Island Batik Week: Coastal Mist by Tammy Silvers


Welcome to our Fall/Winter edition of Island Batik Week!! We’re so excited to partner with this wonderful company once again to present a variety of new fabric lines along with the coordinating Aurifil thread collections. We’ll be featuring one designer every day and each post will offer a fabric + thread giveaway, so make sure to come back daily to learn more about our talented designers and to enter-to-win some gorgeous prizes!

To learn about Island Batik and the batik process, please visit their website. For a peek at the full range of Fall/Winter 2016 releases, in-stores now, click here or on the image below to browse the catalog.


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Deep Purples, greens and magentas are beautifully represented in Kathy Engle’s  Coastal Mist collection for Tamarinis (Tammy Silvers) with Island Batik. Tammy selected  threads to coordinate perfectly with the fabrics. The large collection features both 50wt and 12wt threads, perfect for piecing and big stitch quilting. The small collection features 10 stunning colors of our Aurifloss for adding perfect little stitched details.

Coastal Mist

12 Large Spools – 50wt (1422yds/spool) & 12wt (356yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
1148 – 2562 – 2568 – 2600 – 2455 – 2845 (50wt)
4225 – 2405 – 2420 – 4026 – 4030 – 4093 (12wt)


10 Small Spools – Floss (18yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
2540 – 1135 – 2311 – 2562 – 4182 – 2455 – 2845 – 4026 – 4030 – 5003


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

What was the inspiration behind Coastal Mist, your new collection in partner with Kathy Engle? What does the collection mean to you?

The genius behind the Coastal Mist collection is all Kathy Engle.  But for me, it captures the softer beauty of the coast, evoking soft, misty mornings, gently lapping waves, and those magical, if all too brief, sunsets.

Tartary by Tamarinis
Tartary by Tamarinis

Do you have a favorite project made using the fabric and threads from Coastal Mist
I’m particularly pleased with Boho Bliss – while not at all coastal themed, the colors worked so well to give a softer bohemian feel to the project.  And of course, the Aurifil 12wts were a huge part of that as well – the edge stitching in the coordinating and contrasting colors were the finishing touch!

Boho Bliss by Tamarinis
Boho Bliss by Tamarinis

You’ve put together a pretty amazing blog tour to introduce this stunning collection, launching later this month. What was it like to work with so many wonderful designers and to see the projects they created with Coastal Mist?
Working with other designers is tremendously exciting!  It is awesome to see different takes on a collection, and different ways of combining fabrics from the collection and interpreting it.  Their inspiration is extremely motivating!

How did you go about selecting colors for your coordinating thread collections? 
I wanted the quilting weight threads to continue that “misty” feel and offer a whisper of color across the fabrics.  And then of course the 12wts were chosen to highlight the fused applique that was a major focus of Boho Bliss.  Together, the two weights offer a complete package for any quilter!

Monkey Bread by Tamarinis
Monkey Bread by Tamarinis

In addition to the large collection of 50wt threads, you have a small, 10-spool box of Aurifloss. What do you love most about working with our embroidery floss? 
The floss is a dream to work with!  I love the rich, saturated colors, the smooth thread, and the fact that I don’t have to separate it to work with it.  I love the heavier, yet smooth look when stitching with the floss.

To learn more about Tammy, check out our feature for Seashore, her Spring/Summer Island Batik Week release.



To enter-to-win 1 Large Coastal Mist Thread Collection and one Fat Quarter Bundle of Coastal Mist fabrics from Island Batik,  click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Sunday, January 15! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Monday, January 16. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Lesley Moore!

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1/14 – Fresh Catch by Jackie Kunkel

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Unknown-3Tammy Silvers is the designer behind the brand Tamarinis. She’s been designing quilts for 10 years, and prides herself on offering bold, fresh new patterns for quilters of all levels. She enjoys working with almost any fabric, but her favorites (the one that makes her drool and blow a carefully constructed budget) are batiks, bold prints, and chicken prints. Having a background in art and literature, another of her guilty quilty pleasures is finding ways to use “words” in her work, be it in the fabric itself or by adding them to the piece.

Tammy is a Georgia native and currently lives in Acworth with her husband, children (when they come to visit!), dog, and her favorite fat cats.

Under the label Tamarinis, her designs are regularly published in a variety of quilt magazines, including Quilt, McCall’s Quilting, American Patchwork and Quilting, Stitch, Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting, Quilty, Quilt It…Today, Sew It…Today, Stitch and Create and Decorate. She also works with some of the major fabric manufacturers designing projects to showcase and promote their fabric lines, including Island Batik (of course!), Northcott Fabrics, Blend, Camelot and Fabri-Quilt.

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Island Batik is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of cotton batik, rayon batik and hand-printed cotton from Indonesia. Originally established in 1997, Island Batik’s mission is to share the ancient cultural art of batik and hand-dyed fabric with our many valued customers around the world.


  1. What beautiful and fresh fabrics. I love using batiks because the back is the same as the front. I can get sloppy with the right sides together and it doesn’t matter. 🙂 Plus, all those fabulous designs and colour minglings offer a ton of inspiration.

  2. I love Island Batiks because the colors and designs are really wonderful. I especially like the quality of the base fabric, too, which makes working with it wonderful. It doesn’t fray as much as other brands, and the colors are just wonderful. I love this new collection! Thanks.

  3. I LOVE batiks. I use them all the time, they are so great for so many projects. I love using them when doing complex paper piecing projects especially. The make beautiful quilts no matter if you are using small or large pieces. By far my favorite fabric.

  4. I love how you can use either side of batik fabrics, depending on the depth of color you want in your quilt.

  5. I love the vibrancy of the threads chosen for this batik line. The vibrancy of color and the variety of texture within the batiks is what I love most about this fabric.

  6. Batiks are a new interest of mine and I really like the combination of batik and modern patterns.

  7. I love batiks for their beautiful, vibrant colors as well as being pretty on both sides of the fabric.

  8. Kathy Engle’s Coastal Mist collection for Tamarinis (Tammy Silvers) with Island Batik — Loved the quilts and beautiful colors.

  9. Batiks have the most beautiful colors and patterns. They just jump out at the viewer. I love them.

  10. Batiks are my favorite. I enjoy the organic character of them and the way the colors blend which are unique to their manufacturing process. This collection reminds me of visiting my aunt in Naples Florida; it was a 2 minute walk to the beach.

  11. I love batiks because they are tightly woven, if you’re paper piecing you can work with a small piece of fabric without fear of it unraveling and it has less lint that regular fabrics. Plus the colors and patterns are awesome!!

  12. The quality of the fabric and depth of color as well as the variations of color in one print are all so amazing in Island Batiks!

  13. The colors of batiks are always so amazing. And I like the tightness of the weave when working with them.

  14. I love the beautiful shadings of color. Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  15. i love the gorgeous colors and designs and the way the fabrics feel. what’s not to love about batiks?

  16. Beautiful colors and would make a wonderful quilt for my daughter who lives on the Chesapeake Bay….

  17. What I love best are the diverse and unique colors! The colors are so beautifully saturated, the textures amazing and they are absolute heaven to work with!

  18. Batiks are excellent in all respects. Fabric quality, colour vibrancy, pattern and texture. I have a few in my stash but I want more! I’d love to make an art quilt with batiks.

  19. I’ve been collecting batiks for many years. I love the way colors mix and blend and flow across the fabrics, making it very easy to coordinate colors and transition from one to another. One can capture virtually any mood using batiks; the variety available is just tremendous.

  20. Batiks are my favorite fabric and these are just beautiful. All three quilts show the range of what can be done.

  21. I love working with batiks! The texture prints give just a bit of something extra and the gradient colors are great for depth and shadows. My favorites are anything like look like sky, water or sand!

  22. Reblogged this on The Beachy Quilter and commented:
    Happy New Year! Can you believe we are already a week into it!? I have been busy quilting and preparing for our upcoming trip to Okinawa, Japan! I can’t wait to share it with you when we return!
    Today, I am sharing the Aurifil blog about Island Batiks and their new Fall/Winter 2016 collection. I love these fabrics and thought with all the cold wintry weather occurring in almost every state this past weekend, you might need a fabric fix!

  23. I love the blending of colors that many batiks possess, the nuances of shading from one dye to the next on the fabric.

  24. I love the ease of not having to be concerned about a right or wrong side of a fabric. It’s real easy to flip a piece of fabric – and that’s OK – because sometimes I like the back side of a piece better, but you get in a hurry, it’s so easy to have to rip-rip-rip with the seam ripper.

  25. I love the handmade process and the innate uniqueness of each print and even each section.

  26. Love mixing a bit of batiks in all my projects. Great group of colors and textures in the group!

  27. Batiks are wonderful! I love how deep the colours are and how misty/frosty some colours look together.

  28. I love the tight weave of batiks, they ravel less and stay crisper making them easier to cut accurately. They all seem to work well together, making it easier to use my scraps. I also love the depth of color in the designs, I find them easier to work with than regular quilting cottons. My last two Quilts were both batik quilts. Thank Aurifil for another great giveaway.

  29. Stunning fabrics with gorgeous colors. Love the details and textures of the island batiks.
    With coupling the Aurifil threads with those batiks it’s perfect.

  30. The colors are wonderful — you can use either side — they don’t fray
    and they give a great visual appeal when used in a project.
    Batiks and Aurifil thread are really a sewer’s delight.

  31. I love that they’re double sided – so I don’t have to figure out which is the back and which is the front.

  32. I love that batiks can make great blenders, that they come in so many gorgeous colors and designs, and that I generally don’t have to worry about a right or wrong side.

  33. The splash of colors in the fabrics that look amazing together without looking like regurgitation is why I love batiks.

  34. Batiks are my favorite fabrics to work with. The richness and variety of the colors give me lots of choices!

  35. The gorgeous colors are what I love most about batik fabrics. Whether soft pastels or deep rich saturated colors, they all make wonderful quilts. Thanks.

  36. I looove Batiks..the colors & prints are amazing!! Soft feel…and sooooo Beautiful! Great assortment of colors.
    Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way 😀

  37. i haven’t used batiks yet but they are such rich colors I want to start adding them to my projects

  38. I love to work with batiks, they are so easy to work with, add to that the great colors and depth of color.

  39. Batiks have a richness in depth of color and design. They are great to add drama to a quilt, or a touch of atmosphere in just the right places!

  40. I love batiks for the wide range of patterns, their rich colors and how nicely they work in appliqué projects!

  41. There are so many reasons why batiks are my favorite fabrics!… the richness and depth of colors, the wonderful crisp hand of the fabric, the reversibility that makes it so versatile… Just to name a few!
    But, I think the thing that completely wins me over is the fact that each little bit of a batik, by the very way in which it is made, **is a true work of ART**!!
    Each piece of a batik is Unique, a wonderful piece of Art!!
    Pat T.

  42. I love the bright colors and the way you can mix from different designers and also can add them to your regular prints, P.S if i win I would love the smaller box, the floss colors are to die for!!

  43. Love the freshness of these fabrics. Would love to have a go at making Tartary quilt which is mentioned in the blog so stunning.

  44. I love the vibrant and varied colors/patterns in batik fabrics. They remind me of all the beautiful places I have visited during my life.

  45. I love the gradations and mix of colors that you get when you use batiks – I also like the idea of the fabric being reversible.

  46. I love the vivid colors and unique patterns of batiks. They add a lot of life to sewing projects. I actually got my mom to start using them as well after I made several quilts with batiks!

  47. I’m picky about batiks – I don’t like them all, but the ones I do, I LOVE! I love the colors, and some of the designs!

  48. My favorite thing about batiks is how the color goes all the way through. You can’t tell which is the “right” side!

  49. I love that batiks are ‘reversible’ …. so, if I happen to cut my paper piecing pattern incorrectly, I can just flip it over and it’s correct!!! Awesome! (lynnstck[at]

  50. I absolutely adore this color palette. I like how batiks blend and look in quilts.

  51. Batiks are so versatile, they blend with everything but they are also so intense. If you want color, batiks are the way to go. And they don’t have all the cutesy designs, they are just random and gorgeous. Thanks.

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