Mister Domestic’s Toolbox

Mister Domestic (aka Mathew Boudreaux) exploded onto the sewing and quilting scene with a burst of talent, drive, and exuberance and has commanded our attention ever since. Whether he’s sewing some fabulous new item of clothing for his daughter, working on a new set of pillow covers, piecing a quilty masterpiece, or schooling us in EPP, his projects inspire and generally make us feel like anything is possible. He has an incredible ability to make us all feel like we can conquer the quilty world, one stitch at a time.

With that in mind, we are honored to partner with him on Mister Domestic’s Toolbox, his brand new  collection featuring 12 of his absolute go-to threads… the ones that he would take with him to a deserted island, where creativity rules and thread reigns. <3

Read on to learn all about how Mister Domestic came to be, and where he is headed!

Mister Domestic’s Toolbox
100% Aurifil Cotton, 12 Large Spools
50wt: 2024, 2692, 2312, 2600, 1147, 2410 (1422yds/spool)
28wt: 2140, 2785, 2311 (820yds/spool)
40wt: 2810, 2560, 1126 (1094yds/spool)

To view this info on our website, click here. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

What first drew you to to the world of sewing and quilting?

Sewing has weirdly always been a peripheral part of my creative journey. Growing up, I watched my mom sew dresses for my sisters and constantly alter her own clothes. I think I learned the ins and outs of a sewing machine through osmosis during those years even without even participating. Then, when I was in theater, it was always amazing to watch what the costumers could magically create will their small budgets. When I modeled professionally, it was an entirely different beast of magic that I was able to witness. And then, when I was a photographer, I became fascinated with artistic fashion photography and I started making the creative outfits for the models I worked with. After a few years of this, I realized that I enjoyed the garment creation more than the actual photography.

But it wasn’t until my daughter Helena was born in 2013 that I dove feet first into the deep end of sewing. Without even knowing whether I could do it, I envisioned that it would be really rad if I could make clothes for her that she really liked and what an awesome journey that would be together. I had sewn prior, but having her as my muse and inspiration exponentially improved my skillset and attention to detail. It’s like I wanted to make something that showed her exactly how much I loved her. This was a natural transition into the quilting world, because that’s exactly what a quilt is: love is in every stitch.

Where does the name Mister Domestic come from?
This is so funny because no one has ever asked me this before. So after a couple years of sewing apparel, I recognized that I was doing something pretty special from the feedback I was getting and that there was a potential for a business there. At that time, I envisioned like a boutique or something somewhere. So I decided to turn my business brain on and I created a business plan and a mission and a vision that 100% represented me. Since I have a day job, I was able to totally idealize what this other business would be and I needed a name to fit. I was also really into making jam at the time, so I wanted a name that could scale to like Martha Stewart epic proportions. Mister Domestic was an evolution of Domestic Diva going from Domestic Mister to Mister Domestic. I had a few options that I tested out and that one won hands down. And then once I had a name, I entered social media with my plan in tow and the rest is history.


We’ve been following along with you for a while and have seen you make stunning clothing for your daughter, combine fabric weaving with quilting, create home decor items, craft amazing quilts, and so much more. What is your favorite thing to sew? 
I don’t know that I have a favorite really. Like I started this journey wanting to make clothes for my kid and I definitely wish I were doing more of that, but I’m really enjoying the skill set I’m acquiring and the artistry in the quilting world. Now the thing that surprises me the most is that I’m able to make clothes for myself that I want to wear. Like that’s bananas to me. Ask me this again in like 20 years or so. I feel like I’m a kid in a candy store honestly and everything is shiny and new still.

What inspires you to try new techniques? 
This is actually one of my primary drivers for picking projects. I’m not a fan of doing the same thing over and over. Once I’ve learned something I’m like okay what can I learn next. Like the whole fabric weaving thing. Woooow. When I first started that, I had no idea that I’d be making apparel and quilts with the technique. That’s wild to me. You never know when you’re going to come across something that you can run with for a while and create something innovative and new. This year that happened with English Paper Piecing. This whole journey has been a crazy adventure and I’m so enjoying the ride.

What drives your creative process?
Intuition. I live my life so fully and am generally so busy that I don’t have time to second guess or doubt myself, which forces me to get into a purely intuitive space. Okay this is a funny story and kinda a sidebar, but it’s funny. So when I first started sewing, part of my plan was to get on Project Runway, so I committed to sewing at least two hours a night to build my skillset and endurance. It was purely strategic. Even though I couldn’t imagine ever being away from Helena for the time to shoot the show, this has pretty much stuck with me because I love that time with myself each day. And what this did was allow me to continually flex my creative muscle to a point where it’s now unconscious for me to get into that headspace of intuition and presence.

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
I discovered it at Fabric Depot during one of my first sewing projects. I don’t remember what it was for, but I remember it was one of the pale yellows and I was in a hurry and I grabbed it because it was the perfect match for what I needed. As I was checking out, the check out person asked me if I was aware of the price because it was the best and I was all like I don’t care it’s perfection. Then I took it home and used it and discovered it actually was. I probably could’ve done with the small spool of that shade, but ever since I’ve been hooked on Aurifil.

Mathew’s daughter cultivating an early thread love <3 @misterdomestic

Tell us about your Toolbox and how you put it all together. 
I approached this box with the mentality that if I were allowed to only use 12 Aurifil threads for the rest of my life, what would they be? The box would need to match the diversity of my projects, the color stories that I gravitated to, and the diversity of attributes that I need in thread. Two thirds of the box I’d already had in my heavy rotation and the other third were chosen because the the specific pigments in each of those threads have chameleon-like properties that literally go with any color. So the box landed on my six 50 wt, three 40 wt, and three 28 wt with the weight being just as critical as the actual color. And since I was approached back in October, I’ve been using primarily only these threads in my projects and am even more confident that this is indeed Mister Domestic’s Tool Box.

[note: for more on these color tests and more detailed images, keep an eye on the Mister Domestic Instagram and blog!]

What tips can you share with our readers for what threads to use where?
Apparel —  I sure do love me a contrast thread with clothing. And this is for two reasons. One, it just adds so much character to the garment. And two, it’s a challenge to myself to make sure that my stitches are on point. Most fabric has a dominant color. Whether it’s dark or light, I’ll find the color that is it’s most extreme contrast within the fabric and pick the thread that goes with it.

Quilt — I was petrified when I first started quilting. This is an area where I doubted myself when picking a color to quilt with and I often times would pick a neutral or something that would be hidden. What got me out of this rut was the 80 wt. It was fine enough that the added pigment of the thread to my quilts didn’t make a super strong impact. After a couple times doing this, I got over my fear and went for it.

Pillow — There are no rules here. It’s small. This is your opportunity to be funky and let your Aurifil animal out. All of those colors that you couldn’t commit to on a quilt you can play with now. Yaaay!

We always love seeing what you’re up to with Art Gallery Fabrics — what’s up next for you there?
With the EPP Party in its final months and the Mister Domestic Sewing Party just concluding, this is a great question. I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out, huh? I’m betting there’s a party involved.

@misterdomestic & Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics

Where else can we find you this year? 
In addition to being an Aurifil Designer and Art Gallery Fabrics Sewcialite, I’m also a Brother Advocate/Sewing Specialist, so you’ll see me over there. I’m teaching Violet Craft’s Elevated Abstractions Pattern at Fabric Depot a couple times this year and will be teaching my Improv Flower pattern for a couple guilds this year and speaking at a couple other ones. I’ll be doing an ornament-along with Tara of Wefty Needle starting in October. We’ll share a new ornament each week for 12 weeks. I’m doing a few blog/book tours yet this year and you’ll be able to hear me on Modern Sewciety’s podcast in early October. And then as always, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

When Mathew says that these threads are his go-to threads, he’s not joking! He uses them in countless projects and was kind enough to share a few. Each image is marked with the thread used! <3


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Mathew (aka Mister Domestic) has spent a lot of his creative journey around sewing, but didn’t devote all of his creative energy to the medium until his daughter Helena was born in 2013. Since then, it’s almost as if he’s been making up for lost time with his constant attainment of new skills and inhuman output. A beacon of positivity and a lover of sharing new finds, Mathew is honored and humbled to join the Aurifil team as a designer and hopes that you love the Mister Domestic Tool Box as much as he does.

Find some of his quilts, patterns, & other goodies on Etsy and Craftsy.

** Images, biographical text, and interview text by Mathew Boudreaux




  1. Loved hearing more about how Mister Domestic got started. Your creativity is amaze balls! Aurifil has been my go to thread now for several years 50 wt. Curious to try the other weights.

  2. I am obsessed with Aurifil 2312. Almost as much as I am Mister Domestic :). He is so funny! And talented! I have been following him on facebook and just love his work but he just cracks me up too. I love that he has come out with this toolbox. Too cool!

  3. I’m liking the 50wt 1147. It’s a bright green. I also think it’s interesting that the tool box contains three different thread weights.

  4. I love that there are some builds and brights in there, that you’re encouraging us to move out of the neutral zone, because that’s too easy!! I’ve been having a ton of fun with you EPPParty. ❤️

  5. I love that there are some builds and brights in there, that you’re encouraging us to move out of the neutral zone, because that’s too easy!! I’ve been having a ton of fun with you EPPParty.

  6. I love #1147, Light Leaf Green. My local quilt shop had Alex Veronelli as a guest last year so I had a chance to meet him and learned so much about Aurifil. I highly recommend going to see him if you have the chance.

  7. I’ve only recently found your site, and am thoroughly enjoying learning all about your foray into the sewing field. I appreciate that you’re offering a great giveaway of Aurifil thread. I’ve also begun trying it out, and I’m loving the results. Thanks for the chance to win some more!!! 🙂
    Vivian wvoaks at comcast dot net

  8. I love the gray (or pale blue gray). I’ve used the 28 weight for the hand (echo) quilting on a Hawaiian quilt.

  9. Love love love the dreamy light pink!! I’m inspired by all the techniques and projects Mr. Domestic has tried out. Need to get going with fabric weaving!!

  10. If I could only have one color of aurifil thread it would be that 2600 grey in 50 wt. It’s my go to thread for piecing. Thanks for the giveaway and all the inspirational projects.

  11. What a lovely interview and such an interesting set of threads – has really made me think about the number of threads I have and whether I really need that many!

  12. I just discovered Mr Domestic when doing an online search about EPP and was checking out his site yesterday. I have used white and gray Aurifil for my EPP but I used other colors for machine piecing and quilting.

  13. I use the off-white color for piecing every day, but to pick a color just because it makes me happy – it would be the orange.

  14. Very Dark Navy is my favorite of Mister Domestic’s choices, but I’m already a fan of several others. It’s so interesting how someone can love the light pink and the blazing green both, isn’t it? Mister Domestic’s work is great that way–encompassing a lot of different styles and attitudes.

  15. Turquoise is & always will be my color-even before I started quilting, sewing clothes for me & my daughter came first – I own lots of thread & fabric in this color! Thank you for sharing your pretty projects, Susan

  16. Love the Orange…but light gray would be a GoToo choice. 🙂 Thank you for chance to win this great Give-a-way! 😀

  17. My favorite piecing color is gray and I use light medium and dark gray depending on the value of the fabric.

  18. Love this box of my favourite go to Threads that Mathew has curated!!! I always use a neutral thread like off white or light gray (yeah, I’m a thread bore!) but it just seams to go well with most of what I quilt and sew!

  19. I love the turquoise and the orange. They are both different weights than I usually use but I just did some quilting with 12 weight this week for the first time so I think these would work well.

  20. I like the colors of 40wt. I have tons of 50wt thread, and need more 40 and 28. It’s nice to see a collection with 3 weights in good colors.

  21. I am looking at my 50wt spool of 2600 now. I use this one often. But that lime 1147 could have a place in ,y thread box anytime.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  22. I’ve not yet found an Aurifil color that can’t be used in unexpected places, but I haven’t experimented with the different weights. What fun!

  23. I love all the colors and my favorite thing to do when quilting is using different types and colors of thread it gives your quilt dimensions.

  24. I love the white, gray, and the black… those are my main machine piecing colors, as for hand sewing it’s gray, white purple… pink…

  25. Wonderful interview!!
    (I really enjoy Aurifil’s personal interviews with these creative makers!! Thank you, Aurifil!)
    Mathew has curated the “perfect” essentials for his toolbox!
    My number one essential is one of his… Dove!! (If I could only have one thread, ever, this is it!)
    (All of his are my best “go-to” colors, too! That Light Leaf Green is surprisingly useful, too!)
    Thank you, Aurifil!!
    Pat T.

  26. Inspirational interview, thanks!
    And what an interesting range of colours and weights of threads:) I am new to sewing and quilting and would love to try out all the 12 threads to see how they work with different fabric textures and colours.

  27. The orange and Caribbean blue would look fantastic together embellishing a project! I’d probably use up the grey and light beige first, though, machine piecing.

  28. 2600 is my favorite. I use it all the time to when I FMQ. I find that it blends in well with most colored fabrics.

  29. I have just got my dream machine.. Brother Dream Weaver, I would love to get that brilliant tool box of Aurifil threads, and then start Mister Domestic’s sewalong in October!

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