The Quilts of Savannah QuiltCon 2017: Piecing Category


This past weekend, Aurifil traveled to Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia, for QuiltCon, the largest modern quilting show of its kind, presented by the Modern Quilt Guild. We were there to help celebrate 42 remarkable modern quilters with unique and colorful entries in the Piecing Category, a category we’ve proudly sponsored for the last several years.  Personal taste in fabric, color, and design style allows this category to stay completely varied and different.

Alex Veronelli with the First Place Quilt (see below for more info)
Alex Veronelli with the First Place Quilt (see below for more info)

I took photos of every quilt in the category and put together a slideshow to illustrate just how interpretive piecing can be:

The Aurifil Sponsored Piecing Category Winners 

First Place: Marilyn Farquhard, “Ode de Yoshiko”img_2171

Second Place: Miriam Coffey, “Finding the One”


Third Place: Elaine Poplin, “Vertigo”


And, my personal favorite: Sarah Sharp, “Folksy Fish”img_2341

After looking at the sheer number of seams in some of these quilts, especially “Folksy Fish”, you can see how important your choice of thread is!  Aurifil 50wt thread is perfect for piecing because it is thin enough to reduce bulky seams (ensuring a more flat quilt top), yet strong enough to ensure that your stitches will stay together.  Even if it’s not an heirloom piece, it will last like it is.

Aurifil would like to congratulate all the entrants in this year’s QuiltCon quilt show! We are so inspired by the work that you do!

To find out more about our different thread weights and how they should be used, please visit our website.

Stay tuned for a full recap of our QuiltCon experience on Monday, March 6! We had so much fun and can’t wait to share it all!


  1. Thank you for sharing these! They are all amazing and the Folksy fish just makes me smile as I live in MN and my brothers are both avid fisherman. Amazing talent on all of these entries!!!

  2. Hi there! Looked at the post and the video and it would appear that the second and third place winners have been reversed. The vertigo quilt has the 3rd place ribbon on it and finding first has the 2nd place ribbon. Enjoyed looking at the quilts though!


  3. Thank you so much– I do want to make sure that Vertigo is listed as third place– Miriam Coffey’s got second. 🙂

    Love your thread! Vertigo was made entirely with Aurifil thread, too!

  4. I saw these in person and can still watch this over and over. Had a terrific conversation with the Aurifil rep in your booth (who kindly told me where to buy a color card, which j have in hand now – swoon). Aurifil is the only thread that makes my Bernina happy, and I’m eager to try the 28 weight with her. Now if I could only get the mad skills on display at the show. Thanks to each of your for your inspiration and dreams.

    1. We love that you and your Bernina love us. <3 Thank YOU for being part of us and our inspirations!

  5. Thank you Alex for the beautiful slide show! Not having the ability to go to the show I caught bits and pieces of individual quilts but not all, such as in the video! It is very inspiring! The Folksy Fish is my favorite

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