Moda + Aurifil: Interviews

Thank you so much for joining us for our two weeks of Moda love! Today, we’re turning to Aurifil’s fearless leaders, Alex Veronelli & Elena Gregotti, to learn a little more about Aurifil and how this lovely partnership with Moda came to be.

Aurifil’s CEO, Elena Gregotti

Can you tell us a bit of background about Aurifil?
Elena — Aurifil was founded in 1983 by my father Angelo and his school friend Adolfo Veronelli,  to give a better service to his customers that were buying Tajima multi heads embroidery machines from his Company Studio Auriga. Angelo and Adolfo selected the best Egyptian long staple cotton thread to supply the best cotton thread on the market.

L to R: Anna (Alex’s sister), Alex, Elena, and in front, Chiara (Elena’s sister) on location in Egypt.

When I join the Company after finishing University, I was looking for new markets and I found out the Quilt Industry, a world completely new for us and really fascinating. We started in year 2000 to discover this market and in 2007 Aurifil USA born.

The market appreciated our products and thanks to a very well orchestrated Social Media Campaign by Alex Veronelli, we started to gain more and more market share.

Chicago, Aurifil US home base! (photo by Elena Gregotti)

Last year in September I moved to Chicago to develop our office and now I can say that we have a great Young Team ready to follow up the Market and to develop new projects for 2018 and the years ahead.

What do you love most about working in this industry?
Elena — I love the fact that by using my product people develop their creativity. Thread is the ‘tool’ which allows artists to create masterpieces, holding everything together.I am always amazed at the unlimited ways threads are used each time to create a unique piece of art.

The beauty of our industry is that it’s a labour of love.

Aurifil’s CBDO, Alex Veronelli

When did Aurifil and Moda first connect and how has the relationship developed over the years? 
Alex — I can date Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, 2009 as a milestone about the relationships between Aurifil and Moda. United Notions was already distributing as Wholesaler the Aurifil threads, but the real moment when we moved the first steps towards a cooperation orientated for example in developing thread collections with the Moda’s Designers matching their fabrics definitively must be linked to that Spring Market. Then as the time go by the relationships have intensified with the cooperation in marketing’s initiatives, with the development of products in collaboration, and with always a more deep support to the mutual designers.

Why do you love working with Moda
Alex — Moda is so Italian! Starting from the name “moda” that in Italian means “fashion”, then it is a family company with an able second generation on board, furthermore is a company with class and style, all this by my point of view gives to Moda definitively an Italian soul.

Mark Dunn & Family (photo courtesy of Moda)

Aside from my romantic considerations just mentioned, as connoisseur of the Quilt Industry and of the brand positioning’s dynamics I appreciate how the Moda’s brand had been able to climb the leadership not just in its category but in the entire industry.

Moda is also an example for how they care and mind about their dealers and for the profuse commitment in preserving the quilts history.

(photo courtesy of Moda)

On the practical side Moda’s Head and Crew are prepared, professional, creative and enthusiast and this makes really not just easy but also enjoyable to collaborate with them.

On a personal side I have to say that I learnt a lot about the Quilt Industry and how to stay in this business thanks to the friendship and guide of Moda’s people.

The Moda team at Quilt Market (photo courtesy of Moda)

Thanks SO much to Alex and Elena 🙂 — We’ll have the low-down from Moda next week!

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Thanks for following along & Happy Stitching!


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I love learning about the Company & People behind the products I purchase, use and tell others about.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I am an aurifilthreadsnob and I’m ok with that. 😁 When I put hours and months and years in making a quilt I want to know it will stay together and handle beautifully. Thank you for caring as much as I do about quilting.

    May you have many generations continuing your hard work.

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