The Artistry of Sheena Norquay, Part 4 — Seabird Collection

We have arrived at the final day of our series celebrating the work of textile artist Sheena Norquay. Today is all about her Seabird Collection, a gorgeous array of colors in Auriful 80wt threads. The colours were inspired by puffins, oystercatchers, herring gulls, and black headed gulls.  Their feathers are black and white with added greys for the gulls. The yellow, orange, red, pink and navy blue/grey were inspired by the colours of their beaks and legs.

We are absolutely head over heels for this one and couldn’t have asked for a better showcase of our new 80wt threads.

The colours are:
Black 2692, Dark Grey 2630, Medium Grey 2605, Light Blue/Grey 2600, White 2024
Yellow 1135, Orange 1154, Red 2255, Navy Blue/Grey 1158, Dull Pink 2375

Please visit The Artistry of Sheena Norquay, Part 1 for more details + the full interview with Sheena.

To enter-to-win the Seabird Collection by Sheena Norquay, please leave us a comment on this post letting us know which of Sheena’s pieces below is your favorite and why. Entry will close at 11:59pm on Friday, August 18 and a winner will be announced here on Saturday, August 19. This giveaway is open to all of our International friends!

The Seabird Collection is your latest release, available since April of this year, and it features our new 80wt thread. What did you like most about working with the 80wt?

80 weight thread is very versatile. When piecing, I take a small stitch such as 1.5 or 2 and press the seams open. This gives a smooth ride when quilting over a seam and the small stitches help prevent wadding fibres popping through the seam.

Secondly, it is great for free machine embroidered small details such as the birds. I embroider the bodies of the birds on to cotton organdie which is inserted in an embroidery ring. The birds are then appliqued either by machine or hand to the seascape and the excess organdie cut from around the body shapes. The 80 thread is then used for embroidering tiny details like beaks and legs, although sometimes if the details are really small, I hand stitch the eyes, beaks and legs with one or two lengths of 80 thread. I use a wrapping stitch for the legs and this gives them a more 3 d effect because of the stitches pulling from side to side.

For larger birds which are hand appliqued like the “Three Puffy Puffins,”  “ Two Black-Headed Gulls,” or both oystercatcher pieces, ”Two Oystercatchers on Sand” and “Three Oystercatchers on Boulders,” I use the 80 thread for needle turned hand applique. The thread is so fine you can’t see the stitches.

I have also used the 80 thread for hand embroidered trapunto and have stitched with 2 colours of threads in the needle on the top section of “Pop Ups and Sink Holes,” which was inspired by a drain cover. The bottom section, which has the sink holes, was free motion quilted with 80 threads.  There are 2 colours in each sink hole in every second row.

Finally, the 80 thread works really well if I don’t want the actual quilting stitches to be too prominent, but I want them to create an indented, fine line; or if I am free motion quilting small patterns such as rock line details on the applique or on the border; or if I am free motion quilting lines which involve back tracking  (“Five Feathers”).

How did you go about selecting colors?
I looked at pictures and my own photos of puffins, oystercatchers, black headed gulls and herring gulls, taking note of the colours of feathers, beaks and legs. It is quite tricky to match the greys in particular to their feathers. Also the legs of oystercatchers seem brighter and more orange at certain times of the year, and yet paler and more of a dusky pink at other times.  Anyhow, I then selected thread colours which were the closest match and looked for fabrics to match the threads.

The collection could almost be split into 2 sets of colours, bright and dull, which can be used separately and for other things as well as seabirds. The blue/white /pink sample and the yellow/red/black sample illustrate how the 80 thread works well with decorative stitches on the machine, especially stitches which are quite dense. The fabric is less inclined to pucker when using the 80 thread.

Do you have a favorite piece made with the threads?
I enjoyed making all the samples but I have at long last, found a thread to stitch fine lines such as those on a feather so I guess “Five Feathers” is my favourite.

Sheena made some amazing samples with the colors of Aurifil 80wt from her Seabird Collection. She was also one of our initial testers for the 80wt thread before our launch  in Fall of 2016. She was kind enough to send us her impressions and her tips and we are ever grateful!

On using Aurifil 80wt for machine stitching:
When using  80wt threads in the machine, I tightened the bobbin tension from the setting I use for 50wt threads. Because my old machine has only vertical spool holders, I put the thread spool in a tall, narrow glass behind the machine so that the thread was coming off from the top, clockwise. The other method I used was to put the thread spool on the upright holder and threaded the thread up through a large safety pin so that the thread was coming off from the top. I used an 11/75 quilting needle. All the small birds were machine embroidered on to cotton organdie in a 6-inch ring so the 80wt thread is good for really small birds. I would use no. 50 thread for embroidering slightly larger ones as the thread covers the surface quicker.

On using Aurifil 80wt for hand stitching:
The 80wt threads were great for hand applique – so smooth to stitch with. I  hand appliqued all the large birds and on some I also embroidered on top of the applique. I also used the 80wt threads to hand stitch fine details on the beaks and legs. I used 2 threads in the needle, both cut and knotted at the end next to the spool. The threads lie better if you do this rather than cut one thread and fold it over and knot it. I think I would probably prefer to use the floss for hand embroidering small details if I am covering an area but the 80wt if I am stitching lines.

Finished at 43 X 57.5cm
Created between September 9, 2016 & December 8, 2016
Total time: 15 hours 40 minutes

Puffin Triptych by Sheena Norquay

The puffins were free motion embroidered on to cotton organdie. The 2 on the left were hand appliqued with edges turned in which gives a better result than the pair on the right which were machine appliqued. The machine edge gives a hard, incised line. The beaks and legs were hand stitched with yellow 1135, red 2255, navy blue/grey 1158 and orange 1154. The sky, water, and borders were free motion quilted using light blue/grey 2600 and 1158 navy blue/grey. Cliffs were quilted with medium grey 2605.

Detail of Puffin Triptych by Sheena Norquay

Finished at 52.5 x 43.5cm
Created between September 14, 2016 & December 8, 2016
Total time: 26 hours 40 minutes

The puffins were hand appliqued with white 2024 and black 2692 and have an extra layer of polyester wadding behind them to puff them out. Faces, beaks and legs were fabric painted and hand stitched (2 threads in the needle) with red 2255, yellow 1135, orange 1154, and navy blue/grey 1158.

The background is machine pieced, hand appliqued, and free motion quilted with 50wt threads.

Finished at 53.5 x 44cm
Created between September 8, 2016 & December 8, 2016
Total time: 19 hours 35 minutes

Two Oystercatchers on Sand by Sheena Norquay

The oystercatchers were hand appliqued and free machine embroidered on to a layer of wadding using black 2692 and white 2014 threads. Eyes, beaks and legs were fabric painted. Beaks and legs were then machine embroidered on to a layer of wadding using red 2255 and pink 2375.

Detail of Two Oystercatchers on Sand by Sheena Norquay

The background was machine pieced and free motion quilted using 50wt threads.

Finished at 54.5 X 44.5cm
Created between September 14, 2016 & December 8, 2016
Total time: 23 hours 25 minutes

Three Oystercatchers on Boulders by Sheena Norquay

The oystercatchers were hand appliqued with 80wt black 2692 and white 2024. The boulders were also hand appliqued using pink 2375, light grey 2600, mid grey 2605 and dark grey 2630. Beaks and legs were fabric painted and free machine embroidered using red 2255 and pink 2375. The oystercatchers and boulders were free motion quilted using same colours.

Water was free motion quilted using 80wt blue 2725 which is not in the collection.

Finished at 43.5 x 27.5cm
Created between September 26, 2016 & December 8, 2016
Total time: 16 hours 55 minutes

Three Oystercatchers, two black headed gulls by Sheena Norquay

The birds were free machine embroidered on to cotton organdie using black 2692, white 2024, and mid grey 2605. Legs and beaks were hand stitched using red 2255 and pink 2375. The background was machine pieced with some fabric painting and free motion quilted using 1158 navy/grey, 2024 white, 2605 mid grey, 2630 dark grey, and 2600 light grey.

Detail of Three Oystercatchers, two black headed gulls by Sheena Norquay

Finished at 43.5 x 58.5cm
Created between September 26, 2016 & November 22, 2016
Total time: 15 hours 5 minutes

Black headed gull, two oystercatchers by Sheena Norquay

The birds were free machine embroidered on to cotton organdie and hand appliqued to the background using white 2024 and black 2692. The legs and beaks were hand stitched using red 2255 and pink 2375. The background was machine pieced,  hand appliqued and free motion quilted using mid grey 2605, navy/grey 1158, white 2024, light blue/grey 2600.

Finished at 63 x 26.5cm
Created between November 18, 2016 & December 8, 2016
Total time: 13 hours 25 minutes

Five Feathers by Sheena Norquay

This pieces was inspired by seagull feathers collected on walks. The feathers were free machine embroidered on to cotton organdie which was then laid on top of white cotton and 2 layers of wadding (thin polyester thermore and Hobbs 80/20 cotton/polyester), and free motion quilted. Colours used were black 2692, dark grey 2630, mid grey 2605, light blue/grey 2600, and white 2024.

Finished at 32 X 32cm
Created between November 22, 2016 & December 1, 2016
Total time: 11 hours 15 minutes

This piece was inspired by a photo of a drain cover which one of Sheena’s friends asked her to take. She suggested a challenge to use it as inspiration for stitching something. Sheena happened to have bought a bath mat which had holes in it and used it for printing a background of 7 x 7 holes, the same as the drain cover, on to a piece of calico. She then pieced a black border and tacked a bit of wadding behind the holes. She free machine embroidered circles in the round holes using the colours from the Seabird collection and trimmed away the wadding around the stitching. A layer of wadding and backing was added and free motion quilted following the lines of the printing and composing decorative circles on the black border.


Sheena Norquay was born on the Orkney Islands, just off the Northern tip of Scotland. Though she began sewing as a child, it wasn’t until attending University in Aberdeen to gain a B.Ed degree that she truly dove into the world of sewing, quilting, and textiles. The degree included 2-dimensional design in textiles which inspired her interest in exploring the artistic potential of threads and fabrics.

Having been a Primary School teacher in Inverness for 30 years, Sheena is now a freelance quilting teacher and teaches workshops locally, all over the UK, and sometimes abroad. She also writes articles for magazines and her quilts have been featured in several books.

Sheena’s work has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally since 1981 and she has won many awards in competitive quilt shows. She sells her work, cards and postcards of her work, and also accept commissions.

Text courtesy of Sheena Norquay. Images copyright 2016 Sheena Norquay.


  1. How does one choose a favorite? I am so appreciative that Aurifil has introduced this wonderful artist to me and others. For the sake of complying with rules, I will choose 3 Oystercatchers as favorite. In another lifetime, I spent weeks in Scotland. So sorry I never encountered Sheena Norquay!

    1. As a bird watcher I love them all but I think the oyster catcher and black head gulls make you feel like your there.

  2. I enjoyed the “Black headed gull, Two oyster catchers”. I can feel the wave coming in.

    I thought I had seen all the great colors of thread you make, but I am continually amazed by the colors.

  3. I love the Puffins triptych the best. I have always loved the color of puffins and this piece catches my eye with the bit of color in the birds. I also like how the quilting on many pieces goes out into her borders. Very lovely work, all of it. Thanks for sharing her exquisite work!

  4. HI,love the Puffin Tryptich, although they are all beautiful! Your use of color+design are inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love everyone of these but if I have to pick it would be the puffin triptych because the stitching makes it seem so life like and the triptych adds a perfect frame to the scene.

  6. Oh, my goodness. How to pick just one! I absolutely love BLACK HEADED GULL, TWO OYSTERCATCHERS WITH NAVY BORDERS. I love the way the texture from the main piece is moved into the border. This allows one to come closer and look again. Can’t wait to try mixing more than one colour of floss in my needle! Thank you for this inspiring set of posts.

  7. oh my these are all wonderful works of art. how to choose one? I really love Puffin Triptych and Two Oystercatchers on Sand because of the wonderful movement that is created. They look like the wind is moving the air and sand. I could stare at them all for hours.

  8. The use of thread to create movement is amazing! THREE PUFFY PUFFINS Is my favorite. My grands love puffins!

  9. I love the black headed gull and how the break in horizons are shown. The thread detail in these pieces are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win such a great thread pack.

  10. Even more beauty from this great artist! I love the Two, three and waves. I visit my daughter at the beach and this site is common…..uncommonly done by Sheena. Thank you so much for sharing her work! Fabulous and uniquely gifted! Thanks for the giveaway also!

  11. Wow!!! Such a talented artist and beautiful pieces. I love five feathers. I’ve always picked up feathers on the beach and in the yard. The colors and the individual hairs of the feather are so fascinating. Popups 1 is also quite fascinating. I love that she and her friends are challenging each other to be creative.

  12. THREE OYSTERCATCHERS, 2 BLACK HEADED GULLS AND WAVES WITH WHITE BORDERS is my favourite because I just love how beautiful all these colors blend into each other and it looks like real natur

    1. Your work is beautiful but my favorite is the Three Oystercatchers, 2 Black headed Gull’s and Waves with White Borders .. The colors of soft blues with the darker color of the birds make a statement . The stitching gives a different texture to the overall piece of ART .

  13. I so enjoyed to get to meet the artist and her stunning work. My favourite out of today’s choice is Three oystercatchers with white borders. Beautiful to look at and so much to discover on it with all the stitching. Thank you!

  14. Wow! Her work is so beautiful. I love them all! Think my very favorite is the black headed hull with the two oyster catchers. It is just so awesome! The details make you feel like you are there on that beach. Thank you for the chance to win

  15. New to using Aurifil thread, I really appreciated the detailed descriptions of these pieces. The puffins were my favorite as I just love that little extra pop of color! Hard to choose between the two but the Puffin Triptych was my favorite.

  16. My fave today would have to be the Three Oyster catchers and 2 black headed gulls and waves with awhiteborder. What really appeals is the three-dimensionality she achieves with her intricate quilting techniques!

  17. Three Oyster Catchers, 2 Black Headed & Waves with White Borders made me smile. It captures everything I like along the beach, the stones, the sand, the water rolling in with all the colors of dark blue to white. Just standing on a beach looking into the distance. The thread use captures all those feelings and colors of a day at the beach. Lovely work.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous pieces!!! It’s not easy to choose a favourite because I think they are all beautiful but if push came to shove, I’d have to say that Two Oystercatchers is the one!!!

  19. The Black Headed Gull piece reminds me of a calm beach prior to sunset. All of her pieces are spectacular!

  20. Five Feathers hands down! Unique and beautiful, what I would bring back from a walk on the beach.

  21. Love the Three Oystercatchers, Two Black Headed Gulls & Waves. Brilliant how she has achieved layers of colour in the shoreline and ocean. Such detail in the waves – I can almost smell the ocean!

  22. Five Feathers is my favorite! It is amazing to look at and the feathers look real!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful art!

  23. Three Puffy Puffins and Five Feathers. I love Puffins and have a large photograph and a couple wooden carved ones. The feathers bring back memories of my late husband as he liked to find different feathers in our yard. I still have a small vase with his collection of feathers.

  24. They are all amazing!!!
    Five feathers, I suppose… but Black headed gull , etc with the navy border is also striking!!! The strata she captures is amazing, the different dimensions!
    Thank you!

  25. I liked all the bird quilts, the three paneled was my favorite, but when I saw Five Feathers, that was the one! One talented lady!

  26. I just could not decide. All of them are fantastic. I guess, the one that I go for from the modern point of view and because of great variety of machine quilting is – Black headed gull, two oystercatchers by Sheena Norquay

  27. Wonderful artistry-my favorite is the Five Feathers-how amazing are these-they all look so real! I love to do hand embroidery & the final finish always amazes me! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  28. It’s difficult to choose just one but I like Two Oyster Catchers on Sand because of the lovely machine quilting creating movement in the sand

  29. so pleased to have been introduced to Sheena through this series – her work is just incredible. Because the rules require selection of ONE favorite, I would choose “3 Oystercatchers, 2 blackheaded Gulls and waves with White Borders”. The textures are amazing

  30. Five feathers is my favorite! The thread collection is so beautiful! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  31. They are all fabulous, but I like THREE PUFFY PUFFINS the most. It just looks so much like a photograph. Amazing work!

  32. I have to say Puffin Triptych is my favorite, mostly because Puffins are my favorite Bird, because it is really hard to choose just one favorite as her work is so amazing and beautiful. Thank you for show casing Shenna’s work and explaining her techniques in using the 80 wt thread. Now on my list to try ❤️

  33. So beautiful! I have many favorites! But I just love the Two Oyster Catchers! Such beautiful details!

  34. I just love Three Puffy Puffins. The scenery is so realistic looking and, of course, puffins are just plain cute.

  35. Oh man, I love two of them Puffin Tryptich and Five Feathers. Another Wow post. Thank you for all of the inspiration this week.

  36. Every one is amazing, but to choose I will go with Three Oystercatchers, two black headed gulls and waves with white borders.

  37. Love the “Two Oystercatchers on Sand”! In addition to the artistry of the birds, the quilting adds so much dimension – you can see the patterns the waves make in the sand. Beautiful.

  38. They are all stunning. My favorite is Two Oystercatchers on Sand. The quilting just draws me in. Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful thread.

  39. Two Oyster Catchers on Sand really stood out to me for the detail. I love the way the different quilting stitch textures extend from the inner block into the borders creating a sense of perspective and a beautiful frame for the birds. It is really lovely!

  40. Beautiful pieces!! The quilting details are exceptional, wow!!! I’d love to learn how to do thus!! My favourite is Five Feathers, very realistic.

  41. Two Oystet catchers on Sand was amazing- the quilting gave the piece the movement and drew the eye to the designs in the sand made by the waves on the shore . Beautiful work!

  42. Two Oyster Catchers on Sand. I flipped thru quickly and the quilting on that one made me stop! Continued thru all of them, then back again! Gorgeous quilting, just brought the scene alive!

  43. Three puffy puffins is my favourite because of the variety of techniques combined to make a beautiful work of art

  44. Two Oystercatchers on Sand was an easy pick for me. It appears to have simplicity, allows the threadwork to shine and begs for a closer look. Wonderful series!

  45. The oyster catchers, gulls, and waves quilt is m favorite. I love the colors and the exquisite stitching!

  46. Three oystercatchers, Two gulls is possibly my favorite. It reminds me of morning walks in Laguna Beach, CA or San Clemente–I miss being able to go down to the beach, walk on the wet sand. She captured the beauty of the most basic things about it, aspects the locals know and love.

  47. Black-headed gull, 2 Oyster-Headed. But, how can you choose! Love, love them all! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  48. BLACK HEADED GULL, TWO OYSTERCATCHERS WITH NAVY BORDERS is my favourite, although it was hard to choose. I love the birds.

  49. I love Pop ups 1. I find it marvellous.
    Le travail de broderie avec les couleurs utilisées mette en valeur la bordure noire et rend le quilt très beau.
    Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  50. Five Feathers is my favorite piece here. It’s a great mix of text and images, done in the grisaille technique on fabric. AND, I want those threads -the colors are so clear!

  51. I’m a bird watcher and so it was very hard to choose a favorite as all of them are beautiful. Two Oystercatchers on Sand is lovely. She has a wonderful talent and brings her subjects to life. Thanks for sharing this artist’s work with us. I have enjoyed the series very much.

  52. All of Sheena’s work in this series has been beautiful and so artistic! I love Five Feathers as I can see each fine strand that makes up a feather – so realistic!

  53. Love the black headed gull and two oyster catchers. The textures created by the quilting are amazing

  54. I don’t even know how to pick just one favorite. Sheena’s work is stunning. If I must pick just one favorite I’ll pick Puffin Triptych.

  55. Sheena’s work is so magnificent it’s impossible to pick a favorite! I don’t can’t exactly say why, but I really like THREE PUFFY PUFFINS – those birds are so cute!!

  56. I like the Black headed gull, two oystercatchers piece because of the detail of the rain storm in the background.

  57. Five Feathers has to be my favorite! Love the movement and the how fine the individual threads you can get. A really fun piece:-) I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to find out more about this creative artist and I’m following her now. Thanks for the opportunity to find out more about Sheena!

  58. Such beautiful work and
    I’m loving the on with
    How fun it would be to
    see them on a beach!
    Carla from Utah

  59. I love them all. The 3 puffins is lovely, but my favorite is Five Feathers. It is visually striking and I have never seen anything like it.

  60. My favorite is the three oyster catchers and the two blackheaded gulls with the waves because it reminds of perfect days at the beach.

  61. Sheena’s art is awesome! It is hard to pick a favorite, but I would choose Puffin Triptych. I have always found triptychs fascinating. Thanks!

  62. 3 Oystercatchers on Sand really caught my eye and is my favorite. Such amazing artistry with beautiful threads.

  63. Puffin Triptych…because I have yet to see any triptych I didn’t like and Puffins are fascinating. All of these are gorgeous.

  64. What an artist! Three oyster catchers and two black headed gulls is my favorite because of how Sheena quilted the ocean to give impressions of waves and create depth.

  65. Hard to choose, but my favourite is “Three Oystercatchers, two black headed gulls”. I come from Venice, and the play of the light, the sand, the quiet waves melting into the sky makes me nostalgic for a day sitting by the water, just looking out and listening to the water and the birds.

  66. Three Puffy Puffins is my favourite, the skill, beautiful threads and balance makes this perfect……

  67. I would love to see Sheena’s work in real life. I have admired her work on pages only, and for some time. My favourite here is Black headed gull and two oystercatchers with navy border. I like the serenity conveyed in the stones at the bottom and the touch of peach higher up.

  68. I just LOVE the Oystercatcher’s quilt. There is so much depth to the composition and the quilting (and thread choice) only accentuates the piece.

  69. I love Two Oystercatchers On Sand for the quilting on the sand and the orange on the birds. Oystercatchers are simply beautiful. The free motion quilting on the sand is so detailed, showing the movement of water passing over the sand. There’s so much movement in the quilting! Gorgeous work and very inspirational.

  70. wow it is just by chance that I have come over to see you – and I am so glad i have. your work is an inspiration to me and which do I think I love the most. Well it has to be the Scottish Highland as this reminds me of wonderful times I had as a child visiting my Grandmother in Scotland. I rode a horse across the fields in the Highlands and you have captured the moment for me with your wonderful picture.

    So inspirational. Thank you so much. xx

    Love the detail and the subject matter.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous thread!

  72. I love the two oystercatchers on sand. I use aurofil all the time in my machine and my hand work (lots of hand applique) but I have not tried the 80 weight yet. Would love to try it!!! Thank you for the chance to win.


  73. All of Sheena’s work is amazing! My first choice would be THREE OYSTERCATCHERS, 2 BLACK HEADED GULLS AND WAVES WITH WHITE BORDERS…one can almost feel the breeze blowing in from the water and hear the surf & the birds. Thank you for highlighting her work!

  74. Because we grew up in Florida, these sea birds are a part of my part. This soo pretty! Love it.

  75. My favourite is three oystercatchers, two black headed gulls and waves. The quilting is so clever in the way it captures the different elements in the picture.

  76. Just visited THE NEC and saw the 3 puffin pics for the first time and instantly fell in love with them. They look so alive and are expertly put together! They are so inspirational, I love the and anything that represents it and these are just that.

  77. Two Oystercatchers on Sand is my favorite! Sheen’s work is amazing with the detail of stitching she adds in her pieces. She is a gifted artist!

  78. Oh my goodness-what talent! I love the Three Puffy Puffins-It reminds me of a trip my hubby and to took Norway and I saw puffins on an island off the coast of Norway. My poor husband was so seasick being a small boat, but the birds were beautiful. A bit a seasickness was worth it.

  79. THREE PUFFY PUFFINS would be my favorite because it looks like a place I would want to visit. All of Sheen’s works are wonderful so it is very hard to pick one. I also really like how she does water and the breaking of the water on the sandy beach. Beautiful!

  80. I like the Two Oystercatchers on Sand. All the comments I would have said have already been mentioned. Beautiful work!

  81. I really like The Two Oyster Catchers on Sand. The use of different colored fabrics & quilting stitches, in the sand, is wonderful!

  82. I really like Two Oyster Catchers on Sand. The use of different fabrics and quilting, in the sand, is wonderful!

  83. PUFFIN TRIPTYCH is my favorite. The puffin is one of my favorite birds. I love the way Sheena showcased the puffin in three separate quilt blocks. Her work is truly amazing.

  84. My favorite is the Three Oystercatchers, Two Black Headed Gulls and Waves with White Borders.
    When I look at it I feel I am standing on the edge of the ocean looking out at the multiple layers from the large pebbles in the foreground to the sandy shore and then the layers of waves to the clouds in the sky.
    I love how Sheena has changed both the color of fabric through the layers and the distinct stitching to show the appropriate texture of each layer. In particular, the wavy horizontal stitching shows the softer sand beneath the Oystercatchers and then the color and texture of the wet sand nearer the water’s edge and the stitching changes for shells or pebbles beneath the Gulls.
    It reminds me of the view of many beaches I have visited both in Scotland and in California.


  86. I can get lost in the detail of Sheena’s work….it is a rabbit hole I will gladly explore! All pieces are magnificent! My favorite is Three Oystercatchers, 2 Black Headed gulls and waves with white borders. You can feel the vastness of the sea and at the same time, feel how each small part makes up the whole to connect us all. A very beautiful, yet powerful, work of art.

  87. I love the three Oyster Catchers, we have them here in Australia, beautiful birds. The colours of the threads show the birds so well. Thank you.

  88. I love the Three Oyster Catchers, 2 black headed gulls and waves with white borders.
    It reminds me of Dunnet Beach (Caithness), where I swim almost daily when I can.

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