Daisy Days by Keera Job

Keera Job‘s debut collection for Riley Blake Designs is the absolute vision of Summer. Daisy Days features Pinks, Blues, & Greens with some Yellow & Grey to complete the scene. The sweet florals evoke visions of a carefree childhood — garden adventures, daisy chains, and afternoon tea parties. In fact, Keera’s first sketches for the collection were drawn while sitting in her garden, watching her two daughters at playtime.  Our heads are spinning with ideas for what to make with these gorgeous prints!

Keera’s coordinating thread collections feature our incredibly versatile 50wt thread in both large and small spools. She has included all of her go-to colors — everything you’ll need to create your own delightful Summer projects.

Daisy Days
LARGE – 100% Aurifil Cotton, 12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool)
Colors included:
4644 – 2805 – 2847 – 6726 – 1231 – 2884
2255 – 2435 – 2415 – 2130 – 2140 – 2021

SMALL – 100% Aurifil Cotton, 10 Small Spools, 50wt (220yds/spool)
Colors included:
4644 – 2847 – 6726 – 1231 – 2884
2255 – 2435 – 2415 – 2130 – 2021

To view this info on our website, click here. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

What first drew you to to the world of sewing and quilting?

I made my first quilt on the floor of my Grandma’s sewing room when I was fourteen. This is where my love of colour and fabric really began. When my daughter was born almost five years ago I launched my business, LIVE.LOVE.SEW Pattern Co. and began designing quilt patterns and sharing free quilt tutorials on my blog. Colour and fabric has and always will be what drives my creativity.

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?
My girls are my greatest inspiration – the way they view the world, their vivid imaginations and the simplicity of just being with them really opens my eyes up to new things. I love exploring with them and helping create memories they will hold forever. I also draw a lot of inspiration from others – their stories and their gorgeous creations all make me want to get in my studio and draw or sew or paint!

How did you first connect with Riley Blake and what do you love most about working with them?
I was working alongside Millhouse Collections here in Australia, who are the distributors for Riley Blake Designs fabrics, as an ambassador. They saw some of my designs and after we spoke on the phone I submitted my full collection concept. I’m still pinching myself! Designing fabric is a dream come true and I’m so humbled to be joining the Riley Blake Designs family.

Tell us about Daisy Days. What inspired the designs? 
Daisy Days was created for my girls. It is all about childhood memories – making daisy chains and hand-picked posies with ribbons and bows. It’s garden adventures, playing ring-a-rosie with giggly girls and having tea-parties with teddy bear friends. I drew the first sketches for this collection sitting in the garden watching my girls at playtime. Remembering this still warms my heart.

Do you have a favorite project or projects made with the collection? 
I designed three quilts to coordinate with the collection, but my favourite is the Picking Daisies quilt. Its a combination of scrappy patchwork blocks and applique pieces. I love that you can hand sew the petals and quilt it with the coordinating Daisy Days threads!

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
I began using Aurifil threads when I made my daughter’s baby quilt. I had read so many great reviews about the range of threads and ordered some online to try. I love the colour range available, and the varying weights are brilliant for any type of sewing or quilting project. Aurifil threads give you this feeling from the beginning that you are working with something special and something of great quality.

How did you go about selecting colors for Daisy Days and what excites you most about releasing the collection to the world? 
This was so fun! I love looking through the Aurifil colour cards to colour match to my projects. Doing it with my own fabric collection was a fantastic feeling! I’ve matched colours for each of the colourways in the collection – there’s the gorgeous pinks that I am crushing and beautiful pops of sunshine yellow and leaf green. Also included is my go-to 2021 White which I use for ALL my quilt piecing!


To enter-to-win Keera’s Large Daisy Days thread collection AND a bundle of Daisy Days by Keera Job for Riley Blake Designs, click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, August 9! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Thursday, August 10. Good luck!


While we’re not one of the official stops on the Daisy Days Blog Tour, we are still excited about following along with this gorgeous showcase. The event kicked off this past Tuesday with Sedef Imer of Down Grapevine Lane and will continue on every Tuesday throughout the month of August. See below for the schedule so that you don’t miss a thing!

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Keera is wife to cattle farmer and mother to two beautiful little girls. She lives with her family in gorgeous rural Australia, spending her days drawing and designing fabric and quilt patterns, teaching and hosting little-girl tea-parties on her favourite quilts! She is a young working mother who found quilting and surface design through some amazingly inspirational women. She feels blessed to share her love of fabric, colour, quilts and design!


** Images, biographical text and interview text by Keera Job & Riley Blake




  1. I loved spending time with my cousins at the cottage on the lake every summer. Good memories!

  2. Finding pictures in the clouds when I stayed at my Grandmother’s. We spent many an afternoon after lunch on a blanket in the back yard, looking to see what we could find in the big white fluffies. If Grandma was lucky, we even took a short nap.

  3. Favorite childhood memory for me is helping my granddady is his garden. His gardens were very very large and he had many. He was a farmer but he had some that were just for us to work with us kids in. They were huge. We would pick vegetables and fruit all day, but i LOVED it. In the evening we would sit and snap beans or another chore and watch a tv show or listen to the radio and i loved the way the house smelled. Grandma had a specific quilt i sat on. I have that quilt now.

  4. Watching grandma and aunty sew on the old singer sewing machine…making patchwork quilts from scraps received from a friend who worked at a garment factory.

  5. Reading in our backyard, with our dogs and cat, while I ate plums. We lived in Southern Cal and in my memories I’m always barefoot and the sun is always shining.

  6. I loved being with my maternal grandmother. She loved to sew and I enjoyed watching her. My first fabric that I loved so much was a black pinwhale cordoroy with little flowers embroidered which she used for a dress for me.

  7. My favorite memory from childhood was visiting my cousin’s farms in Nova Scotia with my family. We got to go to a one room schoolhouse, play in the hay lofts, and meet my first moose. The food as awesome and all cooked on cast iron wood cookstoves. It was quite an adventure for us.

  8. HI,I loved spending time with my sister+friends at our Grandmother’s+Aunts every summer. Good memories! Thank You!

  9. I love thinking about the day my mom and aunt taught me how to hand embroider. I was only 6 but I wanted to sit and embroider with them. The three of us sat in the back yard under a pear tree while they taught me a basic running stitch.

  10. One of my favorite childhood memories is of going to the lake every day with my best friend over summer break.

  11. Taking our kids to mountain cabin every year. Coaches had to accept our family time!

  12. My favorite memory is the Christmas when I was 8. We had moved to a new town, and my father had started a new job, so money was tight. My mother learned that my 5 yr. old cousin was going to get a bicycle, so mother sat with me and explained everything so that I would not be disappointed. Christmas was always spent at my grandparents house. After opening gifts, I was told to take Howard into the kitchen. I was really excited because I knew this was the moment, and I was in on the secret. But when we were called back, I saw 2 bikes. My grandparents had heard, and decided that they would buy the bikes so that I could have one too.

  13. one of my favorite childhood memories is driving to white sands, new mexico after church on sunday for picnics and fun in the sand.

  14. I remember the freedom to go to the library in the summer and then have time to read outdoors under a tree on a blanket on summer afternoons. That time was special to me.

  15. We didn’t have many daisies growing up, but I do remember the intoxicating smell of Lily of the Valley every spring!

  16. Going to the beach with my friends and/or my sister several times per week during summer vacations. We lived 2 miles from the beach and we walked to and from each time. Going wasn’t bad, but coming home we were hot and greasy from the baby oil we used while at the beach, but always had a great time.

  17. My favorite memories of summer as a child see that of carefree days at my parents farm.

  18. One of my favorite memories is laying in the back of the station wagon braiding the raveled edges of the quilt that was use as padding.

  19. I enjoyed lots of different kinds of summer fun with friends and family – going for picnics; playing at the creek; splashing in the sea; picking fruit and learning to ride a bike!

  20. My dad holding my hand while playing with sparklers. I was never allowed to hold one by myself.

  21. One of my favorite memories was when our grandma had all four of us kids lined up on the couch teaching us to crochet.

  22. I remember laying on the ground watching the clouds and figuring what animals we could make of them.

  23. I walked to and from school every day and my grandmother’s house was on the way. I would always stop on my way home to visit with her

  24. One of my favorite summer memories is going fishing with my dad and grandparents at the “pay pond” and catching catfish!

  25. Just being outside and playing with friends. Going to the movies and not worrying about getting up for school.

  26. Riding my bicycle through the jungle with friends. Sometimes I was by myself and had to pedal real fast because you would hear all kinds of animal sounds and you never knew what might jump out at you.

  27. Going to the lake with so many of the family members and camping for the weekend, just playing and having a blast with all of my cousins, Grandma’s and Grandpa plus Aunts and Uncles.

  28. my favorite memories were the family vacations we would take together. I loved when we would go up into the mountains and go camping.

  29. Running barefoot through our white clover yard in summers that seem to last forever. I loved being outdoors. My mom practically had to drag me in to eat meals. lol

  30. Going fishing with my father. He made me pick up a worm and pick it on my hook. After i literally upchugged, he wormed all the rest of my hooks. A daddy’s girl for sure.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  31. Every summer evening all of the kids on our block would be outside from after supper until it started to get dark. We played hide and seek and skipped rope and had lots of fun. We didn’t care about TV or computers back then!

  32. I loved playing outside on those long summer days that seemed to go on forever, spending many hours in our swimming pool.

  33. Camping trips with my parents and 2 sisters. Always fun, always super happy times. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family!

  34. I loved spending time with my friend and her mom, who sewed and took us to the beach and pool, and library. My family visited my cousins and we had lots of fun playing in the woods near the summer bungalow, or body surfing in the waves at the ocean. There was also canoeing and bike riding.

  35. One of my favorite childhood memories is spending long, lazy summer days with my two little sisters. We would wander the fields and go down to the creek and wade. Sometimes, we would make daisy chains for jewelry! Love this bright and happy fabric line!

  36. I think family vacations are some of my best childhood memories, traveling with my family to visit my moms family who lived mostly in Minnesota.

  37. Buying my first teddy bear with my allowance money. He was yellow and white and had a wind up music box that played Brahm’s Lullaby. His name was Tiny. ljbisme at msn dot com

  38. Playing out in the woods near my home all day with friends – exploring and building camps. So much fun

  39. One of my favorite memories is my mother teaching me to sew! She also taught me to knot and crochet but I did not keep up with them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I literally lived in a pair of roller skates. For quite a few summers… to this day I can go up and down stairs, play piano, and spin in circles holding the grandkids all on wheels as a result.

  41. Climbing up on the counter to make Orange Julius’ for everyone after spending the afternoon down at the creek.

  42. One of my favorite childhood memories is spending the weekend with my grandparents. I sewed on the treadle machine with Grammie or went to the Barge Canal for the day with Grampie (he was chief lock operator).

  43. My favorite childhood memories are of playing kickball and other games with the whole street, lots of kids of all ages.

  44. I loved going to my grandparents’ cabin on the river. My grandparents would take a bunch of their grandchildren and we would have lots of outdoor adventures.

  45. As a child I spent almost as much time at my Grandparents as I did at home for several years. My Grandmother also taught me to sew during the summers with her feed sacks! Years later we joined our local quilt guild together.

  46. Learning to stitch in my childhood. Lots of Daisy print fabric dresses for me, in fact my first was an A Line dress in Daisies. Thank you Keera for your inspiration. I do have some little girls to stitch for and rompers are the cutest in your collection.

  47. Vacation weeks at Lake Shishibagama packed into tiny cabins with my parents and brothers & sisters. My brother & I had the same birthday and we were often on vacation to celebrate. Days spent in the lake. Minnow hunting and fishing. Feeling absolutely free to do whatever we wanted.

  48. My favorite childhood memory was spending time with my grandma! She was the best and she loved to take us Trick-or-treating!

  49. My favorite memory is spending time with my grandparents on the weekend taking walks in the woods with them and smelling pancakes and bacon early in the morning to get me up to go downstairs

  50. Rollerblading with my brother was one of my favorite childhood memories. We used to rollerblade down to the park together and hang out with our friends a lot during the summer.

  51. One of my favorite memories was the year I got my doll cradle for Christmas..that cradle would be over 70 years old now AND I still have it!!

  52. I had a large collection of Barbie Dolls and clothes that my talented sister made me. It was my escape to Paradise with those dolls and I could imagine myself anywhere, always looking fantastic!

  53. My favorite memories are going to Bible Camp in Wisconsin during the summer. Living in the suburbs of Chicago, it was fun to go to a lake in Wisconsin and spend a week. Made such fantastic friends.

  54. One of my favorite childhood memories is getting up early and rushing outside to play all day with the neighborhood kids. We could spend all day outside as long as we made it home when supper was put on the table. Carefree sunny days!

  55. I remember our dad taking us fishing for Sunfish in the summer evenings , on a nearby lake. We would have fun catching the small fish, and throwing them back into the lake, on beautiful evenings. It was so peaceful on the lake!

  56. one of my favorite childhood memories was spending a week every summer with my grandma. It was always “girls time”. She taught me to embroider and crochet doilies among so many other things. It was super special for both of us.

  57. I loved going to the pumpkin patch each fall with my grandpa and little brother. So glad I have photos to recall the memories!

  58. Inspired by the adorable Daisy Days fabrics, one of my favorite memories is make flower fairies from my mother’s flower garden. Looking back, she probably didn’t share my enthusiasm.

  59. Lovely prints! One of my favorite childhood memories are long summertime after-dinner walks with my dad (that sometimes involved a stop for ice cream of candy!).

  60. I loved going to the drive in and playing on the play equipment below the movie screen. My folks always had us kids wear our pajamas to the drive in since we usually fell asleep after the first movie. It was such a novelty to play outside in our pajamas. All the other kids were in their pajamas too.

  61. My mother always took us to visit our Grandparents who lived on a farm and we would pick strawberries and eat ice-cream for breakfast.

  62. One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting the farm of some friends of my parents. I always loved to go there and ride horses and help look after the other farm animals. Thanks!

  63. A fun childhood memory is going to my great-grandmother’s home during summer and picking scuppernongs and eating them as soon as I picked them!

  64. One of my favorite childhood memories centered around my Grandmother and watching her sew. Both she and my mother taught me how to embroider and eventually how to sew. I had a small doll baby quilt that was made by my great grandmother and I wanted to learn how to make one just like it. Little did I know just how much work was involved in making a quilt. As life moved on, I never lost the desire to make a quilt just like the one my great grandmother had made. Finally, after having children of my own and watching them play with that doll baby quilt, I did actually succeed in making my first quilt. It was for my mother’s 90th birthday!! She loved it, and so did I. Today that doll baby quilt is hanging on my daughter’s dining room wall — she loves it just as much as I do!! 🙂

  65. 4th of July celebrations are one of my favorite childhood memories. We lived on a farm and every year all my cousins and Aunts and Uncles came for the day and we had a big potluck. Then in the evening we would build a bonfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows and then light some fireworks.

  66. Walking to the local playground with my friends in the summer. We would play all day. We walked from house to house until we’d gathered enough kids for a massive game of hide and seek.

  67. One of my favorite childhood memories is my parents allowing me to plant marigolds all around our large patio in the backyard. That lead to planting other flowers and now I enjoy tons of flowers in my own garden, which has given me my inspiration for colors in my quilts and the love of all colors. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  68. As a child my fondest memory is of hiding in the airing cupboard to read with a torch, The idea was that my mother wouldn’y find me and set me a chore!

  69. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Grandmas and watching her bake (I always got to lick the bowl) and watching her tack crazy quilts.

  70. Two great memories, swimming every day at the hometown outdoor pool and sewing Barbie doll clothes by hand.

  71. I loved going camping and fishing with my parents, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins. Once my dad and uncle even acted really silly and jumped into the water, pretending they had fallen overboard. It’s hard to beat happy times with family!

  72. I hope I win! LOVE that picking daisies quilt 🙂

    My favorite summer memories are camping with family and friends 🙂

  73. Visiting with my grandmother almost every day. She lived right across the street and I could go see her whenever I wanted.

  74. We would be gone all day long in the summer, from breakfast to supper! We were a pack of wild, happy kids- all perfectly well behaved, of course.

  75. When I was about six years old, I was first invited to join my grandma sewing circle after Sunday family dinner I learn to stitch a picture she had raced onto a kitchen flour sack towel. She would Trace them out of coloring books and story books, and she would give me brightly colored Yarns and a big needle and I would do the outline Stitch I still have some of these Treasures pieces what a great memory. Thank you for the generous giveaway the fabrics and threads are beautiful

  76. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve opening a package for my birthday or Christmas to find a mama-made outfit. I never could figure out how she could make it without my trying it on (something I disliked immensely), but as far as I can remember, everything always fit! She made almost everything for me, and I was so proud I would tell anyone who complimented my outfit “My mom made it!”

  77. My grandparents on both sides of my family. They were such special people and huge influences in my life. My grandmothers helped introduce me to my creativity, from sewing to cooking, spinning wool and painting. My grandfathers spent time doing leatherwork, hunting for mushrooms, growing tomatoes and the best strawberries I have ever had! I hope my children can share special relationships like mine with their grandparents!

  78. I loved to play outside games like frozen tag, what time is it mr wolf, skipping rope, marbles etc etc Those were the est memories of my childhood!!

  79. Some of my favorite childhood memories were playing with my siblings in the mud, making flower crowns and visiting my grandparents.

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