Stitched Sewing Organizers

It should come as no surprise that we are absolutely smitten with Aneela Hoey’s Sewing Organizers. Who wouldn’t be? There are zippies and trays, booklets and folders, needle books and pin cushions, pouches and totes… truly, a little something for every little thing that might need organizing in your sewing room. We even have visions of re-doing our office, with little fabric trays containing all of our desktop accessories! The other thing that seals the deal on our Sewing Organizer love? Almost every single one of them has a pocket for your favorite Aurifil threads. Absolute perfection!

We were honored to work with Aneela on her latest book, Stitched Sewing Organizers with C&T Publishing. We knew it would be a stunning showcase, but when we got the actual book in hand, we were near giddy;).

We immediately knew we had to sew something — how could we help ourselves? Hilary and Kate jumped on the organizer train — take a peek at their projects below.


Hilary Jordan: “I loved making this project! Sewing with vinyl can be intimidating, but Aneela’s directions are thorough and left me feeling confident in the creation of this See-It-All Pouch. I pulled coordinating FQs from my stash, and of course they were the half of the fabric without the selvage info! ;) I’m using the pouch to store my current EPP project and I cannot wait to make more of the projects in Aneela’s book to organize more of my sewing projects!”

Kate Brennan: I must confess, I generally do not follow directions well.  I start with the Sewist Promise, “This time, I promise, I will read all the directions first – before I cut ANYTHING –  I will follow the steps as they are written; and I will not skip steps, complete steps out of order, or makeup steps in the middle.” To my credit, I typically get through the first few directions without issues before I veer off track and “take the road less traveled.”

This was not the case with Aneela Hoey’s patterns in her book, Stitched Sewing Organizers. I found the directions intuitive and easy to follow.  I found that I did not have to keep reminding myself of the Sewist Promise…that I actually wanted to follow the pattern, I could follow the patterns, and I actually DID follow the pattern!  The photos and illustrations cleared any confusion that might have derailed me and she included little tips throughout the pattern that I will use in the future.

I chose the Two-In-One Case, thinking it would be perfect to hold my EPP projects for my daily train commute.  I was right – it is PERFECT (and the envy of my fellow commuters!) and when she saw it, my daughter asked that I make one for her embroidery supplies.

This particular project used a couple of fat quarters from my stash and of course I used Aurifil’s 50 weight (color #2410 for my daughter’s and #2692 for mine) for most of the seams.  I chose a coordinating 12 weight thread (color #2410) to stitch the binding on my daughter’s case.

I made one change to the second case I made – only because I did not have another magnetic snap so I used a button for the closure.


Are you as excited about all of this as we are? You’re in luck! We’ve got a giveaway! For a chance to win 6 LG spools of 50wt thread, hand-picked for perfection by Aneela Hoey + your very own copy of Stitched Sewing Organizers, please click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry or simply click on the image above. You don’t have to complete all of the entries, but the more you do, the greater your chances! Giveaway kicks off now and runs through Thursday, October 12. We’ll draw a random winner and announce here on Friday, October 13. (LUCKY DAY!) This is open to all of our friends, worldwide.

*note: a US winner will receive a print copy of the book — an Int’l winner will receive a pdf copy. Books & threads ship separately!

Are you ready to get started? The Stitched Sewing Organizer Sew Along kicks off on Monday. Hosted by Pennie of Tuppence Ha’Penny Quilts, the sew along is a glorious tribute to sewing room organization with 18 weeks of projects, inspiration, giveaways, and delightful images to soothe your organizational needs. See below for all the info — have fun!

When: October 9, 2017 through February 12, 2018
What: A fabulous project by project sew along for all 15 projects in Aneela’s new book, Stitched Sewing Organizers
Supplies: Stitched Sewing Organizers by Aneela Hoey AND Favorite fabrics, threads, & sewing tools (check individual projects for specific needs)
Details: for more info on the Sew Along, giveaway entries, posts, etc… please click here.
Where to share: Share your pictures on Instagram to qualify for all giveaway prizes. Make sure to tag #stitchedsewingorganizerssal, #stitchedsewingorganizers, #aneelahoey, and @tuppencehapennyquilts. And of course, if you’re sewing with Aurifil, or featuring Aurifil spools in your post, add an extra tag for us: #Aurifil ❤ There is also a Facebook Group where you can share your makes! 

October 9: Handy Fold Up Pouches – @stitchingandbacon
October 16: Green Tomato Pincushion – @stitcharmony
October 23: Project Tote@lilabellelane
October 30: Fabric boxes – @elisabew
November 6: Fold Up Sewing Folio – @verykerryberry
November 13: Boxy Project Pouch – @emily_dennis_
November 20: See It All Pouch – @heartofcharnwood
November 27: Sliding Box – @lorena_in_syd
December 4: Drawstring Pouch – @amistabaker
December 11: Triple Pouch – @imstudiolou
December 18:  Round-Up So Far & Christmas giveaway – @tuppencehapennyquilts
January 3: Welcome Back! – @tuppencehapennyquilts
January 4: Two In One Case – @willowbeckdesigns
January 15: Big Zip Pouch – @annamariegalvin
January 22: Covered Tape Measure – @kitkabbit
January 29: Needle Book Plus – @tennjenny
February 5: Book and Tool Folio – @modernhandcraft
February 12: Final Round Up and Grand Prize Draw @tuppencehapennyquilts

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Aneela Hoey is a textile designer and pattern writer.  She designs fabric lines with Cloud 9 fabrics and also previously designed for Moda Fabrics.  Her sewing and embroidery patterns are available in her online shop whilst her books Little Stitches and Stitched Sewing Organizers (published by Stash Books/C&T) are widely available in Bookshops.




  1. I am in love with the Stitched Sewing Organizers — especially the sliding box!!! Too clever!

  2. I wish I could better organize the little stuff. It’s always in such a mess. And how do I keep others from piling “stuff” on those infamous flat surfaces. I work so hard at keeping things put away, but find other family members stuff. Frustrating!

    1. I have found the same problems as my sewing area is just inside the entrance door to my home. Here are my tricks to staying organized. 1. If you find something in your sewing area that belongs to someone else, put it in your “ransom box”…a little box that you deftly hide from everyone else. When they come looking for their items, “ransom” them back to them for a dollar. Use that dollar to buy sewing stuff. 2. Keep items you use often at easy to reach locations like small cups beside your sewing machine. Clean up when you are done sewing for the day. 3. Use small see thru containers to store items that can get messy, such as elastics and zippers. That way you won’t find yourself rummaging through drawers and totes to find stuff. 4. Fabric scraps or precut extras are the hardest to keep organized, so I purchased small covered boxes from the dollar store and labeled the ends with the sizes. That way, when the box gets full, I can do a scrappy quilt or bag and it’s all neatly organized for production.

      1. I need to make a few of these organizers to corral my thread for a project. But my big organizing challenge is with the various interface products I have. Any ideas?

  3. All the little things in my sewing room could be organized better. These projects are perfect for that. Tiny scissors, special pins and clips and beautiful threads will be easy to get my hands on! 😃

  4. such a neat book. well right now I am moving all of my sewing stuff from the family room into a room of its own. (we are now empty nesters) I am finding that a lot of things now need their own storage since I can put things where I can see them now. I would love to use this book. And who doesn’t love thread?

  5. These projects look perfect! Needles, I always have to hunt down the specific needle I need to use for a project- how wonderful are these ideas! Thank you, Susan

  6. I recently started doing wool applique and with it comes a whole new group of things to organize. I need something to store the perle cottons in and other threads and flosses that I use. I need a project bag and bins for the wool. Love Aurifil and would love to own this book.

  7. The things I can never find! I get things organized and then forget where I put them! (Labeling doesn’t necessarily help – I have to remember where in my studio (sewing room) they are!
    Love your organizers! Thanks!

  8. Everything in my sewing space could use more organization! Love the fabric bins and organizational cases.

  9. I always have a hand piece quilting project on the go for our fishing trips and waiting time at appointments, so one of these organizers would be perfect for that! Small enough to put into my over sized handbag but organized enough to carry everything I need! I would love to have the book!

  10. All my little notions in drawers. I love those vinyl front zippies because you can see what’s in there! I will buy this book if I don’t win it!!

  11. Everything could be more organized. I waste too much time looking for something,whether it is a tool or a particular fabric, that I know I have and I just can’t remember where I put it. Love these projects!

  12. I hate to admit it, but I need organization – me my brain! But this organizer would help, thanks for the giveaway!

  13. My sewing closet needs organization period. I can’t reach some of the fabrics in the back because of tubs in the front…

  14. I need to find a better way to store my thread collection, especially the hand sewing threads. I’d also love an ironing board that falls from the wall, as my current one blocks the closet doors. A work in progress for sure.

  15. It’s a toss-up of better organized scraps..or better way of storing threads! :/ lol Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way too! 😀

  16. My thread collection needs more organization now. As I continue to sew more projects, I add more colors of thread. They are all jumbled in a sew box now. It would be great to get these organized!

  17. Right now my vintage sewing machines need a place to be stored when I’m not using them. Also, my battings.

  18. My drawers with sewing things needs new organization. Someone was looking for something and now they are a mess and I can’t find anything! I NEED a new system.

  19. My stash constantly needs organizing. I so often search for a fabric and find it in the middle of a drawer of a color organized fabric, only to leave the drawer in disarray.

  20. It would be easier to tell you what doesn’t need to be organized. 😊 My sewing room is in chaos, I haven’t had any time to straighten up in quite a while. My books are all in a book case on a shelf so that’s great. Also my thread collection is in cases or on narrow shelves. The book looks wonderful, I’ve always wanted to make a travel sewing organizer, this just might be the kick in the pants I need to get going. Thanks, Toni Anne ;->

  21. My handsewing apparatus is all over my sewing space and definitely needs to be sorted! Thank you for the chance to win this lovely prize.

  22. I need organizers for my binding supplies and my hand embroidery stuff!!! Thank you for this!

  23. My whole sewing room needs organizing. I don’t have a lot of space–and it is a multi-purpose room. Rulers are the hardest thing for me to find a good/safe place for–especially the larger rulers that don’t fit in drawers or a small rack I have.

  24. I really need to get the small tools for prepared edge applique organized always loosing something

  25. I’ve been working hard to organize my sewing area, but I can’t find my hexie template. So all those tiny things need better homes, notions and little stuff.

  26. I need to organize my embroidery and hand sewing project bag better. Cute ideas here. Thanks.

  27. Extra pieces leftover from quilt projects, and small scraps need organization in my studio.

  28. I could definitely use the help of some of these organisers! My biggest issue is my wool embroidery projects. Next would be my actual sewing area. Spools of threads, scissors , fabric trimming, machine feet, rulers! Help!

  29. What a great book. I love having something to hold items so I’m ready when I want to embroider, sew on a binding, EPP etc, I have trouble keeping notions organized and finding what I need. Right now I mostly have plastic containers. These would be sew much more fun and organized!

  30. What a cool book! I need more organization! But if I won, I’d want the PDF of the book so I could stand it up next to my machine as I sewed.

  31. I need more organization for my small sewing gadgets that seem to get misplaced so often. I will eventually find tem, but a brightly colored container would help keep them from getting lost between uses.

  32. Looks like a fabulous
    book and I need some
    containers to put my
    material in.
    Carla from Utah

  33. I would say just about everything in my sewing room needs more organization. I really could use this book.

  34. The thing in my sewing room that needs the most help. All of it we just downsized by 67%, and my sewing room was the same. I am working on it.

    Or my office and genealogy

  35. I need a way to organize my batting scraps and small fabric scraps. Right now they are all over the place!

  36. My notions need organizing. They are all stuffed in a small drawer that barely closes, and to find something I have to take everything out! ljbisme at msn dot com

  37. Most of my sewing space is organized, but I certainly need more space to contain it all! I would like to make some cases to make it easier to organize my projects in work. Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity.

  38. My fabric needs to be organized. Right now it’s in four different places and I can never find what I’m looking for.

  39. I think my whole sewing room needs reorganizing except my patterns and books. They are in great shape.

  40. My sewing room is pretty well organized, but I do need more space to put it all…it would be great to have more cases to store things! thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  41. My sewing studio is very well organized…for the most part. However, since I am a bag maker I need help organizing those interfacing scraps which I can’t toss and do eventually use. This book looks like it would spark my creativity and help me in solving the one eyesore in my space! Thanks for the giveaway! Sure looks like you have an amazing line up of makers for the blog tour…can’t wait!

  42. The smaller pouches look great for keeping my EPP and embroidery more organized for on the go sewing.

  43. I’d like to get my Aurifil threads organized. Also, my projects need to be separated and organized instead of all bunched together.

  44. It’s great the sew along lasts until February – lots of time to try out one or two of Aneela’s projects! Thanks!

  45. I need this book! All the little stuff that I need to sew with needs corralling-needles, threads, zippers, buttons. I take a project on the road with me and could use a little pouch. Oh, the possibilities!

  46. My straight pins & bobbins need organizing…by type & easy access, but hidden from grandchildren fingers.

  47. I would say it has to be my rulers and tools. Is there a good way to store any of these must haves?! I’m still looking for it!

  48. Like so many other hopeless scrap keepers, it is my hoard of scraps that need organizing so I can more efficiently use them.

  49. What a wonderful idea, wonderful book too! Full of really useful organisers – something for everyone

  50. I have been looking for something exactly like this to organize my space and use my special fabrics on something for me! 😊

  51. I need to organize the tools on my sewing machine table, and I would love to organize embroidery projects. I love the book and Aurifil is absolutely the best.

  52. My fabric needs to be better organized!
    I need to be better organized so I can get some sewing done!

  53. My WiP’s need a place to live – they are in an inaccessible box right now which is why I never think to go and finish them – they are not within easy reach so are quickly forgotten!!!

  54. Everything. I am forever hunting for my seam ripper and scissors, the bobbin of thread I just wound, and the tweezers. And in hand sewing, I’m having to hunt for my threader or something else.

  55. This book looks wonderful! I could definitely use some nice fabric trays to organize threads and notions in my drawers!

  56. All my sewing room needs more organization 😉 May be fabrics and threads, and little notions. Thanks for a chance to win

  57. About 20% of my cutting table is occupied by rulers and things. I’d like to get this stuff off of the table.

  58. I am trying very hard to win this book because it looks delightful! Organizing me will take a truck! My fabric stash iswas to large even I know it! Going to do one after they finish my sewing shack! Can’t wait!

  59. My threads are in dire need of organizing! I have seen several projects from Aneela’s book that I know would be perfect for the job!

  60. My whole sewing area needs a deep organization! More specifically I want to organize all my fabric to make it easier to find what I’m looking for.

  61. I can always use some organizing help! I especially need to gather up my hand piecing supplies in one place.

  62. My bag interfacing is the part of my sewing room that needs help being organised the most! I can’t seem to work out what to do with all those bulky rolls.

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