Aurifil for AGF: April Rhodes & Amy Sinibaldi

We’re in week 2 of our Aurifil for AGF blog series! This week, we’re introducing you to a few more of the talented designers of Art Gallery Fabrics. Back in 2015, we launched Aurifil thread boxes to match with the identity of each Art Gallery Fabrics designer. The best thing about this is that the threads aren’t specific to one fabric collection but rather were selected to match a designer’s signature palette. With that in mind, these collections work just as well with the brand new fabric collections as they did with those that released back in 2015. Pretty amazing, right? We hope you enjoy hearing more about these fabulous women AND don’t miss our super sweet giveaway!

Today, we meet Amy Sinibaldi and April Rhodes, two fabulous designers for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Amy’s Sweetly Stitched collections are available as a Large box of 50 & 28wt thread and a small box of 50wt, 28wt, and Aurifloss. The colors are simply perfect for her upcoming Little Town collection, as well as her existing AGF collections, Charleston, Les Petits, Playground, and Paperie. Amy has a wide range of projects that she creates and wanted to have the right thread for every situation. Make sure to check in with her Instagram account for more project inspiration!

Sweetly Stitched, LARGE
12 Large Spools, 100% Aurifil Cotton
1285 – 2835 – 2415 – 2815 – 6730 – 4654 (28wt, 820yds/spool )
2800 – 4129 – 2930 – 2479 – 2220 – 1310 (50wt, 1422yds/spool)

Sweetly Stitched, SMALL
10 Small Spools, 100% Aurifil Cotton
1285 – 2835 – 2415 – 2815 – 6730 – 4654 (28wt, 109yds/spool)
2800 – 4129 – 2930 – 2479 – 2220 – 1310 (50wt, 220yds/spool)
1285 – 2835 (floss, 18yds/spool)


Since childhood, Amy has dabbled in drawing, painting, and writing, but it wasn’t until her early 30’s that she bought her first sewing machine and really began to bloom. She taught herself to sew, learning new techniques as she went along, while embracing the amazing global online creative community that has inspired, motivated and encouraged her every step of the way. She began blogging at nanaCompany – a journal of her sewing adventures – in 2011. Photography and design then became a regular part of her everyday life and she has been endlessly inspired by her four children: Anne, Nicholas, Olivia, and Mia.

Amy has been featured in countless magazines and books, and debuted her first book, “Sweetly Stitched Handmades” in 2015. As her children are growing she finds herself transitioning from a style that was primarily informed by them, to a style that is more in tune with her own personal aesthetic. She loves simple designs and lots of neutrals with happy splashes of color. Designing fabric is an unexpected dream come true and she’s loving the way that it’s bringing her back to that happy simple love of pen and paper… of free flowing expression printed onto fabric that can then be cut up and sewn back together to create things for people she loves.

April’s Sewn Desert collections are available as a Large box featuring 50wt and 40wt thread and a Small box of 50wt and Aurifloss. They were selected to coordinate with her signature color palette for her AGF collections, including Arizona After, Heritage, Observer, Bound, Wanderer, and Arizona. We always love popping over to April’s Instagram account for earthy inspiration and always love!

Sewn Desert, LARGE
12 Large Spools, 100% Aurifil Cotton
2309 – 2315 – 2912 – 2420 – 5009 (50wt, 1422yds/spool)
2115 – 5015 – 2830 – 2783 – 2850 – 2132 – 5021 (40wt, 1092yds/spool)

Sewn Desert, SMALL
10 Small Spools, 100% Aurifil Cotton
2912 – 2309 – 2132 – 2850 – 2315 (50wt, 220yds/spool)
2783 – 2830 – 2420 – 5009 – 2115 (floss, 18yds/spool)


April was eight years old when her mom first taught her how to use a sewing machine and her passion bloomed. Making pretty things brings her fulfillment and joy. She is a fashion enthusiast and loves wearing what she makes. It gives her a great sense of pride to walk around in a dress she has sewn herself.

It was that feeling of fulfillment that drove April to create simple garment patterns for women’s home sewing. Her first pattern, The Staple Dress, was released with an amazing reception into the sewing community. The success of that first release both humbled and excited her. In addition to sewing, April enjoys dabbling in interior design and DIY home decor, photography, antiquing and vintage camper rehab. She currently lives in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where she and her husband have a mid-century ranch. They are pursuing their dreams while raising their two daughters.



Today’s post marks the launch of a super fab giveaway featuring both Aurifil threads and Art Gallery Fabrics. One lucky Grand Prize winner will take home 1 LG Art Gallery thread collection of his or her choosing + 1 SM Art Gallery thread collection + a bundle of Art Gallery Fabrics. Two runners up will take home 2 SM Art Gallery thread collections each. All in all, SO much fabulous fabric & thread, so many fun new projects to plan! The giveaway is open from now through 11:59pm on Friday, June 30th, at which point we’ll select 3 random winners. We’ll email winners directly and will also announce on every post in the series. This giveaway is open to our International friends as well! Simply follow the link below or click on the image above!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Allison Evrard, our Grand Prize Winner!! Congratulations also to Sarah Jasinski and Lynn Brown, our runners up! We had so much fun with this one — thanks to all who entered and followed along with us!

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Click on the image below to take a look at our Aurifil for Art Gallery collection Lookbook!

Art Gallery Fabrics is a leading Manufacturer of Quilting & Sewing Textiles, and a Wholesale Supplier to Quilting, Home Decor, Sewing, and Apparel Industries. Many describe their style as “Contemporary Elegant” and it fits! They love to design fabrics that fit today’s modern lifestyle while adding a chic, sophisticated touch. Art Gallery works with a talented design team whose enticing color palettes & artful, intricate prints make the collections one of a kind.

[Photos courtesy of Amy Sinibaldi & Art Gallery Fabrics]


  1. April Rhodes colors and collection is what I believe to be the style and colors of one of my next quilts…lol… daughter in law wants to be surprised by this pregnancy so is going gender neutral on her picks.. right now desert tones with navy and gray seem to be her favorite….

  2. Art Gallery is my favorite fabric to “pet” at my local fabric store! Such lovely products…

  3. I love AGF! Their fabrics are so soft. I have most of Amy’s paperie line. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I love the sweet fabric designs and the thread coordinates perfectly. Would love to have!

  5. I love the thoughtfulness of the designers and the truly unique take they each have on sewing and color.

  6. I feel there is true artistry in the AGF collections. They would look great stretched across a canvas and hanging on my wall!

  7. Not only are the fabrics beautiful, but I love the feel of Art Gallery Fabrics. You have to make an entire quilt out of it and snuggle up-it is wonderful!

  8. I am a big fan of Amy Sinibaldi’s design and fabric from AGF. I like the theme colors that she uses and width of stripes and size of polka dots. They are just so pretty and perfect to me. I can tell that she designs patterns and selects colors thinking how people would use them. There are so much love in every design! Why can I tell? Because it makes me smile when I look at them and dream about what to make with them!

  9. Both collections are gorgeous and I can’t wait for the fabric collections. I have a great grand baby coming soon and the collections would be perfect for my granddaughters color scheme and the style she wants.

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