Island Batik Week: Captain’s Anchor by Cheri Good Designs

Here we are at day 3 of Island Batik Week!! We love having this opportunity to showcase and celebrate the vibrant colors of Island Batik’s Spring/Summer releases. We absolutely adore working with this wonderful company and have so much respect for its designers. We’ll be featuring one designer every day this week and each post will offer a fabric + thread giveaway, so make sure to come back daily to learn more and to enter-to-win some gorgeous prizes!

To learn about Island Batik and the batik process, please visit their website. For a peek at the full range of Spring/Summer 2017 releases, in-stores now, click here or on the image below to browse the catalog.

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Captain’s Anchor is the latest collection by Kathy Engle for Cheri Good Designs. The talented design team (Cheri Maniz and Audrey Good) was drawn to the nautical theme — featuring anchors, lobsters, ropes,  starfish, and more. The rich golden hues partnered perfectly with the deep blues, peppered with hits of a bold red. Cheri and Audrey brought the collection to life with a series of stunning patterns, punctuated by wave-like quilting and picture perfect applique.

While we don’t have a curated collection for Captain’s Anchor, Cheri and Audrey were kind enough to select 3 colors of our 50wt and 3 of our 80wt to coordinate. They love 50wt for piecing and quilting and favor the 80wt for applique. Colors are (L to R): 2783, 2930, 2140, 2372, 2026, 2785.

How did you first get involved with Island Batik?
Audrey: About seven years ago, we were at Market and stop to talk with the owner of Island Batik about our business and that we were interested in designing for their fabrics. Since then, the ownership has changed and the company has grown and we have grown right along with them.

Cheri: We introduced ourselves at Quilt Market and they loved our projects from the beginning. They are wonderful to work with and we have so enjoyed growing our business along with theirs. They have given us new opportunities each year and we are so fortunate to be able to work with Caleb, Katie, Elizabeth and Kathy.

Squares and Stripes by Cheri Good Designs

What do you love most about Batik fabrics?
Audrey: When we first started, precuts were just emerging and several of our local shops were anxious to have patterns for precuts, so we created designs using precuts. Well, fabric lines move off the market pretty fast and we found that to be a problem when someone wanted a fabric line we used in our pattern and for a sample quilt on the cover, so we found ourselves moving to batiks. Using batiks other than those featured in a pattern increased the life of the pattern! Now, we love, love, love, batiks! Just the vibrant colors and exciting textures and prints give me inspiration!

Cheri: Batik fabric, especially Island Batiks’ fabrics, are first quality, imaginative, and give no limits to what creative process we might come up with. Quilters can look at our patterns shown in batik fabrics and imagine them in different colorways. Batik fabric lovers are a breed of their own!!

By The Sea by Cheri Good Designs

What do you love most about Captain’s Anchor?
We love the nautical theme of the line. The many anchor prints, the lobster images, the bold rope prints, and the rich coordinated textural prints were all very inspiring to our designs. Also inspirational was the subtle color palette in this line, a contrast from our last line “Glowing Embers”, which “glowed” with a bright, rich colors.

What do the colors mean to you?
We really don’t have color favorites. Sometimes the combinations of colors is attractive, while other times colors produce feelings and emotional responses which spark design. We also find unexpected color combinations a design challenge. It is fun to allow color and texture lead the design process.

Tides by Cheri Good Designs

Do you have a favorite project created with the fabrics?
Sailing, Sailing is a favorite. The simplicity of the design really showcases the fabrics, textures and nautical theme. While we are traditional appliqué advocates, this pattern includes instructions for fused appliqués too. We love the Aurifil 80 weight thread for the traditional appliqués! We hope that it encourages quilters who have not tried this technique to have more satisfying results because it handles so beautifully. A truly welcome addition to our design tools.

Sailing, Sailing by Cheri Good Designs

The Captain’s Mate Apron and Kitchen Mittens were such fun designs. A beachy clambake was the inspiration and the lobster print and coordinates were a perfect fit for this project.

What is coming up next for you, where can we find you this year?
In the fall we will have a new line, Season’s Shades with Island Batik. Four new designs will accompany the line which will debut in Houston. We love working with Island Batiks beautiful fabrics and find that they speak to all kinds of quilting styles, modern or traditional. Our website: has a catalog of all of our designs including the Captain’s Anchor patterns and in the fall will list our new ones for the Season’s Shades line.

Captain’s Anchor
About the patterns
Glowing Embers by Cheri Good Designs


To enter-to-win 3 Large Spools of Aurifil 50wt thread + 3 Small Spools of Aurifil 80wt thread in in colors hand-picked by Audrey and Cheri to coordinate with their fabric collection AND one stack of Captain’s Anchor fabrics from Island Batik, click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Thursday, August 31! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Friday, September 1. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Brenda Shriner! (Winner has been emailed 🙂 )


Cheri Maniz
cherimanizCheri and her husband moved to Arizona in 1996.  It was there that she discovered her passion for quilting which has added joy, friendships, and fun to her life.  As soon as she found Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls by Moda, her imagination went wild and her sewing machine hasn’t stopped yet.  From experience as a quilting instructor, she found that beginners want patterns that will make easy and successful quilts using the latest fun fabrics.  Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls are the perfect answer giving them a coordinated group of fabrics that are already cut.

Audrey Good
audreygoodLifelong Pennsylvanians, Audrey and her husband moved to Arizona in 2000, to be closer to their son.  Prior to that, Audrey worked for 36 years as a public school teacher of visual arts and performing arts in the Pittsburgh area.  For a number of years before retirement, she also managed a community cultural program that presented and produced cultural venues.  Sewing has always been a part of her personal and professional life.  For more than 15 years, in her school performing arts program as well as in local professional theater, she designed and built costumes for a variety of productions.  Quilting was introduced as a child by Audrey’s mother who sewed everything, including quilts.  Later, her love of quilting was rekindled when she produced the musical “Quilters”.  This regional theater production, not only involved costume design, but a community charity quilt project to make the more than sixteen quilts needed for the show.  Now retired, Audrey pursues her passions, which include pottery and painting, as well as quilting, full time.

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Island Batik is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of cotton batik, rayon batik and hand-printed cotton from Indonesia. Originally established in 1997, Island Batik’s mission is to share the ancient cultural art of batik and hand-dyed fabric with our many valued customers around the world.

** Images courtesy of Island Batik **


  1. Because of how batiks are made, each piece is actually a unique work of art!
    I love the depth and richness of the colors of batik fabrics!
    Such a joy to work with!
    Pat T.

  2. I can’t make up my mind on these collections. I like how the pattern penetrates all the way through the fabrics, so you can use either side.

  3. I love batiks! I have few in my stash as I use them up quickly. Love the colors and batiks are great for fusible applique, less fraying.

  4. I love the gorgeous colors of batiks. I also appreciate the fact that batiks have less “give” along the bias.

  5. I love the beautiful colors of batiks. I like that they have less give than some other fabrics. Batiks are my favorite of all fabrics!

  6. Its versatily! It blends, it can stand alone, it is amazing as applique or as a quilt block, a border, or even a background. I am so in love with batiks since using them for the first time last year and now they are my go to! I love this Q&A and the pictures. The blues are gorgeous. I have never done blues, but was going to make my father one for Christmas. He got cancer in May and passed two and a half weeks ago. I think i should continue with the quilt anyway. Thoughts anyone?

  7. i love the hand of the fabrics and that you can easily use both sides of the fabrics for different effects.

  8. What’s not to love? The rich, variety of color and texture in just one piece of fabric is enough to make one drool.

  9. Living on Pacific coast these fabrics are perfect to use as decor additions or clothing. The color combination is so attractive and printed on batik is the best!! Navy and gold is genious!!

  10. Love your quilts! I am amazed at Batiks for the same reasons Audrey & Cheri love them-wonderful colors & the choices-oh my! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  11. I really love the patterns that you shared with us today. They are so gorgeous using these beautiful Batiks in the perfect creation that you did for each of the patterns. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  12. With a family full of sailors up to and including the U.S.Navy. The nautical theme and colors are a favorite. Thank you

  13. I love the wide range of colors and patterns that are so easy to be creative with! I am always inspired by the choices and fabrics!

  14. What’s not to love about batiks! I love the deep saturated colours, now crisp the fabric is and holds a crease & no frayed edges.

  15. Batiks are like a pallette of watercolors-design friendly, 95 percent of the time – it’s all I use.

  16. I love the feel of the batiks. And believe it or not, I love the smell. I dye fabric and recognize that smell. It reminds me of the effort that is made when these batiks are produced…all by hand.

  17. What’s not to like about this group of fabrics? The quilts and apron/ mitts look fabulous. That’s what I like about batiks.

  18. I love the way the colors and values blend and morph. They can be used very effectively for pictorial quilts.

  19. Batiks have so much texture and pattern plus wonderful color to them. Batiks are little art pieces all by themselves.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot)

  20. Fabrics that would make great boy quilts! Yea! Love batiks and these will be definate additions in the stash. Great looking prints with some gorgeous Aurifil thread colors.

  21. Batiks are so wonderful to work with from theirs colors to the tight texture. A staple in my stash.

  22. I love the fact that both sides are the same–if there is a pattern, you can get a mirror image by using the other side of the fabric!

  23. Batiks don’t unravel. Iron wonderfully so you get crisp seams when sewing and are handmade. What more could you ask for.

  24. I love the solid feel of batiks, that there is no right or wrong side, and the amazing colors and patterns!

  25. Playing with batiks is like playing with a palette of good paints. The possibilities are endless!

  26. I love how easy batiks are to press and cut, and I love the brilliant colors and the variations across the fabrics. Your quilts are so beautiful! I just love the whales 🙂

  27. I love Batiks. Especially Island Batiks. They’ve been practically the first Batiks I’ve ever worked with–and they’re wonderful. I love how high quality and crisp they fill, and that makes them fun and easy to work with. And I love the deep, beautiful colors and textures of Island Batiks. My favorites are the tone-on-tone colors.

  28. I love that Batiks have no wrong or right side….beautiful placed and pieced either way. Thank you .

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