Oh Glory by Kathy Flowers — Interview & Giveaway!

Oh Glory, the debut book release by Kathy Flowers for Martingale/That Patchwork Place, was born of out of her gratitude for the men and women of the US Military. Her own father was a soldier in WWII, instilling in her a deep sense of patriotism. Kathy’s story is a personal one and we’re honored to share it here today.

The book is filled with reds, whites, and blues… a gorgeous lineup of patterns to help showcase your pride. Whether you’re looking to make a table runner for a holiday event, a quilt for a loved one, or a tribute piece for a veteran, Kathy’s book has exactly what you need! Her coordinating thread collection offers 12 Large spools of 50wt thread — perfect for piecing and quilting.

Oh Glory
12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
1310 – 2725 – 2735 – 2745 – 2783 – 2230
2250 – 2255 – 2260 – 2000 – 2309 – 2314

To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.


Oh Glory is available via Martingale and also on Kathy’s website.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started in the world of sewing and quilting?

I first began sewing while in high school during Home Economic class. There I learned to sew my own clothes; dresses and skirts. When my children were born I made many of their clothes, mostly shorts and long pants for my son and all my daughter’s dresses.

My sister then introduced me to quilting in 1976 and I made my daughter’s first doll quilt.

Long May She Wave by Kathy Flowers

Do you remember the process of making your first quilt and how you felt once it was complete?
I have to laugh when remembering this! I actually cut up old clothes into little squares to make my daughter a doll quilt. (I used scissors, believe it or not! I didn’t want to invest in supplies until I was sure I would enjoy the entire process.) I then used yarn to tie the quilt sandwich together. It was scrappy to say the least. Needless to say, I fell in love with the entire process and no longer use scissors for cutting fabric.

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?
I see design all around me, whether in color, in gardens, or sometimes just in the touch of a particular fabric. However, when it comes down to the design of a piece, it always seems to work itself backward to love or kindness.   A particular color or fabric reminds me of someone special, love of nature or a place I felt safe and loved, or a genuine kindness shown to me or someone I loved usually defines the process and completed design. All my pieces start and end in the heart.

Song of Victory by Kathy Flowers

How did you first connect with Martingale and what do you love most about working with them?
My first connection with Martingale was simply purchasing quilting books at local quilt shops. When I first began designing my own quilts and was ready to submit to a publisher, I simply chose Martingale based on the number of books I had published by them. I loved the quality of their books and the consistent way they were written. My first collection of designs was rejected. I then began designing the quilts found in OH GLORY and submitted again to Martingale. This time the manuscript was accepted.

What inspired your book, Oh Glory, and what did it mean to you to put the whole thing together?
The inspiration for OH GLORY! came to me the night of May 28, 2004 as I watched my 78 year old father walk slowly across the stage of his high school to receive the high school diploma he left behind as a young man when he went left high school to go fight in WWII. I wasn’t aware at the time this image would forever be ingrained in my mind, or the thunderous sound of applause would forever echo in my heart. At the time I didn’t think that one more salute, or to hear, “thank you for your service to our county” would mean so much after so many years, but it did. My father was a humble man, never asking for much. He was just one man who did what he felt was his responsibility to protect our country. That night in 2004 left me to wonder what could I do to say thank you to all our military men and woman who give so much for our country. This book is my sincere thank you. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of OH GLORY will be donated to a military organization to help those veterans who still need our support.

Leo’s Star by Patty Winkler

Do you have a favorite project featured in the book?
I have two favorites…Long May She Wave is one of my favorites because it represents the flag and the other is Pappa Bear. I always felt safe and loved when I was growing up and my dad took me almost everywhere he went…he was my Pappa Bear.

Pappa Bear by Kathy Flowers

What is your favorite thing to make?
I’m not sure I have a “favorite.” I truly enjoy wool applique as much as I enjoy traditional piecing and paper piecing. Since Aurifil’s introduction of their new 80 wt threads I am throughly enjoying English Paper Piecing as the threads melt right into the fabric so nicely.

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
The first class I took at the local quilt shop I purchased Aurifil 50 wt threads. It was the only thread they carried. I fell in love with the quality and there was no looking back and they never run out of stock! When I started designing wool appliqué, I went to the same local shop and found they also carry Aurifil wool thread. Again, I tried it and never looked for another brand. Aurifil has been my go-to-thread for so many years now, I can’t image using anything else. I’ve found the quality and consistency of Aurifil is essential to me as a designer. I need a wool thread that doesn’t shred while hand sewing and is as consistently strong when used for machine appliqué. I feel the same when using Aurifil’s 50 wt cotton thread for traditional piecing. I also use it for top stitching and machine embroidery. I’m sure I will also be using the 80 wt for machine embroidery too. That’s the beauty of Aurifil threads, different weight threads provide the look I want to achieve and always deliver quality.

I Am Honored Quilt by Kathy Flowers

Do you have a favorite color/weight and why?
I use 50 wt color 2000 almost exclusively for piecing all reproduction fabrics. When piecing white fabrics I use 50 wt color 2021. With Aurifil’s large array of colors to chose from, I am allowed to play with my designs and either match fabric to thread when top stitching or create a contrast of threads and fabric to produce a totally different effect.

How did you go about selecting threads for your Aurifil Oh Glory collection?
Most all the quilts in this book were sent off to be quilted by Vonnie Johnson, long arm quilter and my dear friend. When I send her a quilt, I let her use own artistic voice. That being said, I chose the colors for this thread collection to allow those who do their own quilting on domestic machines, whether it be a simple stitch in the ditch to a more sophisticated design to blend or contrast their quilting with both reproduction and more modern fabrics.

Where can we find you this year?
It is probably easier to tell you where you won’t find me…and that is sitting still!   I am currently touring doing book signings at quilt shops to promote both my book OH GLORY! and of course my coordinating thread box OH GLORY by Aurifil. I am scheduling with quilt guilds and am now booking into 2018. I will continue to design and submit my designs to magazines as I am currently working on another manuscript for submission to a publisher.

I can be reached at PODquilts@gmail.com. I have a couple of Facebook pages, Pieces of Dreams Quilt Designs and Kathy Flowers Designs. I am also on Instagram at piecesofdreamsquiltdesigns.

Stars of Freedom, Designed by JoBeth (Berry) Simons


To enter-to-win 1 Large Oh Glory Thread Collection and one copy of Oh Glory by Kathy Flowers for Martingale, click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 10! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Thursday, May 11. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Teri C.!

For another chance to win, make sure to visit Stitch This! via Martingale/That Patchwork Place. They posted a wonderful feature for Kathy yesterday and have a separate giveaway running! 

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Kathy Flowers has been creating for as long as she can remember. She is inspired by everything around her and finds visual inspiration in nature from the smallest butterfly or bee gracing her flowers to an old run down barn along a long winding country road. There are times that she looks at a fabric and can feel the warmth of a hug from long ago. Design is vision and emotion just waiting for a canvas. Her canvas is a quilt top.

Kathy began selling her quilt patterns exclusively at a local quilt shop in 2008 and began publishing with McCall’s in 2012. Her first quilt with Primitive Quilts and Projects was published in their summer 2015 issue. Her first book, Oh Glory, was released with Martingale/That Patchwork Place in April of this year.

[Images courtesy of Kathy Flowers & Martingale/That Patchwork Place]


  1. I would make the Song of Victory. I have a son that has served three tours and am always looking for projects to make to honor that. I would love to make all of these projects though, they are all great!

  2. I just designed a paper pieced block that would be amazing in red, white & blue. I would make a pillow with it just in time for the 4th!!

  3. Both of my parents served in the military during WWll. And I was an Army nurse for 28 years. I cannot listen to our national anthem without tears in my eyes. I love all things red, white and blue. And I am in love with all of the patterns in this book, but Long May She Wave, I Am Honored and Leo’s Star are probably my favorites. Thank you for this wonderful showcase of patriotism. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet.

  4. I’m not sure I could pick out just one project. My husband and I are both Army vets, and I have lots of patriotic fabrics just waiting for the right pattern. There are so many great ones in this book, it would be difficult to decide which one to start with! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  5. I love the pillow on the front cover! My dad is a WWII veteran ~ he’s 96 and still going strong. I love hearing his stories of his time in service.

  6. Leo Star would be the first pattern I’d make. I love small projects. Thank you for the chance to own this book by Kathy and to win the “amazing ” collection of the best thread around.

    1. Thanks Lu. I want to make a correction here in that Leo’s Star was designed by my sister Patty Winkler and contributed to honor our father and all military personnel. Patty would be very proud you chose her project!

  7. The Song of Victory Quilt is beautiful and I would love to make one for myself. Congratulations on such a wonderful book!

    1. Thanks Marsha. I want to make a correction here in that Leo’s Star was designed by my sister Patty Winkler and contributed to honor our father and all military personnel. Patty would be very proud you chose her project!

  8. There are too many great projects to choose from. I love patriotic quilts and wall hangings. I would love to make quilts to honor both my oldest brother and my son, who are both veterans.

  9. I absolutely love I Am Honored and also the table topper Stars of Freedom. Beautiful projects and thank you for the chance to win!

  10. Love them all but I think “I am Honored” stands out most for me. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 I love patriotic quilts.

  11. I would love to make some patriotic table toppers. Time slips by too quickly, I need to start decorating and enjoying each season and holiday. I also make quilt blocks to donate for use in Quilts of Valor quilts.

  12. ooLaLa, all the inspiration, and I love love this collection! every delicious spool! I see several projects here, but first up are those reds; perfect for a scrappy red and white quilt I am planning!

  13. I really love the Dresden pillow, but I’d make it as a mini quilt to hang. Fingers crossed

  14. This book has so many wonderful projects and I think “I Am Honored” would have to be my first (of many) projects. I am looking forward to adding this book to my library!

  15. Wonderful collection of threads and I’d love to win the book, too! The “I Am Honored” quilt would have a special place in my home. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. i would love to make papa bear and leo’s star. thanks for the giveaway.

  17. I would make Long May She Wave! Thanks for the chance to win this great book and collection of threads.

  18. I’d love to make the Pappa Bear quilt. Great design and colour arrangement.

  19. I would love to make the “I Am Honored” quilt-just beautiful! This veteran thanks you for such a wonderful book! A special thank you to your father & his service!

  20. I love your Leo’s Star block. I looks wonderful just as a mini on display! I love patriotic quilts and would enjoy making several of the Oh! Glory quilt projects.
    Congratulations on the book!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity, too.

  21. love the patriotic double Dresden. I’m guessing that it would be pretty heavy, so the pillow looks perfect

  22. I need to finish some small projects so I would do Leo’s Star to hang on my front door in July. And I really like Long May She Wave, but I don’t need another big quilt and that one is too much work to just give away.

  23. I really love the “I Am Honored” wall quilt and “Pappa Bear” is something I would love to make.

  24. All of the patterns look wonderful, but my favorites are Leo’s star, Long May She Wave and the Dresden pillow on the cover. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I love making patriotic quilts for Quilts of Valor, Operation Homefront, as well as friends and family that have served or are serving. All of the designs in this book look great and I’m interested in making. I guess first up it would be: Stars of Freedom or I Am Honored Quilt


  26. Long May She Wave is beautiful I would love to make that quilt. Thank you for the chance to win !

  27. First I would love to make the I am Honored quilt then the Stars of Freedom. My husband was in the Army & would love the I am Honored & my middle son was in the Navy so I would have to make him the Stars of Freedom.

  28. these are all wonderful. First I would start with Stars of Glory table topper

  29. Anything patriotic brings a wonderful feeling of patriotism! The thread box is perfect for QOV projects.

  30. Leo’s Star by Patty Winkler would be my first choice to start a project from Oh Glory! I love patriotic projects!

  31. A friend of mine made something similar to I Am Honored, but quilt size – so I think I would try that one!

  32. I think I would love to make the Dresden pillow but also Stars of freedom if I’m allowed to choose two

  33. I would like to make a quilt of valor quilt with this fabric. Looking forward to the book.

  34. I try to make several quilt tops a year for the American Heroes project. I think the Papa Bear quilt would be wonderful for that purpose done in patriotic colors!

  35. I would make the stars of freedom. So lovely & I’ve been wanting to try a similar pattern! Love these colors!

  36. I’d use Leo’s Star block to make a quilt for my nephew whose serving in the Guard overseas. Thanks

  37. I would love to make Pappa Bear!!!!!! I especially like Bear Paw quilts but most put sashings between the blocks and I do not like that look. I prefer the stand alone bear paws in Pappa Bear.

  38. I really like the “I Am Honored” wall hanging and would make it in memory of my Dad who proudly served in the USAF during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

  39. I like the Dresden pillow on the cover too. It reminds me of quilt blocks my grandma made.

  40. What a wonderful book! I am so touched by the story of the inspiration behind it, likely because my father was a fighter pilot in WW2 and Korea. Because of that, I’d like to make “I Am Honored”, as a remembrance of him to hang in our home.

  41. I really like the “I am Honored” wall hanging. A great story behind the book.

  42. I love that Pappa Bear quilt. Loved spending time with my Dad, and he served in both WWII and Korea. In fact, he was overseas in Korea when I was born.

  43. The pillow on the cover and the Song of Victory quilt are the first two I would like to make. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  44. I’m new to quilting and plan to make a quilt in my dad’s honor. He served in Vietnam.

  45. I love your “I Am Honored” wall hanging! It reminds me of the ribbons my husband’s medals are on. This would look wonderful hanging above his challenge coin case.

  46. I would be proud to make a wall hanging for my son in law who just graduated as a history teacher. It would make his classroom have an Americana look!

  47. I like the mini quilt Leo’s star and the wall hanging I am Honored, I’d like to do those two.

  48. I come from a family with a lot of military men. I love this book! I would love to make the pillow featured on the front!

  49. I would make the Papa Bear quilt. I have made quilts for various people but still don’t have one on my bed!

  50. I would have to look at them more closely and choose fabric then decide the order!

  51. I would make “Long May She Wave” for my son who is part of Armed Forces Entertainment. I’ve been looking for something patriotic for him. This is perfect.

  52. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway! This is right up my alley, as I make many tops for American Hero Quilts. Beautiful ideas pictured here. I particularly liked I am honored for hanging in my own house, coming from a military family, as I do. I also liked he flag one and think it would be a great AHQ quilt.

  53. I love your designs! I would love to make Long My She Wave as my first project. Perfect design! Thank you for giving us a chance to win the book and thread collection!

  54. I love the Papa Bear quilt! I’d love to make it! Then I’d make all the rest. 🙂

  55. Papa bear and I am honored spoke to me. I am really liking this thread. Inspirational for sure!!!!!

  56. I am brand new to quilting and just got a new Elna sewing machine. I must start with just one square from any pattern in the book and learn how to quilt. Then I will just continue to sew and learn. Love all her patterns.

  57. This looks like a great book and I love the story Behind it. I love the Long May She Wave quilt! Would love to win!

    Jenny in Florida

  58. The Dresden plate block. I have been wanting to make one for quite a while now. What an inspiration you are to the quilting world! Thank You for everything.

  59. “i am honored” caught my eye immediately….proud daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, great-great-granddaughter and all the way back to the american revolution….i thank them all for their service and patriotism!

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