power is just trying to get all on my to do list done at the end of the day. Seems like the more time you have, the less you get done!

  89. My super power is that i don’t get upset very easily and that I give everyone the benefit of the doubt (drives my husband crazy )

  90. My Super Power is that I can mend clothes for my daughters and grandchildren thus making their dollar stretch further. My speciality is replacing broken zips in hoodies – I cannot count how many I have replaced!
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  91. My super power is my imagination. There’s always a lot going on up there in my head, and some of it actually overflows into real life projects! 😀

  92. My super power is somehow managing to fit sleep in around my work and hobbies. I tried quilting without it, and cannot recommend it.

  93. My super power is to follow directions very well and to meet any issues I come across head on and keep trying till I figure it out and make it through to the end.

  94. I have super duper listening powers…you tell me your quilting dream and I can imagine it right along with you.

  95. My super power is God, who gave me the ability to create and stick with a project until it is completed.

  96. My super power would have to be Patience …I LOVE sewing anything and everything. I try to make new things even if I fail, waste fabric, thread and time, I will continule to make whatever it is I’m trying to make

  97. My super power is “Mommy” hearing! I can tell what my husband and kids are doing in the other room just by the sound of it. It freaks them out!

  98. My super power is getting everything I need done despite a lot of heath issues. On the quilting front my power seems to be putting fabrics together that others don’t think will work and they do, they really do.

  99. My superpower is breatfeeding my 3 month old while keeping up with the ##missingmarket on my phone. And making a pattern for a quilt i will be doing for my daughters first christmas.

  100. My super power is designing projects well above my skill level and successfully completing them anyway.

  101. My super power is the ability to create something tridimensional. It can be food, or made of fabric or maybe yarn.

  102. My superpower is the ability to clean up stray threads with a quick swipe of a lint roller! Although I often seem to miss the ones clinging to my backside, maybe that’s my superpower uniform! It certainly identifies me as a quilter.;-)

  103. My super power is having a big heart where I make FSL angels for family and friends for the loss of a loved one, special occasion, or just to cheer them up.

  104. My super power is time management. Juggling a household, 3 kids under age 5, a professional career and still finding time to quilt and save my sanity!

  105. My superpower is interpretation in unusual ways. I never seem to be able to make a pattern or a design without modifying it, sometimes extensively, to fit my circumstances at the time. Color, fabric shape (I don’t have a layer cake, just a jelly roll, so those pieces are too big), season (not Santas, but maybe leprechauns), and who knows what else.

  106. My superpower is that I am always seeing designs and color combinations out in the world and trasnlating them to possible quilts.

  107. My quilting super power is pressing; I am great at pressing and starching. My other super power is packing. Whether it’s a box, a suitcase, a refrigerator or the dishwasher, I can get more in there than anyone I know.

  108. Super Power: I have two great ones and always try to show them love and respect. First always God, for getting me through everything. Second my husband for loving me and putting up with my quilting habit. I have health issues and pain and on good days he never makes me feel guilty if dinner’s not on time or the house is messy because I forgot to come out of the sewing room.

  109. My Super Power is the awesome ability to start a new project EVERY time I see something that tickles me, then not let it bother me that I have so many UFO’s hehehe!

  110. I’m a crafty special needs momma. My super power is juggling appointments and creative time (that helps the family and helps the momma unwind)

  111. My superpower is lining up projects for the next 20 yrs and making my way through them while acquiring more every month!

  112. Making large quantities of fabric and notions disappear, so my husband doesn’t see them and complain that I have “too much stuff”!

  113. My super power is touching someone heart making them happy with a sewing or embroidery homemade gift.

  114. My super power is convincing my hubby to let me use the dining room table indefinitely for sewing, even though I have a whole cluttered room full of sewing stuff! It’s all moving to the new garage studio before long, so I think he’s just tolerating it for now! 😉

  115. My superpower is multiplying my fabric – 1 cut of fabric turns into 10 x more pieces after I am done with it.

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