Moda Mondays: Pat Sloan, Let’s Go Sew!

Now that the snow is finally melting and Spring is actually in the air, we’re kicking off Moda Mondays, a super fun series designed to showcase a stunning lineup of thread collections by our treasured Moda Designers. Check in here every Monday to learn more!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to start up our Spring Moda Mondays with industry icon, Pat Sloan. Pat has written over 30 books, designed hundreds of quilts, designs fabric collections for Moda, curates thread collections for Aurifil, hosts a weekly podcast for American Patchwork & Quilting, organizes the Aurifil Designer of the Month program, and still manages to travel extensively for her lectures while peppering in fun events like The Splendid Sampler Sew Along and so very much more. She is a tireless crusader for quilting and sewing education and is generally seen as an inspiration to all;). So… we love Pat. Pat is just amazing.

Pat’s latest collection with Moda Fabrics is Sunday Drive, a group of incredibly versatile prints and colors all inspired by her memories of Sunday drives. Reds, blues, greens, and neutrals come together to create florals, batiks, and lattice prints. The coordinating thread collection shares a title with Pat’s motto, Let’s Go Sew! It is a terrific range of colors in 50wt that complement her fabrics perfectly, but would also make a terrific stash building box. The collection is available in both large and small spool boxes.

Let’s Go Sew
12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
4060 – 5021 – 2605 – 2630 – 2850 – 2720
2730 – 2785 – 2890 – 2882 – 5002 – 2260

10 Small Spool, 50wt (220yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
4060 – 5021 – 2605 – 2850 – 2720
2785 – 2890 – 2882 – 5002 – 2260

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started in the world of sewing and quilting?
My first career was 20 years in computers. I’m a geek – I wrote code and managed very large teams of software engineers doing very long term projects. This means I’m a juggler and I know how to whip up a mean schedule.

In 2000 my husband and I decided to leave the corporate world and start our own small design business. So now we have been small business owners for 17 years.

You can read more & check out several other interviews I’ve done by clicking here.

Fall 2016 Quilt Market Booth

Do you remember the process of making your first quilt and how you felt once it was complete?
That was a long time ago, I was making a ‘bedspread’. You can read my sort of epic story about it right here.

For some reason that didn’t inspire me to continue quilting.  So, fast forward to when my girlfriend Gwyn signed me up for the 12 week, all by hand, cardboard template, ‘Learn to Quilt Class’ and for some reason, I loved it!

Let’s Go Ride by Pat Sloan

How did you first connect with Moda?
As a hobby quilter, my favorite shop loved Moda and carried mostly Moda fabric, so that is when I first used it. Every designer Moda has created fabric that I personally love… the designs just speak to me! So when I started designing patterns, I used Moda fabrics and eventually submitted designs and joined their team! It’s a dream come true to work with them.

Pinwheel Park by Pat Sloan

What do you love most about working with them?
There are so many reasons that I adore ‘My Moda Family’.  Every person from Mr. Dunn, the man who had such vision to start a business providing fabric to quilters, to the Design team with Cheryl Freydberg and all the Marketing folks, each and every person is a class act. They are generous, they are helpful, they are kind, and they give back. They give back to the designers, the quilting community and the world via their charity work.

I’m lucky enough to have gone to an event in South Africa with Mr. Dunn and his sons Brian and Josh. The company made sure all our instructor things were shipped over months in advance. Then the three of them helped the designers when we got there to be sure we had what we needed to teach. Plus they set up their entire booth for the event and talked to quilters for every day of the show. At the end we all took a day trip safari which was so much fun to do! That is just a little peek at how the Moda team supports and helps its designers and the industry.

What did you love most about putting your latest collection, Sunday Drive, together for them?
Every time I start a new fabric collection I have a theme to build off of. This is my write up I did for myself to start the collection:

“When was the last time you took a Sunday Drive? Maybe you left the city for the country market. Or you went from the country to take in a museum. A Sunday Drive was the highlight of the weekend when I was a little girl, and to be honest, it still is! The joy of exploring around the area with no plan is thrilling. We might find a new park to walk in, or a fabulous ice cream stand. Round the next corner and there is an adorable garden center or a fantastic farmer’s market. The part I love is having it unplanned. When I was little and family went for a drive, we didn’t know where we’d go, and we didn’t mind that. We rolled down the windows, enjoyed the wide open spaces and explored each stop on our Sunday drive! “

Do you have a favorite project made with the collection?
The Round About is my favorite made with Sunday Drive. I decided to use a lot of my light patterns from the collection and mixed my cottons and batiks into the same quilt. I wanted the quilt to feel very fresh and airy! It was so fun to see it come together and I like it in fabric even more than I thought I would!

Round About by Pat Sloan

What is your favorite thing to make?
I really love to do wall hangings and machine appliqué. I’ve done my fair share of small, medium and large quilts, but time and again I love to hang my quilts as art. I want to be able to see them. Creating ‘Let’s go Sew’ with my black polka dot sewing machine has been such fun. I am planning to make another in red & white and surround it with Splendid Sampler blocks that are sewing themed. Stay tuned for a challenge on that!

Let’s Go Sew Pattern by Pat Sloan

When did you first discover Aurifil threads?
I was part of an internet community called Second Life, where I hosted a group of quilters (of course!) and this guy named Alex wanted to join my quilt group. So, I asked him to tell me a bit about himself. He said he worked for a thread company and could they send me ‘some spools to try’.  I thought, why not…

Next came a suitcase of all the colors of Aurifil, from Italy… and THAT is how I found them! I kind of like Alex..

What do you love most about them?
The entire Aurifil team is passionate about Quilting. When I introduced Elena and Alex for their 30th anniversary party, Elena talked about how she saw these amazing pieces of art and was inspired to talk to her father about opening Aurifil USA. Their goal is to celebrate quilts, sewing, and the makers. They are also incredible team players working with all the companies in the industry.

On a personal level they are my friends. I met them very early on in the start up of Aurifil USA and we worked together to get the word out about this incredible thread.

You’ve been a champion for Aurifil threads for years, including being the creative genius behind the Aurifil Designer of the Month program. What do you love most about the collaboration?
I love interviewing the designer each month to learn more about them. It’s so easy in this fast past internet world to just see a photo and move on. But that photo was taken by a person with a story. I want to know how they got where they are, what inspires them, where and how do they work and create.

The designers really have fun, too, looking for just the right photo to share.

Then we do the fun block patterns, and it’s a surprise each month that I truly look forward to!!

Pat with the finished 2016 Designer of the Month quilt

Do you have a favorite color/weight and why?
Is this a ‘turn the table’ question? I ask the Designer of the Month the same thing and they also cry ‘uncle’! So now it’s my turn to pick ONE… (note- I allow them THREE colors!)

If I had to only have one color of thread, it would be from my Perfect Box of Neutrals,  5011, but you really should have the whole box!

How did you go about selecting threads for your latest Aurifil collection, Let’s Go Sew?
I put in a range of yummy shades that work with my Moda Fabrics. From aqua to blue, navy, red, green and that great pinky red (5002). There are 3 neutrals and then a fun neutral variegated 4060.

What top thread tip would you want to share with our readers?
Buy the big spools, they are a better value, and you can keep the threads tidy by locking the tail under the cap!

Where can we find you this year?
If you go to my website you can find all the projects I’m hosting this year.

Then sign up for my newsletter  where I give updates, tips & finds!

On Facebook, you can join me at my super fun group, Quilt with Pat Sloan.

and on Instagram too!


To enter-to-win 1 Large Let’s Go Sew Thread Collection and one Jelly Roll of Sunday Drive by Pat Sloan for Moda, click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Sunday, April 9! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Monday, April 10. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to our winner, Sylvia Lopez! 

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Pat Sloan is a designer, author, and lecturer, and with her weekly radio show, Pat truly is the “Voice of Quilting”. She has a deep passion for making quilting fun for herself and everyone around her. Pat loves to hang out with quilters on the internet as well as visit you in person. Be inspired to get more done!

Having sewn since she was a child and quilted for over 20 years, Pat eventually looked to her craft as a business. After a few years quilting she started to teach quilt making to others and then turned her skills to pattern designing. She found that she really enjoys designing and seeing how other quilters made her patterns. In 2000 Pat’s designs became so popular that she and her husband Gregg formed a design and publishing company called Pat Sloan & Co. In addition to designing and publishing her work, they now travel around the country teaching and showing her quilts to quilt guilds and quilt shops. Also, Pat has had her designs published in all the national magazines, she has written 31 quilt books and has designed many lines of fabric for Moda Fabrics.

Visit her website for more info.

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  1. Let’s Go Sew, Let’s Go Ride & your Round About quilt are too cute for words! Paired with Aurifil thread makes them a dream team!

  2. My favorite memory as a child is always Christmas. I would get needle art kits, and be busy all the time creating with them. Thank you for a great post.

  3. Congrats to Aurifil on 30 years. Congrats on you getting to work with them! Love the Sunday drive fabrics! I would enter to win, but I don’t Instagram, only email. Hope to try Aurifil thread one day!

    1. Hi Angela — There was initially an issue with our rafflecopter entry — I’m so sorry about that! It has been corrected. If you try again, you should be able to enter without issue:). Thanks so much! -Erin

  4. Oh, I just started quilting this year and fell in love with pat’s designs <3
    Looking back my favorite memory about my childhood … we could do our own experiences in paper work, needlework, painting, sewing (by hand), crochet… ans others!

  5. Favorite childhood memory: Going on summer vacations, six of us in a Ford Econoline Bus/Van, traveling across the country and sleeping in cheap motels. One of my favorite trips was down to Mexico City. The pyramids were fantastic!

  6. One of my favorite childhood memories was playing cards at the kitchen table with my Aunt Caroline and Uncle Otto as well as my mom, dad and brothers. We always had so much fun!

  7. I love Pat’s Sunday Drive line! My favorite memory as a child is all the camping trips we took.

  8. The entire reason I began quilting….my Godmother made beautiful quilts, and she basically raised me. I loved her quilts and would lay on them and run my fingers across the designs and then bury my face in them because they smelled soooo good, she hung them outside to dry. If you have ever smelled that sweet smell you KNOW what I am talking about. It was SUCH a comfort to me.

  9. One of my favourite childhood memories is swimming at Port Stanley, Ontario, and having ice-cream at Shaw’s on the way home.

  10. My favorite memories from my childhood involve going to visit my grandmother and getting to spend time with her.

  11. Celebrating my family’s birthdays, especially mine in the summer where all grandparents and uncles and friends could come for my birthday party!!! As I grow older, and since my grandparents passed I truly miss them on birthdays!!

  12. My favorite childhood memory is hand sewing doll clothes, no patterns. They didn’t always fit that great but I still had fun.

  13. Feeding my first cat as a tiny kitten with a baby dolls feeding bottle – he was so small even an eye dropper was too big!

  14. My Daddy was big on Sunday drives. My favorite place to go was Stepping Stone Falls. We would usually bring a picnic lunch. I miss time with my parents and siblings. We always laughed alot. I am a “Sloanie” and follow Pat in all her endeavors. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize package.

  15. My favorite childhood memory is Christmas mornings, waking up to a stocking that Santa filled while we slept and coming downstairs to a tree that appeared overnight! Such joy!

  16. I, like Pat Sloan, went on lots of Sunday drives growing up. My sisters and I especially loved when Dad found anroadside ice cream place! Nowadays, it’s harder to find time for the Sunday drive, but maybe I need to.

  17. My favorite was rounding up all my friends and playing through the afternoon and evenings well into the night

  18. One of my favorite childhood memories is going on the bus with my mom to an appointment or shopping trip and getting surprised with a visit to the old fashioned lunch counter for a yummy lunch. This was a very rare and special thing for me as we were very poor.

  19. Reading with my dog, in our backyard. Or sometimes I would climb a tree–sometimes with siblings–and bring a book and some treats, and read. Our dogs would wait faithfully at the bottom of the tree until we came down. I wish I could do that now.

  20. I have so many memories, it is hard to choose just one.
    My brother and I would go spend 2 weeks of summer vacation on my aunt and uncle’s farm. We were city kids going country! My Aunt June is the one that taught me to sew!!

  21. My favorite childhood memory is our annual trips to the beach. I know my parents saved all year long to allow us this luxury. I have memories of floating in the ocean, beach combing, marshmallows on the fire and sandcastles.

  22. I love Pat Sloan and love to sew with Aurifil! What a great combo!
    One of my favorite childhood memories was playing with my Barbie dolls. I had a ton of clothes for her that my sister made and they were fancy-shmancy!

  23. My favorite memory as a child would have to be opening the same coloring book and crayons from my grandparents for Christmas that I received the Christmas the year before and the year before that. I think my siblings and I received this gift for 3 to 4 years in a row. Each year we would see how our coloring skills improved. Some may not understand but we were actually excited.
    Great posting about you , Aurifil and Moda.
    Thank you Pat for my memory.

  24. After dinner walks with my dad are my favorite childhood memory. Sometimes we just walked around town, sometimes we ended up at the little league field to watch a game, sometimes we ended up at the ice cream shop!

  25. My favorite memory of my childhood was spending time watching football and cooking our Sunday fiesta! We were huge Charger fans and every Sunday he would cook up something special every Sunday! I have taken up quilting recently and would love to win this quilt to honor my fathers memory! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! I really miss my father!

  26. Singing with my dad in the car on trips. Grandpa’s Whiskers is the song I remember the most.

  27. my mom teaching me to sew on her treadle machine and making doll clothes with me; and teaching me to iron by letting me iron by ironing my dad’s handkerchiefs (who even does that anymore?).

  28. I remember that my parents and I would get in the car and drive somewhere out of town. It’s hard to believe that outside of Las Vegas are little communities to be discovered. Sadly, I think Vegas has grown so big that these little places have been gobbled up.

  29. One of my favorite childhood memories is swimming at the lake every summer! I always spent more time under the water than on top.

  30. I love reading about how/when/where the different designers began quilting and using Aurifil thread. I discovered Aurifil thread at a quilt show when I first started quilting. I asked a vendor which thread and what color she recommended for piecing and she directed me to Aurifil and 2600, light grey. I’ve used nothing else since and now buy that color in the very large spool. I have many other colors in the 1400 meter size. But of course you can never have enough of Aurifil thread. There’s always a new color.

  31. One of my favorite childhood memories was taking a walk in the woods behind the house. There was a little clift area where I could sit and overlook the river down below. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity. Enjoy the “fun and bright’ colors of the Sunday drive collection.

  32. Favorite memories as a child: Summer camping trips, family reunions, and sewing with my Mom.

  33. I guess my favorite memory (there are a lot!) would be the time my parents and siblings went to Chimney Rock in North Carolina for a picnic, after which we went to “sliding rock” where the river runs down a very slick rock into an open pool at the bottom. I was challenged to slide-of course then I had to-the water was ice cold, very exhilarating, to say the least, and, I only did it once!

  34. Lot’s of favorites, playing barbies, building forts, walking to store and buying penny candy, paper dolls, red light, green light, and so many other things.

  35. One of my fondest memories is getting a Brand new bike for my 8 th birthday. I was the 4 th child so never had brand new before.

  36. Love Moda fabrics too! My favorite childhood memories ar time spent at the lake where my parents had a cabin, those walks in the woods and on the beach!

  37. One of my favorite childhood memories is going clam digging with my Aunt and Grandmother. I usually filled my bucket with sanddollars.

  38. One of my favorite memories are the Easter egg hunts at Grandma’s with all the cousins.

  39. My Mom would sit at her Singer sewing machine and would make things while watching me go down for a nap. I loved listening to her stores, while her feet made that machine go along effortlessly. I would also push in all her pins in that tomato pin cushion, she would get so mad trying to get them all out.

  40. Sunday Drive is a great looking collection of fresh spring colors – love it!

  41. What a great prize. Thanks for the chance to win. One of my favourite childhood memories is our family trip to Juneau, Alaska when I was 6. We were there for July 4th so got to see fireworks AND the Northern Lights. We went hiking beside a glacier and had to step over a bear carcass. A summer to remember. 🙂

  42. My Grandmother would sit at her sewing machine which was a treadle machine and have me sit on the floor working the paddle on the bottom to make the machine go. Then as I grew older my mother made all our clothes(5 girls she had to). Then Grandma told me any young woman needed to go to a marriage with a whole wardrobe, so by time I was 16 I was making all my own clothes and have been sewing since.

  43. My favorite childhood memory was getting my first pony…his name was Pepper! He had bucked me off and I was scared and refused to ride him again until my Dad (a very large man) rode him….Pepper took him under a low branched walnut tree and my Dad grabbed the tree branch and let Pepper run out from underneath him…I laughed so hard I wasn’t afraid to ride after that!

  44. Waking up Christmas morning to a brand new sewing machine under the tree when I was 8 years old!!! I still remember sewing clothes for my dolls.

  45. I love Pat Sloan designs and aurifil threads! Eccellent combimation.
    When I was a kid dad used to take us on Sunday drives. We always ended either a cheese shop or bakery in the middle of nowhere and topped it off with a stop for ice cream cones!

  46. Favorite childhood memory Thanksgivings on the farm with all the family in from out of state, the lovely smells all through the house and waiting for the men to come in from hunting so we can EAT !!

  47. Growing up in UK 🇬🇧 I remember lots of lovely car rides and bike rides having picnics all filled with fun and beautiful colorful countryside I miss it daily 😕

  48. My parents at always had a small boat (kept in our garage) and every summer, every chance we had, we would launch the boat and take a ride over to Canadian waters and often anchor at the beach area that was part of the former Boblo Island Amusement park. The park closed two years after I graduated high school and is now filled with huge homes.

  49. A favorite memory is going to the fabric store to pick ou s pattern and fabric for a new dress.

  50. Favorite childhood memory is going for a Jeep ride with my Dad to Dairy Queen for a Dilly Bar!

  51. my favorite memories as a child were the family vacations we would take together. We didn’t have alot of money but somehow my parents always made summer vacations special and fun. It was time just for us. Outdoor picnics, hiking, camping, toasting marshmallows over a campfire. Those were the best times.

  52. My favorite memory was spending a day with my Grandmother. We would sew, bake, or go downtown shopping. Learned so much from her. I remember using her treadle sewing machine to make clothes for my baby dolls. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!!

  53. I remember sitting next to my mom with my toy sewing machine while she magically whipped up skirts. If I only knew what happened to that sewing machine

  54. Every August we would go on a 2 week vacation. We would hitch up our tiny camper and drive to a different destination every year. Washington DC, Canada, California… Only as I got older did I realize how exhausting this must have been for my Dad to drive from Wyoming to these places and then spend days tromping around seeing the sites with 3 children full of energy.

  55. Spending Friday nights at my grandma’s house, watching Johnny Carson together and then sewing, baking and learning to make elderberry jam on Saturday.

  56. If we were really good, we got to go to the A&W in our pajamas in the back of the wood-paneled station wagon!

  57. One of my favorite childhood memories is when we, all my sisters and brother, Father, Mom, would have a cookout in the back yard and then eat a fresh watermelon for dessert. The watermelon spitting was the most fun. I would always have a hard time getting the slippery things to stay on my thumb and forefinger, but when I was able to shoot a seed and make it stick on someone’s face – it was a happy dance.

  58. Playing with my sister in our yard and putting our kittens in and out of our doll buggy!!!! Thank You for sharing a neat giveaway!

  59. Drives up the California coast (when there was NO traffic) and spending summers on relative’s farms (in small inland towns) and at the beach in Santa Cruz (no college there at the time … just a small sleepy beach town). Life was simpler then but quilting brings me that same kind of relaxing peace.

  60. One of my favorite childhood memories is spending hours reading Nancy Drew mysteries, Bobbsey Twin books, and others!

  61. What a nice read on a Monday morning! The term, “Sunday Drive” certainly brings back childhood memories for me. Maybe that’s something that my husband and I need to think about reinstating!

  62. My favorite childhood memories are of Christmas…going to sleep Christmas Eve and waking up to a decorated tree and wrapped gifts. We didn’t have a lot, but my parents made every Christmas special.

  63. My childhood memory is going for a vacation all over to north in india with my fun. I had more fun with them during my childhood times.

  64. Among my favorite childhood memories are the large family get-togethers with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. These were usually held on Sundays, a wonderful reason for a Sunday Drive. Lots of good food, fun, and laughter. Those were the good old days.

  65. One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting on my grandpa’s lap and “driving” his car.

  66. I absolutely love, love, love Aurifil thread! I’m so hoping that my local quilt is carrying Pat’s new line! So pretty!

  67. A favorite childhood memory is of the many Christmas mornings my sisters and I spent marveling at the wondrous spectacle Santa left the night before.

  68. One of my favorite memories from my childhood is going to Bible camp each summer. So much fun and made so many friends.

  69. I loved drives down to Lake Ontario to just sit and look out over the water in all kinds of weather and seasons…

  70. Farming alongside dad, then rolling tortillas (not always round! Wink) with mom and my sister.

  71. One of my favorite memories is when my whole family would visit my grandparents at their cottage on a small lake. My grandfather was a craftsman and over the years had built the cottage. We spent a lot of happy times there with cousins. While I was visiting alone with my grandmother one weekend, she taught me to embroider. I think it was then that I caught the “sewing bug” and have enjoyed quilted and embroidered things ever since.

  72. We used to go on Sunday drives when I was young. Dad was into photography so he would take the camera along looking for that perfect shot.

  73. Following my brother around.
    He stuck his hand in a mud
    puddle looking for Salamanders,
    but didn’t find any. I then put
    my hand in the puddle and
    pulled out a big ole Salamander!
    Carla from Utah

  74. It was Christmas when I was probably 4, my Uncle Tom, dressed as Santa !! I have the family picture with me on his lap!
    Thank you.

  75. Playing “Hide and Go Seek” with neighborhood friends. Especially till dusk and dark…it was always a safe neighborhood and small community.

  76. Going to my grandparents farm is my favorite memory. When we said our hellos we would race off to the woods and the creek.

  77. Going to West Virginia for the summers to first my aunt. We would garden, swim, and go camping. Loved those moments.

  78. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to see The Wizard of Oz with my Uncle Charlie! The theater gave us green glasses to view the Emerald City during the screening! This was back in the ’50’s…

  79. My favorite memory as a child is going on “vacation” at Grandma’s house for a couple weeks during the summer!!! This is when she taught me to crochet and sew!

  80. I loved Sunday dinners! We would have a BBQ or an oven roast.. then would go to our favourite ice cream parlour. (They made all of their own ice cream) have a cone and people watch! I miss Stoney Creek Dairy!

  81. What was my favorite childhood memory. Summers at my grandparents home. Papa waking me before the sun rose to go fishing on the lake.

  82. I have wonderful memories of Sunday drives from my childhood. We didn’t go every week which made them special. We would go apple picking or visit a park in the country.

  83. One of my favorite memories as a child was watching my Mom sew and iron. I was by her side asking questions and learning. It was our quiet time together. She taught me to embroider and sew my own doll clothes as a child. I went on to sew for years for myself and my family and now I enjoy quilting. What a wonderful gift she gave me! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  84. One of my favourite memories is my Mom teaching me to sew, embroider, knit, crochet….she loved to pass on her skills to me and I couldn’t learn enough of them! 🙂

  85. My Mom teaching me to sew. With 4 girls in the family we made our own clothes. There was a lot of sewing going on!

  86. Childhood memories are too many to select a favorite! Love the giveaway and hope I win this wonderful selection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. I would think that starting out in computers would be good preparation for quilt design. This is a very nice giveaway.

  88. My favorite childhood memories are going to the country on the weekends and summers to visit grandparents, aunts and uncles. We lived in the city and they were only 100 miles from us. It was so peaceful, to run in the woods and soak our feet in the creeks, have big family picnics and go to bed tired under grandma’s quilts. Thank you Pat for making us think about these times.

  89. I am a “Sloanie”. One of the ladies used that term on the Quilt Along With Pat Sloan FB group the other day and I think it fits. Enjoying the Solstice Challenge and saving the Children’s Library Blocks for later. Love Moda fabrics and designs. Always a pleasure to work with them.

  90. I remember working on my 4-H projects in the summer when I was young.

    I love MODA and Aurifil!

  91. One of my favourite memories is every third Sunday getting in the car to go and visit my grandmother out in the Country.. I would be so excited wondering what we would do and explore as was always different, and also what homemade jam we would have with tea and take home. It was this wonderful lady that taught me to sew and bought my first sewing machine. The colours of this pack are right up my street.

  92. Such gorgeous, happy colors!

    My favorite childhood memories center around visiting my grandparents in Ligonier, Indiana in the Summers, and, once, at Christmas. My favorite place to be.

  93. One of my favorite childhood memories is riding bikes to the library on warm (hot we live in Texas!) summer days with my siblings. We would try to stay in the shade and would hit one of the only COLD water fountains in town to get a cool drink. Then on to the shelves and shelves of books. We could only check out four but I knew that there would be another trip when I finished those four. Once we even got our picture in the newspaper where the photographer caught us sitting under a shade tree looking through our treasures before the ride home!

  94. My favorite memory as a child was our camping trips each summer in Prince Edward Island and on the sewing side of things that would be watching my grandmother at her treadle sewing machine just making it sing as she made her own clothes.

  95. I had loved the carefree summer days of my childhood spent either biking, swimming, reading or crafting!

  96. My favorite childhood memories are the camping trips we took (kind of a long version of a Sunday Drive!).

  97. This was a really great interview and it was so neat to learn about the thread company also. I am so excited to be starting on quilting and becoming part of such a big group of people already quilting. Thanks for all you do, Pat, to help us along our quilting journey.

  98. I remember going to Pensacola Beach for the day…I loved it! We would spread towels on the seat going home to try to keep the beautiful sand off of them. And we would invariably fall asleep on the way home, because we were so tired. Lovely memories of playing in the surf.

  99. My favorite childhood memory is sitting on the floor of my Granma’s sewing room. I remember playing with her large box of buttons while listening to the hum of the sewing machine. Every time I sew it brings me right back to that memory.

  100. My favorite childhood memories are when I played in my father’s shop among the cars he repaired. Wonderful give away! I’m in love!

  101. My favourite memory is visiting my great aunt and uncle in Detroit. My aunt and I had the same birthday and always celebrated together. She was a very special person and didn’t have any children of her own so my dad was very close to her also. I still miss her.

  102. Roller skating every Sunday night, in an old building, but with a great wooden floor..
    and a bottle of pop for 10 cents….. Great fun

  103. One of my favorite memories is spending time with my maternal grandmother. She taught me to sew and iron!

  104. My favorite memory is getting out of school and spending the whole summer, visiting with my Pop and Gram.

  105. A memory I cherish is of sitting on the floor, cutting a scrap fabric to make pj’s for a doll (no pattern, just cutting around the doll, then hand stitching it up, and it actually came out pretty good for a first project at about age 6!

  106. I had a pretty great childhood so I have a lot of great memories. The one that popped into my head first today though, was my mother’s ability to make even short local excursions seem like great adventures! We along with our next door neighbor’s went far far( less than 20 miles) to pick apples . What fun. Or we would go bike riding all over town and return “before the street lights came on”. Makes me smile just thinking about it! Love Pat Sloan( because of her I was an early convert to Auril thread! My favorite is 50 wt 2600 dove grey.)

  107. Pat Sloan is also a kind and very generous person, always willing to share he knowledge, patterns, and keep us informed about Moda, Aurifil, and people in the industry.

  108. I love the colors in the Sunday Drive line and the cute little sayings on the fabric, especially “Park by the lake”. I live by the lake so I’m parked there all the time. LOL Great thread colors too!

  109. One of my favorite childhood memories was fishing with my dad. Being an only child I did this a lot, lol. I wish I could sit in a boat and fish with my dad again.

  110. One of my faves will always be summers on my grandparents’ farm, snapping beans, peeling beets, and filling up on fresh yummies from their enormous garden!

  111. Love Pat Sloan!! & her fabrics, patterns & books!! 😀 Remember sitting on a glider in my Aunt’s basement, and she would be sewing on an old treadle machine! Don’t know what she sewed..I was really small…never saw a quilt there tho..she was a crocheter. Favorite fun thing tho…was roller skating with my Best Friend…remember the metal clip to your shoes skates? with a key… I roller skated until I wore the wheels out!!! giggle..

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way! 🙂

  112. Pat is quite an inspiration! I love her new line of fabric. I am enjoying her Solstice blocks and Library block of the month. I loved Sunday Drives with my family as a kid. My parents would pick a random spot and off we would go.

  113. I loved driving with my family to McConnell’s Mill to see the covered bridge and walk along the Slippery Rock Creek.

  114. I remember learning to knit and crochet with my Grandmother. She lived right across the street and I could go over for help any time I needed it!

  115. I am ready to sew! Let’s Go Sew! my favorite memory is my aunt sewing matching short sets for my cousin and I.

  116. One of my favorite childhood memories is taking a ride with my brothers and parents. My Dad would always get lost driving around North Shore above Boston but somehow we would end up at Dodges Big Drink and get a treat:_

  117. My husband and I love going for drives and not just on Sunday! Are kids loved it too. Now they too are taking the grandchildren out for their memories! We played car games but I really just loved to look at Mother Nature ‘s handy work. Stopping for picnics was always fun too.

  118. What a lovely story. It’s plain to see the real affection Pat has for Aurifil and Moda. Love her new fabric line and her choice of Aurifil to compliment it.

  119. Great post. You cannot go wrong with sewing, Moda, Auriful and good company to share the journey.

  120. What an amazing giveaway. Thank you sew much! A favorite childhood memory has to be watching my mother sew for all of our needs. She made all my clothes when I was growing up. She even cut up her own clothing when I was really little as they did not have much money when they were first married. I also remember coming home from school and having such wonderful goodies for snacks that my mother would have waiting for us.

  121. My favorite childhood memory also involves drives – any time my Dad went somewhere, I tagged along with him. He would quiz me about where we were going, so I had to pay attention to how we drove. I loved and cherished my time with him! ~smile

  122. My favorite memory is going to the Lake of the Ozarks with my Grandfather. My sister and I looked forward to spending time with him every summer.

  123. My favorite childhood memory is from when I was learning to sew. I was spending a week at my grandparent’s home one summer after I had just completed my first home economics class. My grandfather saw me struggling deciding how much to hem up my dress. He asked me about it, after I told him what I was trying to do, he jumped up on the kitchen table, threw my dress on over his head and said go get your pins and pin up this dress. So I did. The hem was perfect. It was my favorite dress for many years.

  124. My favorite childhood memory was the family loading in our car and driving along country dirt roads looking at all the wildflowers blooming.

  125. I remember going to my grandmother’s house on the weekends. She lived in the country and had window A/C units. Though, most of the time, we’d just go on the front porch and swing or rock in the rockers on hot afternoons. Eating apples from her apple trees, we’d listen to the bird calls and she’d mimic them and tell us what they were saying and what bird was singing. Then she’d point out all the trees we could see from the porch and name every one of them! Later in the evenings, we’d walk down to the church and visit my grandpa’s grave, listening to the crickets all the way there and back and trying to catch glimpses of fireflies in the dusk.

  126. My favorite childhood memory is camping with my family, i.e “roughing it,” not in a campground. Often, my dad would build a small water wheel in the nearby creek to amuse us and anyone else who happened along. Fresh clean air and water in those olden days.

  127. Making grass nests for the Easter Bunny, embellished with bluebonnets, and leaving a carrot for his early morning snack. He always left us a special gift in that nest.

  128. This is just the cutest little fabric line and i love how it was inspired from real memmories. It will probably sound cliche but my honest favorite memmory was going to hancock fabrics with my mom. I loved how it smelled (fabric stores have a beautiful distinct smell in case no one noticed, kind of like the beautiful smell of a library!) and i loved looking at all of the fabrics. My mom never quilted, but she sewed halloween costumes and she is a knitter and crocheter and loved embroidery.
    Hancock fabric closed in my hometown and we dont have any where i live now. It makes me sad that many of them are gone. I have however, passed on the fabric store trips with my daughter who will be turning 2 on april 14th. And let me tell you, fabric stores are probably one of her FAVORITE places to go!! I let her pick out some fabrics and im serious, she has a great eye for color. She cant talk yet but she always seems to pull out the prettiest fabrics and fat quarter bundles. The doenside to taking her is that i buy more than what i had originally went into the store for!!! My mom and I still have trips to the fabric stores as well, and of course my daughter comes with. We make a big trip out of it and with the two of my lack of self control, we never ever come back empty handed. I think alot of us seem to have that problem. Its not that i have TOO much fabric because my stash is small, but indefinitely shop faster than i sew! 😉

  129. Laying at one end of the couch while my brother was at the other end reading his comic books. I remember trying to “read” them but not finding them very interesting. But I still did it because my brother made it look fun and I wanted to do what he did!

  130. One of my very favorite childhood memories is making clothespin dolls with my mom. I believe that’s when my love for fabric and thread began.

  131. One of my favorite childhood memories is of our entire family going to the local lake to feed the ducks during the fall then going ice skating on the lake that winter. I basically just slid around on my hands and knees but it was fun!

  132. two of my favorite childhood memories are learning to sewing with my mom and grandma and sewing clothes for trolls with my best friend

  133. Favorite childhood memory…….I loved sitting in my Grandmothers lap and helping her sew. She made most of our clothing. My Great Grandmother made quilts out of the scraps and hand quilted them and hand quilted for the public. I sat many time with her and watch her quilt. Precious memories!

  134. Hi – I live close to Lancaster county in Penna and every Sunday when I was young we would take drives through Amish country always a different drive every time. It’s no wonder I love shoo-fly pie and whoopie pies. I am currently piece Pat’s “Take the Roundabout” – love her fabric and patterns and the thread would be a ‘blessing’ when I get ready to quilt. Thank you.

  135. What a wonderful way to start a spring. Love Pat Sloan, Love Aurifil thread, and fell in Love with Moda fabrics years ago.
    Wish I had the energy to keep up with Pat.

  136. My favorite memories as a child were spending time with my Grandmother. She taught me to love fabric and all the sewing arts. We would sew and talk quilts and clothing by day and crochet in the evening. So many good memories!

  137. I love the Sunday Drive fabric have it for the Roundabout Quilt pattern, looking forward to a sew along for that pattern and I love the Aurifil thread. I just found 5 quilt tops that my mother who is 97 started as a young girl and I want to finish them for her.

  138. One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting next to my grandmother as she hand quilted a quilt. She let me cut out squares for nine patch quilts! She started my love of quilting way back then!

  139. My 6th birthday party- a Cinderella them! God bless my mother for all her work to make it such a special day!

  140. My favorite childhood memory was going for a drive with my parents and many brothers and sisters and we got to stop at Dairy Queen and dad would buy each of us kids a dilly bar!! Tasted so good on a hot summer day; no air conditioned cars back then!!

  141. My favorite memory is playing dress-up with my cousins in my aunt’s bedroom. She let us put on lots of make-up and spray lots of perfume. We strutted around in her high heels and jewelry and were quite a sight, I’m sure. We sure had fun.

  142. I loved visiting Glacier National Park when I was 17 years old. Staying in Lake McDonald Lodge. I need to go back again.

  143. Going to my grandparents house each summer. My grandmother worked in the fabric area of White’s Dry Goods, and I’d visit, and she’d give me a quarter. I’d go down the street to the 5&10, and spend an hour or more, trying to figure out what to spend that quarter on.

  144. I have fond memories of going to my grandparents ‘farm when I was growing up. We would help pick strawberries from the garden, I probably ate more than I put in my bowl!

  145. My parents would take us for Sunday drives in the MG-TD, so it was good that we were small as that car was only meant for two (but it was such fun). Thank you for the chance to win some Sunday Drive fabric and thread. I am addicted to the boxes of Aurifil threads.

  146. My favourite childhood memory is getting my first two-wheel bicycle. It was kelly green and I just loved it!

  147. My dad would come home from a long day at work and we’d beg him to play with us. He’d play hide and seek, tag, baseball, and in the winter, build snow forts with us. We were blessed kids.

  148. My parents used to take us out on Sunday drives because my mom liked to “get out of the house” and my dad always liked to get ice cream. Good times!

  149. Going on vacation with my family with the squeaky styrofoam cooler in the back of the station wagon!

  150. My favorite memories include camping trips, going out to my grandmother’s summer house, sewing with friends, taking the bus to the beach, riding bikes to the pool, and learning more about sewing and baking with my friend’s mom.

  151. My favorite memory is of my grandmother sewing on her treadle machine while I stood by and just watched her little fingers turn that wheel to start then her little feet would pedal and there would go the fabric under the needle to make quilts for our family, all the while singing to me. I was five and now 52 years later that beautiful old treadle machine sits in my dining room and reminds me of my precious little grandmother.

  152. Fond memories of sitting under a large pine tree with my dog and staying dry while listening to the rain fall around us. We used to snuggle and comfort each other. Miss her.

  153. One of my favorite childhood memories is my Dad reading Rapunzel to me. It was my favorite bedtime story!

  154. In the summer time my Dad would take the four younger kids on his selling trips. We got to stay in hotels and swim every single day!

  155. Sunday drives in San Francisco with my Dad and sister — one of my favorite places to go was to Golden Gate Park to fee the ducks and geese!

  156. One of my favorite memories is going with my father to visit my aunts on weekends. They lived about an hour away and while my father drove, I would read from a book to him.

  157. Fishing in a small pond in the neighbors pasture with my dad, mom and brother on Saturday evenings. Cooking our supper over the fire.

  158. One favorite memory: learning to sew on my grandmother’s treadle machine. She was very patient.

  159. My favorite memory is riding out to my Uncle Joe’s with friends on our bikes. He lived outside our small town and was remodeling an old house to live in with his family. We would ride out there, and he always had cold Pepsi in his fridge to share with us, then we’d go hiking around, down by the creek and over into nearby fields. A great way to spend a summer day.

  160. My favourite memory is probably playing football iwth my cousins and uncles at my grandparent’s house and my grandad making coke floats with coke form the sodastream.

  161. I too loved our Sunday drives! We would drive and drive to all different areas but always ended up at Daddy’s favorite ice cream shop!!

  162. My all time favorite childhood memories are the summers my sister and I spent with our grandparents at Lake Buchanan in Texas. We fished with our grandfather, swam in the lake, had picnics, and when I got a little older, I learned to sew on my grandmother’s treadle machine, and loved it!

  163. Pat Sloan is my quilting hero.
    I loved Sunday drives as a child. Hubs and I now do Monday drives, as that is usually one of my days off.
    Thanks for all the quilty inspiration Aurifil and Pat.
    Thanks for the chance to win some thread. 😉

  164. my favorite memories are dinners with my family , and my mom teaching my how to knit and cross stitch. it took my years to come back to crafts and arts, but the base was there…

  165. Love it! Thanks Pat for your intro! I knew I loved you from the start when I found you on Facebook! So talented and inspiring! I never knew all that about you, so it was nice to read! I love Aurifil as well and your new line is adorable! It’s only Tuesday, but I sure would like to take a Sunday Drive! All the best to you and Aurifil!!!

  166. I think it might be playing on the beach with all my cousins and uncles while the aunties sat huddled together wrapped in beach towels and clutching flasks of tea. You can’t beat July on the north-east coast of England!

  167. I love, love Pat Sloan! She’s like the energizer bunny! Aurifil 50 wt cotton is my go to piecing and quilting thread. I haven’t used it in my new HQ Sweet Sixteen yet. But I’m certain it will be fine and give me that nice cotton thread machine quilting I love. My most precious memory for me is my grandmother rocking me in her gigantic, to me at the time, rocking chair. She was the center of my life.

  168. Favorite childhood memory: cutting out paper dolls from McCall’s magazine, looking through the Sears catalog, and playing with my mother’s can (fruit cocktail!) of buttons.

  169. My favorite childhood memory is going to visit my grandparents. They lived about an 8 hour drive away from us, so we didn’t get to visit them very often. But when we did, we had a great time! Thanks!

  170. One of my favorite memories is taking Sunday drives with my mom and dad and my grandparents. We would look for sites like “the devils bathtub” or go to the park on the lake for the annual fiddlers music fest. I love our driving vacations, too.

  171. I always looked forward to spending Thanksgiving with my dad’s family and 4th of July with my mom’s, we lived far away from both families so it was always fun to have those days to know when we would see everyone again.

  172. I loved going to Granby, Colorado to visit my grandparents. All of the aunts and uncles and cousins came and we had so much fun! It was a magical time.

  173. My mom, my aunt Doreen, and me sitting in the back yard under one of the apple trees. I was six years old and they were teaching me embroidery.

  174. I loved the 4-H fairs in the summertime! Growing up on a farm my brothers showed cattle at the fair and I did all the home ec type stuff: sewing, baking, etc. It was great! Looked forward to the fair each summer and it gave me something to work towards – it really taught me how to get things done!

  175. When I was a child Sunday drives were always fun. New adventures, places to explore, stopping at country gas stations and getting to pick out a different drink out of the drink coolers. Back then soft drinks were bottled locally and there was always something different to be had.

  176. Making hot chocolate pudding in the kitchen with my mama and snuggling in the big chair in the crook of my papa’s arm ~ favorite childhood memory

  177. My favorite memory is helping my dad at his business. I would clean the counters and sweep the floor. When I was 13 he taught me how to wait on customers.

  178. One favorite memory was being allowed to rummage in the “rag bag” which is what my aunt called her bag of fabric scraps from her sewing projects. I’ve always loved fabric, just looking and handling it makes me happy.

  179. First off…
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Alex & Elena!! And to Aurigil’n a great fine sewing thread, that I love to use!!

    Second… it is such fun learning new things… how long Oat Sloan has been with Moda & Aurifil! What makes her tick… her likes & dislikes.. her favorite memories as a child… makes it easier to connect with her one on one!

    My favorite childhood memories came on the best every other 3 day long weekend.. Friday night would start it off, by going to the high school football game, where our high school had won year after year of championships . Saturday, at least half day was work, either in the house, in the garden, or going to cut wood & gather it for the next winter, but all these things were a family thing… house was everyone pitched in, garden, same way, but much funnier, dad had garden disced up, and then tilled, so it was our favorite to shuck off the shoes & go barefoot in that deep dark chocolate colored soil, that smelled so good, running rows, to drop beans, or digging hills to drop potatoes! Then after work, was all the neighborhood kids would gather at the fork in the road, just past our garage, for a community baseball game, that lasted til as dark as we could still possibly see the ball.. then, eating a good fine home cooked meal, of either fried fish cornbread slaw & beans, or spaghetti and big salad, with a special desert! Sunday was to church with Grandma, then lunch at her house. After that, we would fill up my dads, old green chevy station wagon and drive the long windy dirt roads around where we lived, either to stop and take a day hike, or go to the local creek swimming hole, where the water never got above 65 degrees!! 😜 But we’d swim all evening, til we were pruned up, and then no need for a bath, except to wash up our faces, and hair… and cool the sun burns from being outside for the last 3 days! Wish I could do it all again!
    Loved this blog!

  180. Visiting my Grandma and knitting and crocheting with her and have her teach me all about the fiber arts. If not for my Grandma I would not be the woman I am today!

  181. Great interview! I have lots of memories of Sunday drives in the mountains near my childhood home. Now I live in those mountains!

  182. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?
    My mom was a seamstress and my father a brick layer. I was always fascinated by their trades and I love watching the work. I can close my eyes and see them now.

  183. A favorite childhood memory…spending the summer with my Grandma Annie at the farm, gardening, picking eggs and feeding the chickens, and swinging on the back porch swing. Thanks for the lovely question.

  184. My favorite childhood memory was playing in the snow. It was the first time that I had seen and felt snow. It was cold but so much fun.

  185. I grew up in Vermont on top of a small hill with a bigger one behind our house. We went sledding every day after school on the small hill and then on the weekends, we would go up to the big hill. I guess I liked sledding!

  186. One of my favorite memories is going to the beach for the first time. I was 5 and we traveled to California for a family reunion. Thanks for this awesome interview and chance to win!

  187. Christmas. We did so many family things during December. One that sticks out is caroling to the Great aunts on Christmas Eve. My grandmother had 7 sisters and most lived in Salt Lake City. We would sing and visit for at least 15 minutes and because we were expected there were generally treats. We would be gone most of the evening and would head straight to bed when we got home. It took me quite a while to realize my Dad started doing it so Mom would have a quiet time to try to finish up Christmas preparations. Since there were 8 of us, it was a real help to her. Love your interview and fabric. Thanks.

  188. A favorite childhood memory was visiting grandparents.
    During earlier years we didn’t have a tv so most Sundays we would go to my paternal grandmother’s house to visit and watch tv. She would always bake a cake for us.
    My maternal grandparents lived out of town so didn’t visit as often so when we did, it was special. They had flowers, gardens and fruit trees so we always went home with some fresh goodies.

  189. One of my favorite childhood memories is root bear floats on the front porch swing in the summer – what a great place to relax and enjoy a treat!

  190. One of my favorite childhood memories was visiting my grandparents and playing with my cousin. Barbie dolls and mud pies were some of our favorites! There was always lots of cookies and laughs.

  191. One of my favorite memories is learning to crochet with my grandmother. She has homebound and she would send me downtown on the bus to get supplies!

  192. My favorite memories were visiting my grandparents outside of London, Ohio. My grandpa had a farm and I loved going riding down to the fields every day and helping him pick fruits and vegetables.

  193. Just one favorite memory from childhood?!? Harder than a favorite thread color! I loved sleepovers, walking uptown to buy Jolly Ranchers at the liquor store( ha!) , running through the sprinklers and chasing don the ice cream man… am I ready for summer or what!

  194. One of my fav memory childhood is from my very FIrST sewing activity. I was trying to sew pants for my teddy bear and I could not understand why my seams were exposed! ( I was a little kid)
    I still have it and now I quilt, sew bags and wallets and even made some skirts for myself! Unbelievable!

    I really hope to win the thread to gift it to a special friend because I know she’s going to love it!

  195. I especially enjoyed spending time at my grandparents’ house. Grandpa made a swing, teeter-totter and many other things out of wood, and Grandma would cook and bake the best things. I never saw her sew, but she did have a treadle that I wish I had now.

  196. I loved it when my grandmother-Gaga would come to visit! I was her favorite-and my brothers and sisters all agree. We would read together before going to bed and share wintergreen candies!

  197. Going for walks with my grandfather and looking for rocks to put it his ck polisher. We had such fun together.

  198. My favorite childhood memory would be petting and taking care of my mom’s horses. I loved hanging out with them. Plus trying to catch the wild barnyard cats in the hay loft.

  199. My favorite childhood memories are of the trips we took to visit my grandparents. We’d pack in to the car, no seat belts, all 8 of us and drive through the countryside to spend a few days of fun and lots of hugs.

  200. This is hard because I have so many good memories. One of my favorites is the Christmas I was 8. We always went to my grandparent’s home in southern IL, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins joined us driving up from Mobile, AL. Christmas was like a week long slumber party. When I was 8, my parents learned that my 5 year old cousin was going to get a bike for Christmas. Mother sat with me and told me about it, and she explained that they could not afford to get me a bike. So on Christmas eve after we had finished opening the gifts, I was told to take Howard into the kitchen. I was all excited because I knew this was the moment when he would get his bike, and I was in on the surprise. But when we went back in, there were 2 bikes. Our grandparents had heard that I wasn’t getting a bike, and they decided to buy the bikes so that I could get one also.

  201. My favorite memories were our visits to Canada to grammas house as I lived in Newark,NJ for 7 grade school yrs and missed our relatives so much…I still cant figure out how she fit us all in her little war time house but she did, cousins and all!!

  202. Favorite childhood memory….playing with all the handmade doll clothes my grandmother made me. I was the oldest and tester for doll clothes from baby dolls to Barbies. My cousins all had sisters that they had to share with but I didn’t.

  203. My favorite memories are of family road trips. We once drove from LA to Niagra falls with lots of wonderful stops at Yellowstone, Montreal, Canadian national parks, The Smithsonian museums, Washington monument and many pit stops!

  204. I have many fond memories of my childhood and plenty of them involve my father. Needless to say I was “Daddy’s Girl”. My father was teaching me how to drive because he wanted me to get my license. It was a requirement. One day in the car he was raising his voice at me about coasting to the stop sign (foot off the gas) & not gun the car all the way there. I had enough of his ‘yelling’ so I pulled over to the curb, got out of the car and started walking home (about 5 blocks). My father drove along side me apologizing and pleading with me to get back in the car. I wouldn’t so he drove right by my side until I got home safely. To know a father’s love is priceless.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  205. Stitching! I’ve done embroidery and needlepoint from the time I was 6 or 7. I also loved to ride my bike to the library and check out as many books as would fit in my handlebar basket. I would ride home, read them all, and go back the next day to do it again. I think the librarians thought I just took the books for a ride and didn’t read all of them in that time, but they were wrong. 🙂 I also used to ride my bike to the fabric shop and take sewing lessons when I was about 9.

  206. Growing up I remember large family gatherings as being my favorite memories. So much love, laughter and loads of great food! I so enjoyed reading and learning about you Pat, especially your first Bedspread! Thank you so much for all that you contribute to the quilting world!

  207. I’ve had a lot of fun over the years being involved in Pat Sloan’s group projects. She is so giving and I have learned much from her, especially as a new quilter.

  208. Love the 50 weight, in taupes. I haven’t memorized a favorite number, but when I am getting low, I just buy another one or two in a nice taupe or sometimes mid-grey. Love that Aurifil. (I am a longarmer and just quilted a client’s quilt with spooled Auriful – worked fine!)

  209. Love, love, love your threads! My dad loved driving and I have many memories of driving to the cottage or summer vacation rental.

  210. In grandma’s basement…as a child I was sent to play there while the adults enjoyed their coffee cake and coffee chatting about the goings on in the family. When my foot landed on the floor off the last step I was lost in my own world of imagination. Gram’s had 3 beautiful antique trunks of old clothes. What a surprise to open and play dress up with these beauties. These clothes dated from the 1800-1940’s. When I was suitable dressed I would sit at her old peddle sewing machine and pretend sew for hours. I would stop occasionally to have tea with the dolls that were in the trunk. Never did I feel pushed aside by the adults because I too was having important conversations about the goings on in the family over tea and cookies. Yep, grandma’s basement…I can still hear the Taffeta rustle, see the shiny black and deep purple fabrics, and lacy hats, smell the mustiness when I opened the old trunks, and best of all, I remember each garment I “sewed” on the old peddle machine.

  211. My favorite childhood memory is the camping trips my family took to the “big trees” in California. Yosemite was my favorite place with Half dome and El Capitan, soda springs and great hikes with the ranger. Or when my parents weren’t paying attention, taking off to walk up a river over the bolders and rocks .

  212. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Church by myself to a Church that was across the street. No one else was getting up but I did. I was eight/nine and didn’t always have a clue what was being said but I loved the atmosphere and the people were SO nice and accepting. I knew then I loved Jesus, even though it wasn’t something that was taught in my home life at the time.
    Love this giveaway! Thank you!

  213. Our Sunday drives was to my grandparents house, every Sunday. We would spend the whole day, eating, playing card games, playing in the backyard and when you heard the ringing of that certain bell, my grandfather would give us 25 cents for an awesome ice cream. These are memories I will always cherish, my favorite Sunday ride to grandma’s and grandpa’s !!! Your fabric prints and colors remind me of grandma’s aprons. Thank you Pat for bringing back a piece of wonderful memories.

  214. I have a lot of favorite childhood memories from summer camp – riding horses, canoeing, crafts – all the classic stuff.

  215. My favorite childhood memories are playing softball. I loved it and couldn’t wait for the next game.

  216. Love your fabrics and thread collection! We used to do Sunday drives with my aunt in the 50s and always ended up for a nickel cone at Dairy Queen!

  217. I just love seeing all the projects you do, and reading about all the places you go. Thanks for being such a wonderful important friend to quilters everwhere!

  218. Riding bikes in or to the park is my favorite childhood memory. And I just started doing just that again..on Sundays:) Thank you Pat for being so willing to share your love of piecing, quilting, Aurifil love and your kind, funny heart w/us.

  219. My story is very appropriate. One of my favorites memories is playing with the spools of thread on my mother’s sewing machine. The big spools were older people and the small spools were kids. Of course, these were wooden spools. I couldn’t wait to begin sewing and this was the closest I could get at a very young age.

  220. My favorite childhood memory is simply sitting around the table to eat a meal together as a family. There were five of us, and there was always good conversation. Congratulations to Aurifil on being only 30 years young!

  221. Sewing IS a childhood memory. Started sewing making Barbie cloths from my Grandmothers scraps. Gram then taught me real sewing when I would spend weekends with her which was frequently.
    Lovely bright colors that just say, Summer is here! My machines love Aurifil threads, the stitches lay flatter, more even.

  222. So thankful for all that Pat and Aurifil have done to inspire the quilting world!
    And also very thankful for my great Aunt Lottie who inspired me as a child to be creative, and very patiently taught me how to knit.

  223. My favorite childhood memory is playing in the hayloft and my grandparents farm. We use to build tunnels and forts through the barn. Oh, if only my kids could have experienced this!!

  224. I love the new fabric line “Sunday Drive” and Pat’s Neutral thread line is very versatile!

  225. I know Sunday drives very well. My dad was a farmer in North Dakota, we had to drive by each field and he would get out and walk in the fields. I would love to be able to ask him today what he was thinking as he did this. Thank you for reminding me of these great memories!

  226. My favorite childhood memory was a drive from our home in Alaska to relatives in Wisconsin. Seeing so many new and different people and trees and buildings was a treat. I remember being in the car in Northern Wisconsin as we drove through a dense hardwood forest. The sun flickering through the leaves was just so amazing!

  227. My favorite childhood memory was going to my great grandmother’s house every Friday. My mother’s entire family would come over. The adults would play a card game called Shove It. I would play with my cousins.

  228. As a kid we lived in the country and didn’t have many neighbors. One Halloween my parents came home with a bag full of misc Halloween masks and games and we had an impromptu party with the few neighbor kids we did have. It was a great surprise.

  229. I can only pick one??? I have so many happy memories! But our family vacations always seem to stand out. We would travel all over the western United States exploring our national parks; and today, my husband and I continue that tradition.

  230. When I was a little girl, our Sunday drives seemed to always end up at the ice cream shop….yum! Love these fabrics and thread collection, thank you for the chance to win!

  231. Going fishing in Florida with my dad…we would go to a little diner for breakfast and then spend the rest of the day fishing and enjoying the sea……we were great buddies…

  232. Wow, it was hard to find the bottom of the comments! Our Sunday drives were always fun. It was great to get out of the ‘big city’ and see some ‘country’. If there were only 4 of us in the car we would often stop to pick up a hitch hiking man in military uniform. This was shortly after WW2 and there were many on leave looking to get to the ‘big city’ for some fun.

  233. Love your color choices, they are so inspiring. We also went on Sunday drives when I was young, six kids piled in the station wagon!

  234. My favorite childhood memories is watching my Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and Great Grandma sit around in the evenings making hand sewn quilts. They were beautiful!

  235. You are a girl after my own heart! I iove aqua and red together. Your bicycle wall hanging is just so perfect. I follow you on FB and usually read every post a couple times just so I don’t miss anything!!!

  236. My favorite Sunday thing was when we drove out into the country to buy mushrooms – it was a lovely drive plus the resulting mushrooms were great!

  237. My favorite memory as a child is going fishing with Granny and Granddaddy. They made me bait my own hook and take the fish off when I caught them. Didn’t realize they were teaching me to do things for myself instead of waiting on someone else to do it for you, I was just having fun!
    Another favorite memory of mine is watching my Granny sew on her Singer machine. I would to sit on the pedal while she sewed, until I got too heavy… LoL. I have that machine now, and it is one of my treasures.

  238. My favorite Sunday, eating watermelon and homemade ice cream, that we all had a chance to turn the crank on.

  239. My favorite childhood memory is the long road trips, singing in the car, bundled under my Great Grandma’s quilt. We were a military family so going to see my grandmas always involved long road trips. My parents always made them so fun.

  240. Growing up I loved our family Sunday drives. Not sure if the direction of the drive was planned, but we usually stopped for some soft serve ice cream. Yum!

  241. I loved dressing up and going to church on Sundays with my parents and grandparents. We always had dinner at my grandparent’s home afterward. Sometimes my Grandma Ida would take the time to show me how to embroider, knit, sew or crochet. After over 40 years, I’ve narrowed the field to quilting. I still have one of her quilts on my bed.

  242. When I was a child we would pack up the van early on Sunday morning and go fishing at the State Parks. We would bring a picnic lunch and come home early afternoon.

  243. Sunday drives were a favorite activity of my family. We didn’t have a lot of money and were a family of eight, so we would pile into the station wagon for an adventure! We traveled to the mountains, the ocean, and all the parks in the area. My mom would pack up snacks and a thermos of Kool-aid and we think that we had seen the whole world. Loved these memories, thanks for reminding me.

  244. Packing the cooler and heading to the lake! My dad would take a day off and off we’d go!

  245. Usually our Sunday drives were to relatives’ homes when I was a kid. My favorite part though was when we got to stop a Dairy Queen to get a peanut buster parfait! Love the colors of these fabrics and threads.

  246. My favorite childhood memory is being around all the new baby lambs and calves on our family farm/ranch.

  247. I loved driving out to see my cousins about an hour away, listening to 70s and 80s music on mix tapes.

  248. Celebrating the Fourth of July with my extended family. It was like a week of cousin camp, full of play, swimming and tree climbing.

  249. My grandmother gave me a box of quilt pieces when I was 10. She said if I would sew them together she would teach me to quilt. 43 years later I’m still quilting!!💕

  250. When I was young (8-12) my Mom said I wasn’t allowed to turn her sewing machine on. Technically she didn’t say I couldn’t use it, so I would sneak off to the sewing room and make doll clothes and do alterations to my clothes…turning the wheel to sew one stitch at a time! I’m a 4th of 5 generations of sewers and quilters in my family…what else could be expected of me? LOL

  251. Impromptu Sunday family picnics from my childhood still bring a smile to my face many decades later. One particular Sunday morning after Mass the decision was made to go on a picnic and I begged to be able to ring my best friend to come along with us. Her mother advised that she was probably at the tram stop after going to Mass and it would be fine for us to pick her up and take her on our picnic. My friend couldn’t believe her eyes as we drove up, as she had been daydreaming while waiting for the tram that we would indeed take her on a picnic. What a wonderful day it was and we are still best friends.

  252. Swimming in the ocean with Dad, who is now 88 years old, when he was a YOUNG man of 30. He would hold us up when a wave would come–it was great fun. There were 3 of us at that time, so sometimes you weren’t the one being HELD UP and the wave dunked you! Still have so many fond memories of Surf City, NC.

  253. I’ve been following Pat Sloan for over a year. I’m working on the Solstice Challenge now. Love her ideas and fabrics and thread selections!

  254. One of my favorite childhood memories is sewing clothes for my Barbie using tiny Barbie buttons and zippers… I still have a few of them leftover!

  255. Growing up in the UK my Dad was a chauffeur and we’d get to use the cars for holidays and weekend trips. I think I was about four and we were going to the seaside somewhere in Wales, when I was violently ill, in the back of a Daimler Princess! He never said a cross word but he still reminds me how long it took him to clean that car and he turned 90 last month!

  256. One of my favorite memories is when my mother would let me sort through the “left over” pile of fabric from her sewing and choosing different prints to make clothes for my dolls. It made me feel like I was a big girl and would sew along with her. I remember looking over at her and she would always have a smile on her face.

  257. One of my favorites is visiting my grandmother at her house – she always made me feel SO special. After I was away for a year in Australia I returned to renew that relationship again, and both my husband & I were there often. Often we were fixing something around the place, and when her hearing was going, installing special phones, and eventually moving her into the cabin next door. We’d bought that cabin & completely renovated it and it was perfect for her to live in as everything was new, insulated and homey. Eventually she had to move in with my aunt as her health failed — but those ‘before’ years are precious to me!

  258. One of my favorite childhood memories is learning to sew. And I got started in this fun hobby by sewing Barbie doll clothes. All those tiny pieces and I enjoyed it!

  259. I remember wearing a dress my mom made that i thought made me look likea princess. I was dancing on my grandma’s coffee table, and got caught!

  260. In the summer, we would wash the car on Sunday afternoons, then head to the root beer stand for floats! Heavenly summers so long ago!

  261. My favorite memory is going to Disney World and riding on Space Mountain with my Dad. I remember grabbing the shoulders of the poor guy sitting in front of us! We had a good laugh!

  262. A favorite childhood memory was going swimming with my siblings at a lake near our cabin in the summer. Thanks for a chance.

  263. Congrats on 30 years Aurifil. Pat is the sweetest and most giving designer out there. So happy to see her representing the best thread in the world. I would faint if I got a suitcase full of Aurifil.

  264. My family also took Sunday afternoon drives too. We never knew where we would end up, but my brother and I always hoped it would be A&W for a cold root beer, or Dairy Queen for a cone. Lots of fun memories.

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